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Mar 15, 2012

Disco Thunder

Stream Hell lives on in our hearts. FMW3 run starting in 20 minutes.

edit: streams over. Ended up with Marisa normal. Sorry to anyone who voted after I started, should've probably removed the voting link earlier.

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Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

This should have been up yesterday, but Undertale is a really good game you guys.

Anyway unlike PCB, FMW I significantly changes up the events of Imperishable Night. As such, instead of comparing each stage to its FMW equivalent, I'll shotgun through IN and then FMW I's interpretation of it.

IN Prologue

Where PCB's prologue started with a large infodump on the setting, IN's assumes you already know the score and gets right to the details:


Times are peaceful as usual.
From a human perspective, anyway.
However, all youkai were upset.
What's really happening is that, without anyone taking notice, suddenly... The full moon has disappeared from Gensokyo's night.

Even on the night of a supposed full moon, a bit of missing light prevents it from being full. It's no wonder that humans aren't aware of the situation, though; it's only the tiniest bit of difference.
For non-humans, however, a moon that isn't full doesn't function at all. It's an especially critical problem for those who dislike sunlight.
A human and youkai, a team of two, ventured out into Gensokyo's midnight hours to retrieve the missing fragment of the moon and restore the full moon.
They will stop the night if need be.
Even if it becomes an imperishable night.

Upping the ante even further from PCB's three characters, Imperishable Night features four selectable teams: Reimu/Yukari, Marisa/Alice, Sakuya/Remilia, and Youmu/Yuyuko. The youkai half of the selected team will notice the fake moon and asks/order the human half for help. The pair will proceed to stop the night (Yukari uses her power, Alice probably casts a spell with the Grimoire, Sakuya freezes time and... I dunno, Youmu steals dawn? Yuyuko gets Yukari to help?) and sets off in search of the culprit.

You get all of that? Because that's not the real prologue. IN's actual start is mentioned in Kaguya's character profile:


Kaguya, Eirin and Reisen were enjoying their peaceful life. Gensokyo makes everyone easy-going and peaceful... It really was like a paradise.

On one night of a full moon, Reisen received a transmission from other surviving moon rabbits. (Moon rabbits have some kind of telepathic ability and can communicate across great distances.) It said:

"These filthy humans are exploiting the power of the moon and trying to build a base here. We've been urging them co-exist peacefully with us, but they never listen. We're up against a wall.
We've decided to declare a final war against them. The tide of war is currently slightly in their favour... Their modern weaponry is far better than we expected. But don't worry, we have the wisdom and pride of our millennia of history... We will never lose.
Dear Reisen, a war will be starting soon. Please come back and fight at our side.
Also, please tell the humans you're living with... That we're coming to take you back with us on the next full moon. Refusal is not an option."

Reisen relays the message, and actually decides to obey the orders. Kaguya, on the other hand, realizes that her and Eirin are still wanted criminals and asks Eirin to do something about it.


Kaguya had a discussion with Eirin, then decided to defend Reisen from the moon's emissaries. But if they kill the emissaries, they'll have to go into hiding for a long time again. If only there was a way to make it impossible for the emissaries to reach them, then they would never have to hide again.

Just as Kaguya was about to finish speaking, Eirin presented her solution.

"If we remove the full moon from Earth, then the path between Earth and the Moon will be closed. A full moon from Earth is what makes it possible for them to come here. That's why the Lunarians only visit on nights with a full moon. If we corrupt that full moon... Earth will become a large, sealed chamber."

As a bit of dramatic irony, Kaguya's profile also adds that this plan was completely pointless. The Great Hakurei Barrier separating Gensokyo from reality also prevents it from being invaded by the Lunarians.

IN Stage 1-3

In true Touhou tradition, the bosses of stages 1, 2 and 3 are totally unrelated to the incident and just get beaten up for being in the way. Though Keine, at least, was doing something vaguely important. Uneasy with the eternal night, she ate the history of the Human Village so it would be invisible to any youkai looking to take advantage of the night. This causes the player team to think she straight up removed the village for good, though, causing the boss fight.

IN Stage 4

By Stage 4, the protagonist team has reached the Bamboo Forest of the Lost. But they're cut off midway by one of the main characters, who correctly accuses them of being responsible for the eternal night. The player team pretty much just blows them off (though Alice, at least, attempts to explain that the moon is the real problem) and they fight. Border and Ghost Teams face Marisa, while Magic and Scarlet Teams battle Reimu. After a long, drawn out fight, the player team stumbles upon the House of Eternity.

IN Stage 5

There they enter an infinite hallway and blow up Tewi, a voiceless midboss,

and then they run into Reisen, who was in the middle of sealing all of the doors to keep Kaguya hidden. She exposits a bit about what's going on, then Eirin comes in to order Reisen to stall for more time.

After beating Reisen, a choice pops up if the player has already cleared the game with the current player team and hasn't used a continue. IN has two final stages, with the second one (6B) being the correct one.

IN Stage 6A

But if you do end up with 6A, the player team chases after and confronts Eirin. They demand her to return the real moon, and she's only happy to do so. Thing is, she'll just take it back next full moon! Her goal is to protect Kaguya, so as far as she's concerned she's won since she lured the player team away from her.

Once Eirin loses, Kaguya pops up to lend her a hand. Afterwards, the player will get that team's Normal Ending, where they resolve to not screw up again next time. Which is kind of confusing since that technically means IN had to have taken place over the course of two playthroughs, but it obviously didn't since Stages 1-5 have the same dialogue.

IN Stage 6B

Upon successfully reaching 6B, the player team beats up Eirin again then meets Kaguya. She is incredibly bored and fights them because why not.

Once she goes down, she realizes that the player team is the one freezing the night, and as one final gently caress you she tries to destabilize the eternal night.


Imperishable Night has twelve endings, with a Bad, Normal, and Good for each team. Only Scarlet Team's Good ending (where they discuss going to the moon) shows up in FMW I, with some of its dialogue being referenced next chapter.

Extra Stage

The Extra stage's prologue is Kaguya siccing the player team on Mokou on a full moon night just because she can. She claims it's a "trial of guts".

EX Keine attempts to stop them from reaching Mokou, but is swatted aside.

At first, Mokou tries to tell the player team off for being dumb enough to come into the Bamboo Forest of the Lost on a full moon, but she quickly realizes that Kaguya sent them. It turns out it's a trial of guts because literally eating Mokou's guts will make someone immortal, but none of the human player characters actually decide to go for it.



...Not a cloud in the sky. I can see the moon clearly.

On a night like this, I should be able to find something out about the situation on moon. If I match the wavelengths, I can hear something...

FMW I starts off similar to IN, with Reisen getting a message from the moon. But instead of personally receiving an order, she picks up on the moon's efforts to catch the fleeing Rabbit.


C'mon! They're gonna send tons of lunar envoys after me, right?! If that happens, you won't escape unharmed either, right?! Just help me out!

...I don't know...! This has nothing to do with me....

Rabbit lies like crazy in an effort to get Reisen to sympathize with her, causing Reisen to freak out. She reports to Eirin, and Kaguya walks in midway.


...I'm sure you have a plan. How are we doing this, Eirin?

We'll get rid of the rabbit. Of course, that alone won't be enough to completely stop her pursuers. To deal with those, we should use a strategy I thought up a while ago.

And in another difference Eirin has already decided to take action instead of waiting to see what Kaguya wanted.


By holding back the boundary between day and night, I'm preventing the morning from arriving. As long as my power holds, that moon will never sink.

Where IN had only one of the four teams do anything, FMW I has all four set off separately. Border Team is chosen as the "player character", which sets up Magic Team as the stage 4 boss.

Meanwhile Scarlet and Ghost Teams get reduced to sideshows. Remilia doesn't even come along at all at first, and Ghost Team almost immediately joins up with Border Team.


This game is Curtain Fire Shooting Game.
Girls do their best now and are preparing. Please watch warmly until it is ready.
Paradisiac moon was broken! This incident is unprecedented serious affair.

Imperishable Night's initial loading screen notes that this incident is actually really serious, and this is reflected by all of the established big guns joining the investigation.

Stages 1 and 2 are played fairly straight,

but Stage 3 is thrown out entirely. Since Keine is busy with Mokou, there's nobody around to protect the Human Village. It's lucky that Reimu's group swung around when they did, or else Nue could have caused some serious havoc.

And while Reimu is off following IN's stage sequence, Marisa skips to the Bamboo Forest of the Lost to focus on her own plot. She runs into Tewi, who is looking for Rabbit.

Reisen also makes an early cameo in Reimu's upgrade chapter. While the House of Eternity had no idea the player team was doing anything until they actually invaded in IN, here Eirin is well aware that they're an enemy and tries to swiftly get rid of them.

Stage 4 still has Reimu and Marisa fight, but the tone is changed. Instead of a completely pointless battle that happens because both sides can't be assed to effectively communicate, it's only a mostly pointless battle that is entirely for fun and bragging rights.

FMW I also acknowledges that the two main characters really don't have time to be fighting amongst themselves, so they each only use one spell.

Things go off the rails upon reaching the House of Eternity. The team goes through the Extra stage boss fights before even getting to Stage 5, and for very different reasons than in IN.


Th-This is bad! I need to retreat...

Hey, what's going on down there?!

That rabbit from earlier set another trap! She ran into that door over there!

Tell everyone else that we're going after her!

Stage 5 itself is skipped, with the team getting past the infinite hallway in a chapter prologue. The Stage 6 choice is thrown out entirely, with the team just going through both.

Stage 6A sees Reisen and Tewi being fought for real,

Scarlet Team making its grand appearance, and Eirin being forced to flee to 6B. The army gives chase since there was no attempt made to seal off where Kaguya is.

Finally Stage 6B is played fairly straight. Eirin is defeated first, Kaguya challenges the army for fun, and at the end she tries to break the eternal night herself. Mokou gets on her soapbox a little, though,


Eirin, I think I want to release the spell of eternity from the mansion.

...! What are you saying?!

Naturally, once I release it, history will begin to move, and we'll be engulfed in impurity. But it seems that if I don't expose myself to that, I'll never understand the true nature of the Earth.

which convinces Kaguya to give up on her boring eternity and become a true member of Gensokyo.


Kaguya, Eirin and Reisen have come out of hiding and are living freely in Eientei.

So, what was the outcome of the Moon War? That didn't matter to Kaguya anymore; Gensokyo is now her home...

This is in line with the end of Kaguya's character profile.

Where IN doesn't really resolve the Lunarian situation, FMW I has Rabbit sheepishly reveal that she was totally lying about being chased. This is actually important, for reasons I'll explain in the next source material post.


At this point, you've probably noticed that Rabbit wasn't in the original IN at all. What's her deal? Well...

Imperishable Night has a sequel, kind of. Touhou Bougetsushou (literally Eastern Ephemeral Moon Vignette [which itself is patterned after IN's japanese name "Eastern Eternal Moon Night Vignette"]) is a series of three print works that focuses on the Lunarians. Rabbit is a minor character in it, so you can consider her showing up a teaser for what's to come.

EDIT: Whoops.

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Apr 15, 2013

Just how many mistakes have you suffered on the way here?

An uncountable number, to be sure.

Typo(?). Imperishable Night is Eternal Night Vignette, not Eternal Moon Vignette.

Dec 31, 2011

Just yell at her like you always do. Bitch, get out of the way!

It's a shame FMW doesn't include the part where Yuyuko immediately knew who and where the culprits are from the start.

Dec 20, 2013

You said that a difference in FMW is that Eirin was the one who took action, but isn't it the same in IN proper? Like, Kaguya decides they're going to protect Reisen but Eirin's the one who comes up with the plan to steal the moon. It seems kinda the same in both.


Nages posted:

It's a shame FMW doesn't include the part where Yuyuko immediately knew who and where the culprits are from the start.


Yuyuko just spending the whole game spouting nonsense metaphors to gently caress with Youmu, while secretly also obtusely revealing she's already figured everything out is one of the highlights of the game. Yuyuko is the best.

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

Eirin comes up with the plan in both games, but in IN she only does so after Kaguya decides they should do something. In FMW3 she takes complete charge of the situation.

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Clapping Larry

Well, thanks for the folklore lesson. I wasn't expecting all the impossible tasks to actually be impossible -- usually some fool from the countryside manages to team up with a magic man in the woods and pull off at least one or two.

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn


Hakurei Shrine
Music: Secret Mission!

Full Text




Entrance to Youkai Mountain
Music: Border of Regular and Irregular Days

Full Text


We're not going to help you get us all captured.

Yeah, even if the Watatsukis haven't done anything yet that's no guarant-

Wait the Watatsukis are in charge?!


Bamboo Forest of the Lost
Music: What's the Strategy?

Full Text


I'm picking up something rare nearby.

Well let's go check it out!



A Glimpse at a Future Sky

Music: Harmful Mystery

Got it, so this place is a bust too?

No luck finding Miss Koishi, Orin?

We didn't actually think of translating "-sama" as Miss for less formal cases until 29R, and by then we already had Orin and Utsuho saying "Lady Satori". I'd been meaning to ask Clarste about changing it for a while, but kept forgetting until he just did it himself here.

Yeah. I was planning to look in some more out-of-the-way places, but... If we keep this up any longer we'll stand out. Let's go home, Okuu.

What? But there's tons more places we can look. Isn't it a whole new world up on the surface?

Hokuto posted:

See also: a whole new place with a brand new attitude, but you still gotta catch 'em all!
I mention this because now that song is stuck in my head. :shepface:

You idiot, do you know how much trouble we'll get in if the people on the surface find us? Or what, you want to go sightseeing?

W-Well, I guess I'm kinda curious since I've never been up here before... But this is the place that chased out Miss Satori and Koishi, huh.

I could never love a place like this...

...Yeah, I feel the same way. Let's just look a bit more and then head home. We don't want Miss Satori to hear about this eithe-



Something's coming!

Nazrin posted:

Okay, this is where the rare readings were coming fro-

Hey, it's THEM!


Oh no, of all people, it had to be THEM!

Those are Underworld youkai! Why are they here?!

Reisen posted:

So you know those two?

Yeah, those two youkai took real good care of me when we went to the Underworld. They're the minions of a real pain of a youkai named Satori.

Why have you come to the surface?! I thought we had an inviolable agreement between the surface and the Underworld!

Tch, it hurts to say this, but just this once, the odds are against us...

Now, now, ladies, why don't you just pretend you never saw anything? I mean, didn't you sneak into the Underworld before too?

That may be true, but we can't just keep quiet and look the other way.

Especially since when they did it, they got attacked and then Marisa got kidnapped and uh yeah.

But what did you come up here for? Why would you commit such a taboo?

...Sheesh, it would have been better for both us if you'd just looked the other way.

Orin, what do we do about them?!

Isn't it obvious? We can't leave behind any evidence!

Orin calls in reinforcements.

Gah, are these all vengeful spirits?!

So many of them too. Where did they all come from...?

Listen up, Okuu. Those humans look pretty skilled. Me and the spirits will fight 'em, while you-

No, I'll fight too!

Huh? You're no match for them!

But didn't Miss Satori look pretty stressed around springtime? I feel like that was right after these girls came to the Underworld!

For the love of- Why do you only remember the weirdest things...?

Fine, do whatever you want, but fall back if it gets dangerous.


Victory: Defeat Orin and Utsuho.
Defeat: All allied characters are defeated.
Bonus: Defeat Utsuho before Orin.

Oh hey, we're back in 5M.

The enemies are completely harmless. This chapter pretty much exists to help you grind up the characters you've been left with.

The only vaguely annoying thing is this large ghost, and it's about to get Magic Teamed.

...I feel like I've seen her somewhere before.

That's right, we saw a glimpse of her when we went down the free the Palanquin Ship...

Unyu? But I don't know you people.

Well, I guess she doesn't remember us.

Birdbrain~, You're three steps away from a sparrow's favor~♪.

Even so, we let can't let our guards down around an Underworld crow.

There's actually a very specific word for raven, and Utsuho's listed race doesn't use it. So Utsuho is actually a crow.

I was planning on keeping her as a raven anyway just because it's an accepted thing, but both Clarste and Hokuto disagreed so yeah.

I get the feeling that they're even more ravenous than the crows on the surface.

Hey, you can't just say whatever you like about us~.

...Oh, now I remember! After you girls came to the Underworld, Miss Satori went through a lot of trouble! I'm gonna pay you back for that!

Music: Skygazer

Utsuho has very adorable attacks.

She's also absurdly weak.

Look at that. For perspective, she's about on the level of those red vengeful spirits!

She has a danmaku field, and it boosts her final damage by... 50.

It sounds like that other bakeneko came from the Underworld.

Yeah, but I'm not really sure what this Underworld thing IS.

...Hm, as I expected, the younger youkai don't know about it.

We only know about it because Yukari went all Sparta on us.

Listen, the Underworld is an underground world that's been isolated from Gensokyo. There's an agreement between the surface and the Underworld to never travel between them.

You can't come and go...?

The Underworld is a place where unmanageably dangerous youkai reside. The sage and her companions determined that this segregation was the best way for us to coexist.

...I see, I think I get it now. I THOUGHT their wavelengths felt more dangerous than yours.

Hey, why don't you stop saying stuff like that and just help us out?

Th-that's right, Reisen. We're surrounded too...!

No need to be so jumpy, they're only will-o-wisps.

Well, there's only one thing to do.

Uh, what would that be?

Take them all down!

Utsuho posted:

...! What's that...?!

Reisen spawns in.

Another youkai beast...?! Is this an ambush?!

Oh, so you're lending us a hand, Reisen!

Don't misunderstand. I'm not here to make friends. But I'm not gonna sit back and watch us get surrounded, either.

Come at me from whatever angle you'd like, I'll shoot you down!

And here's Reisen. She won't be with us very long.

She's got a new attack at the bottom there!

Also drat it Chen, how did you get hit by a 19%? :argh:

So we ended up fighting Underworld youkai again... But that's fine with me! Because today, the sun is on my side!

Is the "sun" that thing up in the sky?

Yup. It just being around makes me feel all cheerful. But I guess you wouldn't get it, since the Underworld doesn't have one.


There isn't an :ironicat: large enough for that conversation.

I asked the IRC what the hell I was supposed to do with just Sunny, and was told to record her getting punched. And I was going to before I found out Utsuho has four attacks. So she gets her own attack video.

Also Utsuho missed.

Despite being at 130 Power, it's not a full moon so Keine can't go EX.

I guess you girls really aren't gonna keep quiet about us, huh?

Of course not! I can't condone you coming to the surface.

Why were you hanging around up here anyway? Don't tell me you're up to some mischief under Satori's orders?

No, Miss Satori has nothing to do with this!

She doesn't...?

If you'd just feigned ignorance, we could've been home by now. But if we make an uproar in a place like this, then-

What are you saying? Did you come up here all on your own?

I have nothing else to say to a surface dweller. I'll just beat you up until you can't report to the sage!


Orin is not very threatening either.

Oh and her field buffs the stats of all nearby vengeful spirits. So that's something.

...Hey, Orin. They're pretty strong.

Yeah. We might not be able to handle this alone... I need to gather a few more spirits, or this could turn ugly.

A few more enemies spawn in.

Wha- Even more spirits?!

What's going on here? I thought vengeful spirits were just wandering grudges. How can she just direct them as she likes?

I've no doubt that that cat youkai has the power to control spirits.

Gah, so there's a youkai who can do that too?

No surprise that you jerks on the surface wouldn't know the first thing about these little guys. That's all just your prejudice. Hatred is another emotion like any other. Give 'em a chance to talk, and they're pretty obedient.

Such a sinister power... Just what I'd expect from an Underworld youkai!

But we'll be fine. Our side is still way stronge-

Yo Moo posted:

I'll cut through your hatred!

Merlin posted:

We found the source of that unhappy sound~!

It's not every day that we get a chance to play for vengeful spirits instead of ghosts.

What?! Even MORE of their allies came?!

Oh, it's Youmu and the Prismrivers!

Good work finding us, Youmu.

Yes, I looked into the matter at the White Jade Belvedere and came back with the Prismrivers.

We felt some weird noisiness and came to take a look.

I see some new faces in the audience, but I get the feeling they're not our new friends.

...I should've expected this from enemy territory, huh? This is just getting worse and worse.

Oh, I know how I can help out!

All right, I'm gonna call the hell crows!

What, she has a power like that too?!

We're on the surface, Okuu. Is that really gonna work?

Don't worry, even I'm pretty strong for a crow. Come here, crows of hell!

A whole bunch of nothing shows up.



I mean, uh... Come over here! I'll fight you myself!

*sigh*, What am I gonna do with her...?

I have Alice give Utsuho a quick kick in order to ensure that Reisen can finish her off.

Watch the video!

Reisen's new finisher rules!


Utsuho is so pathetic she doesn't even give any EXP. And her drop item is a Nameless Bone.

So much for that...

Huh? Is that it? She wasn't very strong, was she?

I guess even Underworld youkai have their weaklings.

Yeah, even us fairies could take her on a bad day.

Okuu! I told you you'd be no match for them...

You head back first and leave the rest to me.

*sniffle*, I'm sorry...

With that out of the way, I stop stalling and speed through the map. Keine and Sanae/Shou handle this corner,

And Nazrin/Chen help out Youmu and the Prismrivers with the other.

I thought it was something rare, but it looks like it was just some Underworld youkai.

To be honest, I've got nothing to gain from getting mixed up with your lot.

Hey, you're a smart one. So how about you just keep quiet for us?

I'd like to do that, but observing and reporting are closely related jobs. If you're planning on keeping this up, you'd better brace yourself.

Looks like I've got no choice then...

Orin tries to be a threat, but well, emphasis on "tries".

After the grunts are cleaned up, it's on to Orin. She has a loyal red spirit guard, but they're easily dealt with.

So there are some Underworld youkai who come up to the surface, huh? This kind of reminds me of Koishi.


Wait, are you saying that Miss Koishi was with you BEFORE you came to the Underground?

Yeah, I saw her last winter. What about it?

N-nothing! Yeah, I'd never be thankful to the people on the surface!

A Valored Final Spark later and Orin is at critical.

I considered giving Chen the kill, but her hit rates weren't good enough. Meiling needs levels anyway.

Orin drops a Cat's Tail, which is the only one Marisa Route players can get since Chen's boss fight was Reimu only.

Ngh, you even got me..!?

Phew. You were a pain, but that turned out all right.

Now, why don't you just behave yourself while we tie you up?

...What a mess. I can't believe we got beaten up out here, of all places. If we cause even more trouble for Miss Satori, then what was the point of all this...?

Oh? Is someone actually, finally, resigning themselves?


Utsuho flies back in to defend Orin.

What?! Her?!

Okuu, you idiot. I told you to run home!

I-If you're going to capture Orin, then you'll have to take me down too.

So please, just forgive us!

Huh? Forgive you?!

B-But even if you ask us to, there's an agreement not to come to the surface. Both of you should already know that...

But if I just leave things as they are, aren't you going to tell Miss Satori what happened? Plus, I don't wanna see you take Orin away...

...Well, this is a bind. Never thought anyone would honestly beg us for forgiveness.

It's hard to take a firm hand when someone shows actual remorse.

Then can you tell us why you came to the surface?


It's true that it was our fault for stumbling into the Underworld earlier. But isn't there more to this than simply fanning the flames of conflict?

...Yeah. We didn't come up here for payback or anything. We were just trying to do something for Miss Satori.


The duo hightail it out.

Ah! They took advantage of the situation...!

...We'll never come to the surface again. If you still won't forgive us, then let one of the spirits around there know. If you do, I'll send some payment to make it worth your while. So please, just leave it at that.

Hey, you can't just decide that on your ow-

I've said what I had to say. Let's go, Okuu.

O-Okay. Let's get outta here!

Star posted:

...Whoops, they got away.

They're probably still limping. Are you sure we don't want to chase them?

Just leave them alone. It wouldn't feel right. We were supposed to be looking into the rocket thing, anyway. Ugh, this just got tedious.

Yeah, if we tell Yukari what the Underworld youkai were up to, then she'd probabl-

My, you know me so well.


I thought I felt an unpleasant aura, and sure enough, there were Underworld youkai.

Now, why don't you take your time and tell me EVERYTHING that happened?


There's not much changes on Lunatic beyond improved enemy AI.

Here's why I said that large ghost was annoying by the way: it has a MAP. It even casts Strike on Lunatic to make sure it hits.

Also Orin's field now boosts the stats of all vengeful spirits in its radius by 80, but that honestly just means you have to cast spirits.


Oh, the game stopped. Nice work!

That reminds me. Elly, I found this cute doll over there!

A doll? That's weird, normally you just pick up foo-

Wait, what's that?! Isn't that a haniwa?!


Did you forget? They're Magical Girl Kurumi's enemy! Hurry and throw it away before it shows its true fa-


Uwah, something came bursting out!

Don't panic. Kurumi, use that fallen dustpan over there to transform!

Tekumakuyanyanyan! Magical Girl Kurumi, Build Uuuuup!

Kurumi Breaker! Die!

...This is your reward!


...This is really different from what I thought Magical Girl Kurumi would be like.

You think so? I like it.

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Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn


Animal Trail
Music: What's the Strategy?

Full Text


I'll help you get to the moon, but in exchange you have to deliver a letter for me.

Oh and drop Rabbit off too, it's pretty obvious she wants to go back.


Palace of Earth Spirits
Music: Bizzare Smile

Full Text


(...After seeing that huge sky up there, I'm a bit jealous. If they were in a place like that, I wonder if both Miss Satori and Miss Koishi could have fun together...)

(...The surface...)


Reisen Udongein Inaba
Personality: Cautious (Kill: +4, Evade: +3, Ally Killed: +1, Graze: +2)
Personal Skills: Hit and Away (exactly that), Lunatic Red Eyes (increases base damage, Range and Ammo of Lunatic Red Eyes by 150, 1, and 6), Suicidal Rabbit M Team (changes the Snipe spirit to Assail), All Spectral (lowers the minimum Range of all attacks to 1).
Spirits: Snipe, Focus, Sense, Triumph, Fury (42)

If I were to describe Reisen, it'd be as a weaker Alice. She's got a really nice selection of attacks, but her damage is lacking. She has Triumph so she can at least guarantee criticals, but she doesn't have Alice's critical boosting skills so even then she doesn't measure up. And just like Alice, she really wants Accel to make the most out of her long-ranged post-movement attacks. She has cool Personal Skills though and is a big old Gundam reference. She's a Good Character.
Obviously a partner would address most of her issues, but it's not like there's somebody with Accel, a strong damage output, and a desperate need of Triump- waiiiiiit a minute.

All Attacks
Battle theme: feel eyes on you (Lunatic Eyes)
Lunatic Red Eyes theme: UDON-ZAM (Lunatic Eyes, FIGHT)


Waaaaaay back when Youmu rejoined for FMW2's finale, I wrote this:


Thankfully, FMW3 fixed that with the perfect partner... 80% of the way through the game.

Well here she is, Youmu's perfect partner. Youmu casts Accel, Reisen zooms in, and once they're close enough she casts Triumph then switches to Youmu for a finisher. It's a simple but effective strategy that really helps clear the stage of bulky grunts. They're not as effective for bosses by sheer virtue of the fact there are so many other strong characters, but if there's no more space for Youmu (or a Shotgunning + All Spectral Reisen) around the boss you can just have Reisen drop Invisible Full Moon instead. Pretty much their only problem is that they rely on dodging for defense despite not being Reimu. Reisen can die from a stiff breeze, but as long as she managed to get Youmu closer it evens out.
Also you can totally pretend they're Sanger and Rätsel.

Utsuho Reiuji
All Attacks


I see you've stopped the game. Thank you for your hard work.

...The preparations have been safely completed. The day has finally come for the Palanquin Ship's launch. While a certain person experiences a regretful parting, another ponders the sea of stars. Either way, they pass the time away.

However, intent on interfering with the launch, Nue has reappeared!

Chapter 46 of Fantasy Maiden Wars I: "Setting Sail to a Sea of Stars".

Please play until the end.


Total Cost: 32.0

Remilia (42)
Palanquin Ship [Always forced]

(Marisa is forced and Reimu is unavailable.)

Meiling (39)
Patchouli (37)
Sakuya (42)
Alice (42)
Youmu (39)
Keine (37)
FA Nitori (36)
Sanae (42)
(Reisen is forced.)

Kurumi (32)
Elly (35)
Rumia (27)
Cirno (34)
Koakuma (37)
Chen (39)
Wriggle (37)
Mystia (36)
Nitori (36)
Nazrin (35)
Shou (30)

Daiyousei (35)
Sunny (37)
Luna (32)
Star (33)

Since Magic Team isn't available, for once you have all 32.0 Cost.

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Mar 15, 2012

Disco Thunder

Gonna get my vote out of the way before I read this thing. Bring Remi and Youmu in leaving 26

Sep 5, 2013

Not the strongest, but the cutest.

Bring forth Sanae and Elly for the next chapter. Now we have 21.5 cost left.
Also wow Utsuho and Orin were absolutely terrible. I cannot imagine how they'll improve when SA comes.

Sep 16, 2010

There is no problem that cannot be solved through sufficient application of lasers and friendship.

Alice and Patchy for Team Shipping War
I think my biggest regret is that even if they get to the moon, there won't be a Clownpiece in this game.

Jul 8, 2010


It's pretty nice that they decided to approach adapting the SSiB plot from a completely different starting point than the books.

Also Okuu and Orin were pretty great this chapter.

Team Wan Shi Tong, of Keine and Mystia, leaving 12.

Jan 26, 2007

If I die before I Wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.

Luna and Star leaving 9.

Golden Battler
Sep 6, 2010

~Perfect and Elegant~

Sakuya and Meiling leaving 4.0

Dec 20, 2013

Well if two of the three are coming along it looks like, i'm forced to pick Sunny Solo. Leaving us with 2.5

Also, it's kind of weird Reisen's cut-in is for her most generic attack. You'd think it'd be for one of her spellcards at least.

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Apr 15, 2013

Just how many mistakes have you suffered on the way here?

An uncountable number, to be sure.

Shou Solo, for 0.5.

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Feb 28, 2014

Funny Little Guy Aficionado.

Oh my god, she does. Reisen totally uses Satellite Cannon :allears: God, I need to get around to watching Gundam X.

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Clapping Larry

I do love seeing who's picked up what attacks from SRW.

This mission was... really just kind of sad, to be honest. I suppose it's a good breather as far as the plot goes.

Dec 31, 2011

Just yell at her like you always do. Bitch, get out of the way!

Everyone should watch that Utsuho attack video if you haven't it's real good.

And blitzblast don't think I didn't notice you leaving all the ghosts off the list of deployable characters.

Jul 8, 2010


Well I cracked and started another run of FMWI myself. It's such an improvement over FMWE and P it's ridiculous.

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

When I first played FMW2, it was such a massive improvement over the first game that I thought there was no way that FMW3 could keep it up. I've never been so happy to be wrong.

I can only hope that FMW4 keeps up the streak, though I'd be cool with it just being as good.

EDIT: By the way, Hokuto agreed with Clarste on the raven vs crow matter. It's 2 versus 1 now so I changed it.

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Jul 21, 2002

Soiled Meat

BlitzBlast posted:

EDIT: By the way, Hokuto agreed with Clarste on the raven vs crow matter. It's 2 versus 1 now so I changed it.

Democracy works!!

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

By the way, speaking of the moon, tonight's actually going to be a total lunar eclipse and a supermoon. Depending on the weather, you might even see a blood moon!


Nages posted:

And blitzblast don't think I didn't notice you leaving all the ghosts off the list of deployable characters.


Dec 27, 2011

You are using the wrong satellite cannon BGM section. :colbert:

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

I checked, the animation isn't nearly long enough to even get past the intro.

And the one SRW always uses is the worst part of the song anyways. :colbert:

Jul 8, 2010


A little late on this, but I wanted to say that I find it odd this game has Yukari and Satori meeting face-to-face for diplomatic meetings concerning the Underworld. You'd think someone like Yukari would be extra-wary of showing up in from of a mind reader.

Jun 27, 2008

Oh god Utsuho Borot is the best.

Dec 20, 2013

Pureauthor posted:

A little late on this, but I wanted to say that I find it odd this game has Yukari and Satori meeting face-to-face for diplomatic meetings concerning the Underworld. You'd think someone like Yukari would be extra-wary of showing up in from of a mind reader.

She manipulated the border of what Satori could read of her mind. Or between the conscious and subconscious or something.

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Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

Hellioning posted:

Oh god Utsuho Borot is the best.

Don't underestimate the Ultra Special Golden Delicious Giant Magnum Utsuho Punch!
yes that is actually what she says

Mar 15, 2012

Disco Thunder

More fmw3 in 20 minutes.

edit: Streams over. Thanks for watching.

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Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

Sorry this took so long, my computer exploded and I had to spend a weekend fixing it.



Moriya Shrine
Music: Border of Regular and Irregular Days

Full Text


I need a really strong yet thoughtless crow for this new energy plan I've got going.

Oh, I saw someone like that!

Welcome back to Marisa's dreams.

Full Text


Don't go to the moon.



Kirisame Residence
Music: Secret Mission!

Full Text


I came to see you off and say farewell.

Thanks, I really appreciate it. But I gotta go, I'm late!


Palanquin Ship - Hall
Music: Border of Regular and Irregular Days

Full Text


We're ready for liftoff.

I wonder where Nue went?



Setting Sail to a Sea of Stars

Music: Ark of the Spring Sky

Aya posted:

So! We made a trip from our special studio outside the Human Village, and here we are at the launchpad!

Take a look! It's the Palanquin Ship that was the key to resolving the incident the other day...

And now it's about to shake off the chains of gravity and fly to the moon!

The crowd goes wild. Cut to some nearby bleachers, where a couple familiar faces are spectating.

It's quite lively here. The people of Earth really like to turn everything into a festival, don't they?

Of course, to us, having it reach the moon safely is the top priority.

Hey, Reimu! All I want for a souvenir is some sake!

I might not be going to the moon, but I can still wish you a safe voyage.

Wow, so many people are here to watch.

It's not just youkai either, looks like even the humans came to see it.

The crowd really is different when you're near the Human Village.

Nitori, Koakuma. How are the launch preparations?

Hold on a sec, we're almost done with our final check.

Take a good look at the Earth while you can, Flan, we won't see it again for a while.

Yeah. It feels weird seeing so many humans.

I wonder if Marisa's all right. I thought she'd be here by now...

With how excited she's been for this, I'm sure she'll come flying any minute now.

But speaking of people who aren't here, I don't see Yukari or Yuyuko. I could have sworn they'd be here to see Reimu and Youmu off.

They aren't the types to show their faces for every little thing. I'm sure they're spying on us from somewhere anyhow.


You're saying your farewells to the Earth too, aren't you Rabbit? Do you have any regrets?

None. I'm totally ready. I've even got Lady Yagokoro's letter on me. I'd just feel way less antsy if they'd just launch already...

|_!1y VV|-|!+e posted:

Please wait!

Lily appears.


Th-Thank goodness. I made it in time.

Fairy?! But I heard you went back to the mountain...

Why'd you come? Weren't you sleeping until next spring?

I was, but then I heard you were going back to the moon, Rabbit. So I wanted to give you my thanks one last time.

Thanks? For what...?

Thank you very much, for being so nice to an off-season fairy like me. It was only a short time, but I'm glad we could be friends, Rabbit.

Wh-What are you talking about? You can't just decide on your own that we're frie-

Hey~! This is when you gotta drop the cool act and return her smile!

Lily woke herself up and came here just for you!

Y-Yeah, you're right! We're never going to see each other again, so...

...Thank you, Fairy. I'm glad we became friends too. Take care of yourself, and watch out for traps next time.

Yes. You too, Rabbit.

...If you're done with the farewells, it looks like we've finished our preparations.

Ichirin, please put the Palanquin Ship into launch mode.

Roger. Navigation systems off, commence charging the Buddhist reactor.

And with that, in a little while we'll be saying goodbye to the Earth.

Suddenly, someone at this bleacher screams.

...Hm, aren't they getting pretty noisy over there?

You're right. We haven't even launched yet.


Those strange familiars! Could it be...?!

|\|(_)e posted:

Ha ha ha! Flee in terror, humans!

Music: Heian Chimera Syndrome

Nue and three UFOs spawn in.

How cheeky of you to turn a youkai's ship into a spectacle!

Wait, isn't that-

Meiling seems to recognize Nue, which is weird since she was on the other route split.

Nue!? Is that you?!

You bet it is! Don't tell me you already forgot my face?

Is this the Nue we were just talking about?

Yeah, she's an old friend of the crew, and she's the one who took all the Flying Silo fragments. Doesn't feel like she's carrying them with her today, though.

...Where WERE you, Nue? I've been looking for you ever since the incident ended. We didn't get enough of a chance to talk the last time we met.

Yeah, I knew you were worried about me. I mean, I WAS watching you in secret the whole time.


What were you doing something stupid like that for? Why not just show yourself?

No way. You two are always hanging out with humans these days. Not only that, they're always using your ship like it's theirs too.

And I've had enough of it! It ticks me off, so I'm putting a stop to this!

UFOs pop in all over.

That stupid Nue, she's not listening again...!

But this is a problem. She's seriously trying to prevent the launch.

Nitori, can we put the launch on hold?!

No can do. The Buddhist reactor is already on standby, so it would be hard to stop it now... We've got 7 minutes till ignition! If we can't fly by then, the whole launch will fail!

Alright, obviously we need to focus on protecting the Palanquin Ship's launch pad.

Patchouli posted:

If they enter this area, they'll easily destroy it.

The Palanquin Ship can't move, and I've got my hands full preparing to summon the Sumiyoshi Sanjin.

I want everyone free to go stop those youkai!

Agreed! Everyone sortie!

So for this map, I actually want to deploy primarily solo units for once. But the voice of democracy has spoken, and they want teams. :argh:

Good grief, how could you interrupt our ceremony like that? You don't have an ounce of decorum in your body, do you?

Nue, right? Don't you know you're not supposed to rampage near the village?

What's wrong with you? You call yourself a youkai, spouting that drivel? We youkai are supposed to make the humans tremble in terror...!

Aah! There are familiars near the bleachers!

What do we do?! If they get a human, then-

The Red UFOs go splat.


Is that all you got? We can deal with that many in one blow!

We'll take care of this area, so we'll leave the ship to you!

Momiji! Hatate! Thank you so much!

Reisen posted:

I can't just sit back and watch this either.

That ship has the important task of delivering the Master's letter!

I'll fight too, for Rabbit's sake!

Oh come on, why do you all have to play buddy-buddy all the time?

Then I'll just gather everyone together too. You can all prostrate yourselves before the fear of the unknown!


Victory: Survive 7 turns, or defeat Nue.
Defeat: Enemies enter the space bordered by white tiles, or the Palanquin Ship or Reisen are defeated.
Bonus: Defeat all UFOs, then defeat Nue.

The very first thing I do is summon a bunch of dolls to act as roadblocks. It takes up a huge chunk of Alice's MP, but she's mostly Ammo based anyways.

The green UFOs in the southwest corner actually won't move just yet, so it's safe to focus on this southern batch instead.

I send Alice and Patchy (the Seven-colored Seven Days Witches) to the northwest, but their damage output is really lacking.

I miss Magic Team already. :sigh:

Reisen, the Three Fairies, and Lily handle the northeast corner,

and everyone else heads for Nue.

More UFOs spawn in the north on the first enemy phase.

They're coming from that side too?!

Hina posted:

I'm sorry, looks like we let a few slip through.

The way this is going, I'd guess they've got more waiting in reserve.

We don't know where they'll come from, so don't get too far from the ship!

Cue a long enemy phase of countering. I put All Spectral on Reisen, so she can easily dispatch of anything that attacks her with her stronger moves.

Meanwhile Remilia...

Tries her best, I guess.

Her servants are doing much better; I had Remilia equip Scarlet Charisma, so they're both at 125 Power right out of the gate. Not only does that jumpstart the Scarlet Soul, it also means I can trigger Elegant in one battle.

By the way, putting the Scarlet Soul on anybody is a quick way to make them useful, but Sakuya in particular is a good choice since it's not like she wants to equip anything else.

...It'd be bad if those weird flying saucers got here. Remi, I'm coming out and helping too.

Huh, Flan?!

...I see. With Flan here, it should be easier for the rest of us.

This will be the first time we've let her have a danmaku battle outdoors, though.

Just so we're clear, it's okay for us to just sit back and watch, right?

Of course it is. Lately, we've even been taking walks near the village.

But Flan, you need to be careful not to get hit by the sun.

Yeah, I'll make sure to bring the parasol you gave me.

Okay then....

Music: The Psychotic and Cute Guest


That aura must mean Flandre's deployed too...!

What's with all these half-baked youkai popping up one after another? You youngsters are ignorant in the ways of the world. Well fine, the Great Nue will-

Hee hee, it really does feel great outside!


Lady Flan, I'm sure you already know this, but-

Don't worry, I'll be careful not to destroy the village. I'm only gonna play with that black one over there and these round things!

...It's reassuring to have her on our side, but I can't help but feel like we're holding a bomb close to our chests.

Looks like there are all sort of youkai I don't know on the surface these days. I better be careful.

Flandre won't be able to really show her stuff until she hits max Power, and unfortunately she doesn't get the Scarlet Charisma boost this chapter.

She's still strong enough to one-shot the blue UFOs though.

The three UFOs that just spawned in are just one turn of movement away from costing me the chapter, so I have my northern units break off from their assigned sections to quickly dispose of them.

But thanks to the Hourai Dolls, they can't reach the launch zone anyways. :v:

By the way, the Palanquin Ship is a unit in this chapter. It can't move, but it can fire at any UFOs that get too close.

Meiling hit level 38 last chapter, so she learned Scarlet Dragon. This amazing PS lets her Support Defend on the player phase three times per chapter, which is for all intents and purposes three free casts of Alert. It's great on any glass cannon, and solidifies Meiling's status as the best tank in the game.

It also clashes with Time Paradox, as you can see here. Too bad Support Attack and Defend take up the same slot on the menu.

Shou is ten levels behind, so I'm hoping to feed these UFOs to her.

Nue, please stop this disturbance. We've been entrusted with a lette-

I don't care what your goal is, just keep your hands off Minamitsu's ship. How would you girls like it if I tied you to some giant pillar?

All sorts of things had to be done to turn it into a shrine. There was no other wa-

You even REMODELED it? I'm even more mad now!

Music: As Decisive as a Battlefield

I wasn't expecting Youmu to hit, but she did.

What troublesome familiars... And she's using so many of them too.

It looks like the title of Legendary Youkai wasn't just for show.

Nue, please stop this!

No way. I've gotta beat this lesson into you as hard as I can. You're just being used by the humans, Minamitsu!

Nue, what's wrong? Did me leaving you behind in the Underworld make you THIS angry?

Clarste posted:

Minamitsu is perhaps denser than an anime protagonist.

No! I don't even care about that anymore! What I can't stomach is humans using that ship as they please.

Wait, you mean the Palanquin Ship?

Right. Isn't that ship your most prized possession, Minamitsu? How can you just use it for and mold it to the humans' benefit?

She's kinda calling it like it is.

I guess we HAVE been overhauling it a lot. And now we're taking it on a lunar voyage.

The Palanquin Ship IS important to me. But Nue, it's not just mine. This ship can do a lot to help other people so-

That's weird! And totally unfair!


If you told me you were doing all of this for yourself, I'd be okay with you just living your life taking care of your ship. But none of these people care about any of that. They're just using the ship like it's theirs! They're trying to steal your rightful place, Minamitsu! They're tricking you!

Four more UFOs join the fray all around the area.

Ack, she summoned even more familiars!

I think we're being cornered both physically and verbally.

...What should we do, Ichirin? Looks we can't talk our way out of this.

In a situation like this, there's no choice but to hang in there until launch. Sheesh, I can't tell if she's being really considerate or just a nuisance.

Lily has Cheer, so Shou can get two levels off a single kill.

Oh yeah, here's Nue. She has a unique ability called Undefined that hides her Mobility and Armor.

She has the same field as she did in 38R, though since this is Normal the HP Regen is much less impressive.

And since Nue doesn't have Special Resistance, I can use Pressure on her. Not that it does anything, it basically only takes effect next turn.

How boorish of you to get in the way of the glorious moment we've worked so hard to prepare.

If you ask me, your moment was messed up in the first place. How could Minamitsu and Ichirin let some jerks like you-

Tell us your complaints AFTER we return from the moon.

Red the Nightless Castle + Roukanken + Three Treasures - Sword gets Nue down to yellow.

While I'd love to end this with a Miracle, I still have UFOs to kill.

Two more Red UFOs spawn in the southwest come turn 4.

Uwah, those flying saucers just keep coming.

There's still three minutes until launch. Will we be able to handle it?

If we just had a few more people, it'd work out somehow...

|\/|@R!$@ posted:

Sorry I'm late!

Music: Stardust Hero


Marisa, you finally made it!

Where WERE you?! Just a bit later and we'd have already departed!

My bad, Mima showed up and I lost track of time while we talked.

Huh? Mima?!

Yeah, she's heading to Makai, so she stopped by to say goodbye. Wait, what are are these weird discs?

Can't you tell that we don't have time to explain every little thing?

They're connected to that youkai over there, she's trying to stop the launch.

But it doesn't matter, just kick them out!

Roger that! Might as well test my new magic while I'm at it.

New magic...?

Yeah, I did everything I could to finish it before we left.

(...Even if our paths have split, I'll never leave behind the magic you taught me. I'll take your star magic across the sea of stars, Lady Mima...!)

Here we go, Orreries Sun!

Orreries Sun buffs Marisa's base weapon power by 100 and her Mobility by 10 when she hits 130 Power. Nothing fancy, but appreciated all the same.

You can't tell since it's just a skill in this game, but in the source games its animation is based off of one of Mima's attacks.

Marisa's entrance is the last event of this chapter, so now I can finish off the UFOs.

Ugh, just looking at that makes me feel sick. I'm gonna beat you girls black and blue for this!

You're called Nue, right? I think we've heard of you before.

Hmmm, it had the face of a monkey, the tail of a snake...

Pop quiz! What animal was your body from?


Oh, looks like you're out of time!

Are you even listening to me?!

Meanwhile Nue thrashes around pointlessly.

Keep it up, everybody! There's just two minutes left of launch preparations!

Shou made it to level 37 in the end. Not bad.

Nue, if you're Murasa's friend then please stop this!

No, YOU should stop messing with Minamitsu! You make it all sound so proper, but you're just using her for whatever you want!

That's not the case. To us, Murasa and the rest of Myouren Temple are fr-

Like I'd believe something a HUMAN said!

Music: Proof of the Wind's Bond

And that's that. Nue drops a Cartridge of all things.


Alright, we beat the boss of the familiars~!

Ngh, they're strong...!

Reimu, are you ready to summon the Sumiyoshi Sanjin?!

I'm good to go, so everyone get back aboard the ship, now!

Everybody but Reisen and Lily pile into the ship.

We've confirmed that everyone's aboard. Nitori!

Okay! Igniting rocket boosters!

So they're still just doing whatever they want...

But I still have a chance!

Sunny posted:

Gah, she's coming straight for us!

That spot! Could she be aiming for-

I can tell at a glance that this cloth has a lot of magic in it. If I tear it off, I bet you won't be able to launch!

She's going after the Lunar Veil! But there's no way to stop her from inside...!

Not on my watch!

Nue posted:

...! I got blocked!

Reisen intercepts Nue's charge, and ends up getting thrown onto the ship.

Uwah, Reisen managed to jump in?!

Thanks for protecting the veil!

Yeah, that was close... Wait, the Palanquin Ship?! I'm on the Palanquin Ship?!

Now, Sokotsutsu-no-O-no-Mikoto!

I didn't notice I had improperly sized animations for the last few updates until I went back and looked at the older chapters.

We've called down the power of the gods, so she shouldn't be able to touch us now.


Nue, let's talk when I get back to Earth! I'll have so much to tell you then!

...I won't give up.

Nue leaves.

Nue's retreated, so all that's left is to launch!

It'll happen soon, so brace for impact everyone!

H-Hold on, I'm still-!

Mokou posted:

Keine, don't work yourself too hard!

I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip, everyone!

Eirin, were my eyes deceiving me or did-

Yes, Udonge's aboard the ship.

Rabbit! Please look at the Earth when it's spring! I'm sure it'll be so lovely you can see it from the moon!

Yeah, thanks Fair- I mean, thank you Lily! I'll definitely remember to do that!

Buddhist reactor output fully charged. Releasing the final limiter!

Then launch! Take us to the moon!


On Lunatic this map is more annoying, but that's about it. Nue's tough enough that you might want to consider having Elly freeze her movement with Floor Tiles.


*sigh* I poured too much magical power into Lady Patchouli. Now I'm out of MP... But it's at times like this that my Personal Skill "Self-Healing" shines.

That's amazing, Koakuma. You can renew yourself. If I could so something like that too, maybe I'd stop running out of spiritual power...

Heehee. In that case, do you want to try it too, Sanae?

Wow, you'd really teach me something that special...?!

It's not very special at all, I'd be happy to show you how to do it. Now, come over here and make yourself comfortable.

Eh? Um, should I take off my shoes then?

...And there they go again.

I do have Koakuma restore my MP, but it's unexpectedly tiring to be renewed. I usually prefer Devote instead.

Is that how it is...

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Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn


Palanquin Ship - Bridge
Music: Border of Regular and Irregular Days

Full Text


Why does Nue like you so much anyways, Murasa?

I don't know, I didn't do much. I just stuck by her in her darkest hour and helped her rebuild her self-esteem.

...Right, nothing much. Anyway, where did Reisen go?

Reisen, please get out of the fridge!


Music: What's the Strategy?

Full Text


As her surrogate family, let's talk about Marisa.

Sure, why not.


House of Eternity
Music: Those Forgotten Days of Eternity

Full Text


So what happened to the original scenario for SSiB?

Well, you sending that letter is tantamount to saying you prefer Earth to the Moon. You've got a healthy respect for Gensokyo too, so there's no need to scare you out of your wits anymore.

Too bad for anyone who was planning on deploying me, though.


Flandre Scarlet
Personality: Resolute (Hit: +1, Miss: -1, Kill: +4, Get Hit: +2, Ally Killed: +2, Graze: +1)
Personal Skills: Calamity's Bow (at 170 Power, deal 30% more damage), Magical Girl (equivalent to Magician), Together with Remi (enhances Flandre's friendship with Remilia by 3 levels)
Spirits: Fury, Strike, Guard, Drive, Wrath (47), Valor (52)
Friendships: Marisa (L1), Sakuya (L1), Koakuma (L2), Patchouli (L2), Meiling (L3), Remilia (L3)

Like her older sister, Flandre has a list of flaws a mile long. Her defenses are trash, and she has neither Alert nor Grit to bypass that. She's a vampire, so she has to choose between a decent equip or a decent partner. She takes a ridiculously long time to get going, with her finisher unlocking at 140 Power and her true potential at 170. She bleeds through MP at an insane rate, and can't even rely on Koa since she so desperately needs to stay at max Power. But you know what? Unlike her sister, she's worth it. When Flandre gets going, she is bar none the most destructive character in the game. Only Marisa can claim to have a higher average damage output, and that's just because there's a 45 chapter gap of resource investment between the two that Flandre is not very likely to overcome in a regular run. Anyway, Flandre's goal is simple: make it to 170 Power as soon as she can, get right up in the boss' face, and start unloading pain. This can admittedly be tricky to set-up, as she'll also need an extensive support group to keep her safe and fueled, but the sheer numbers she outputs really do justify all of it.
You know what would make Flandre even better? If she wasn't almost entirely restricted to close range. But I mean it's not like she ever had a super long-ranged finisher anyway rig-

All Attacks
FMW E battle theme: Unbalanced Unknown (Centennial Festival for Magical Girls)
Boss theme: Frantic Destroyer (U.N. Owen)
FMW I battle theme: The Psychotic and Cute Guest [ver.I] (U.N. Owen, Violent Battle)
Bonus theme: The Psychotic and Cute Guest (U.N. Owen, Violent Battle)


In the week between updates, Nages and I were chatting about the game when the subject of friendships came up.

I want you to look at this:

It's a part of the japanese wiki's big old friendship chart. It looks like it's listing how much of a boost the people on the right gives to the person on the left, right? I mean there's an arrow pointing left and everything!

Well it's actually describing the exact opposite. :psyduck:

Here's Nages' big old thesis:

Nages posted:

All of the characters have friendships with other characters, and a certain amount of those friendships are influenced by either story events or personal skills that the characters can equip.

Friendship levels give 5% Hit/Evade for the first three levels, and then every level after that gives 3% Hit/Evade as well as x0.03 extra damage dealt and x0.03 less damage received. You can see a list of these friendships here (spoilers on characters we will get in the future): As BlitzBlast said, this site is formatted very strangely as it lists a character, then has arrows pointing to this character, and then has other characters and a listed friendship level. What this actually means though is the character on the left gives those level of friendship to the characters on the right. Also sometimes it is just completely wrong but it is right most of the time.

There are 5 groups of friendship personal skills in the game, Flan/Remi, Cirno/Dai, the Aki Sisters, the Prismrivers, and the Three Fairies of Light. Besides Flan/Remi, the skills work as such: one person equipping the skill increases the level of friendship between the units by the level of the skill. For example Dai equipping her level 3 Best Friend PS raises the friendship buff Cirno and Dai give to each other from level 3 to level 6. If multiple characters in the group equip the skill, then the effect is added together. But note that the effect is only between two characters, even if three people equip the skill.

For example, say Merlin and Lyrica equip their friendship skills and Lunasa doesn't. Merlin and Lyrica's friendship would be 2 (base) + 3 (Merlin's PS) + 3 (Lyrica's PS) = 8, while Merlin and Lunasa's friendship level would only be 2 (Base) + 3 (Merlin's PS) = 5. The point being here that Lyrica's PS does not boost Merlin's friendship with Lunasa.

The two exceptions to this are Remi/Flan and Luna Child. Flan has a skill that increases friendship by 3, but Remilia doesn't have a corresponding PS. So Flan's Together with Remi only affects herself, meaning Flan gets a level 6 friendship from Remilia but Remilia still only gets a level 3 friendship from Flan. Meanwhile Luna, from what I can only assume is a typo (Lunasa and Luna are written almost identically in Japanese), gets a bonus from Merlin and Lyrica when they have their friendship skills equipped. This also works in reverse where Merlin and Lyrica get an extra bonus if they have their skills equipped when next to Luna Child.

This makes Luna Child the most friend-having person in the game. If Sunny, Luna, Star, Merlin and Lyrica all equip their friendship skills then surround Luna (who should have one of her many L1 friends in her back row), Luna will get 2 (base with Sunny) + 8 (bonus from Sunny and Luna's skills, which are +4 each) + 2 (base with Star) + 8 (bonus from Star and Luna's skills) + 1 (base with Merlin) + 3 (bonus from Merlin's PS) + 1 (base with Lyrica) + 3 (bonus from Lyrica's PS) + 1 (from whoever is backing up Luna) = 29. That's +93% Hit/Evade, x1.78 damage dealt, and x0.22 damage received. This all would almost be worth the effort if it was on a character other than Luna Child.

A final note is that I assume that combining units only give the lead unit's (Lunasa or Sunny) friendship to other units. So putting Cirno next to the Three Fairies wouldn't give Cirno three separate L1s.

This got him a PhD in Friendship, even though he forgot about Keine/Mokou and the Moriyas.

Also, oddly enough, even though both Nitori and Alice can reach L3 with Marisa in FMW2, Nitori is the only one who can bump that up even further into L4 upon reaching FMW3. I guess it might be game balance since otherwise you'd have literally zero reason to ever pair Nitori with Marisa. Or maybe they're delaying the benefit to getting both Alice flags to FMW4.


I see you've stopped the game. Thank you for your hard work.

...It's been more than ten days since it left the Earth, but the Palanquin Ship has finally arrived on the Moon. For a brief moment, the party enjoys a vacation at the Sea of Tranquility. It makes me wish I had gone too...

But then, the moon rabbits of the Defense Corps make their appearance.

Chapter 48 of Fantasy Maiden Wars I: "Fantasy Maidens ON THE MOON".

Please play until the end.


Total Cost: 32.0

Remilia (42)
Flandre (41)
Palanquin Ship [Always forced]

Reimu (40)
Marisa (42)

Meiling (41)
Patchouli (40)
Sakuya (42)
Alice (43)
Youmu (40)
Keine (38)
FA Nitori (36)
Sanae (43)
(Reisen is unavailable.)

Kurumi (32)
Elly (38)
Rumia (27)
Cirno (34)
Koakuma (37)
Chen (39)
Lyrica (37)
Merlin (37)
Lunasa (35)
Wriggle (37)
Mystia (38)
Nitori (36)
Nazrin (35)
Shou (37)

Daiyousei (35)
Sunny (37)
Luna (34)
Star (34)

Magic Team's back. You've got 26.5 Cost.

BlitzBlast fucked around with this message at 07:01 on Oct 13, 2015

Dec 31, 2011

Just yell at her like you always do. Bitch, get out of the way!

Going to vote for Merlin & Lyrica even if you don't list them, 22.5

Jan 26, 2007

If I die before I Wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.

Lunasa for 20.5

Mar 15, 2012

Disco Thunder

Cirno and The Naz leaving 16.5

Jul 8, 2010


Sunny and Flandre, leaving 11.5

Feb 28, 2014

Funny Little Guy Aficionado.

Daiyousei and Reimu, leaving 7.

Dec 20, 2013

Team Half-Human Protagonists: Sanae and Youmu, leaving us with 2.0

I'm surprised they're having Nue show up again. I expected her to be out until they covered UFO, but I guess there's not too much reason for them to hide Nue's reasons for messing with everyone until then. Since they're going all-in on Nue's hatred of humans I wonder if any of that will come up about Byakuren's ex-human status? Or maybe not since Ichirin and Murasa are also both ex-humans and Nue doesn't seem to really care.

Also, it is very disappointing the game is not adapting Yukari's incredibly complex ploy to gently caress with the Lunarians and piss off Eirin. In general an SSiB adaption without any scheming from Yukari or Eirin just makes it feel like something is missing. Though the most disappointing thing about there being no complicated plans is Yuyuko not instantly seeing through all of them and then going along with Yukari's just to steal some booze.


Sep 16, 2010

There is no problem that cannot be solved through sufficient application of lasers and friendship.

Let's get Shou some more levels. 0

Also, disapointed that isn't clownpiece.png.

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