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hallo spacedog
Apr 3, 2007

this chaos is killing me

I've been thinking of trying to arrange some type of print exchange for a while, similar to the Secret Santa Print Exchange in Dorkroom or other subforum gifting/Secret Santa programs. Ideally my hope is that this will become a recurring event, maybe even semi-annual, if we have good participation and everyone enjoys themselves with it.

Print exchanges are a long tradition in the printmaking community since it seems that printmaking artists often live in far-flung places. It's a great way to collaborate and get others to see your prints, and I have always found it really fun because for the small price of your participation, it gives you access to a collaborative collection of real art. It's also lots of fun to see how multiple people react to the same theme. When I was in school we had organized quite a few and it was always really enjoyable for everyone who got involved.

How does it work?
We'll set up a sign up sheet limited to 12 people, which will be open until 7/6 (a week from today) or until it fills up. Please post in the thread that you'd like to join in. If I can't fill the list by 7/6, I will still attempt to run the exchange with a smaller number of people.

The participants will vote on a theme from a list of choices. Then we'll take 2 months, until 9/6, during which each participant will be asked to create a brand new, signed 12-print edition of hand-pulled prints on paper based around our theme. Participants can use any print medium they like, screen printing, litho, intaglio, relief... anything! It doesn't matter, so long as the prints are hand-pulled and not digital. I would like to make the required size of the paper (not the plate) 8x10, but we can change this if a majority of people don't agree that this size works and want to work smaller.

In that time, I will get the list of participant mailing addresses, give this list to the participants via PM or email, and then at the deadline date, each participant will pack their pieces up and mail it to each other participant in the exchange, keeping one for themselves. You'll receive 11 other prints in the mail, and then you'll have your set! A lot of times print exchanges break up the art into folios, but to keep it simple for everyone involved, we'll just plan to mail them out to each other directly, and you can keep the pieces however you'd like to.

What are the themes?
Here are some random themes I came up with, just basic stuff. When you post to sign up, please also write which of the themes you'd like to do (or if you hate them all and want me to come up with something else or if you have a cool idea.) Obviously, get as creative as you want to or can with your interpretation of the theme.
1: Chimeras
2: Sacred
3: Apocalypse
4: Identity

Resources on printmaking at home:
I will post some resources that give info on printmaking at home. Making prints is fun and easy and you don't necessarily need fancy equipment to do it (especially relief printing), so please don't let intimidation be a reason keeping you from joining. If any participants or anyone stopping by has good tutorials on at home printing, please let me know and I'll put them here.

Sign-up Sheet
1: hallo spacedog
2: (open)
3: (open)
4: (open)
5: (open)
6: (open)
7: (open)
8: (open)
9: (open)

Other considerations:
Questions? Comments? Please feel free to post below or send me a PM at any time! Hope that people join in the fun!


hallo spacedog
Apr 3, 2007

this chaos is killing me

I gotta say I'm super disappointed that no one wants to join in and print anything. Will close this down Sunday if I still have no replies.

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