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Jul 14, 2005

Ok, so I don't see a megathread for goon-bands to post their material. Maybe that's best, but whatever, here it goes. This thread is for posting and discussing music projects, albums, bands, and things that involve at least one goon.

I'll start. Here's my band, The Ostrich Primer's soundcloud:

We're a rock band from Cookeville, TN. You can find us on facebook at and our bandcamp site is

I'm the drummer, and I'm obviously a goon. The other two guys are definitely not, but they'd probably fit in if they knew about it.

Let's hear what you've got, goons!


Nov 14, 2002

A dark black past
is my most valued

I'll let this thread stick around but for what it's worth, historically people just post new threads about their specific band. I'm just concerned that the topic has nothing specific to attract people other than association with SA (and in my experience threads without any musical commonality are often not good, especially for more marginal acts).

Also you like didn't say a single word about what your band sounds like, which seems like a really bad idea if you want people to click your links for any reason other than "goon music".

Jul 14, 2005

Ok, sorry... if you want to gas it that's fine. I just thought maybe a thread about community efforts might be a good idea. I actually thought maybe it would be better to have a thread about community efforts at music rather than one just about my band, but I can change that if that would be better.

As for us:

Our band, The Ostrich Primer, is a rock band with a sarcastic tone that touches on some rap, some punk, and hard rock. We do everything in house as much as possible (for example I did the graphic design and we self-financed our studio time and the cost of printing our first 100 CDs). All the art and photography were done by local artists and the photographer for our local newspaper. It could not be more indie.

We're getting on local radio, and are printing up T-Shirts and merchandise on our own dime.


We probably sound like a mix of The Offspring, Motorhead, and maybe Megadeth? I don't know, it's sort of hard to describe. It's definitely hard rock, though. I can't call it metal, because the screaming is more punk than metal in its tone, and the distortion is just an overdriven Marshall gain channel. Take a listen and see!

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Jul 23, 2007

I dont know if the guy from The Armed is still around, but that band loving rips!

Jan 6, 2003

Mad_Lion posted:

Ok, so I don't see a megathread for goon-bands to post their material.

There is no megathread for it because there is an entire subforum for it. It is called The Musicians Lounge.

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