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Mahlertov Cocktail
Mar 1, 2010

I ate your Mahler avatar! Hahahaha!
OH poo poo

I have been watching Twin Peaks a lot but I've been way less active on SA so I totally forgot that today was the Toxx due date. I have two episodes left so I'm gonna go ahead and finish those before I write a review.

Really glad I checked my PMs tonight!


I finished! My review is pretty superficial since I'm doing it at the last minute, and also because I feel like I need to rewatch the show at some point because it's pretty dense.

Twin Peaks is a singular show--very obviously a David Lynch work, with all of the deliberateness, surreality, and griminess that that brings with it. It's sometimes a little hard to stay with it (quite apart from the dip in quality at the beginning of season two) because it requires a specific mood to watch it. I couldn't throw on an episode while I did poo poo on the internet because it's just not the kind of show where you will absorb anything by watching it like that. In that way it's very cinematic - you can't watch a movie with distractions like your phone or the internet because you're not really paying full attention to a work of art that has been carefully crafted (yes, even lovely movies should get your attention if you want to have an opinion about them), and Twin Peaks is nothing if not carefully crafted. Not with regards to plot, though; it's very much secondary to the ever-deepening character dynamics and the feeling of the town's hidden seediness. Since the plot isn't really the main attraction, it's not nearly as good of a show when it goes after, for example, the solution to the Laura Palmer mystery. The identity of her murderer doesn't really matter apart from her murder being the impetus for the show's pilot, so the reveal feels kind of lame. Still, the show picked up again near the end and I definitely want to revisit it sometime. It's also a lovely show to look at - another reason why you have to set aside time for it to really appreciate the cinematography.

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Feb 26, 2007

No Muscles For The Majority
After you complete your Watch More Television Toxx, please go to TFLC and make a Get Some Exercise Toxx.

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