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Dec 31, 2011

Just yell at her like you always do. Bitch, get out of the way!

SyntheticPolygon posted:

Also, it is very disappointing the game is not adapting Yukari's incredibly complex ploy to gently caress with the Lunarians and piss off Eirin. In general an SSiB adaption without any scheming from Yukari or Eirin just makes it feel like something is missing. Though the most disappointing thing about there being no complicated plans is Yuyuko not instantly seeing through all of them and then going along with Yukari's just to steal some booze.

Agreed, going to the moon just isn't the same without Yukari's big plan and Yuyuko's tiny plan to own everyone on the moon.

Ardeem posted:

Let's get Shou some more levels. 0

Also, disapointed that isn't clownpiece.png.

It was made before her time.


Jul 8, 2010


My favourite detail about the launch is that they read that rockets from the outside world are launched from atop a 'red line' because it takes less energy to break orbit, and so they improvise by rolling out a red carpet to launch their own rocket from.

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

Nages finished his thesis on friendship. I edited it into the last update, but here it is if you don't want to go back a page:

Nages posted:

All of the characters have friendships with other characters, and a certain amount of those friendships are influenced by either story events or personal skills that the characters can equip.

Friendship levels give 5% Hit/Evade for the first three levels, and then every level after that gives 3% Hit/Evade as well as x0.03 extra damage dealt and x0.03 less damage received. You can see a list of these friendships here (spoilers on characters we will get in the future): As BlitzBlast said, this site is formatted very strangely as it lists a character, then has arrows pointing to this character, and then has other characters and a listed friendship level. What this actually means though is the character on the left gives those level of friendship to the characters on the right. Also sometimes it is just completely wrong but it is right most of the time.

There are 5 groups of friendship personal skills in the game, Flan/Remi, Cirno/Dai, the Aki Sisters, the Prismrivers, and the Three Fairies of Light. Besides Flan/Remi, the skills work as such: one person equipping the skill increases the level of friendship between the units by the level of the skill. For example Dai equipping her level 3 Best Friend PS raises the friendship buff Cirno and Dai give to each other from level 3 to level 6. If multiple characters in the group equip the skill, then the effect is added together. But note that the effect is only between two characters, even if three people equip the skill.

For example, say Merlin and Lyrica equip their friendship skills and Lunasa doesn't. Merlin and Lyrica's friendship would be 2 (base) + 3 (Merlin's PS) + 3 (Lyrica's PS) = 8, while Merlin and Lunasa's friendship level would only be 2 (Base) + 3 (Merlin's PS) = 5. The point being here that Lyrica's PS does not boost Merlin's friendship with Lunasa.

The two exceptions to this are Remi/Flan and Luna Child. Flan has a skill that increases friendship by 3, but Remilia doesn't have a corresponding PS. So Flan's Together with Remi only affects herself, meaning Flan gets a level 6 friendship from Remilia but Remilia still only gets a level 3 friendship from Flan. Meanwhile Luna, from what I can only assume is a typo (Lunasa and Luna are written almost identically in Japanese), gets a bonus from Merlin and Lyrica when they have their friendship skills equipped. This also works in reverse where Merlin and Lyrica get an extra bonus if they have their skills equipped when next to Luna Child.

This makes Luna Child the most friend-having person in the game. If Sunny, Luna, Star, Merlin and Lyrica all equip their friendship skills then surround Luna (who should have one of her many L1 friends in her back row), Luna will get 2 (base with Sunny) + 8 (bonus from Sunny and Luna's skills, which are +4 each) + 2 (base with Star) + 8 (bonus from Star and Luna's skills) + 1 (base with Merlin) + 3 (bonus from Merlin's PS) + 1 (base with Lyrica) + 3 (bonus from Lyrica's PS) + 1 (from whoever is backing up Luna) = 29. That's +93% Hit/Evade, x1.78 damage dealt, and x0.22 damage received. This all would almost be worth the effort if it was on a character other than Luna Child.

A final note is that I assume that combining units only give the lead unit's (Lunasa or Sunny) friendship to other units. So putting Cirno next to the Three Fairies wouldn't give Cirno three separate L1s.

Dec 31, 2011

Just yell at her like you always do. Bitch, get out of the way!

I broke the video game again:


Nages fucked around with this message at 23:11 on Oct 7, 2015

Jan 26, 2007

If I die before I Wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.

Nages posted:

I broke the video game again:

Is this the part where I vote for the Reimu + Reimu team?

Sep 16, 2010

There is no problem that cannot be solved through sufficient application of lasers and friendship.

Are they all sharing the same power and EN again?

Dec 31, 2011

Just yell at her like you always do. Bitch, get out of the way!

They are were always independent units from each other, I haven't beat a stage with all of them to see if they stick around.

E: yeah they stick around and they all keep jump to match reimu's level/skills/etc.

KnoxZone posted:

Is this the part where I vote for the Reimu + Reimu team?

no keep voting for ghosts tia

Nages fucked around with this message at 00:04 on Oct 8, 2015

Sep 30, 2014

How does friendship interact with having multiples of the same character?

Dec 31, 2011

Just yell at her like you always do. Bitch, get out of the way!

I tried it in the unpatched version of the game and

Irisize posted:

How does friendship interact with having multiples of the same character?

Multiple copies of a character give their friendship levels normally, which is possible without bugs using Alice's dolls (which she is friends with(what a loser))

Sep 5, 2013

Not the strongest, but the cutest.

NVM: It was a dumb question. Keep doing a fantastic job with the LP.

GodofDiscord fucked around with this message at 19:09 on Oct 10, 2015

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

There's a metric shitload of bonus conversations this update, but now that college has started I legitimately do not have the time to blow an entire weekend on translating. Clarste and Hokuto already have the important stuff done though, so I'm just going to post it as is then come back and edit the boss convos in.



Palanquin Ship - Bridge
Music: Border of Regular and Irregular Days

Full Text


Let's make this trip quick. I need to get back to Gensokyo before I get fired.


Palanquin Ship - Dining Room
Music: Secret Mission!

Full Text


Don't mess with the Watatsukis.


Lunar Capital
Music: Bizarre Smile

Full Text


We're not going to Earth to arrest anybody. Now stop asking.

I can't wait for Lady Yagokoro to come back and help us deal with all of thi-

Something's approaching the moon!


Palanquin Ship - Bridge
Music: Ark of the Spring Sky

Full Text




The chapter starts with a shot of the Earth,

then pans down to the ship, which is slowly floating ashore.


Fantasy Maidens ON THE MOON

Music: Harmful Mystery

Marisa posted:

...The sea, huh?

Yup, the sea...

While a chunk of the crew is staying near the ship, a couple of others are playing in the water.

Hey! Reimu! Marisa!

Stop being so melancholy and let's go swimming together!

Good grief, they sure started having fun quickly. We just had such a spectacular crash landing, too.

Well, the ship's still intact so a little frolicking should be fine.

...Maybe the Lunar Veil stopped working because we crossed the moon's barrier? Anyway, I'm just glad nothing broke from the impact.

Is everyone going swimming then? I thought something like this might happen, so I brought some swimsuits.

You all can do that. I'll be here reading a book.

Clothes like these show far too much skin. I could never wear this in public.

Oh come on~! This is your chance to show your appeal. Why you gotta be so cold?

What about you, Nitori? There are some cute ones too.

Hmmm, but my clothes are already amphibious.

Others are still on the sand.

What's up with them? I'm good at swimming so I'm so really looking forward to this.

I'm no good with seawater, so I think I'll be playing in the sand instead.

Hey, look at this. Doesn't this rock look kinda like the moon?

You're right. Doesn't it seem prettier than the other rocks?

Hee hee. Catch me, Remi!

Hold up, Flan! It'd be bad if you tripped and fell in the water.

Sakuya posted:

Looks like the mistresses are getting along well.

And still others apparently decided to get as far away from the tide as they could.

You're right. To think it's only been a short while since they started going outside.

I never knew there were so many peach trees near the lunar shore. Though, a peach orchard right on the coast? The seasons and climate here must be absurd.

Maybe they're trying to pretend like this is heaven.

...Is it really okay for us to be so relaxed about all this? You'd think there would at least be some soldiers to guard against intruders...

There are, but incidents pretty much never happen up here. They're probably slacking off.

For now, should we just wait for the Watatsukis to catch wind of this and show up? I could deliver Lady Yagokoro's letter like that.

Rabbits suddenly spawn in all over.


Th-They're here! There really were intruders!

Is that a wooden ship? Did they fly that here?

Those are rabbits from the defense force. Looks like they're noticed you already.

But more importantly, Lady Watatsuki isn't with them.

In that case, we should probably keep an eye out while we talk.

Everyone return to the ship. We'll gather together, just in case.

Star posted:

Aw... We were finally getting to play in the water.

Not much we can do about it, some watch-guard showed up.

So are those rabbits over there the moon's soldiers?

Right, Reisen confirmed it so- Wait, where'd she go? And when?

She's hiding under the cushions. Guess she REALLY doesn't want to be found.

Well, it's her old home so it would be a hassle to run into an old acquaintance.

Hey, you rabbits. We're visitors from the Earth.

Bwuh?! From the Earth?!

That's right. We'd like to speak with your leaders, the Watatsuki sisters. So if you don't mind, could you go call for them?

...Wh-What do we do?! They know about the Watatsukis...?

Don't ask me! Someone went to go get them, right?

But for now, if we don't fight them we're gonna get yelled at later.

Yeah, I mean, that's our job...

...Guess we're not gonna be having a proper conversation with them.

They seem to be preparing to fight. Their knees are shaking, though.

Well I'm feeling a bit stiff too, so how about we finally get some exercise?


Victory: Defeat all enemies.
Defeat: The Palanquin Ship is defeated.
Bonus: Clear the chapter within 5 turns .

I feel like this chapter was originally supposed to be the first of a two-parter, but Sanbondo chickened out. Now it just exists to piss you off.

Meet Assholes 1 and 2. Moon Rabbits are bar none the most annoying grunt type in the game, with decent stats, Support Attack/Defense, Parry, harsh danmaku fields (buffs to their hit rates and debuffs to your movement), and frustratingly good attacks.

They're admittedly not that bad on Normal (nothing is, really), but on Hard/Lunatic they are the absolute bane of my existence.

...The swimsuit Koakuma gave me was actually kind of cute.


You think so too, Shanghai? I'll make one for you then.

With only five turns to win, I don't have the time to train up my unused characters like Cirno. Magic Team zooms to the southern front,

If Sokotsutsu-no-O-no-Mikoto knew we were going to crash, he could have at least have told us.

Oh well, what's happened's happened. Guess I'll do some sightseeing.

Reimu lands (you'll see why later) and takes the western front,

and the Buddhists go northeast.

So these are Reisen's former companions.

It's unlikely, but if they find her they might arrest her. I hope that doesn't happen...

Everyone else just goes wherever they want.

It was really hard, but I managed to wake myself up really early.

But it's already noon on the moon? I don't get it...

Sadly, Sunny is actually more durable than Flandre. So she's in front.

Sunny and Flan have a unique team name, by the way: Sunny Milk's Scarlet Mist Incident.

Aaaaargh why are these jerks so accurate?!

It looks like the Palanquin Ship is fine.

The output is normal, and the spiritual cannons are in good shape. It's pretty sturdy, isn't it?

We should be able to get back, but just in case we shouldn't do anything reckless.

And now we're invaders, the worst kind of guest.

I'd like to be optimistic, but something tells me I should be careful.

I can't eat peaches very often on Earth, so it's nice to see so many.

I want to bring some back with me, but they'd probably go bad on the way home...

...I can see the Earth from here. This would be excellent material for a song.

I'll turn what I'm feeling and thinking right now into music...

Flandre isn't at 110 yet, so she basically can't attack. Probably shouldn't have moved her into close quarters!

Good thing I have Alice.

After pondering for a bit, I decided to have Sanae drop a Miracle. This chapter doesn't last long enough for her to reach a reasonable amount of Faith.

We must be the first humans to stand on the moon unprotected!

...Well, I guess that's not that special in Gensokyo.

The dolls are mercilessly taken down next enemy phase, but better them than Flan.

On the next turn I remember to cast Drive. Enough rabbits are dead by now that Flandre actually hit 110 naturally too,

Music: Unbalanced Unknown

which means I'm all clear to spam Four of a Kind.

The stars look a loooot prettier here than on Earth.

Still, I guess it's the fate of all stars to be outshone by the sun...

Oh come on Lyrica, people use you instead of Merlin sometimes.

...With an emphasis on sometimes.

I had the Prismrivers split up to finish off some rabbits.

Lunar Rabbit posted:

Prepare yourselves, we're the coastal rabbits!

Some more rabbits spawn in the northwest and southeast corners on turn 4. In a big old gently caress you, the northwest ones are underwater. You weren't psychic and didn't account for water terrain? Well screw you, restart!

Watch out everyone, there are more of them over there!

What's with this coastal rabbit thing, though?

We've gathered the most motivated rabbits from those that guard the coast.

The incident isn't happening in the Lunar Capital. It's happening on the beach!

They're just stating the obvious, but they're so cool doing it!

Should we lock down the bridge for now?

But even if it's unavoidable, things will never be settled like this. You're a moon rabbit too, so can you go call for the Watatsuki sisters?

But, well, it's kinda hard to show myself after deserting... Once the Watatsukis get here, I'll go out and talk to them!

Good grief, I suppose that's that then.

I put the Pyonta on Reimu though, so she can effortlessly waltz over these punks.

Meanwhile Sanae has to use a finisher to even get half the damage Reimu did.

...Well okay, Summon Take-Minakata has a C in Water so it's a bad example (Youmu can do 5.5k with Infinite Kalpas), but still.

Oh good, Counter started triggering. I don't know why I never thought about it before this LP, but Alice's high Skill stat and Magic Team's absurd damage output makes Pattern-Type incredible on them. The one problem is that Alice only has four open skill slots, so I had to give up Ammo Save to put it on.

Good thing FMW4 adds another skill slot!

Aaaaagh, and here I thought we were all finally going to go swimming~.

We're going on vacation after this, so I gotta be happy!

It was really hard getting here, so I want a souvenir.

It'd be cool if there were frogs, but this water doesn't have any fish in it.

Which is funny because the underwater battle landscape has fish in it.

Even though the whole universe is right over there, for some reason I'm still calm.

Knew it. No matter what it is, you just gotta take it a step at a time.

The remaining rabbits are summarily disposed of.

Ugh, these girls are strong~. I give up.

We tried our best, so this counts as doing our job, right?!

It looks like that's settled then. They seemed pretty weak for a military, though.

Reisen's just special. Most normal rabbits are pretty much like that.

But the infamous Watatsukis still haven't showed up. I think someone went to summon them, so I hope they get here sooner rather than later...

It'd be better if we could go look for them ourselves, but that's not happening.

If we move carelessly, the commotion about the intruders will only spread.

It's a bit late to mention this, but when the Watatsukis show up, watch your mouths. There's no one on the moon who's a match for those two.

Hmm, you're hyping them up so much that I'm getting more and more curious about them.

Well, the older sister Toyohime is blessed with natural good fortune and carries the latest Lunar weaponry. And the younger sister Yorihime was born with the ultimate power.

Born with power...?

Right, so no matter how much you-


Wh-What's wrong, Reisen?!

...A familiar wavelength is approaching. There's no doubt!

I can feel something coming over here. Do you think it's...

I feel it too. This aura belongs to no ordinary person.

This overwhelming pressure, like a sharpened blade...!

...It's just as the reports said.

I was dumb and missed the shot, so just imagine that portrait is shadowed.


Even more rabbits?! And someone like a leader, standing right in the middle...

...L-Lady Yorihime...!

Yorihime posted:

I never imagined the lunar barrier would be penetrated so easily.

But now that I, Yorihime Watatsuki, am here, this little charade is at its end.


47 Lunatic is just kind of awful since you've got a really tight margin of error for the bonus. I usually just ignore it.

BlitzBlast fucked around with this message at 10:38 on Dec 11, 2015

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn


Watatsuki's Spell Card

Who's up for a double update?

Yorihime posted:

According to the reports, there are intruders from Earth.

But how did they manage to pierce the lunar barrier...?

Looks like they came here on that weird ship over there.

If they can do something like that though, then these are no ordinary Earthlings.

...True, I can feel traces of divine power.

Even if she were hiding, I'd be able to tell. That's Lady Yorihime's wavelength. No matter what happens, we have to avoid a fight with her!

By Yorihime, you mean she's the of the leaders of the lunar emissaries?

Yes. She must have come here after hearing the reports.

So, what purpose could you people have for coming to the moon?

If you tell us why you're here, and surrender to the moon rabbits with your hands in the air, you won't be handled roughly.

Lady Yorihime! Please listen to what I have to say first!

Rabbit runs out. She doesn't actually have a unique sprite.

...! That moon rabbit...

You! You're that deserter everyone's talking about!

What's going on?! Why is she with the Earthlings...?

...Don't tell me you fled the moon only to immediately cozy up with the Earthlings? Not only that, you led them all the way to the moon. Is this treason?

N-No, wait! It's true that I deserted, but I have no intention of going against the moon. I just thought I wanted to go home, so I'm returning like this.

Do you really think we'd believe such a convenient story?

About that, Lady Yagokoro entrusted me with a letter!


She told me to give it to one of the Watatsukis in person. She said that once you read it, you'd understand.

Lady... Yagokoro? Is that true?

Yagokoro? You mean that famous criminal? You've joined up with her...?



...If this is just some excuse to convince me to overlook your trespass, then retract your words immediately. I won't forgive you for carelessly invoking her name.

I-It's true! She put a special seal on it so you'd know it's from her- Wait, huh?

What's wrong? Give her the letter already!

...Um, this is strange. It was supposed to be... It's gone. The letter I put in my pocket is gone!


I-I-It's GONE?!

You're joking, right?! Without that letter, we're nothing but trespassers...


...It's all clear now. So that was merely an poorly constructed ruse.


This is the last time I'll say this. Retract your previous words immediately and apologize. If you do so, I'll listen to what you have to say without any unncessary bloodshed.

Th-This can't be happening! It must be around there somewhere...!


Rabbit posted:

How could this happen?!

Some other lunar rabbits grab Rabbit, take her to the back, and tie her up.

Please wait, we're not lying! If you'd just give us a bit more time to find the lett-

Silence! I will not play along with this farce any further. If you continue evading my question, I'll have you arrested. By force, if necessary.

Tch, I'd hoped we could avoid conflict with the Lunarians.

Well, if they're up for it, can't we just return in kind?

Anyway, let's get out there!

Because I hate myself, I'm using the same team you guys voted for 47. 48 gives a bit more Cost, though, so I asked the IRC and got Chen/Star and FA Nitori to fill in the gaps. I had 2.0 left over even after that though, so I put the Oshira-sama on Reimu.

Lady Yorihime, it looks like they're spoiling for a fight!

...I see, so they plan to resist.

Everyone, save me!

Wait right there, Rabbit! We're on our wa-

Can you really afford the luxury to worry about others? You're all on the verge of being defeated and dragged back to the Lunar Capital.

What are you talking about? It'll be a piece of cake with only that many of you!

...No, we shouldn't expect this to go that easily.

We're up against a leader of the Lunar emissaries. I can tell she's no ordinary opponent!

If you can gauge the strength of your enemy, then you must be quite experienced. I believe this is your last chance to surrender quietly?

And here's where things get interesting.

Let's see...


1. Looks like we gotta fight.
2. You're going down!

True to the source material, Yorihime is effectively the bonus boss of this game. But since the player already has so many limitations coming into SSiB as is, Sanbondo threw in a difficulty slider of sorts. Depending on how I answer this conversation, Yorihime's stats will fluctuate wildly.

If I pick option 1, I'll fight the easiest version of Yorihime. If I pick option 2, three more options will appear and I can choose to fight Yorihime at either base 130 Power, 150, or full on 170.

I normally fight her at 130 Power (let's call her Yorihime Alpha because I love MegaMan Battle Network), but since I spent eight hours fighting Yorihime Omega on Lunatic and am absolutely done with this chapter have a voter-picked team, I'm going to wimp out.

I wasn't planning on making a fuss, but I guess we've got no choice now. It's like that theory where the more you tell someone to come in quietly, the more they wanna run.

We're coming at you with full force!

No matter which option I choose, the team will start at 120 Power.

...?! Their power increased?

Very well then. In that case, I'll simply cut you in two along with that spirit of yours.

Trespassers on lunar soil, atone with your flesh!


Victory: Defeat Yorihime.
Defeat: The Palanquin Ship is defeated.
Bonus: Capture at least two of Yorihime's spells.

The +20 to initial Power makes the lunar rabbits much more manageable this time.

I'll have Reimu, Sanae, Marisa, and Alice clear out the grunts while everybody else forms up. Merlin will also be spamming her MAP like crazy to get Flandre to 170 ASAP.

Music: Let's Make a Flower of Despair Bloom
Look, I was getting bored of Dancing Doll

Alice can match the range of any of the moon rabbits' attacks, so as long as her MP holds up Magic Team can wreak havoc.

W-We're done for. I can't believe we're fighting Yorihime... She's gonna capture us, and we'll all face some horrible punishment!

Way to just hide back and spout doom and gloom...

I can understand some pessimism, but can't you do something to help? If you know her, maybe you could go out and persuade her or something...

No way, going out there would just get me captured.

And how's that different from getting captured along with the ship?

No matter what you tell me, it's just not happening! I can't do it!

...Yeesh, I guess we'll just have to fight without you.

By the way, if for some reason I sent someone all the way to where Rabbit is tied up, I actually do get a bonus conversation:


Everyone! You came for me?!

Yeah. These ropes are pretty tight, better hope they don't leave a mark.

They're really thin though, so it should be easy to- Huh?

What's wrong? Hurry up and cut them!

I can't, they're not budging! What ARE these...?

It's useless to try to cut them. Those are femtofiber ropes I borrowed from my sister.

Um, what's a femto?

To put it simply, an instant. A period of time so short that no living being is aware of it. Time is made up of the accumulation of countless such instants.

What does this have to do with the rope...?

But because we aren't aware of these instants, the smallest units of time, we perceive time as continuous. But... um...

Hm? Is something wrong?

What is this? The leader of the emissaries can't even remember the explanation?!

I-It can't be helped. I'm only repeating what my sister told me!

Anyway, don't get any strange ideas about cutting the rope and freeing the rabbit. Soon enough, you'll all be bound by these ropes!

So here's the first thing you'll notice about Yorihime:

she has two turns.

Even at her absolute weakest, Yorihime doesn't gently caress around. She's packing Shrine Maiden 9 (+40% Hit/Evade), Supreme (a further +20%), Break Power Limit, Blocking L3, Predict L2, and Double Move. She's also holding the L-Shooter, which buffs her hit rates by 30% and her critical rate by 10%. So she's getting a constant +90% to her accuracy,

and her attacks are already super accurate as is! Yorihime is almost never going to miss unless you're named Reimu.

Her initial field debuffs Move by 2, which makes it so some of my characters can't even move. But that's okay, she can just come to me.

Gotta grab this Bomb first though.

Lunarians must hate cats because everyone has been beelining for Chen.

Now, why don't you show me your useless struggles, Earthlings.

Those rabbits from earlier were so weak in the knees, but she's so confident.

Could you not lump me in with the rabbits? They don't even have battle experience.

The duty of defending the moon has been entrusted to the Watatsuki house for generations.

I see, so you're the guardian of the moon. Then if we beat you, we can just stick our flag here and head home.

Forget the flag, we can't let our guard down around her.

If you're prepared, then I'll face you just like you wanted. I will not bring shame to the beautiful Watatsuki name.

Music: Lunatic Guardian

I can't believe this wasn't an arrange of Moon Knights. I'm disappointed, cobu.

Compared to her higher forms, regular Yorihime is a downright joke. I mean I can actually get a non-zero hit rate without casting spirits!

Shrine maiden of Earth... We may possess the same ability, but there's a distinct difference between you and I.

Yeah, yeah, you trained more. I get it already, you don't have to kee-

That's not all. I had a mentor who discovered and sharpened my talent.


She accepted my abilities and kindly provided guidance. It's because of her that I'm who I am today.

Someone like you, who roughly refines her potential alone, will never be able to to match me.

Hmph. I've been entrusted with the duties of a shrine maiden, so if it's training you're talking about then I've done some too. As a shrine maiden of Earth, there's no way I'll lose to you!

Very well then, I'll show you the decisive difference between us!

Reimu in particular will have no trouble hitting her. The same can not be said for her chances of dodging, though.

The remaining rabbits will be slooooowly inching towards me.

...The leader of the emissaries is quite impressive. This battle has a completely different feel than all the ones before it.

So even as we confront each other, you're still trying to plan your way out of this situation. I wonder if you'll truly be able to escape with an attitude like that?

I can't afford to act thoughtlessly. Danmaku is all about brains. Allow me to show you that.

Is that so? Then I'll be expecting something amusing.

This is amazing catharsis after my Lunatic run.

A devil of Earth, hm? If you intend to harm the moon, then I'll have to quiet you down.

I don't care about harm or whatever. I just came here to play with Remi.

"Play", you say?

Remi brought me so far outside, we even left the Earth. I never thought we'd be able to travel together like this.

So that's the line of thought that led you to set foot on the moon... Devils certainly are devilish. I shall incinerate you with the power of the gods!

Hee hee, I'm fine with playing with you too!

Sadly Flandre isn't quite ready to go yet, so I have to delay finishing off the first lifebar immediately.

I can tell just by looking at your stance. You're incredible...!

Going by the standards of general society, my skill is that of a master's. Furthermore, I possess the ability to channel the power of the Myriad Gods. How do you intend to oppose me?

...If I falter for even an instant, I'll be cut down... In that case, I'll throw away my hesitation and focus only on cutting YOU down!

Very well then, go all-out.

Delay it till next turn that is.

Alright, we hit her!

Looks like our attacks can even hit the leader of the emissaries!

Not only did you come to the moon, but it seems you also possess a fair bit of power.

Of course, seeing that you took a ship like that through space, I could tell that you were no ordinary people.

Yeah, well, this time we got a little help from the power of the gods.

...Is that so? I see, so that's why I felt their presence earlier. With the power of the Sumiyoshi Sanjin, you could certainly cross the sea of stars.

...! She knows about Sumiyoshi Sanjin?!

She recognized the presence of a god too. Could she be...!

Indeed. If you're a shrine maiden of the Earth, then I'm a shrine maiden of the Moon. I am capable of channeling the Myriad Gods into my body and using them freely.


She might just be way more skilled than us!

Shouldn't she only be about as strong as Reimu? If there are a bunch of gods, I'll just roast 'em all with my fire sword.

If that's the level you're imagining, then allow me to show you my divine invocation. Let's see, if you're using a sword of flame, then...

Watch out, Flan! That's no ordinary flame!

You have a good eye. This is the flame of a God that swallows even hellfire! God of Fire, Hi-no-Kagutsuchi, become a blade to exorcise evil!


Divine Blade "Hi-no-Kagutsuchi"

Yorihime's first spell keeps her original movement debuff and tacks an extra +1200 damage to all of her attacks.

An incarnation of nature, hm. I won't allow this pure sea to be dirtied by things from Earth.

Pure...? Now that I think about it, there weren't any fish in there. Gensokyo doesn't have any seas, so I was really looking forward to this too...

The moon and the Earth have different standards of life and nature. You will never be able to fit in here. But right now, you should be more worried about when you'll fall.

I got a short break, but it doesn't look like I can talk my way out of this!

That doesn't mean much if she can't hit at all.

I was curious how you all got here, but now I see. You borrowed the power of the Sumiyoshi Sanjin. Still, that doesn't seem to be all...

Don't forget the Flying Silo. We couldn't have made it this far without this ship.

It's specially-made, and infused with the Buddhist power of a legendary monk.

So you mixed together Shinto and Buddhism. I can feel the presence of a Lunar Raiment too... So just by assembling those, you were able to reach the moon with even the Earth's technology.

You're awfully concerned about the Palanquin Ship.

I'm preparing for future invaders.

In any case, I see what I have to do now. There won't be any more invaders if I cut that ship in two now.

Like we'd just let you do that!

You think you've seen through this ship, but it's still got some surprises in it. Here, let me show you!

I feel both a brutal animal nature and a well-mannered temperament from you. It seems you've taken up a faith as well... What a strange youkai.

I am an avatar of Bishamonten, tasked with the duty of gathering faith. I'm pleased you were able to understand that at a glance, but unfortunately there's no choice but for us to fight.

Good grief, even your words are contradictory. I despise simple youkai like you. Let me show you what it means to make me your enemy.

With neither Meiling nor Koakuma, Flandre is crippled. She's only got enough MP for two Four of a Kinds, and she can only safely attack through Support Attacks.

Sheesh, no break for us... Fighting you looks like a huge pain. Still, with a sea of stars like that, my shooting star magic can steamroll you!

You seem to be a magician, and a user of star magic at that.

I suppose shooting stars do share some inherent traits with humans like you.

And what's that supposed to mean?

Shooting stars burn up into stardust. The lives of Earthlings are equally transient.

Being stardust sounds pretty cool to me. And you know what? I feel kinda bad for you, you've never seen the Earth's starry sky.

Excuse me?

Unlike here, the stars on Earth twinkle. That's what makes them so great. Come on, I'll show you with my danmaku!

but with Magic Team on the case, who cares?

So you've broken the shining sword... Should I praise you for that?

She's still just testing us, we can't be discouraged!

Okay everyone, let's just keep this up...


Huh? What's wrong, Reimu? Looks like something's bothering you.

I wouldn't say it's BOTHERING me, but for some reason I feel like this is a bad match up for me. And it's not just because she has the same power, there's something else...

I'm sure it's because she's the same type as you, Reimu.

What do you mean?

From the way Yorihime fights, I can sense that this comes naturally to her. It's not something you can make up for with skill or knowledge, it's something she was born with.

You're quite insightful. Yes, I was granted talent from birth. I am only where I am today because there was someone kind enough to spot that talent and nurture it.

So she's got both talent AND experience to back up her confidence...?!

Fighting a genius? That's old hat for me. If that was enough to give me cold feet, I'd never make it as a Gensokyo magician!

Very well, then I'll show you a height that your strong wills could never reach.

Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto. Descend unto me, and show us the dance that holds back calamity!


Divine Dance "Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto"

The second spell has an incredibly annoying effect: Yorihime can not be hit by Ranged attacks.

Usually I have Flandre slam through it, but she's out of MP now.

Also RIP Star.

After inching their formation forward a literal tile at a time, the rabbits hit the gas and sprint to their deaths.

Well at least that gives my B team something to do.

No matter who I'm up against, I'll never lose in a race!

A beast youkai, hm. I see you've developed quite the physical capability. But with my powers, I can move even faster than you.

...Um, is that really a good idea? Miss Ran said that when you're running with everything you've got, skirts are a bad idea...


E-Earth's sense of values must be faulty after all, if that's what a child is concerned about. I am Yorihime Watatsuki! If it would protect the moon, I wouldn't hesitate to expose my legs to the world!

You're blushing a littl-

That doesn't concern you. This conversation ends here!

Doesn't look like I have the Melee damage output to capture this spell.

Guess I'll use a bomb.

Your sound is... tough.

What did you say, spirit?

You don't waver at all, and support yourself with a strong conviction.

I already knew that, but... I must hand it to you, your sense is impressive if it was able to ascertain my faith.

I will protect the moon. You will never make it past me.

And as the leader, it only follows that you'll arrest us too.

Correct. And I always complete my missions.

Shou grabs the kill. Probably should have had Lyrica cast Cheer on her before I had the Prismrivers attack!

To think you breached even this dance. It appears you're not all talk.

We managed to capture it, but she hasn't lost her composure...

With the power of the Myriad Gods, her versatility must be limitless.

But shouldn't one of our own shrine maidens be able to counter with her own invocation?

Oh yeah! Sanae's Summon Take-Minakata!

That's right. I should be able to borrow Lady Kanako's power even on the moon!


A mountain god on Earth. She has the craaazy power to control the sky!

If I invoke the power of the wind, then even against you I can-

Interesting. Your faith in your god must be strong indeed, if you can call upon her power even on this faraway moon. But it seems I'll have to teach you that such singular devotion can be a weakness.

What's that supposed to mean?

With so many gods out there, every god is bound to have a natural foe. If you call upon Take-Minakata, then...

...! It can't be!

Sky against sky, let's have a pure contest of strength!

I summon thee, Take-Mikazuchi!


Spiritualism "Take-Mikazuchi"

Take-Mikazuchi has three effects. First off, Yorihime automatically casts Accel at the start of every turn. Second, she can move through any of my units.

And third, she shatters the accuracy cap. Everything over 100% goes straight into damage, so if Yorihime even breathes on my tanks they'll die.

You're just like that red-white, a shrine maiden of Earth. While it's more limited, I can feel that you also have the power to invoke the gods...

As the shrine maiden of the Moriya Shrine, I've received training ever since I was little.

Even being on the moon won't sever my bond with my god!

If you've trained since childhood, you must be deeply religious. You may only be a human, but I approve of you.

However, the amount of divine power you can channel is but a fraction of the myriads I have access too.

Even so, as a shrine maiden I have to try my best!

What reckless defiance. I'll have to teach you a lesson!

So as always, the answer is to use spirits.

Chances are pretty good Yorihime will go right for the Ship so uh, I hope you cast Grit.

Despite the fact I equipped Enhanced Bakeneko on her, Chen never triggered Double Image this entire chapter.

One of the annoying things about bosses with multiple turns (and there will be more) is that they'll lay down extra danmaku every turn. This both doubles the penalties and can make the game start to lag with the more elaborate patterns.

The rabbits were getting annoying, so I took a break from beating up Yorihime to finish them off.

Is that one of Earth's weapons...?

Yup! It's my proudest invention, a concentration of kappa engineering!

Oh but uh, I guess they're no match for the moon's latest equipmen-

No, if you were able to reach the moon with that ship, then I can't afford to be careless. It would be wise to assume that you don't intend to only rely on such simple technology.

Um, I think there's been a misunderstanding. We never planned on any violen-

I'll hear you out at my leisure, AFTER I've captured you!

Nitori died so drat hard.

I was all set to lose Youmu next but then she dodged an 84%.

A spirit, hm. I feel no impurity from you.

Come oooon, you're a leader! Being that stiff is no good~! With a frown like that, you'll scare all the happiness away!

A frown... Do I look happier now?

It's good that you're trying, but you've gotta relax your shoulders too!

...I've heard the same thing from my older sister. Now I'm glad that I'm your opponent. The chances are minuscule, but I'd be very troubled if my older sister were to find a kindred spirit.

Ah, don't say that. Have a peach and get some tension going.

That attitude is why I can't afford to be negligent!

A bunch of finishers later, the deed is done.

So you've shown me that you can repel even the blade of thunder that cleaves the seas.

We broke the spell, but it looks like she's still got plenty of power.

I can't believe she can fight so long while bearing the power of the gods...

What's wrong? Are you already short on breath?

Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I've never felt better. I am the Queen of the Night! I'll smash those gods of yours one by one!

That's our Remilia! She won't let some uppity lady scare her!

When the Mistress gets like that, I feel like we're invincible!

...I see you've surrounded yourself with allies, through both a devil's power and charm. But will that work in a world without night?

No, the god she just called down is-!

Gentle mother who rules the heavens, fill the moon with your overwhelming light!




The final spell is just a pain in the rear end. Not only is it a MAP, but Yorihime automatically casts Zeal so she has three turns instead of two. If you bomb the danmaku you can shut that down for a turn, but only a turn.

Anyway she also gets +40 to all stats while everyone else is stuck with a -2 Move debuff.

I want to guarantee I beat this chapter, so I have the ship run away.

Youmu goes down first.

So you're the boss of the moon... That must mean you're the moon's strongest.

Excuse me?

I heard from that rabbit that you're the toughest around.

That means that when I beat you, I'LL be the moon's strongest!

I see, so you consider yourself to be the strongest. I can appreciate that level of self-confidence.

Unfortunately, I naturally possess the ability to channel the power of the gods. How does a fairy like you intend to grasp victory?


You're still calm...? Wait, no, are you even thinking?

Anyways, I'm gonna beat you! Better get ready!

You're certainly courageous, if nothing else. Very well, I'll be your opponent.

Cirno had Grit on, but I had Shou cover her anyways because the MAP is next.

Speaking of which, in some astounding bullshit, both Reimu and Sanae get killed by this. Amaterasu is Yorihime's least accurate attack, so outside of Lunatic it's actually pretty likely the two can dodge.
then again I normally have WP invested into them so maybe I just have a biased perspective

This pretty much ruins my chances of ending this without suicide rushing.

Lunasa, Merlin, get ready!

...Is what I'd LIKE to say, but I don't really have the spirit for that in this kind of situation.

It seems you're also a younger sister.

That means you possess the skill to understand your situation and conduct yourself appropriately.

Isn't that one of the perks of being a younger sister?

Still, if you haven't polished your own power, you have no chance against me.

How well Magic Team and the Prismrivers do will make or break whether or not I can capture this spell,

and in a stunning reversal of expectations, I get insanely lucky and get a bunch of coin flip odds to land in my favor.

Th-There's way too much of a difference between a fairy like me and boss of the moon...

You should be more than aware of our difference in stature. You're quite reckless.

However, you're an intruder. I shouldn't overlook you.

J-Just so you know, I've got a special power. I'm not going down easily!

You shouldn't be negligent of my abilities either. Now, prepare yourself!

Ah whatever, let's just go!

Sunny gets Parried, but I just needed Flandre's Team attack to hit so that's fine.

You seem to be a powerless fairy. If you intend to disturb the tranquillity of the moon, the-


T-tears?! Are you trying to get me to pity you?!

It's just, at this rate something horrible is going to happen to Rabbit... And, and, everyone's going to be arrested too...

D-Don't expect pity from me. I have too many things to protect.

(What would Toyohime... No, what would Lady Yagokoro do in a situation like this?)

I had Dai attack soley because what the hell, I've already got 125 lines of boss convos to translate, what's another seven?

Okay, bring it home Prismrive-


Well I guess Nazrin is my only chance of winning now.

I REALLY didn't want to fight the most powerful person on the moon.

If you're faltering, you should take a step back and look at your situation. Wouldn't it be wiser to halt this reckless invasion?

That's all just a misunderstanding. Though in a situation like this I doubt you'd just believe me. Well, no matter how this ends, once the battle's over we'll have all the time in the world to explain.

So you're already preparing for what to do once you've been arrested. How wise. But not wise enough; let me teach you why you shouldn't try to run from the moon.

Yeah that went about as well as I expected.

Maybe if I hadn't moved the ship so far away I could have won, but then maybe Yorihime would have rushed it and I would have Game Overed. Who knows!

At least it's finally over.

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Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

...And lo, the door to the Heavenly Cave opened, and the night was held in check.

W-Well, at least we got away for now.

If we've exhausted this many, then even Yorihime should be-

Yorihime heals herself.

What? She's recovered again?!

Impossible! Is her strength limitless?!

You've done well, but you have no hope of defeating me. I think this was more than enough for you to realize our difference in power though.

...This is bad. It would be way too dangerous to get ourselves into a battle of attrition.

Captain... Let's get out of here.

Retreat..?! Even though they've still got Rabbit?

But if we get annihilated here, we lose everything.

True, we don't have much hope of winning at this point. If only there was some way to catch her off guard...

In that case, would settling this in one round suffice?

Do you have some kind of plan, Sakuya?

Yes. That Yorihime is quite a formidable enemy. We could never hope to injure her merely by fighting side by side. But if we all attack at the same time, the shower of blows should create an opening.

I get it! I bet we could do it with co-op play!

In that case, I'll finish her off first!

Yorihime posted:

Oh, so that vampire from earlier has come to challenge me?

Hee hee. Everyone's talking about going all-out on you! I'll burn you to ash before everyone else gets their chance!

How foolish. You're the one who will burn!

Watch out, Lady Flan!

Meiling rushes out of the ship shortly before Flandre attacks.

Flandre lands a weak hit on Yorihime,

and Meiling tanks the counter.


You can't just suddenly attack by yourself...

But still, this should make it easier for everyone else!

Leave this to me, I'll pay her back for laying a hand on Flan!

Who's next... Wanna give it a shot, Sunny?

Huh? What?! Where'd that come from...

Sunny posted:

Ah, whatever! I don't care what happens!

True to form, Remilia is absolutely useless and misses.

But funny thing about the power of the sun:

Sunny can block it.
In cutscene land, anyways.

Wh-What was that...?!

SUNNY blocked Yorihime's spell?!

Hold up, that's one amazing trick you've got up your sleeve!

Hah, mwahahahah! This is the power of the fairy of sunlight!

Sunny did it! Now's our chance to join in!

You mean a combination attack? In that case...!

The Three Fairies and the Prismrivers fire off their combinations.

The group attack worked. Yorihime stopped!

But it looks like she's still got some fight in her!

You came close, very close. But this is it for you.

If you humans and youkai of Earth think that grouping up will make a differen-

We're not done yet!

Yorihime posted:


Defending yourself from all those attacks has left your back wide open.

We've got more tricks up our sleeve than just charging forward, you know!

Were the two magicians waiting for this...?!

Danmaku's all about power...

...And brains!

Music: Stardust Hero

This particular instance of Malice Cannon does 10,500 damage. I guess Marisa put on Danmaku Power 3 when nobody was looking.

Nicely done! That one was a direct hit!

She doesn't look like she shrugged off that last hit there!

Wow... You're actually gaining ground against Lady Yorihime, of all people!

Gaining ground? More like stampeding ground~.

I hope now we can sit down and talk this out lik-


No, not quite yet!


Music: Girls, Surpass the Carnage



No way! Even everyone attacking together didn't work!

No, I felt that. So you came up with combining your power. But if that's as far as it goes, then I've seen all you're capable of.

Th-Then let's just try it agai-

Lunar rabbits surround the area.

No way, there are that many rabbits?!

Looks like reinforcements are here already. Was this my sister's order?

Ugh, we had enough trouble dealing with Yorihime alone. We can't handle this many at once!

...The situation has changed. We can't keep fighting!

Ichirin, hurry up and prepare to launch the ship!

It's fine, the Buddhist reactor warmed up during the battle!

We can still make it! Everyone, grab Rabbit and get back aboard!

Thank you, I'm over he-

Even more rabbits show up to guard our Rabbit.

Aah! Rabbit!

I won't hand over our valuable suspect that easily.

All troops, destroy the engine and secure the humans.

Roger, preparing sniper squa-

Mysterious Rabbit X posted:

N-Not a chance!

Reisen... blasts one of the rabbits on the side? Maybe? It's hard to tell because the camera jerks south while she fires for some reason.

Gah, they destroyed our guns?!

Sniping from that distance? They were still hiding more troops!

Nice save, Reisen!

H-Hurry up and give the order to retreat! This is our only chance!

Guess we've got no choice... I'll throw up a smokescreen, so everyone get back aboard!

Palanquin Ship, emergency takeoff!

The Palanquin Ship gets the hell out of dodge.

Gah, they got away!

What do we do, Lady Yorihime?

(...Such accurate sniping. I've seen that before...)

Lady Yorihime!

I know, we're not letting them get away.

We'll pursue them immediately. Bring the rabbit too.


The very first thing you will notice in 48 Lunatic is that all the rabbits are in a new formation.

Thanks to the initial Power boost, the main thing I need to take into consideration for my team is whether or not a character has Strike. Thankfully a decent chunk of the characters available for SSiB do, so the real question is if their levels are up to par.


1. There's no choice but to fight.
2. Let's turn the tables!

No wussing out here.


Of course we're not gonna listen to someone so arrogant.

We'll just turn the tables on you!

Come on, we're going all out!

Everybody gets pumped.

...?! Their power increased?

Ho-Hold on, how could you provoke her like that?!

Oh? I'd thought I'd intimidated you, but instead you challenge me to a fight. Depending on your attitude, I might be forced to take this seriously.



1. That's just what I wanted.
2. Even serious isn't enough!
3. You're going to kiss the dirt!!!

I'll be fighting Yorihime Omega this time.


I don't know if you're the leader of the moon or what, but you've been way too cocky here.

I'll beat you up and make you kiss the dirt!

Whoops, there she goes...

...I see, so the Earthlings are such a rude people. Not only do they misrepresent themselves using HER name, their behaviour is enough to shock the conscience...

Even the great ocean would find it hard to forgive you! Don't expect any mercy!

Ugh, this pressure?!

This spiritual power is in a whole different league! Is this Yorihime's true strength?!

I will never forgive you, even if you beg for it. I will crush you.

Trespassers on lunar soil, atone with your flesh!

Music: Moon Knights

I start off by imitating the enemy and grouping up. I can just let the moon rabbits come to me for this first part.

Hitting them can be frustrating thanks to their small size and my need to conserve SP, but Mystia's here to help with that.

And Merlin is busy getting Flandre prepped.

The enemies down there won't budge at all if I don't move near them. I'm fine with leaving that big Support Defend block as is, but I still need to grab Yorihime's attention.

The bulk of my player phase offense revolves around Reimu, Sanae, and Sakuya, since even with the rabbits stacking accuracy buffs they can still attack without fear of getting hit.

Meanwhile enemy phase sees my other units chip in under the cover of my numerous Support Defenders.

Well okay this is a terrible image to illustrate that since it's not like I'm having Dai tank things, but still.

Once the rabbits are down, I take the time to buff everyone to 170 Power,

then edge southwards. I need to kite Yorihime northwards without getting bogged down by the rabbit Support Defense Squad's endless 3-8 range attacks.

Their ridiculous debuffs make it so most of my characters can't move, so this is fairly annoying!

In the end I decide to just have Reimu move forward as far as possible,

while Magic Team grabs this bomb. Alice doesn't have Strike, so all she'll be good for against Yorihime is spamming Triumph. It's fine to cast a Fury or two right now.

There we go. I just need to survive an enemy phase now, and then I can drop the bomb I just got to get the hell out of this danmaku mess.

I wasn't sure how far Yorihime would chase me, so I didn't have the ship go as far north as it could've. This made setting up my boss killing formation take longer than it should have, because everyone ended up still being in range of the moon rabbits.

Shou bravely sacrificed herself so everybody else could get off the ship.

Here's Lunatic Yorihime Omega. Huh, never noticed she has a S in Water before.

Yorihime's only weakness is that she doesn't have Fury, so I can redirect all of her non-MAP attacks. Meiling is my only character who can actually tank her attacks, though.

Her -2 Move field becomes a -3 on Lunatic. Why isn't Aya here?!

Finally, 21 turns in, I'm ready to start the battle.

The bulk of my offense is going to be Flandre Support Attacking.

Yorihime has an impressive spirit list (Focus, Sense, Guard, Drive, Valor, Zeal), but she burns through SP like crazy thanks to Double Move. By this point she's stuck with Focus, which means Sakuya can save scum through everything.

Speaking of player characters, Sanae doesn't have Strike. I've got nine levels of SP Up and the Mystic Memory on her though, so she can cast Miracle twice. My plan was to use the bonuses from 100% Faith and Max God to get her high enough rates I could conceivably save scum a hit, but she ended up being useless anyways.

Also drat it Reisen, get off the ship! Do you have any idea how annoying it is save scumming until Youmu gets a crit?

EX Keine takes down the first lifebar. Speaking of her, none of you voted her in so I didn't mention it on the Normal run, but upon reaching the moon Keine will be able to transform for the rest of the game. I guess she stored up on lunar energy?

On Lunatic, Hi-no-Kagutsuchi buffs Yorihime's damage by a solid 2000. This makes Support Defending a lot tougher.

But I have Dai drawing her attacks like a magnet, and Murasa has enough Grits to last the spell.

Here's a fully upgraded Max God Sanae compared to an also fully upgraded, WP level 9 Reimu. They're both getting an extra +20 to Mobility (Sanae from the FUB, Reimu from the Yin-Yang Orb), so Max God really levels the scales.

Youmu captures the spell. This was her last Strike, so she's useless now.

Since most of my attackers are ranged, I don't have the damage output to capture Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto. So I time it out.

Fun Fact: Among other things, Max God turns Summon Take-Minakata into a ranged attack.

Take-Mikazuchi gets Daunt spammed.

I had to save scum a ton to get Yorihime to not move out of my formation, and ended up losing EX Keine and Mystia. But they were out of SP so no big deal.

It cost the rest of Marisa's SP, but I managed to capture the spell, earning me the bonus.

And now this god drat thing. I have a bomb so I could theoretically capture it if I timed out Take-Mikazuchi to conserve MP/SP,

but that would require my army to survive this.

So instead I just have Sanae and the ship fly away like cowards and call it a day.

Alice summoned some dolls in hopes of distracting Yorihime, and it actually worked.


That created an opening! It's now or never!


The final sequence changes slightly on Reimu's route. Instead of the Prismrivers and the Three Fairies dropping their combinations, Youmu and Shou attack after Sunny does her thing.


The group attack worked. Yorihime stopped!

But it looks like she's still got some fight left in her!

You came close, very close. But this is it for you. If you humans and youkai of Earth think that grouping up will make a differen-

We're not done yet!


While you were distracted over there, you weren't looking this way!

If we attack now, we should definitely hit!

Were the two shrine maidens of Earth waiting for this...?!

No matter how scary you are, there's two of us!

Sanae, keep up with with me!

Music: Dream Balancer

and as you probably expected, Reimu and Sanae finish things off instead of Magic Team.


Nicely done! That one was a direct hit!

That last attack looked like it hurt!

Wow... You're actually gaining ground against Lady Yorihime, of all people!

Well, it's less like we had a good plan and more like we turned it around with mob violence.

Maybe now we can settle down and talk to her properly.


No, not yet!




Unless the final chapter goes awfully, this will probably be the most resets in one chapter.


After updating to Windows 10, my computer's audio suddenly became decent. So the videos from now on should be less deafening.

Yorihime Watatsuki
All Attacks


I see you've stopped the game. Thank you for your hard work.

...Having been driven into a corner, the Palanquin Ship is forced to flee the moon.

What a desperate situation...! How will they make it through this?!

Chapter 49 of Fantasy Maiden Wars I: "G Free Shrine Maiden".

The two born with tremendous power face each other head on.


Total Cost: 36.0

Remilia (42)
Flandre (42)
Palanquin Ship [Always forced]

Marisa (45)
(Reimu is forced.)

Meiling (41)
Patchouli (40)
Sakuya (42)
Alice (45)
Youmu (44)
Keine (38)
FA Nitori (37)
Sanae (45)
(Reisen is unavailable.)

Kurumi (32)
Elly (38)
Rumia (27)
Cirno (38)
Koakuma (37)
Chen (40)
Lunasa (40)
Merlin (43)
Lyrica (41)
Wriggle (37)
Mystia (38)
Nitori (36)
Nazrin (38)
Shou (38)

Daiyousei (41)
Sunny (40)
Luna (34)
Star (36)

I'm forcing Magic Team, so you get 30.5.

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Mar 15, 2012

Disco Thunder

Bring Chen and Star again leaving 27.

Jan 26, 2007

If I die before I Wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.

Youmu and FA Nitori leaving 22.

e: Sunny blocking Yorihime's best attack never ceases to amuse me. If only she could do that in the actual chapter. It coming after Remilia whiffs her cutscene attack makes it double good.

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Sep 16, 2010

There is no problem that cannot be solved through sufficient application of lasers and friendship.

No suggestions for cute teams to use, but man do these two stages punish the player for going in without knowing what to expect.

Golden Battler
Sep 6, 2010

~Perfect and Elegant~

Sakuya and Meiling for 17.

e: also this set of stages is pretty neat. IN was a bit of a stomping grounds, what with all the extremely powerful characters you have and the enemies themselves not being all that tough. Then comes SSiB taking most of them away and tossing a super boss at you to remind you of who's boss.

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Dec 26, 2013

I can't remember any of the good teams so I'm just going to suggest Mystia solo for 15.

Dec 20, 2013

Team Almost Gods: Sanae & Shou, leaving us with 10.5.

I was wondering how they were going to justify a battle seeing as how the crew had an official letter from Eirin and everything, but having Rabbit just lose it feels like kind of a cop-out. What's the bet she just left it in her other pocket or something? Having a fight with Moon Reimu is still pretty cool though, but I am very disappointed you didn't kill her. That better change next chapter.

Also, Marisa route continues to be the far superior one because Sunny blocking Yorihime's attack was the greatest. Though the sequence at the end of the map where everyone teamed up to take her down was pretty drat sweet in both paths. It also seems more appropriate to have Marisa be the one to get the final shot this map, since from Akyuu's preview it looks like it's Reimu's time to shine next chapter.

Sep 5, 2013

Not the strongest, but the cutest.

Flandre and Elly leaving us with 5.0

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

SyntheticPolygon posted:

I was wondering how they were going to justify a battle seeing as how the crew had an official letter from Eirin and everything, but having Rabbit just lose it feels like kind of a cop-out. What's the bet she just left it in her other pocket or something?

If you think about it, Rabbit is the cause of literally everything bad in this game. She is just the biggest fuckup.


Also, Marisa route continues to be the far superior one because Sunny blocking Yorihime's attack was the greatest.

The Flandre/Meiling and Remilia/Sunny segments happen on both, only the stuff after changes.

Dec 31, 2011

Just yell at her like you always do. Bitch, get out of the way!

Merlin and Lyrica are a good team to bring if you have a third person who you don't have so welp 1.0

Apr 15, 2013

Just how many mistakes have you suffered on the way here?

An uncountable number, to be sure.

Losing to Yorihime is just so satisfying.

Dec 20, 2013

BlitzBlast posted:

If you think about it, Rabbit is the cause of literally everything bad in this game. She is just the biggest fuckup.

The Flandre/Meiling and Remilia/Sunny segments happen on both, only the stuff after changes.

Oh. Does that mean the Three Fairies immediately following that with their combo is a Marisa route exclusive? Because if so, then Marisa route is still superior.

Jul 8, 2010


Sunny tanking a hit from Amaterasu is still the highlight of the entire SSiB arc.

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Clapping Larry

Dang ol' random scrub rabbits anyhow.

Just watch, the letter will have been in her hat for safekeeping this entire time.

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

It's been a really busy two weeks, so I only just got around to finishing up the Yorihime convos. I'll try to have the update up by tomorrow too. Nope, too many bonus convos.

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Dr Pepper
Feb 4, 2012

Don't like it? well...

You have to almost admire the level of BS shoved into that fight.

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

This really should have been up last week, but alas real life beckons. Oh well, at least this puts us back on schedule after that double update.



Palanquin Ship - Bridge
Music: Dark Clouds

Full Text


They've caught up with us!

Reisen, please help us!




Oh hey, I found the missing letter.



G Free Shrine Maiden

Music: Against an Endless Number of Stars

You better click that because it's the best song in the game!

Rabbit Soldier posted:

Lady Yorihime, there's the Earthlings' ship!

It's closer than I predicted. Is that their full speed?

Cirno posted:

Uwah, they're already here!

Captain, can't we go any faster?!

Don't ask the impossible! Any more and the reactor will burn out!

Save meeee! Wait, no, run awaaaay!

Rabbit's all wrapped up in rope over there!

Why would they go through the trouble of bringing her? Are they planning to use her as a hostage?

Doesn't look like we could save her when she's so deep behind enemy lines though...

...! Even more enemy readings!

Rabbit Soldier posted:

Please excuse our lateness, Lady Yorihime!

We've received permission from Lady Toyohime to use the anti-ship neutron cannons!

! They're coming at us from over there too?!

And they brought some stupidly big guns too! They're way too into this!

What else did my sister say to you?

Right, it seems she's going to leave the pursuit of the insurgents to you, Lady Yorihime, while she suppresses the confusion in the capital. She was saying something about wanting to secure leadership before anyone else said anything...

...Just what I'd expect from my sister, she never misses a thing.

Wh-What do we do? It looks like they're preparing something over there! Even if we run, we're just not fast enough...

Guess we'll just have to deploy who we can and give 'em a fight.

If we mess this up, we're never going home... Like I'd let THAT happen!

Everyone's equipped for space combat, so try to clear an escape route while fighting.

Let's break through as soon as we find an opening!

This is a really pretty stage.

Sanae posted:

I can see the Earth from here... Will we ever get home?

I can understand your unease, but we have no choice but to fight.

Luckily, there's atmosphere here. Is this still inside the moon's barrier?

Still resisting? You people just don't know when to give up.

Obviously. What, are we supposed to just let you capture us?

And what about you? Why chase us all the way out here?

It's my duty to. As guardian of the moon, I must preserve the peace. I could never simply overlook someone who so easily broke into the moon.

Guess we're not gonna talk our way out of this. Fine, I get it.

Reimu looks fired up as usual, but is she going to be okay?

Being all gung-ho is fine and dandy, but the difference in strength is pretty obvious. Think about how to to buy time and help us get away, Reimu!


Victory: Survive until the player phase of the 8th turn.
Defeat: Reimu or the Palanquin Ship are defeated.
Bonus: Have all allied units be across or on the white line by clear time.

The intended way to play this chapter is to sprint to the bonus line as fast as possible. Numerous reinforcements will spawn in to stop you, and the entire time Yorihime will be charging ahead to try and sandwich the player army. It's all very frantic and fun, and I'm not going to do any of it.

See, the bonus isn't asking me to bring my entire army to the goal. It just wants the living ones. As long as I get Reimu and the Palanquin Ship east, I can suicide everyone for Points and PP.

Lunar Rabbit posted:

Um, we brought them out, but how we were supposed to use these again?

The manual says that these things are so powerful, you can pretty much just point them in the general direction of whatever you wanna hit.

It looks like they're planning to use those huge cannons!

Watch out, if it's a weapon from the moon then I'm sure it's-

Here we go, fire!

Wha- Whaaaaaaaat?!

What destructive force! Are they planning to turn us to ash?!

You can't fire that in quick succession, so be careful not to waste any shots.

O-Oh, right. The next volley will be charged in 2 more minutes.

...Did you hear that, everyone? Those weapons can only fire once every 3 minutes, so keep an eye on their line of fire.

It's too dangerous to move up to them, so please don't fight recklessly. Just focus on buying us time to escape!

Yorihime still has two turns, so she can catch up pretty fast.

We managed to make it this far, but...

...Do you think we can really shake them off and make it back to Earth? Lady Kanako, Lady Suwako. Please give us streng-

We couldn't find another way to settle this, so don't think about anything but moving. If we stop for even an instant, our fate will be sealed...!

Oh yeah, if we get arrested and never get back then Reimu's shrine will...

...We're going back to Earth. No, we're DEFINITELY going back!

This chapter is the first you'll see group convos. Instead of every character having their own soliloquy, they share a single conversation with other members in their group. This makes translation much easier, so I'm glad Sanbondo does it.

It's always nice to get a double crit with Magic Team.

When I came on this trip, I never thought it'd end up like this...

Wh-What do we do?! At this rate, we're never gonna make it back!

Woah there, don't jinx us!

Don't look back, just keep facing forwards!

But, no matter where we run off too, it all seems kind of hopeless...

Even so, we have to keep moving. We can't be left behind.

Let's go, it's just a little bit further!

I figured rabbits didn't hit hard enough for Merlin to bother defending, and I was right.

...Good grief, what a harsh journey.

It's not over yet. Not until we're safely back home.

B-But can we really make it back?! There are forces from the moon chasing us-

If push comes to shove, I'll hold them back. Use that time to keep going!

The funny thing is that this totally works. You don't even lose out on the bonus if Meiling gets killed.

Meiling, you can't!

Don't be an idiot. If you do that, we won't truly be able to return.

We WILL make it out of this, and enjoy a triumphant return. Don't bother yourselves with needless thoughts, just keep going!

If you SRW fans were curious, no this chapter does not take place on Space terrain. It's all still Sky.

The ship still has a Tengu Feather on it, so it made it to within spitting distance of the goal by the second turn. Enemy reinforcements are imminent, though, so Reimu pops out and prepares to stand guard.

Meanwhile everyone else Focuses and prepares for round two with Yorihime.

Eeek, I don't think we're gonna make it!

...If we get arrested, everyone back on Earth will be sure to get worried. Mokou, Akyu, and all of the people in the Human Village...

H-Hey! Keine, YOU of all people shouldn't get depressed like that!

Y-Yes, you're right! As the guardian, I must act appropriately!

We must keep going, even in this bottomless darkness!

One of the annoying things about FA Nitori is that her Team Attack can't be used until she hits 105 Power. Obviously this isn't a problem if you get her 50 kills but... Well, that would require using Nitori at all.

I never realized how deep the darkness of space was until we came out here.

You must be tired. We've been fighting nonstop ever since we got here.

...Can we really get back to Earth?

No complaining. We gotta get over there somehow and escap-

Luna Child posted:

What? There are enemies in front too!

Just when I thought we'd pulled ahead of them...

This is our backyard, Earthlings. You won't get away that easily.

We would've caught you earlier too, if it weren't for that sniper support.

Huh? Wait, could that have been...?

(...True, without that interference we would have seized their ship then and there.)

(I've seen those bullet trails before, but it couldn't have been her. She was too much of a coward to ever rebel against the moon.)

Awawah, she caught up to us!

You thought you could run at this point? You're looking down on me.

This isn't the Pure Land of the moon. I can wield my power freely!

There's different dialogue if you defeated Yorihime last chapter.


So you plan to fight me to the very end.

We got pretty close last time, so now we're going to finish the job.

You've got some nerve, but this isn't the Pure Land of the moon. Here, I can wield my full might, holding nothing back!
Presumably Yorihime didn't want to stain the moon by killing something on it.

Alice has more Skill than even the super boss.

Yorihime isn't any stronger than last chapter. Actually, I think the game always just uses the weakest version.

It feels like we're about to get caught~.

Well that just means we have to go even faster!

C-Cirno, are we going to-

I-It's gonna be okay. We're not going down in a place like this!

But what are we going to do? I don't think we can rescue Rabbit anymore...

If we get caught, it's over. Let's just focus on running right now!

Chen: literally lightning fast.

Can we break through their net and make it back to Earth...?

Nazrin, you musn't give up hope!

I know that, but you have to admit these circumstances aren't good. There's the remaining distance to Earth and the huge difference in powe-

This is our only option, so there's no choice. We're all going to make it back!

Don't look back and go full speed ahead!

The ship can take more than a few hits from the rabbits.

And of course Reimu just dodges everything.

This is the last MAP Merlin had in her. All she's good for now is casting Bless.

I have everyone clean up the rabbits before focusing on Yorihime.

Oh hey, Chen finally triggered Double Image. Too bad she was Focused.

*sniffle* I was trying my best too...

I figured Star was next, but she barely managed to hold on.

And the rabbit that I thought was going to finish her off went for Mystia instead, too.

A MAP gets launched,

but the only person in range is Reimu.

Who true to form is cleaning up house on her end. Unlike the ship, which missed an 89% that would have gotten me a Bomb.

The rabbits manning the cannons give up 20,000 points on defeat, so I send Magic Team after them.

Meanwhile Mystia drops a Bomb to clear the way for Youmu to slice up Yorihime.

Nitori doesn't have Strike, so all she'll be good for is helping Youmu not die.

A few attacks and a Miracle later, and Yorihime's down to yellow.

...! More pursuers are coming from ahead!

They really want to catch and punish us, huh~?

Did you really think we'd let a gang of brigands off the hook so easily?

Brigands?! Well, I mean we basically ARE, but that's totally not fair!

Yeah! We're Eirin's friends, and-

I see you're still clinging to that lie. How dare you know-nothing Earthlings usurp her name for your schemes...

Based on what you've been saying, you must have some sort of connection to Eirin. Isn't she supposed to be a major criminal on the moon? How can you put so much faith in her?

Yeah, the rabbits are always talking badly about her...

...Lady Yagokoro would never make the wrong move, in any circumstance. My sister and I are carrying on her will, and have protected the moon to this day.

You'll regret trampling all over those feelings!


You know, I completely forgot she still had that.

Sorry, everyone. I'll be heading back first.

I might be heading back, but you girls better still do your jobs.

Reimu's cleared up enough of the eastern front that I take the chance to get her and the ship over the goal.

And on the western front, Youmu and Sakuya get Yorihime low enough that Flandre can finish her off.

So even after that earlier fight, you managed to barely beat me...

You get it now? I'm the strongest IN SPACE!

I didn't expect this much resistance. I'll acknowledge your strength. But it's still not enough!

Yorihime casts Guts.

...! Her stamina's been restored!

No way, we have to start all over again~?!

When I am away from the moon, there are no limits on my ability to invoke the gods.

Resistance is meaningless. Do you understand now?

Yorihime will respawn infinitely, which makes her a giant EXP/Points pinata if you can kill her more than once.

Also she drops the Lunar Magatama which does absolutely nothing. No seriously, the item description even says it's a trophy for beating Yorihime in chapter 49.

Anyway, now I just need to stall Yorihime for a bit then get everyone killed.

This wave of reinforcements is why I had the ship run, by the way.

Nobody died.

So Yorihime did it again.

I knew it, I'm still too inexperienced...

You better watch out, cause Remi's definitely gonna get you!

Yeah, no.

If you didn't like my song, you must be really living it up~.

Oh well, no choice then. I'll head back and have some tea.

The ship will be spamming Defend to make it through enemy phase until Reimu can deploy again.

...They're still sending reinforcements. Is there no end to their fighting forces?

What do we do?! At this rate it's only a matter of time until we get caught!

I wonder what they'll do to us if that happens. Even if they release us someday, who will manage the barrier while Reimu's gone?


...I don't want to consider this, but if we never come home they'll probably set up a new shrine maiden back on the surface.

A new one?

There was a previous Hakurei shrine maiden as well. And one before that, and before that... When the world loses their shrine maiden and needs another, they tend to get one.

B-But Lady Yukari would never give up on Reim-

That's just the sort of person she is. If I'm not cutting it, then she'll find a replacement. That should be obvious. That's just the sort of thing a shrine maiden is.

Please don't talk like you've already given up! I'm sure we can pull through this somehow...!

Burn with as much fighting spirit as you like, it's futile. No matter what you try, you'll never escape.

I'm on the home stretch now, just need to last two more turns.

I made a mistake, so please handle the rest.

To think I'd lose, I'm so useless...

Yowch, guess I'm not ready for a solo live yet.

Oh wow, the rabbits stacked enough accuracy boosts to get a decent hit rate on Reimu.

And that's all my objectives attained.

I can't fight anymore... Everybody, be careful not to lose!

I'm not strong enough, I'll have to retreat!

Unfortunately, I ran into a small problem called "Shou refused to die"! I actually had to do this chapter again because Shou's defenses got so high all the rabbits couldn't finish her off.

But I played through so fast that I screwed up Reimu's positioning, so I couldn't kill a rabbit. That rabbit's danmaku field slowed the Palanquin Ship down enough that I couldn't make it and Reimu past the goal.

Third time proved to be the charm. Magic Team is the only remaining non-crucial character,

and with her two turns Yorihime is more than capable of taking them out before the deadline.

One last enemy phase of Reimu drawing enemy fire, and it's over.

We've endured their attacks until now, but at this rate...!

No matter how many we beat, more just keep coming!

To think you'd manage to evade the lunar forces this long. Impressive. But it's time to end this.

You kidding? We're not even tired ye-

Wrong, you're too late!

Music: Girls, Surpass the Carnage

How's that, a direct hit on your reactor!

And from this range, you can't use your guns or your main battery!

No, they attacked from behind...?!

They got us good, we can't make any careless movements!

I'm sure you understand now. There's nowhere to run. We'll take you into lunar custody, and get all the details about this incident from you.

No way! I can't believe everyone got caught...

If we attack recklessly, we'll just hit the Palanquin Ship too!

(...The ship stopped moving. Lady Yorihime must have finally cornered us. I should've just gotten out of here by now. What I am doing?!)

(Argh, what do I do?! At this rate they'll catch me too!)

Well then, first I'll have you surrender the ship.

Not on my watch!

Yorihime posted:

I see you're still quite tenacious, shrine maiden of Earth!

Reimu confronts Yorihime.

What, did you think I'd just sit back and watch this?!

Reimu, it's too dangerous to fight alone!

But if I don't, who's gonna chase all these guys off? I'll hold them back, you girls do something about the ship!

But no matter how strong you are-

The magician is right.

Yorihime blasts Reimu and the general area around her.


Aah! Reimu!

You move well, but there's nothing you can do in this situation. You can't make up for such an absolute difference in power!

More attacks shepherd Reimu a bit northwest.

Aah! Miss shrine maiden, run!

It's no use, she can't get away!

Your mistake was going up against me and the army of the moon.

All soldiers, fire on her at once!

...If I get beaten and captured here, I'll lose my job as the Hakurei shrine maiden.

That's why I can't lose!

All soldiers, fire!

Rabbit Soldier posted:

W-We got her...!

...No, you didn't!

Rabbit Soldier posted:

She dodged...? That shouldn't be possible...

Take a good look at Reimu's map icon.

...Then, to be absolutely sure, I'll deal with her myself. This ends here, Hakurei shrine maiden!


Music: That Voice Won't Reach

As I recall, Reimu actually has a dodge sprite with her eyes closed. I guess they forgot to use it here.

I probably should have recorded this.

Touhou fans have probably already identified that attack. The animation might seem kind of random, but believe it or not it's appropriate. The hint is Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.

Tch, I took a direct hit...?!

Are you alright, Lady Yorihime?!

Wh-What happened?! Did she dodge Yorihime's attack?

No, it's almost like it went right through her...

Why you- Take this!


What?! We all missed...?!

Reimu casually eliminates the rabbits.

Reimu! You did it!

...This sensation is clearly different from before. I can't feel the presence of a divine invocation, so does that mean this is the girl's own power...?!

Rabbit Soldier posted:

...! You little!

Eat some Buster Launcher!


N-No way!

Those four go down too.

What's going on? None of our attacks are hitting!

...I see. I've figured out what sort of power that is.

As she is now, that shrine maiden cannot be affected by others. She's become a completely unilateral being. However, that power is scarcely different from mere violence...!

Reimu flies over and slams Yorihime.


Reimu, don't tell me you plan to take them all on by yourself?!

Wh-What do we do? Should we help her out...?

...No, I think we should leave it to her. Even if we went out there, I don't think our words would reach her as she is now.

What are you talking about, Mistress?!

Can't you tell? She's attacking without even looking at her surroundings.

...You're right. This Reimu seems a little scary, maybe.

When did Reimu get so powerful?

...Yeesh, this isn't good.


Marisa posted:

Stop this fight, Reimu! Just pull back for now!


Hey, Reimu!

...Marisa? Don't interrupt me, I'm about to settle this.

Are you KIDDING? Do you even know what you're doing? This totally isn't how you normally fight!

Reimu opens her eyes.

R-Reimu stopped moving...?

Marisa, I...

I know you're desperate, but don't push yourself so much. Even if we get arrested, I'll keep you company!

FMW's going with a somewhat common dramatic interpretation of Reimu's character that posits that she thinks that nobody would give a drat about her if it weren't for her job. I guess after everyone pitched in just to help save her shrine back in FMW2, she doubled down even harder on that?

This wasn't really set up at all beyond Reimu's flat acceptance of Yukari's constant reference to her to as the Hakurei shrine maiden instead of a unique person, so it's about as left-field as her drama back in FMW2. But eh, at least she's consistent about keeping quiet about this sort of thing.

...So you stopped the shrine maiden. What a touching display of both bravery and friendship. But I won't give you another chance to act!

Yorihime casts Soul which... doesn't have a special animation in this game.

Mining the data says it boosts damage by x1.8. When we get it for real it'll probably be the usual x2.0 though.

Yorihime's aura is expanding... She really means to fight!

So much energy... Do you mean to end this in one blow?!

This is where it ends, humans of Earth!

P-Please stop this!

Reisen finally comes out of the ship.


Ah, uh...

Are you... Raysen?!

One of the quirks about Reisen is that her original name was written in katakana (レイセン). Upon arriving at the House of Eternity, though, she was given a different name that was pronounced the same but written in kanji (鈴仙). I think the current way to differentiate it is to have her moon name be Rei'sen, but Raysen works just as well and has much less random apostrophes.

Reisen, you came!

I thought you were hiding in the ship and weren't coming out?

Wait, is that Lady Yagokoro's letter?!

...Raysen, I thought it was impossible, but it really was you. Why would you, who ran from the moon, come back with these Earthlings, after all this time...?

...Th-That's, well...

(...I knew I'd freeze up. I'm not strong like Lady Yorihime... But I'll never waver in my desire to go back to Earth...!)

...Is that a moon rabbit?! She looks like she's a friend of the Earthlings, so let's just deal with her quickl-

Out of the way!

Reisen posted:

I absolutely MUST return to Earth... Don't get in my way!

Reisen posted:

Lunatic... Red Eyes!

Reisen posted:

Sorry, but I have to keep going...!

Reisen zips over to Yorihime.

Raysen, you escaped the other rabbits' danmaku!

Lady Yorihime, I have no intention to fight! Please just give me a little time to talk!

I brought a letter from Mast- I mean, from Lady Yagokoro!

...! This seal is certainly Lady Yagokoro's...!

The Master has always been hiding on Earth to avoid pursuers. But once she heard that the Watatsukis had assumed leadership of the emissaries, she came up with the idea of sending a letter.

...How would you know so much about Lady Yagokoro? Don't tell me you met her on Earth...?

It's a long story. More importantly, please read the lette-

Very well, allow me to verify it.


Lady Yorihime...

...It all seems to be written here. That we should accept this rabbit, and how we should treat you...

Lady Yagokoro says I should let you all go.

Y-Yes! That should resolve this misunderstanding, so if possible...

...If we can end this with that, then would it help if we all begged too? The situation escalated quite a bit, but we're all out of strength.

Yeah, I'd say both sides are too injured to go on. I've had enough of this.


...What the humans are saying is true. We definitely never wanted to hurt the moon.

I understand. I no longer doubt you. In deference to Lady Yagokoro's words, I'll overlook this incident.

...Lady Yorihime...!

However, the spacefaring vessel and the red-and-white shrine maiden are worth noting. I'll remember that such powerful entities exist on the Earth.

If anything happens, we'll make our move. Take that to heart.

Is that a warning? I'll keep in it mind.

Well, um, I think we've overstayed our welcome...

Rabbit, this is all happening so suddenly, but: Bye bye! Again!

Yeah, thanks to you girls it looks like I'll be okay too.

...Thanks for everything. Be careful on the way home.

Yes, you stay healthy too.

Everybody but Reisen escapes.


Lady Yorihime, um...

I don't intend to detain you. Do you have something else to say?

I-I guess I might. Um, well... About when I ran from the moon, and when I left your sid-

Lady Yagokoro chose the Earth, did she not? So I don't begrudge you for making the same choice.

Or are you saying you want to return to the moon and clear away your sins?

N-No! Definitely not that...

Then the pet moon rabbit we called Raysen is no more.

Now go.

Yes, Lady Yorihime... Um... I'm sorry.

Reisen leaves.

So you really did let the humans go, Lady Yorihime.

What exactly were you talking about? Yagokoro is a wanted crimin-

Just leave this matter to my sister and I. We'll handle everything.

We'll be taking the rabbit too. Go to my sister's estate and inform her.

U-Understood! I'm going now.

It's over now, so can you untie me already?

The remaining moon rabbits leave too.

Yorihime posted:

...Lady Yagokoro, I always knew you were still doing well.

But, this letter is...


Lady Yagokoro...

Man, this has been a pretty bad day for Yorihime.


For the Lunatic run, I abused another trick: Sunny's Reflection. If I pile everyone into the ship and then have Sunny throw that up, the enemy AI has no idea what's going on and doesn't move.

That gives me three turns of mostly free movement, which combined with stacking Move boosting items can get me so far away Yorihime will never catch up. The only downside is that I lose out on a lot of Points and experience, but eh. New Game Plus.


*yawn* *snore*


Oh my, you're still not up yet?

You know you missed the morning scripture reading, right? If you're planning on making snoozing till the moon rises a daily routine...

Wait, no!


Woah, she dodged!

This seems like it'll be a hassle. Sanae, I'm entrusting you with the duty of waking her up.

Huh? Why me?

You're both fellow shrine maidens, and it's not like this is the first time you've done it either. Good luck.

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Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn


Palanquin Ship - Bridge
Music: What's the Strategy?

Full Text


Are you ready for some drama?


Because I'm not.

Slap a three turn timer on that new super mode and call it a day.


Wait, why does your new skill get to last infinitely while mine is stuck under a timer?

Because canon!


Lunar Capital
Music: Those Forgotten Days of Eternity

Full Text


Sorry, not going back.


Around that time, on Earth


Palace of Earth Spirits
Music: Bizarre Smile

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Doth thou desire the power?



I see you've stopped the game. Thank you for your hard work.

...Reimu and the others have returned from the moon, and winter has come to Gensokyo. Humans and youkai alike gather at the shrine to enjoy a hot spring that recently appeared.

But, for some reason screams can be heard from it... Wait, it's because of vengeful spirits, not peepers?!

Chapter 50 of Fantasy Maiden Wars I: "The Rise of the Earth Spirits".

It's been quite a while, but I'm finally deploying again!


Now that SSiB is over, almost the entire party's back.

Total Cost: 45.0

Remilia (42)
Flandre (44)
Yuyuko (38)
Yukari (37)
Suika (39)
Kanako (36)
Suwako (37)
Palanquin Ship (42) [Always forced.]

Reimu (45)
Marisa (45)
Ran (37)
Mokou (37)

Meiling (42)
Patchouli (40)
Sakuya (43)
Alice (45)
Youmu (44)
Reisen (41)
Komachi (34)
FA Nitori (39)
Momiji (40)
Aya (33)
Sanae (45)
Hatate (37)

Kurumi (32)
Elly (41)
Rumia (27)
Cirno (38)
Koakuma (37)
Chen (41)
Lily White (40)
Lunasa (40)
Merlin (44)
Lyrica (41)
Wriggle (37)
Mystia (41)
Shizuha (29)
Minoriko (33)
Hina (35)
Nitori (39)
Nazrin (38)
Shou (40)

Daiyousei (41)
Sunny (40)
Luna (34)
Star (37)

I'm forcing Magic Team, so you get 39.5. I'd recommend deploying Reimu so I can talk about the new stuff she's gotten.

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Dec 31, 2011

Just yell at her like you always do. Bitch, get out of the way!

Bring Yuyuko & Merlin, 34

Mar 15, 2012

Disco Thunder

Bring Cirno and Sakuya leaving 29.5.

Jan 26, 2007

If I die before I Wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.

Aki 1 and Aki 2 leaving 25.5. A shame they aren't allowed on the moon cause they would have made it so much easier.

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Sep 16, 2010

There is no problem that cannot be solved through sufficient application of lasers and friendship.

Let's see that pair you were talking up. Reisen and Youmu.

Golden Battler
Sep 6, 2010

~Perfect and Elegant~

Well if I can't vote for Sakuya I guess I'll do something vaguely stupid. Reimu and Suika to leave us with 14.0

Jun 27, 2008

Solo Reimu. Luna and Star 11.0

EDIT: I cannot read.

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Sep 16, 2010

There is no problem that cannot be solved through sufficient application of lasers and friendship.

Uh... we've only got one Reimu on this run.

Dec 20, 2013

Hatate & Sanae leaving us with 6.0.

It's a bit weird that they're doubling down on Reimu's low opinion of herself, especially since in canon she is both the smuggest and most confident person in Gensokyo while also caring a whole lot about her job and would have totally gotten super pissed about the possibility of getting replaced or not being able to do her duty. Though I suppose drama is a necessary addition when you're making the touhou plot into an actual story with character development and everything.

Sep 5, 2013

Not the strongest, but the cutest.

Flandre and Momiji leaving us with 0 cost.


Apr 15, 2013

Just how many mistakes have you suffered on the way here?

An uncountable number, to be sure.

SyntheticPolygon posted:

Hatate & Sanae leaving us with 6.0.

It's a bit weird that they're doubling down on Reimu's low opinion of herself, especially since in canon she is both the smuggest and most confident person in Gensokyo while also caring a whole lot about her job and would have totally gotten super pissed about the possibility of getting replaced or not being able to do her duty. Though I suppose drama is a necessary addition when you're making the touhou plot into an actual story with character development and everything.

It's not like they aren't keeping the smugness too ("I don't care what you're doing, I'm just going to stop you"). Her self-doubt isn't related to strength or anything, it's about people not approving of her. I think it's a valid interpretation of the way she handles her duties, which is generally that she has nothing against youkai but wants to fulfill her duties as the shrine maiden for the sake of the village (think of how she acts in SoPM). I mean, she's lazy enough that without a driving motive like that why would she even bother resolving incidents? It's just a dramatization of her existing motives.

And in WaHH she's always looking for ways to trick people into relying on her. I mean, she just seems kind of desperate in general.

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