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Nov 20, 2013

The saddest day in Octavian's life was the day he was asked to shave his mustache.

What is this?
The game is the remake of Langrisser II for the SNES, Der Langrisser, released in 1994 which was remade by Masaya. The Langrisser (originally Warsong) series by CareerSoft, is one of those classic gems of the SRPG genre from the 90s that went by unnoticed in the West. This was due largely to a lack of sales of Warsong, the first game in the series, leading to the sequels never seeing the light of day outside of Japan.

For me as a huge TRPG/SRPG fan, this was and still is a great tragedy that such an excellent series was never truly given its time in the Western limelight. Especially, when compared to say Fire Emblem’s current resurgence that we are all enjoying today with FE: Awakening yet the 2009 PSN release of the Langrisser compilation remains Japanese only. However, CareerSoft’s next series Growlanser, which is a sort of spiritual successor to Langrisser, did go on to be released in the West and has been the subject of two excellent LPs by KariOhki (which was what got me into Langrisser in the first place, so many thanks):

Growlanser II LP
Growlanser III LP - needs archives

Never heard of it, how does it play?
Der Langrisser's gameplay plays a bit like a mix of Fire Emblem (named characters are ‘leaders’ but no permadeath) and Advance Wars (expendable hired soldiers for each ‘leader’) with weapon/class triangles, ranged attacks and field abilities but we’ll see more of that as we get stuck into the game.

That sounds cool and all but really, it sounds like it's just the poor cousin of those series. Is that the case?
Believe it or not, Der Langrisser actually paved the way for its peers in some respects as it was one of the first games to feature not only multiple endings BUT with the choices you made having an actual impact on the course of the game. As certain decisions could cause your entire story path to change, affecting everything from the missions, enemy factions, your team roster and of course, the plot. It also features an in-depth class changing system (up to 3 class changes over 40 levels, plus another 10 level for those with secret tier 5 classes) allowing for a good degree of customization of your team.

That actually sounds really good, but didn't you say it was never released outside of Japan?
That's right, Billy. For in this LP, we will be utilizing the somewhat colourful but overall excellent fantranslation by the DL team – personally, I feel the occasional foul language makes much more sense in such a game where mooks, both enemy and ally alike, are dying by the dozen (or hundreds/thousands, depending on how you choose to visualize HP).

Then how will you be running the LP?
This LP will be done in screenshot format with accompanying music links and videos for any important or interesting scenes. Please no spoilers regarding plot or potential future playable characters or anything like that. You can feel free to discuss future builds for the characters we are currently playing as though, as I will do character rundowns whenever we gain a new party member. Also, please note that I have slightly embellished the character bios to give them some more interesting backgrounds - this (and any further text) will be noted as such in the future:

This is narration text.
This is my thoughts/comments.
This is a character talking.

What happened to the previous thread?
Well, as it happens to many an LPer, real life can get in the way. Getting a new job, moving in, adjusting to life as a salaryman and other family/medical stuff meant that I was unable to continue until now.

Given that, what's your update schedule going to be like?
Well, probably once to twice a month at most. My motto for this is going to be slow and steady updates, so that we get there in the end.

Is there anything I can do to be a part of this?
Yes, you can certainly help out since it will be audience members like you, Billy, who will decide our collective fates as well as how our characters end up being built. Of greatest import at the beginning is the creation of our very own Erwin - naming him, being his persona when conversing with his Goddess, etc. One last note, regardless of the direction the thread takes us in, I will aim to get all the endings and show off all the secrets.

Fan art policy
I wholeheartedly encourage those of you with a creative flair and wanting to express it, to go nuts in the thread. I don't care if it's MS Paint level or just a quirky animation you've made - it will still be loved. All I ask is that you follow the same rules as with spoilers.

Important Announcement
If you have a question for the main script writer of the fantranslation, email me it.
He has graciously agreed to do an interview with me, which I'll be wanting to do towards the end of the goon-chosen playthrough.

Any people you want to thank?
I'd like to thank the people over at ElSallia wiki, it has been an excellent resource for building up this LP. Also, the DL team for their excellent translation and manual. Thanks to cmndstab for starting up a nice set of comparisons between Langrisser II & Der Langrisser. And of course, my dear readers whether you are just a lurker, a voter, a regular or even someone who's playing along.

Thanks to Geop for his advice for rebooting this thread as well.

By the way, what happened to the updates from the previous thread?
They still exist! If you have archive access and want to catch up on the previous thread here's the link.
But to make life easier on new readers and those without archive access, I dumped all the updates into SSLP test poster and posted links to them all in the Table of Contents below. Seamless transition? Yes, please.

Table of Contents

The Beginning

Scenario 1 - Goddamn impudent wenches!
Scenario 2 - Solo Fighter Challenge
Scenario 3 - Terrible Alter Ego
Scenario 4 - Mermaids!
Scenario 5 - Enemy... Pirates?
Scenario 6 - Turning Undead 101
Scenario ?1 - The Heterosexual Agenda
Scenario 7 - Rohga's Sister

The Light Path

Scenario 8 Light - The Murder Bridge
Scenario ?2 Light - Care for a Quiz?
Scenario 9 Light - Should a Naval force conduct Siege Warfare?
Scenario 10 Light - A Great Man Falls
Scenario 11 Light - Ho-ho-holy Langrisser
Scenario 12 Light - Solid Liana, Liquid Dark Princess
Scenario 13 Light - To Kill a Big Bad
Scenario 14 Light - Commandeering a Ship 101
Scenario 15 Light - Reality, a harsh and merciless bitch
Scenario 16 Light - Breaking Magical Enchantments 101
Scenario 17 Light - Old Friends, New Foes
Scenario 18 Light - You filthy, halfie bitch!
Scenario 19 Light - Sonya, a bell tolls for thee
Scenario 20 Light - Leon's Last Stand
Scenario 21 Light - The Final Battle
Ending - The Sealing of Alhazard

The Mirror World Light Paths

Mirror Light Path Pt 1 - Imelda must die (covers Scenario 14 & 15)
Mirror Light Path Pt 2 - Elvis is in the Building! (covers Scenario 16 & 17)
Mirror Light Path Pt 3 - All Light paths converge in the end (covers Scenario 18-21)

The Imperial Path

Imperial Path Opening - A quick rundown of Scenarios 1-7 & ?1
Scenario 8 Imperial - See you next fall!
Scenario ?3 Imperial - Sentai Kamen Langrisser
Scenario 9 Imperial - The Empire Doesn't Massacre a Village
Scenario 10 Imperial - A Cunning Strategy and a Very Moderate Commander
Scenario 11 Imperial - It is every father's hope that his child is raised in a peaceful world
Scenario 12 Imperial - No Mercy
Scenario 13 Imperial - Kill Salrath - Vol 1 & 2
Scenario 14 Imperial - The Divine Wind Blows
Scenario 15 Imperial - An Unexpected Twist
Scenario 16 Imperial - The Squelchening
Scenario 17 Imperial - Everlasting Love
Scenario 18 Imperial - Dark Breaker
Scenario 19 Imperial - Ambush? What Ambush?
Scenario 20 Imperial - Kalxath's Demise
Scenario 21 Imperial - All That Remains...
Ending - El Sallia's Unification

The Mirror World Imperial Path

Mirror Imperial Path Pt 1 - Can't Touch This (covers Scenario 17 & 18)


Extras & Mini-updates

Mini-Update - Mechanics & Scenario 1 Extras
Mini-update 2 - PCs, Class Changing & Extras
Mini-update 3 - Items, New Characters & Extras
Mini-update 4 - More Extras & Aniki
Mini-update 5 - Extras on the Light Path & Zurai's Warsong recap
Mini-update 6 - Tier 5 Classes for Current Roster & The Instruction Manual


cmndstab's comparison of Langrisser II & Der Langrisser

cmndstab's Update 1: A little fantranslation history & Scenario 1-3
cmndstab's Update 2: Scenario 4-5


Characters of Interest & Artifacts
Fighter's quiz answers in one post
Octavian's quiz answers in one post
DIY Character Creation Quiz



Momo's MSPaint/terrible fanart


So, whomever gets the closest guess for the total amount of curse words that we shall see in the LP can take their pick of the following prizes:

Forums upgrade
$10 steam gift card/game

The person who gets the closest to the actual total from the script inc. ones I missed and the word 'hell', will get their pick of the above as well. You still only get one guess though and guesses will be accepted up until the end of the Chaos path.

But for the best prize of all, which is a separate competition of the fanart/fan produced stuff (e.g. poems, haikus, one-liners, etc.) variety:

Naming rights to our Chaos hero!
Plus your choice of the previous two prizes

There will also be an honourable mention prize of a random game up for grabs as well.
You can have multiple entries for the fan content competition but can only win one prize per competition, so a max of 2 if you win the count & a mention or the winner fan content.

The Current List Of Guesses
Current Fan Content Entries

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Nov 20, 2013

The saddest day in Octavian's life was the day he was asked to shave his mustache.


The Chosen One

Fighter McGoon, Age 20. The Pirate King.
Fighter lost his parents when he was young and was taken in by a family friend and renowned swordsmaster, Doren. As he grew, Doren instructed him in the fine art of swordsmanship and raised him as if he was his own. Having perfected his teacher's style by the time he reached adulthood, Fighter had grown into a fine man - his surrogate father was proud of him. Unfortunately, such happy times were not destined for Fighter as one night, Doren was murdered by an unknown assailant. This leads Fighter to travel throughout the lands of El Sallia on his quest for vengeance however, destiny has other plans for him...

As it turns out, Fighter wears the Winged Circlet of Baldea - a momento from his deceased biological father. Doren had told him it was a royal heirloom but the young Fighter took such a story with a grain of salt given his foster father's eccentricities and love of pulling jokes on him. It has now been confirmed by not only the Ancient Sorceress Jessica but also by Egbert of the Empire. This means that Fighter is a Descendant of Light meaning he is destined to fight against the wielder of Alhazard. It also means that he can wield Langrisser, the Holy Blade. Also, he has a tendency to explore hidden areas to the detriment of the group.

In the Light Path, he found the one responsible for killing his mentor and foster father, and he resisted the lure of the dark side and destroyed him without rage or hatred in his heart. His quest for vengeance has been completed, he has avenged Doren and can move on. He was able to, with the other Descendants of Light and their allies from the Kalxath Kingdom, defeat the Forces of Darkness and the Rayguard Empire for good, sealing Alhazard away once and for all.

Gaius "Octavian" Octavius, Age 20.

Our next hero - a born gladiator. Octavian has lived a harsh but enjoyable life moving from town to town with his foster-father Doren, fighting in pit fights, slum free-for-alls and eventually managing to fight through a Gladiator school in a nearby city. Tough and quick to anger, Octavian has dogged loyalty towards Doren for his fair if strict treatment of him growing up. After Doren was killed by an unknown assailant, Octavian struck out on his own - a free man looking for a sporting challenge as well as hoping to find Doren't killer.

In aid of his dreams, Octavian hopes to gain patronage or sponsorship from an aristocrat, so that he may focus on training and spending time in the ring. Currently, he wanders aimlessly from village to village, helping out where ever there's a potential for a good fight - monsters, bandits, and so on, as whatever his foe Octavian knows that this is all valuable experience to gain towards his craft and to achieving his dreams. Unfortunately, dreams don't always coincide with one's intended destiny, as he is about to find out. By ignoring the call and choosing the rational choice, he's discovered one can ignore Fate's callous hand and make his own path with the aid of the oppressively powerful but ultimately benevolent Rayguard Empire.

Others disagreed with the established lore on the brave Octavian's origins with one noted historian producing a text on the matter. It appeared to be a recounting of a previous hero's last will and testament that had been kept preserved for thousands of years. It reads as follows:


Mehuyael posted:
Fighter waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There were imperials in the castle. He didn’t see them, but had expected them now for years. His warnings to Jessica were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway.
Fighter was a royal guard for fourteen years. When he was young he watched the dragonknights and he said to dad “I want to be on the dragons daddy.”
Dad said “No! You will BE KILL BY IMPERIALS”
There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got oldered he stopped. But now in the crused castle of Velzeria he knew there were imperials.
“This is Jessica” the mindlink crackered. “You must fight the imperials!”
So Fighter gotted his Langrisser and crashed down the wall.
“HE GOING TO KILL US” said the imperials
“I will shoot at him” said the Egbert and he fired the magic meteor. Fighter slashaed at him and tried to cut him up. But then the ceiling fell and they were trapped and not able to kill.
“No! I must kill the imperials” he shouted
The mindlink said “No, Fighter. You are the imperials”
And then Fighter was Octavian.

Salrath Dukedom

Hein/Hain, Age 17.
Hein is a timid young magician's apprentice who grew up in a small village within the dukedom of Salrath and is childhood friends with Liana. From a young age, he displayed a unique talent for being involved in odd situations, such as the time he just appeared in hay pile when he was being bullied or the time he caused the infamous bubble incident. Recognizing his vast potential for the magical arts, a travelling magician apprentices the young boy and helps him learn to control his powers. However, he still journeys in search of a worthy master for him to apprentice under but Jessica was unwilling to teach him because of her issues with Egbert. Tends to put his foot in his mouth but he also calls it like it is and I love him for it. Is loyal to our hero due a perceived life debt which has been paid off since long ago and thus, follows us everywhere.

Liana/Riana, Age 20. Theme
Liana is a shrine maiden of Light from the same village as Hein. She was orphaned as a baby and was found and raised by the local village priest. She would often play with Hein, telling the younger boy tall tales as well as stories of adventure and excitement. This led to quite a shock for Hein when after returning from her shrine maiden training and initiation, Liana had grown into a beautiful, serene and polite young woman. According to Jessica, she has a hidden power locked within her that means she is actually much stronger then she first appears, thus the young woman should be more confident and have greater self-esteem. Perhaps, Jessica was just lying in order to improve morale amongst the weaker-willed members of the group?

Turns out she has a twin sister on the enemy's side, that she neglected to tell anyone about including Hein - her childhood friend. It does help that they appear to be identical twins though. She is also a Descendant of Light, according to Jessica, and as such she stands opposed to the Empire and the Forces of Darkness.

Scott, Age 17.
Scott is the adopted son of the Lord of Salrath, Loren. He has always felt touched that Loren chose him and raised him with care and affection. As such, he strives to become a most chivalrous and strategic knight as expected of him by his father. However, his greatest strength is neither in battle prowess or strategic command but rather his ability to remain calm and cool-headed regardless of the situation. Currently, he is heir apparent to the Dukedom of Salrath but he and his father work closely together on all matters of state and defence. They have been growing increasingly concerned with the machinations of the Rayguard Empire’s expansionism and ready themselves in defence of their homelands.

On every path that isn't the Light Path, he and his father are the first to die.

Duke Loren, Age 45.
Loren is the lord of the Salrath dukedom and Scott's father. Appears to come off as being harsh and strict with Scott but is in fact deeply proud of the boy and his growth into a man but still wants him to do his best. After Rayguard's attempt to capture Liana, he offers Fighter and his entourage safe passage travelling through his demense. However, such a guarantee is not always easy to keep...

Captain Ridel, Age 28.
Ridel is the leader of the local militia garrisoned north of Hein & Liana's hometown. He is a serious and kind-hearted man if a bit naive, who has won the trust and dedication of his troop. Has a romantic relationship with Evanze but they maintain their professionalism when out on drill or in the field. Gives us 100P, so he's a bro - though he probably could have spent that towards getting Evanze a proper ring.

Evanze, Age 24.
Evanze is a member of Ridel's militia troop. She acts as a medic and priest, healing others both physically and spiritually. Is in a relationship with Ridel and wants to get married soon but is still waiting on Ridel to propose.


Rohga, Age 30.
Rohga is a famed mercenary that has been through many a battle and always comes out on top. Helped us out when our team was ambushed and is basically what I imagine Kaiser Bernhardt would have been like in his younger days - pure cocky badass. We now know about Rohga's quest to find his missing sister... which technically was successful, in that he discovered her return to their hometown - so that she and her monsters pals could massacre its inhabitants.

Appears to have left Sonya in their hometown in order to become a mercenary and was unaware of the extent of the torment, that these villagers inflicted upon his half-sister. Struck a non-lethal on Sonya and allowed her to get away - will probably continue the search for her in order to re-unite with his remaining family. If our hero decides to take a non-traditional path (for his bloodline) to a peaceful world, Rohga will join up permanently.

In the Light Path, he does end up leaving us for that exact purpose. He later, joins up with Leon's Blue Dragon Knights and we met with him again at the Elrad Ruins. He was trying to get the Holy Rod for the Empire but we stopped him, so he'll never be with his sister ever again.

Lester, Age 32.
A foul-mouthed, hot-tempered but affable sailor who lives his life protecting Jessica along with his pirate mates. Swears bloody vengeance on Egbert after he kills his mates and tries to kill Jessica. Is old friends with Keith and is surprised to learn that Cherie is the princess of Kalxath. Clearly, they are bitching buddies. Has no trouble cussing out anyone who betrays him or Jessica.

Jessica, Age 700+.
Jessica is basically an immortal through use of the spell of rebirth to extend her lifespan at the cost of her magical abilities. She has been around El Sallia for a very long time and apparently knew Fighter's ancestors, the Baldean royal family for she served as their court magician. She is famed for having a great breadth of historical and esoteric knowledge about El Sallia but clearly is not infallible, as one of her former students Egbert, has clearly gone off the deep end.

In the Light Path, she leads us to where the Dark Rod is kept and after losing the Rod, she has decided to go the diplomatic route and will be attempting to persuade other countries to side with Kalxath in an anti-Imperial alliance. She's gone realpolitik on us, she is definitely politically savvy. She also leads us to the Temple of Darkness where the unsealing ritual for Alhazard is taking place. Joins us in several of the climatic fights as an allied NPC.

In the Imperial Path she rallies the Forces of Light against us whilst sympathising with our plight. She wishes for Langrisser and Alhazard to not be held by any one man but then again, she's never dealt with a man like Kaiser Bernhardt before.

Sonya, Age 17.
The younger sister of Rohga with whom they share the same mother, but her father was a man of the demon tribe. In her hometown, she was persecuted as a child for looking different and being a half-caste human. She was able to bear it because of the love her mother and Rohga gave her in abundance. Unfortunately, when she turned 8, things took a turn for the worse as her mother fell ill and passed away shortly thereafter. With no source of income, Rohga was forced to enter the most profitable line for work for a man of his talents and became a mercenary. However, whilst they had money, Rohga was often away at some distant battlefield and Sonya was forced to suffer to barbs and mistreatment at the hands of the other villagers who had grown up despising and using her as a scapegoat for whenever anything went poorly, such as the harvest. Overtime, without her brother there to support her, she developed an overpowering hatred of humans. After Rohga came back from his year long journey and was about to head out on another long campaign, Sonya made up her mind. Since she could no longer live with humans, she would join her father's people and find a place amongst the demon tribe.

She has grown into a fine demon tribe member, commanding legions of monsters and hating all of humanity. As a representative of the demon tribe who has allied with the Empire, she can act with impunity and without regard for consequences - so she decides to destroy her hometown. She still holds a soft spot in her heart for her brother and was as shocked as he was when they found each other fighting on opposite sides during her rampage. Upset with Rohga for his neglect and abandonment, she tells him of the suffering she endured whilst he was away. They then fought, with Rohga delivering a non-lethal blow and disarming her, but allowing her to get away.

In the Light Path, she sought revenge against us and failed to achieve it. In the process, she was betrayed by her own allies and beset upon by all sides. Pity was felt for her, but now she's gone mental and now wishes to summon Chaos to kill everyone and everything. We put a stop to that and so, she has passed on to be with Rohga in the netherworld.

Kalxath Kingdom

Cherie/Sherry/Sherri, Age 17.
A airborne scout from the Kalxath Kingdom who opposes the Empire. Turns out she is the princess of the Kalxath Kingdom and as Hein said, is very manly but is also very anime - short, spry, tsundere. Led us to Jessica and now is part of our quest to obtain Langrisser as a check to Alhazard. Is now known as the 'tough and beastly cute girl' according to Hein.

In the Imperial path, she plays the role of a betrayed waif seeking revenge against us whilst growing in character and resolve due to the hardships she is facing. Eventually, she may understand Octavian's motivations even if she disagrees on the method of execution.

Keith, Age 28.
General Keith is the commander of Kalxath's military as well as being responsible for Princess Cherie's ongoing education. Sometimes he doesn't know which job is harder given the Princess's temperament and the ongoing hostilities with the Rayguard Empire. Comes across as a very serious man whose no-nonsense approach to most situations has earned him praise when in command and scorn when trying to instruct Cherie. Has sworn to protect Cherie but that doesn't stop him from bitching about her to Lester.

Aaron, Age 50.

Aaron, the former royal weapons instructor for the Kalxath Kingdom, has since moved on and led a quiet peaceful life of retirement in a quaint mountain hamlet. In recent years, he has heard rumblings about the Empire and its designs for the continent but as long as it didn't affect him or his neighbours directly, he was content to leave things alone and just enjoy his quiet life. That is until Imelda came a-knockin' intent on slaughtering everyone and everything in his town. Deciding to fight to the bitter end, Aaron is saved by the timely arrival of Fighter and the rest of the Kalxathian forces. Pushing back Imelda and forcing her to retreat, they are able to save his town and to return the favour, he joins up with our group. Is the resident wise old man and I struggle to find any bigger art of him - if you find some let me know and I'll put it up.

Left our group after Lána joined up since he got too old for this poo poo. Could join up with us in the Mirror Light World, maybe?

The Empire of Rayguard

Kaiser Bernhardt, Age 40. Theme
A former mercenary who was renowned for both his skills on the battlefield, his bravery in leading his men and the cunning he displayed both in and out of combat. Growing steadily dissatisfied with the way his homeland was being ravaged by constant war and strife, Bernhardt and his loyal followers overthrew the established order and instated the Republic of Rayguard.

There was peace for a time however, he soon learned that the Rayguard Republic been targeted as weak and his homeland as being ripe for the picking due to his nation's attempts at peaceful coexistence with others. Bernhardt saw no solution other than to achieve peace through conquest and with the aid of his right-hand man Egbert, he sought to gain the legendary power of Alhazard. Furthermore, he solidified his control over his lands, forming the Rayguard Empire with him reigning supreme as Kaiser. His new aim after gaining the power of Alhazard is to unify and rule over the entire world.

Works with Böser to further his plans but knows relatively little about him. Shares Egbert's sentiment that all power can be controlled by a competent user and that a sword is but steel used as a tool to further one's own ends. A man.

Our boss and benevolent father figure in the Imperial Path - we have yet to see him action. But once we do, there will be a reckoning.

High Chancellor Egbert, Age 40. Theme
The right hand man of Kaiser Bernhardt and chancellor of the Rayguard Empire, he displays great skill in the magical arts. He appears to be the power behind the throne, dealing in Rayguard's more irksome and shadowy affairs such as trying to unseal Alhazard. Has displayed great cunning and strategic genius - utilizing not only the environment but also ancient shrine guardians in order to obtain a tactical advantage and to steal away the Dark Rod. Is also as gently caress.

Egbert was also Jessica's last student and his in his lust for greater magical power, he drove a wedge between master and student. Waited for Jessica's rebirth to leave and joined up with the Kaiser. Believes that all power can be controlled by a competent user - a lesson learnt from Jessica and seeks to control Alhazard.

In the mirror Light world, he ends up working for the Forces of Darkness. As it turns out he was still working for the Kaiser in a grand double-cross. In either case, he captures Liana for the unsealing ritual.

In the Imperial Path, he is Hein's teacher and essentially our Merlin. Heck, he even chose Bernhardt to be the Kaiser and supported him in order to prevent Chaos' return.

Magister Camilla, Age 25.
A young but gifted mage, she and her peers formed the bulk of the strongest magical force in the Rayguard Empire - the Dark Dragon Sorcerers under Egbert. Appears to be more talented than Morgan but far less ambitious, she was willing to throw away her life but not her pride, for achieving Egbert's ends.

No matter which path, she is unceremoniously run through for blocking our escape from a raging inferno and her body was tossed back over the river, so that the flames may cleanse her soul for her next reincarnation.

General Leon, Age 25. Theme
The youngest general of the Rayguard Empire, is utterly loyal to and has great faith in the Kaiser. Leads the Blue Dragon Knights who are said to be the Empire's strongest and most valiant troops. Is on a mission capture Liana but prioritized his saving hometown over the mission at hand, trusting Laird to get the job done. Reappeared when Sonya was attempting to raze her hometown and was quite friendly and amicable in discussing why such a peace-loving man is serving the Kaiser. He wishes to achieve peace through action, believing that sitting on the sidelines will accomplish nothing. Would have saved the town from Sonya if we did not and is a very honourable and noble man. Seems to have a bit of a thing with the Dark Princess, Lána, which kind of mirrors Fighter's relationship with Liana in an odd way. He wishes for us to join the Empire.

In the Light Path, given that we didn't and instead pressed on to Castle Baldea, killing General Vargas in the process, Leon has now sworn bloody vengeance upon Fighter. He failed to stop us from obtaining Langrisser and from breaching Castle Rayguard's outer gates. He is also a Descendant of Light which Jessica informed us of based on his heirloom sword, Kotetsu, and Egbert knew his lineage as well somehow. Finally defeated outside of Castle Velzeria in a glorious last stand.

In the Imperial Path, Leon inspires Octavian to fight destiny and join with the Empire. As such they are best friends and have wonderful adventures together along with Laird, their adopted son.

Colonel Laird, Age 20.
Devoted subordinate of General Leon who is his right-hand man and is always by his side. Is deeply trusted and utilized to the fullest by Leon as a sign of his confidence and faith in the younger man. Does his best but is not as competent as Leon, still there is time for him to grow and his potential is great. He shall one day become a fine General for the Empire. Could be interested in Imelda as they seem to complement each other.

In the Light Path, Laird dies alongside his general, Leon, in their glorious last stand outside of Castle Velzeria.

In the Imperial Path, he has been invaluable in finding the location of Castle Baldea and being a good guy to have around.

General Imelda, Age 30. Theme
Leader of the Water Dragon Navy, her concept art still makes her look ridiculous but we know more about her now. Will use any means necessary to achieve victory and is somewhat of a cruel sadist who doubles as a combat pragmatist. Is extremely sarcastic and sardonic and abhors failure and weakness of any kind. Is more than willing to kill her men, allies, enemies or innocents if they get in her way or fail her. Also, should she be an Admiral if she heads a Navy and not a General...?

In the Light Path, she meets her end trying to prevent us from commandeering her warship or raiding a village or after a boarding action. Scott dealt the final blow in revenge for his fallen men. And in the mirror Light worlds, she still ends up dying, lamenting her place of death no matter what timeline we're in.

Joins up with us on the Imperial path and spouts off quite a few memorable lines but often comes into conflict with Leon due to their opposing values and moral system - 'victory trumps all' vs 'we protect the people'.

General Vargas, Age 39. Theme
A one-man wrecking crew and bald badass. General of the Blazing Dragon Army. Attacked Kalxath Castle after performing a diversionary attack on Estool, has a wife named Eliza who is expecting a child and is a relatively good sport for an enemy general. Doesn't seem overly sadistic or cruel but appears to relish the thrill of combat. Came to the aid of Camilla, even though she asked him not to and gave her a good lickin' about not letting pride get in the way of being smart in battle. He then tried to stop us with a hastily built fort in the mountains before Castle Baldea, left his men to check on his wife and then came back to aid them. Wants to be a brave role model for his child, as his father was an abusive coward and Vargas dreams of a future where the world is without war.

In the Light Path, he dies in the defense of the mountain fort preceding the ruins where Langrisser is said to be kept, along with all of his men. His final request was for Leon to inform his wife of his passing and that he died as he lived, a brave and virtuous man.

Fortunately, in the Imperial path, he is present for the birth of his daughter who he names Emilia. Unsurprisingly, he rejoins with the main battle group and continues being a badass.

Lady Eliza, Age 28.
The faithful and loving wife of General Vargas, who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl recently. Has an awesome unit sprite of her in bed with the baby's cradle next to her. Well-liked amongst all the Generals of the Empire and with the enlisted men, known for her hospitality and calm nature.

In the Light Path, Fighter and the other Descendants of Light make her a widow in their quest for Langrisser. Leon shares the news with her and she takes it as well as one would expect.

In the Imperial path, she doesn't become a war widow and should be set to raised a happy and healthy child with her husband.

- Sergeant Baldo, Age 30.
A subordinate of Leon's with a foul mouth who enjoys the thrill of cutting bodies, whether they be enemy combatants, civilians or his own body. Kept barely in check by Leon and Laird, he went out of his way to hurt and kill as many people as he could. Fighter/Octavian put him down in an overwhelming display of power.

Colonel Zorum, Age 33.
Vargas's right hand man and deputy commander of the Blazing Dragon Army. Is a bit slow at times, but calls Morgan out on his bullshit which is great. Favours a direct approach to solving problems and charges head-first into combat. Has been defeated thrice but unlike Morgan, he'll probably be back again. Was at the mountain fort alongside General Vargas, trying to prevent Fighter's group from reaching Castle Baldea. He matured a bit since their last encounter and accurately hypothesized that Fighter would defeat Imelda. He truly loves his General and wishes for him to have a happy life with his wife and their expected newborn child.

In the Light Path, he was killed alongside General Vargas at the mountain fort. Asked for Vargas to avenge him but that did not come to pass.

In the Imperial Path, he still lives though has disappeared from the limelight. Maybe one day, we'll see him again?

Morgan, Age 29. Theme
A terrible pile of flesh who is a black magician for the Dark Dragon Sorcerers. His list of traits include: rapist, pedophile, necromancer, necrophiliac (I assume), devious, twisted personality, mind-enslaver, terrible at insults and shares the same name as me. He is dead, cut down by a storm of feathers in the back as he tried to flee the Battle of Castle Kalxath and tried to sacrifice his subordinates to do so.

Sergeant Krämer, Age 31.
Led an ambush against the party on the bridge separating the mainland from the Baldean continent. He suffers from having a good tactical understanding but a poor strategic mind, as he set up a beautiful ambush but was caught out by our forces and thus, was unable to achieve his goal of collapsing the bridge in time. His name is pronounced 'KRAH-mur' not 'KRAY-mur' as you might think. This is due to the 'ä' being a more 'ah' sound then a hard 'a' sound like that racist Seinfeld character.

Forces of Darkness

Lána/Rana, Age 20. Theme[/b]
Apparently, is the twin sister of Liana who was kidnapped at some point during their childhood with the local village priest but before Hein was introduced to Liana. Is referred to as the "Dark Princess" and appears to have great skill in the magical arts. In an odd way, her relationship with Leon mirrors that of Liana and Fighter except she appears to be in charge and more certain of herself then Liana. Is friendly with Phoenixes, who are just about the cutest monsters in the game and seems to be working in tandem with the Empire in achieving their goals. Jessica said she was being controlled by a spell, but perhaps she is doing this of her free will...?

In the Light Path, she tried to stop us from entering into Velzeria but fled to the Temple of Darkness, once she knew she about to be defeated. Was used to unseal Alhazard but now, her mind control has been broken and will be joining up with us. Seems to be able to sniff out Alhazard's energy signature or aura.

Böser, Age ??. Theme
An enigmatic man who is known by Jessica as the 'Prince of Darkness' who can talk in the same fashion as monsters and sees the Descendants of Light as little better than worms. According to Jessica, he seeks to manipulate the Kaiser into unleashing Alhazard so that darkness (through the resurrection of Chaos) may reign over the world once again. But who knows, maybe they are just chill bros because they are both as gently caress. Appears to be the head of the forces of darkness.

In the Light Path, we cut him down in the great battle at the Rayguard Capital. He appears to be dead-dead though surely his machinations would extend beyond his demise, given that he knows the immortal Jessica - implying that he himself is immortal. Was defeated previously by Ledin in Warsong/Langrisser I but was back again until we offed him... again.

Faias, Age ??.
Originally, he was a noble from the outskirts of El Sallia who lived an honest if hard life, toiling under the same sun as his subjects and sharing in the bounty that nature provided them. Unfortunately, when war came a calling the desire for men from the major combatants reached even his distant lands. Wanting to not leave the village's men to their fate, he signed up and was made an officer of their unit and as such was in command of his friends. Time passed as they were stationed on a border outpost away from the main front and whilst things seemed to be going well as the war seemed to be winding down, it was not to last. A horde of demon spawn come through the border and whilst he and is men fought bravely, they were soon to be overrun. He tried to make a last stand with the rest of his men but Böser, who was heading these monsters, decided it would be interesting to convert him and turn him upon his own men for sport. After controlling his body and mind, the man found himself surrounded by the corpses of his men - at that point, his mind broke and in despair, he gave his will over to Böser fully. In return, Böser bestowed upon him the name Faias and made him into a loyal servant.

In the Light Path, Faias tried to prevent us from invading Velzeria and stopping the ritual ceremony to unseal Alhazard. Is responsible for the death of Fighter's foster father and mentor, Doren, who gave him a wound that scars Faias to this day. Tried to incite rage and hatred in Fighter, but ultimately fell to Cherie's dragon blast.

Esto & Osto, Age ??.
Esto & Osto are loyal servants of Böser's, who are parasitic monsters. Esto prefers taking on the form of powerful colossal monsters while Osto prefers taking on the form of sleek and agile monsters. They work extensively together and they have a good track record of success in service to his dark lord.

Originally, they were identical twins born in a war-torn nation, their mother tried to raise them well but with their father off in one of the many wars ravaging the countryside, she struggled to provide for them. Unfortunately, when the monsters came and razed the village, Böser came upon the infant twins protectively cradled in their slain mother's arms. As always, Böser was one for amusement during his various destruction rampages and converted the poor infants into the form they are today. At least they had no memories of their lives prior to becoming the monsters they are today.

Legends of El Sallia


Alhazard - The Glory of Darkness also known as the Dark Blade, Chaos's Glory and the Demons' Might
The blade that will plunge the world into darkness and it revels in the chaos and destruction sown by its wielder. Needs to be revived by a ritual that involves the Dark Rod.

Langrisser - The Might of Elthlead also known as the Holy Blade
According to the prophecy, in times of great darkness, the light of this blade will shine through as the last hope in the battle against the forces of chaos. Has untapped potential that can be unsealed by the Holy Rod.

Ancient Guardians - Spirits trapped in servitude and eternal unrest who guard the Dark Rod. Perhaps there will be more of them when it comes time to liberate Langrisser. For now, we can feel good that we laid them to rest and prevented them from going on a rampage and slaughtering the nearby village.


Sieghart, Founder of Baldea, Soul of Langrisser, Age ??.
The man who founded the Elthlead kingdom after war ravaged his homeland, he eventually gave up his life to bond with the Goddess Blade, Langrisser in order to fight against the Forces of Darkness.

Ledin, King of Baldea, Deceased.
The protagonist of Warsong who fights against the Dalsis Empire who invaded Baldea and ends up taking up Langrisser in the events that unfold. Defeats the Emperor Digos and takes the fight to Valzeria where he manages to overcome the forces of darkness and winds up reigning during peace times with his wife, Chris. Is an ancestor of Fighter's.

Diehärte, Demon Slayer, Deceased.
The protagonist of Langrisser III, he fought against demons hundreds of years ago. Wields a unique curved blade, Kotestu (虎徹), which was bequeathed to him by a man from the far eastern lands of Yamato. Is an ancestor of Leon's.


Lushiris, Goddess of Light, Age ?? Theme
She helps us with character creation, the game tutorial and seems pretty desperate for someone to save the world. So desperate that she let a Chosen One like Fighter try his luck. Is currently not too thrilled with Octavian's decision but still sees the end goal as worthy and thus, does not intervene.

Chaos, the God of Change, Age ??
A potential final boss of the game, he is the literal embodiment of the force of darkness/change that Böser works for and is also the patron diety of the demon tribe and its monsters. Was defeated by Ledin in Warsong/Langrisser I but promised that not only does the world of El Sallia need him to counteract Order but that as long as humans wage war, he shall return.

In the Mirror Light World, he was summoned by a broken Sonya and defeated once again by the Descendants of Light. Looks like a floating skull head with floating hands... looks hella goofy.

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Nov 20, 2013

The saddest day in Octavian's life was the day he was asked to shave his mustache.

Scenario 13
Kill Salrath - Vol 1 & 2


After the company’s triumphant return to the imperial capital, they received new orders to capture Salrath territory. Loren, Lord of Salrath, was known to be a supporter of Kalxath, the anti-imperial alliance and the Descendants of Light. As the company arrived in Salrath, Kalxath’s allied forced were already waiting to fight back.

A new character on the team means a new set of equipment to show off – plus with that Arbalest from last time, Rohga now a mobile artillery platform Leon gets a Necklace over the Swift Boots, as 14 MV is utterly insane for this game, especially in open battlefields, so let’s return to non-glitch methods and play the game as intended. Finally, Egbert switches up and gets an Orb and Odin’s Buckler – MP for summons and well, who doesn’t want to see him summon up an eight-legged horse?

Here are the stats for the Arbalest as there is a price for range and that is attack power. But the fact that Rohga is now a ranged beast with spells up the wazoo certainly helps tilt the odds in his favour.

It’s another new map, but one that’ll see quite a bit of action as the Salrathians have gotta go in almost every case. Tis truly a shame as Loren was a good guy, smart, understand his limitations and supportive of us when we were but fledglings. Scott, on the other hand, can just die as the pretty boy strategy git he is. Let’s take a look at the map:

The plan is the hold the north with magery whilst everyone else moves up in order to pincer Scott & Loren in their fort and thereby, we claim victory. Also, I’ve gotta say for some bizarre reason I really like the two tables included in the fort. They just seem so charming a detail, as it could be a dinner table or a war room briefing table or whatever, but it’s just nice that they’re there. However, note that the tables do not give any terrain bonus which makes sense. One should dance on a table, not fight on it. In conclusion, tables are sweet.

Now everyone, let’s take Salrath (and their tables) for the Empire!

Ah, good. We have just received some troubling news. It seems that Octavian has left Lady Cherie’s side. He is working with the Empire.

You cannot be serious!

That is not all. He has taken Langrisser.

For the Imperials?

I see… Things have become quite grim, have they not?

They have…

As things stand, Cherie and her group are in great danger. We must send our army for Kalxath. I shall lead the way!

Well said. Your spirit brings me pride, my son.

You speak too highly of me, Father. It’s embarrassing… Anyway, I will leave now and marshal our forces.

Scott leaves to marshal said forces…

Has it been ten years since he came to this house as an orphan…? He has grown to be a splendid young man.

ANOTHER COLOUR OF GENERIC! This game just keeps on surprising me, ever since starting this LP...

Wh, what!? Since when?

If this drags on, word will get to Kalxath. We need to make excellent use of our time.

The crushing of Salrath needs to be executed with stealthy precision. Heh heh… It sounds like a job for my elite troops. *strokes his Serpent* There, there, my little friend.

I see now… By rapidly taking territory, we can reduce their morale and prevent alliances.

And without allies, each country will soon extend its hand to the Empire.

Use magic to cut them off. Don’t let a single soldier escape.

Just like Egbert said, they’re probably going to turn tail and run. Encircle and isolate. Fight close, and crush them for the unity of El Sallia!

If worse comes to worst, we’ll face the Empire’s Four Heavenly Dragons. We’ll need more than military might against them…


Scott, escape at the first opportunity and go to Castle Kalxath. Tell them of the Imperial invasion!

Father, if I do that…

Don’t worry. My mansion won’t fall to men like these! Focus on your mission, Scott. And remember your lessons well.

Our victory here must be absolute. Make certain no one escapes! If anybody leaves here alive, the operation will fail. Crush as many as possible while they’re inside!

It begins topside with some magic and ranged fire from the HI2 team

I can’t afford to lose to you ruffians. Level up! DF+1, MP+1, Earthquake was learned!

And the other two Ballistae claim two more scalps. Beautiful – now to the main front down south.

Just a little more effort… Just a little longer, before His Majesty’s world comes to life…

You can’t overcome our burning desire for victory!

And that’s it for a rather productive Turn 1… Hein & Imelda really can hold up north on their own – go team HI2!

Scott, don’t miss your chance! Go now!

I won’t!

Oh, this is intriguing. So you’d raise a sword against me, eh?

We’ll teach you to make light of the Salrath Army!

Octavian, I place myself under your command. There’s no time to waste. I need instructions quickly.

My thanks. I’ll take charge at once.

So Sleipnir is not looking good, so Egbert summons Salamander as a replacement. It’s weaker then Sleipnir but it’s got Fireball, so that’s more strategically viable at this point.


Level up! AT+1, DF+1

No! Don’t come here!

Lord Scott, Forgive me for failing in your protection… Ugghh!

Everyone, forgive me. If I’d been a bit stronger, many would still be alive… But, by whatever means, I’ll make it to Kalxath!
And that’s the welcoming committee dealt with mostly – the Priest still remains but otherwise, the door is wide open. Vargas nabs us a secret water tile.

“If you desire power, offer me a prayer.”
What will you pray for?

More troops (useless for Vargas who can hire the max of 6 already),
Attack power (normally my go-to for commanders but Vargas is already rocking 41 AT at tier 3)
Defence power (Vargas shall be the rock-hardiest man on a serpent ever seen in El Sallia )

DF raised by 1 point!

That’s the southern front dealt with – now I just need to continue tying up the north with our magery and it should be over sooner rather than later. Imelda will hold back whilst Hein moves in for some Meteor mayhem next turn, as Scott is going to start his flight soon.

And that’s Turn 2 wrapped up. Prediction from on high is that they’ll entrench further and heal up, thereby negating the point of Scott swiftly retreating. Or maybe, just maybe that Priest will decide to go out in a blaze of glory and claim Leon’s scalp. Only time will tell.

Well, the first guess was the right one. Just a bunch of heal spells and no fleeing yet by young Master Scott. Let’s see what Octavian has to say about this.

Those bastards. Aren’t they going to surrender? (CC:112)

Why won’t you cooperate? We are working to create true peace!

By resisting us like this, you’re only prolonging the bloodshed! Aren’t you weary? Why won’t you face facts?

Let’s begin Turn 3 down south, with some tactical Egbert action.

Next turn, Egbert should be able to finish off the unwelcoming miscreants. Everyone else moves up and now it’s time for the northern front to get their on.

Misha… I apologize… I can’t go on…

Love you always, Hein.
That’s Turn 3 done with… if Loren & Scott don’t change their strategy soon, they are going to be massacred. Just as planned…

So, wondering what happened on the enemy turn? One guess, goons.

Anyway, while I’m gloating over my magical North, ferocious South strategy – Hein is an utter gentleman and feeds Imelda some desperately needed kills. Unfortunately, our favourite combat pragmatist is looking quite malnourished.

Level up! AT+1, DF+1, MP+1

Surprisingly, I needn’t have worried about Imelda – her Crusaders mop the floor with the Phalanx troop but now they may be vulnerable to Ballista fire from Loren. C’est la vie, mon chers cretins/goons. Let’s head back to the bottom of the fort/mansion and watch Egbert eat a healthy diet of nubile Priest skulls – it’s like watching fat people gorge themselves, disgusting but at the same time entrancing.


Level up! AT+1, DF+1, MP+2

Ahh… *sigh* Delightful… everyone else moves up and Octavian, your orders are to muss up the carpet, hammer in those loose floorboards and smash some Salrathian faces in! Now imagine all the above, use your imagination/whatever real-time combat simulator you like (in my case, Goat Simulator) to simulate the raw shock and awe of such a charge against what are basically the local militia who are cornered. Once you’ve spent a good few minutes on that have a look at the aftermath of our carpeted cavalry combat.

Turn 4 is finished, what will the craven Salrathian fools do this turn? The Empire yearns to drink the sweet blood of a green-haired bishie…[/i]


It doesn’t matter what happens to me! You must take word to Kalxath!

Understood… Take care, Father.

I leave it to you… So… Get out of here, Scott!

Loren takes a potshot at Leon’s men…

I’ve demonstrated my other talents, but now it’s time to fight!

Most impressive work, Imperial soldiers. But I can’t die here!

Leon, buddy? Did Octavian rub off on you in the right way? Cause Loren ain’t no pushover and your men tanked him like a champ. War medals for all!

Egbert heats up Loren’s ballista as the torsion springs inside them are sensitive to lightning strikes, didn’t you know? A common historical complaint about the bastillae – the torsion springs tended to attract lightning and not the good kind.

You won’t be running amok much longer!

Octavian continues to run amok.


Level up! AT+1

Only one level to go and Octavian will become that which he has dreamed of being, ever since joining hands with the Empire and bowing before his liege, Kaiser Bernhardt. Leon silently sheds a single tear for his brother-in-arms. Back to the northern front which Scott is fast approaching.

Imelda demonstrates the best way to deal with a physically and numerically superior foe – weaken, demoralise, burn, flay and press every advantage you have in order to take them down. Never give an inch and expect none in return, only then through such measures can you assure yourself of victory.

Poor Johnny Wing-Helmet never stood a chance once we started pushing through his defences and into his lines. Hein needs to set up a cohesive defence as Scott is coming. Scott is coming real soon.

Hein’s men stake another 10 elves into the wall, meaning they won’t be able to become vampires in the future! Therefore, Hein is actually granting them salvation in the form of a massive wooden bolt through the chest cavity. And that is all for Turn 5, I think unless Scott does something special, we can speed through the rest of the turns as this is merely a grinder – magical death on top, physical brutality on the bottom with a delicious filling of poorly trained militia combined with a desperate father-son last-ditch effort. Tastes like conquest on a fine Summer’s day.

Urgh – one poor positioning choice due to cockiness and this is the result, RIP Orlando, may you bloom eternally in the afterlife and not turn into a vampire. Let’s speed through now.

I won’t be defeated in this place!

Ballistae were also known for their weakness to asteroids and meteors which, again, was a common complaint of the time. It took Caesar a decade to perfect his anti-space rock shield, so that he could go on to smash the Gauls and the Britons.

Level up! MP+2

A welcoming committee, eh…

[Mage] drat you, Imperials, for bringing us to such straits!

Imagine the NO DAMAGE tink from FE happening over and over as arrows bounce off armour or are deflected by sword swipes. Still, it’s a respectable effort from the last remaining generic commander.

All I can see,

As everything I have wrought crumbles around me,

Is that smug satisfied grin

Of a man, who I once took in.

Checkmate, gentlemen – you are surrounded, outnumbered and hopelessly outmatched.

Now, we’re in position to take out both Scott and Loren at our leisure, but before we do let’s do a little jump forward in time and answer the question, what would happen if Scott were to escape?

I leave it to you! Bring our friends together, and we will crush the Empire once and for all!

I will do this.

poo poo! They got away! (CC:113)

Now we’ve got a clear path…

We need a bit more prudence in picking our fights…

:???: What the heck are Egbert & Octavian talking about there – it dumps the GAME OVER screen on you and then you go back to the title screen. Now, you may have been wondering if the enemy would get reinforcements given that this is a surprise invasion which means no one can get away as seen above. Well, they do but the interesting thing is the trigger has three ways of going off – let’s take a gander and let Octavian get all his sweet boss dialogue at the same time.

If you kill Scott first:

Sir Octavian, why have you joined the Empire…?

Forgive me, Scott. I’ve put a lot of thought into my decision. I’ve concluded that the Empire, through unifying this continent, offers the surest way to peace. And I don’t hesitate to kill anyone who gets in our way!

I’m not the wide-eyed youth you remember, Octavian. And I see that solution for what it is – short-sighted and foolish.



Forgive me… Father… I trained hard… but it wasn’t enough…

Hang in there, Scott!

For raising and caring for an orphan to this day… I humbly offer my thanks. After all you’ve done… I ‘ve repaid you with my wasteful death… For my Father’s best efforts… For this world… I die… Forgive me.

Scccotttt! I’ve never thought you any less than my own child. Even if we’ve different blood, you will always be my son. That’s… That’s why… drat you, Imperials! You’ll know a father’s vengeance for his child!

If you kill Loren first:

Still, why do you sacrifice your men? Surely you see its uselessness at this point.

If we don’t give it our all, then our dreams will fade into nothing. To achieve things, you have to take risks. In this case, I risk my life for my dream.

Uuggghh-! Is this the best I could do!? Scott, forgive me… Whatever happens, don’t follow the fate of your Father…

Father! Please, hang on!

… Scott, continue to learn. Always improve your tactics and travel the Knight’s path. I have no regrets. Save that… you’d had the chance to be an ordinary child, for a time…

Father… What are you talking about? Even though I was an orphan, you raised me as a true son. You’re the best Father I could have wished for!

Thank you, Scott. You’ve indulged an old man’s ego till the very end… Swear to tell… Kalxath… The rest, the rest… I leave to you… my son…

Faaatheeerrrr! I swear I’ll get to Kalxath. Please, watch over me.

If you kill every single generic commander first (which is what actually happened):

Looks like… I’ll join all our old friends…

The paths converge here and diverge based what triggered the reinforcements.

Scott has died…

I’m fine. But my son…

Oh no… I see now… Lord Aaron told us to investigate some suspicious movement, but we had no idea…

Ah, I see, but it no longer matters. We can’t hold out here. As much as I hate to say it… you’d be best served by withdrawing to Kalxath. Join your friends and bring justice to the Empire!

Got it!

It doesn’t matter who! Escape to Kalxath and take word of the Imperial invasion! All units, retreat to Kalxath!

Loren has died…

Forgive me, I didn’t quite make it outside… Lord Loren… was murdered by Imperials!

I see. Please, relax… Through the great efforts of Lord Aaron, we’ve come to aid Salrath.

It’s regrettable, but I can’t resort to my sword. All units, retreat! It doesn’t matter who, but someone must take word to our friends at Kalxath!

All generics have died…

Ah, you’re Lord Aaron’s soldiers!

Yes, Sir. We saw some suspicious activity, so we came to see what was going on.

Your timing couldn’t be more perfect. All units, retreat to Kalxath! Run, all of you!

Are you sure about that?

It’s regrettable, but I can’t resort to my sword. All units, retreat! It doesn’t matter who, but someone must take word to our friends at Kalxath!

The paths converge once again as the Imperials discuss what to do next…

What!? Reinforcements have arrived? Well, no reason to get worked up. Just some more grist for the mill…

But, there are those here who will inform Kalxath of our advance. We can’t just leave them to their mission.

We have to scrub this place. No trace of our involvement should remain.

I see. So if we leave them alive, we’ll regret it later.

This is, without a doubt, one of my favourite whilst simultaneously most skipped over sequences, as this is guaranteed to happen at least twice more before the LP is done. Our first ally is also always the first to fall when you choose to not follow the Light and the developers are unafraid to gut-punch the player for the choices they’ve made. This exchange between Scott and Loren is very well done, in spite of their brief screen-time and Scott, on his own, being a bit of a one dimensional character. I do find it odd that Scott being an orphan is constantly mentioned but my guess is that he was not adopted as a baby but at the point that he could recognise the implications of being adopted. Thus, being adopted is a part of his psyche and hence, he just can’t let that go when trying to measure himself up against his Father.

Anyway, since I know that I tear up and feel bad during this exchange, that’s the reason why I tend to skip through it. Also, Loren/Scott’s order to retreat is right call – the reinforcements are pathetic tier 2 cavalry who, at this point, die to stiff breeze. More grist for the mill, indeed!

Whatever it takes, I will arrive in Kalxath. Let’s go!

If he escapes, he’ll bring reinforcements!

No one must learn of our invasion. We can’t let a single enemy escape.

Isn’t the Empire, at this point, the strongest force in the continent with Langrisser and Alhazard in its possession? I guess one cannot underestimate the value of a fast, surprise attack like the WW2 invasions of Poland and France, but on the other hand couldn’t we just grind them down with our greater numbers and experience – to demonstrate the clear difference between them and us. What do you think, dear goons?

Anyway, Scott goes down again. Same death speech, so let’s move along.

Level up! MP+1

On the next enemy turn…

Forgive me, Scott. For once, I couldn’t stave off our invaders. Let us watch over Salrath from the heavens… my son.

Another Imelda fireball to finish off the father-son team… in fiery death.

Salrath won’t be able to hold out much longer… Sir Octavian… You silence all opposition through your thuggery. If this is what you call peace, you’re sorely mistaken. Soon, you’ll earn the hatred of all mankind!

These times are hard, but how many people need to die before they simply understand? If the Empire reigns, there will be no opposition. No opposition means no war… Dissent is a weed and I will tear it out by its rebellious roots. After this, people will have the opportunity to trust one another. The Empire knows peace must come first, through unification… Kalxath wants understanding before peace, but they have it backwards.

A man hates war, but he attacks his neighbouts and starts conflict after conflict. Do you see a small contradiction in his logic?

Now, if we were to kill Loren then attack Scott, here’s the dialogue that’d happen:

Don’t lose! For Father’s sake, we absolutely can’t be defeated!

And when he dies…

Ugh- I can’t do this any longer… Sir Octavian… You silence all opposition through your thuggery. If this is what you call peace, you’re sorely mistaken. Soon, you’ll earn the hatred of all mankind!

These times are hard, but how many people need to die before they simply cooperate? If the Empire reigns, there will be no opposition. No opposition means no war… Dissent is a weed and I will tear it out by its rebellious roots. After this, people will have the opportunity to trust one another. The Empire knows peace must come first, through unification… Kalxath wants understanding before peace, but they have it backwards.

I see… Father, forgive me… I didn’t keep your promise…

Similar yet different, Loren is definitely the stronger of the two since he calls us out pretty harshly with his dying breath. Egbert summons up Sleipnir, since he isn’t able to catch up in his wizardly robes but his burning steed certainly can.

Now, the rest is all just clean up with some ranged firepower and Vargas.

Level up! AT+1, DF+1, MP+1

Hey, clumsy. I’m over here!

Im, impossible! That I could die…

Level up! MP+1

Here’s the last foe that needs to be felled… his position is what we, in academia, refer to as a ‘kill lane’.

S, such strength. Too much…

Level up! AT+1, MP+1

Level up! AT+1, DF+1, MP+1, Class Change!

She’ll be going the Sage route, as Hein is filling the team’s offensive caster role very well. Plus, she gets Ballista either way plus Sage gets better stats, a more balanced aura and Again. Though, it’s really too bad that Imelda doesn’t get any healer-based classes meaning that I’ve got no one with Heal2 coming into the Imperial endgame - oh well

The fight is over…

This fighting you speak of is terrible, indeed. I’m quite troubled. After all, Scott and Lord Loren are not wicked men…

This victory for the Empire is a necessary step on the path to world peace. What do you think will happen if we allow them to reach Kalxath?

If soldiers leave these grounds, we’ll have trouble. We must defeat all our opponents here.

You’re right. If we allow them to drum up support, our assault on Kalxath will be very bothersome. No one will leave here.

And that’s all for this scenario, it was a doozy!

I must confess coming back on this emotional high point of a map makes me think more deeply about the key dilemma at play for Fighter/Octavian/ChaosHero/IndieHero – what is the best way to peace? The surest and most seemingly efficient path (Imperial)? Do you stick with your friends even when all looks utterly hopeless (Light)? Aligning yourself with those of greatest power (Chaos)? Or lastly, do you reject all pre-established notions of morality, ethics and the factions involved in the war, in order to find your own way (Independent)?

On the face of things, the Empire seems to be the most logical choice given their established power and previous accomplishments. Joining up with the Light is more about sticking with your love interest and friends as the Empire has slighted you and them, thus feels like the more emotional choice. The Chaos route, which is about POWER OVERWHELMING seems to be the most selfish choice but also the most revolutionary. Unfortunately, the Independent path feels a bit more like a wishy-washy, ‘I don’t know what I want’ rather than being utterly resolute but when you think about it, that actually makes it the most human route – given that humanity makes mistakes but is always trying to experiment and improve in order to bring about the best result.

Thanks for indulging my little rant here, as it’s good to be back online and LPing again! Next time, remember how we first met Aaron way back in another timeline? Well, it’s time to do what General Imelda couldn’t and slaughter every single dissident in our path! For the Empire!

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Smiling Knight
May 31, 2011

Glad to see this back!

As for the joining the Empire stuff, your Caesar reference put me in a Roman state of mind, and I thought of Tacitus' Agricola, which includes a history of the Roman conquest of Britain. Tacitus puts into the mouth of a Briton leader the famous line "You [Romans] create a desert and call it peace." That is what the Empire is doing here; they may slaughter their enemies, but the result will not be harmony but desolation. Moreover, no empire lasts forever. The conflict will simply re-emerge within a few generations, this time with even more anger and resentment on the part of the rebellious subjects.

Zanzibar Ham
Mar 17, 2009

You giving me the cold shoulder? How cruel.

Grimey Drawer

Glad you're back!

Now to read the last few updates to remember what's been going on.

e: "Let’s begin Turn 3 down south, with some tactical Egbert action." 3 images after this you have the wrong image.

Also you seem to have missed some face icons towards the second half of the update.

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Feb 13, 2012


Fun Shoe

Well, I was just thinking to myself the other day 'I remember that Langrisser game. That was pretty cool, shame about the real life troubles.' and here it is! It's good to have it back, and I hope your real life stuff is smoother and better now.

Nov 25, 2007

Depleted Uranium Beholder


I'm glad to see this back again. As far as the different paths, I've always been a sucker for Independent paths even if they are a bit wishy-washy. There's just something satisfying about being able to reject your destiny/obligations and do what you want, even if you aren't sure what that really is.

Nov 20, 2013

The saddest day in Octavian's life was the day he was asked to shave his mustache.

Mehuyael posted:

Glad you're back!

Now to read the last few updates to remember what's been going on.

e: "Let’s begin Turn 3 down south, with some tactical Egbert action." 3 images after this you have the wrong image.

Also you seem to have missed some face icons towards the second half of the update.

Thanks for that, Mehuyael. I'll get on that tonight after work.

Once more, I just need to say it's good to be back. Thanks guys.

e: All fixed up.

MonotoneMorgan fucked around with this message at Jul 21, 2014 around 07:22

Mar 31, 2011

Independent seemed more like a "A pox on all your houses!" route to me. What with the last mission in it. . .

Boneless Jogger
Apr 20, 2010

Good to see this back again!

The Independent route is my favorite, for reasons that I will discuss when we get there!

Heavy neutrino
Sep 16, 2007

You made a fine post for yourself. ...For a casualry, I suppose.

I honestly didn't see the Independent path like that at all -- my perception of it was that it was a scenario that attempted to answer the question: "what if the hero was an insane megalomaniac?"

Chaos, meanwhile, didn't make much sense to me but I don't remember it all that well. It could have been written better by casting the demons as systematically slaughtered and oppressed by all human societies (there's some vague allusion to that at certain points in the game), but instead reads like a scenario where the main character loses his morals with no good explanation of how it happened.

No Gravitas
Jun 12, 2013

by FactsAreUseless

Yay, the thread and the mighty CC is back!


Nov 20, 2013

The saddest day in Octavian's life was the day he was asked to shave his mustache.

Scenario 14
The Divine Wind Blows


Despite their best efforts, the Salrath forces were nothing to Octavian and his company. However, even with Salrath under the Empire’s control, the company could not ignore those who would stand against Rayguard. Octavian and his company travelled to a nearby village in search of would-be rebels. As the company drew near the village walls, an old swordsman, Aaron, positioned himself in a nearby fort to fend them off.

So some minor changes to our equipment, as I feel Leon deserves a spin of Langrisser whilst Octavian goes back to the tried and true Long Sword. More importantly, Rohga has gone back to being a long-range mortar (Arbalest) to a shorter ranged high calibre rifle (Long Bow) – more accurate, more stopping power and most importantly, more mobility. Now let’s take a gander at the map and long time readers, something should be readily apparently from first glance.

That’s right, it’s Scenario 9 Light! Except this time we’re Imelda… with Imelda in our company. Hopefully, we won’t repeat the tactical blunders she made way back then and thus, lead to a sound victory and an excellent session of plunder, pillage and razing for this rebellious little worm of a village. Here’s the plan I’ve concocted for this brave company of punitive forces.

Now with 20% more doodles representing magical support! But yeah, this map should have some surprises in store for us all and I, for one, sure hope Aaron can put up a good fight as he is a Sword Master, but unfortunately is still a crappy unit (41 AT, 28 DF for a tier 4 melee class… Come on, old man!) Octavian’s dedicated speech writer has prepared a little something for this occasion, let’s have a sticky beak at Octavian’s prep talk to the men:

Now that our forces are arrayed, we pray,
Lord God-Emperor Kaiser Bernhardt may we win this day,
Our life, our love, our blades to you,
The one we swore allegiance to.

If we should perish in the fight,
May our comrades and brothers never forget our plight,
And push on for us and those before,
Who walk with our forces nevermore.

Today, we ride to put down those who would seed dissent,
With Salrath gone and burnt to ash and dust, there still remain those who are foolishly loyal and will hinder us at every turn.
But even as we strike this chaff from the wheat of our glorious Empire,
We must think to the future – our allies plot against us, the gods themselves wish to intervene,
Only through forces of arms and will can the Empire reign supreme.

So men, get up in arms and raise your voices,
Send a rallying cry across all of El Sallia!
For the Empire, for Pax Rayguardia!

Oh wait a sec, wasn't this meant to be a secret surprise assault on the Kalxathians and their ilk?


You remind me of a younger me, back when I had hair as tall and beautiful as my baby girl is now, haha!

No, there’s been none.

Makes sense…
I knew the Empire would eventually invade…
But if Salrath has fallen, we’ll face the enemy here!

Yes, Sir!

Yes. Before we take Kalxath, we’ll need to neutralise them.

Looks like we’ll be dealing with the old swordsman again.

And he’s nice and ready for us. What a great welcome they’ve prepared.

We’ll just make sure we’re the life of this little party! Tee hee!

They’ve guessed our plan. I’m sure they’re here to pre-empt our march on Kalxath.

This could hardly be more difficult…
In all my days, I never thought I would have all of the Empire’s Four Heavenly Dragons…

For those who have forgotten, Aaron is referring to the titles bestowed to each of Bernhardt’s mightiest generals, based on the force they lead – General Leon of the Blue Dragon Knights, General Vargas of Blazing Dragon Army, General Imelda of the Water Dragon Navy and Egbert, the Right Hand of the Kaiser who also leads the Dark Dragon Sorcerers. It’s almost like Octavian, Hein and Rohga are just bit players when we have such a star-studded lineup.

And yes, the villagers are still here as well. Can we go one better then Imelda in another timeline?

I’ll be candid. We don’t have much of a chance here.
I’ll buy you time. Please, go now.

There are villagers here. They needn’t be involved.
Direct arms only against our enemy!

And so it begins. Let’s start by blockading the south with some crafty summoning and magic support. I think given the prevalence of cavalry down south, a well placed Iron Golem should be the proverbial spanner in the works.

In the middle of the map, where naval power will decide who shall control the tide of this battle, Vargas rushes in.

As for up north? Hein strikes out behind the safety of Rohga’s Phalanx wall and scores first blood.


Leon heads north into the sea to nab a secret tile and nominally, to protect our flank from a naval ambush. Everyone else moves up and thus, Turn 1 ends.

There is no reason to ask him for protection or orders. You are not our enemy.
We have no desire to fight with or harm civilians. However, I can’t guarantee your safety if you remain here.
Please leave quickly for your own protection.

O, okay.

Hoh hoh…
Quite admirable, for an agent of the Empire. You interest me…
Your name is Octavian, right?

Correct. We’re not here to cause suffering nor to pillage homes.
We will always permit civilians safe passage from battle.

Hmmm… If we weren’t enemies, I’d very much like to share a drink with you.

Heart warming. But, as you say, we are here to kill each other.

As the Empire wishes… I will not hold back!

For Kalxath’s benefit, I really should divert their attention.

Lord Aaron, please, think about this!

Don’t worry about an old man. Please, leave the field.

Y, you have our thanks, Lord Aaron.

All right, men! Let’s show the Empire what a real army is all about!
It’s possible that the enemy will attack from both sides. I want you to handle all who move in from the north.


If we want to turn this battle around, I’m going to need your help.
Magicians, defend this point and bombard them with magic!

As you wish.

I’m entrusting our southern defence to you. However, our enemy may attack from the north as well. Be cautious.

Yes, Sir!

IF you remember your pokemons, you should know Thunder is super-effective against water-type… in Der Langrisser, if those water-types are on the water itself, the damage is doubled as well. But it’s not as if they can pierce our almighty defence though, see exhibit A below.

And that’s it for the enemy turn, now we know that Aaron has a pretty good grasp of tactics and is being somewhat annoying to deal with. Should be a fun fight

Level up! MP+1

The southern front appears to be holding its own quite well. Imelda & Egbert make a grand team. Vargas, on the other hand, is alone and mad… and as that middle force is about to find out, no one likes Vargas when he’s angry.

Seriously… don’t mess with the cue ball or he will wreck your day. Thank goodness, we were able to take him on when he was at a disadvantage before in the Light path. Those Nessies to the east are somewhat worrisome, but shouldn’t have an impact on Vargas or the southern front until Turn 3. Now to complete our triple pronged attack, let’s see what Rohga/Hein can do.

S, strong…

Marvelous work, you two! Now, Octavian’s been itching for some blood to quench his blade’s eternal thirst… let’s get on that already!

This leaves the north in a slightly precarious situation but as long as they don’t all dogpile on Octavian, we should be able to weather the storm. With that Turn 2 is over.

I’ll protect Sir Aaron!

Oops. My bad, Crusader Reinbach III.

Water really slows them down. Take advantage of that and hit them hard.

Aye Sir! Leave the river fight to me!
Yarr, ye have skill, all right. But ye won’t be so boastful when you’re dead.

Nooooo… not Squickster and Squiggy! You will pay for this, river fight man!

Well, I was wrong about the Nessies not being able to do anything to our forces until Turn 3. So very wrong, indeed

Not super happy with this offense, but caution may be the better part of valour if I can lure those Nixies on the island and clean them up in a methodical manner. Back to the south now.

Sir Aaron, I’m so sorry…

The south is basically won at this point, but Vargas needs some support in the river and there’s still that pesky mage towards the east. The northern front looks set for a breakthrough this turn, so let’s try to realise that, but first what has Leon found?

The bird is holding a small, glittering stone in its beak. What will you do?

Startle it, Reach out, Ignore it

The bird drops the stone in your hand and flies away. You wash the stone and it emits a mysterious glow. Obtained Rune Stone.

Whilst Leon plays with birds, Hein sends a meteor Vargas’s way – this is how you do support as a mage!


drat! The front line’s been bowled over!? Those Four Heavenly Dragons live up to their reputation…
But I think they’ll enjoy my sword techniques. Each is well known for its eviscerating potential.
Defeating me won’t be a merry stroll! (CC:114)

Sounds interesting! We’ll see whose swordsmanship is superior.
Level up! AT+1, DF+1, MP+2

But that’s not all for this turn…

Imperial soldiers, I’ll see you in hell! (CC:115)

Level up! AT+1, DF+1, Class Change!

Aww yeah. The first of Kaiser Bernhardt’s new and improved Royal Guard, reporting for duty!
Also, Octavian gets this:

Hi, Aaron! Turn 3’s over and you’re about to get a double helping of pain… and fire!

And now, it’s Turn 4. Let’s wrap up the southern bridge confrontation and push onwards.

At least I was able to see the whole Imperial Army in coordinated action…
Quite a sight…

I like this trooper, always looking at the bright of things – I believe you’ll move on to a better place

This has turned into a hard-fought skirmish.

The Empire’s strength should not be underestimated. It’s always a quite fatal mistake…

Hein chucks another Meteor in support of Vargas, which knocks down all our foes in the river and signals the beginning of an all out attack.

Level up! AT+1, DF+1

Two more turns and the river should be secure, thanks to Vargas & Hein. Now, let’s rush through Aaron and try our Imperial darndest to kill ANY and all people on the field who aren’t members of the glorious Empire.

Let’s see what you can do!

Let’s go!

I may be old, but this sword’s as steady as ever!

Playing it safe for now, but maybe next turn… though, on the enemy turn they do nothing but futz about and heal up – too cautious by half, I’d say.

`Th, this is it…

Obtained Necklace.

If I only were stronger…

Level up! DF+1, MP+1

You may have noted I got a tad more… creative there. There’s nothing like a healthy dose of frustration to get the creative juices flowing. I may just try to finish this turn rather than dragging it out to kill that southern mage, we’ll see.

This is OUTRAGEOUS! How dare the game prevent me from going against the protaganist’s wishes to not slaughter a horde of innocents! This won’t stand! I can’t wait for the Chaos path!

*Benny Hill theme plays*

Th, this is…
the end…

Aaron! Pull yourself together!

Oh, Princess…
Watching over you…
has made me very happy.

St, stop that! What are you saying?

Please, listen…
Don’t waste your efforts here. Hurry and return to Kalxath. The Empire is strong. But you and Keith can protect the castle…
You can ward them off… Cherie, I always knew you’d make a wonderful princess…
You made an old man proud… Will you do this for me?

Y, yes…

Thank you…
Whew, I’m tired…
I’ll, I’ll just rest for a while…

A, Aaron!

Princess, this may sound cold, but now isn't the time to mince words.
If we stay here and fight, Aaron will have died in vain. We’ll share his fate. His final thoughts were wise…
We must make our stand at Castle Kalxath.

Keith, what good would fortifying our castle do?
We can’t win against Octavian and the Four Heavenly Dragons!
Kalxath is finished…
We’re finished…

Wow… we uhh broke Cherie… kinda forgot about this happening to Her Genki-Genki Highness…

Cherie, get a hold of yourself! If we give in, what has Sir Aaron fought for?

Y, you’re right…
Keith is right, as always. No more tears…
I’ll do my best from here on out.


We’re sick of your lies!
We’re sick of the pain and death you’ve caused!
The Empire’s dream, its vision, has done nothing but kill goodhearted people…
It’s a showdown, Octavian!
I’ll wait for you at Kalxath!

Level up!

Level up! AT+1, MP+2


Don’t fret about it, Hein. After all, I was prepared for a few wounded feelings.
Always remember, we’re fighting so tomorrow’s children won’t need to endure this…
We’ll end this dark age ourselves!

We should strike Kalxath quickly. They’re undoubtedly preparing some heavy fortifications.

Very true. Let’s hurry. After Kalxath falls, our opposition will be halved. And unification will be within our grasp.

And that is a wrap, but before I give a sneak peek at the next mission; let’s have a look at the death cry of that poor southern mage who got none of Imelda & Egbert’s lovin’.

Not really worth the time taken to take this guy out… alas. So, next time we come back to a familiar map and re-enact the Blazing Dragon Army’s great siege of Kalxath from only a mere 11 scenarios ago. Time really does fly when you’re having fun, ey?

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Nov 20, 2013

The saddest day in Octavian's life was the day he was asked to shave his mustache.

No Gravitas posted:

Yay, the thread and the mighty CC is back!


The CC missed us all, I think. And thanks, it's good to be back

Also, before anyone comments on it - I will update the CC for the latest update later, just busy atm and was able to get this one done sooner then I thought so I put it up. If there are other errors please let me know, otherwise enjoy!

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Does that map care at all how many civilians you take down?

No Gravitas
Jun 12, 2013

by FactsAreUseless

Glazius posted:

Does that map care at all how many civilians you take down?

I don't think it lets you attack any of them directly.

Can you kill indirectly, that is the question...

Nov 20, 2013

The saddest day in Octavian's life was the day he was asked to shave his mustache.

No Gravitas posted:

I don't think it lets you attack any of them directly.

Can you kill indirectly, that is the question...

Tested this after the post when I was dicking around to kill that last mage.
You are unable to target the civvies for ranged or melee attacks, inflict any damage (through area spells or otherwise) nor are you able to debuff them. Also, since the enemy AI will never target them, they are impossible to kill. It truly saddens me that I can't go against the wishes of the protagonist, given that Imelda (and probably Egbert/Vargas/Rohga) would have jumped at the chance.

C'est la vie, No Gravitas et Glazius.

Sep 22, 2011

MonotoneMorgan posted:

Tested this after the post when I was dicking around to kill that last mage.
You are unable to target the civvies for ranged or melee attacks, inflict any damage (through area spells or otherwise) nor are you able to debuff them. Also, since the enemy AI will never target them, they are impossible to kill. It truly saddens me that I can't go against the wishes of the protagonist, given that Imelda (and probably Egbert/Vargas/Rohga) would have jumped at the chance.

C'est la vie, No Gravitas et Glazius.

Well, just goes to show you that Octavian's doing good work. Reforming the Empire by being so badass everyone else in charge decides to follow his lead!

Although dropping a few meteors in the civvies' general area probably inflicts a good bit of psychological damage. The Empire takes pains to keep their therapists in business

Dec 22, 2010

Echoing the pleasure at seeing this thread back! Are any of the contests from the last thread still going?

Nov 20, 2013

The saddest day in Octavian's life was the day he was asked to shave his mustache.


Echoing the pleasure at seeing this thread back! Are any of the contests from the last thread still going?

Yes, they are still both ongoing - I'll append the two comps to the OP and that way it's obvious to new readers.
And don't worry, I have a file of goons and their guesses for the final CC number - even I don't know what it'll be.
I shall have it up along with the updated CC by the weekend when I get some time off, just swamped at work atm.

And Genaro, you've helped me think of a new wartime propaganda idea:

The Rayguard Empire

Our Psychologists Help All of Mankind - Enemies and Allies Alike.

-insert pic of an imperial psych soothing a shell meteor-shocked enemy civvie from that last map-

Do Your Leaders Even Care About You?

Nov 20, 2013

The saddest day in Octavian's life was the day he was asked to shave his mustache.

Scenario 15
An Unexpected Twist


Having arrived at Castle Kalxath, Octavian and the Four Heavenly Dragons began a full-scale assault on the last anti-imperial stronghold. With the Descendants of Light hidden inside, Octavian was on the verge of delivering a fatal blow to the Empire's greatest enemy. If victorious in battle, the Empire would possess the final key to unleashing Alhazard's might. However, the true objectives behind Alhazard's revival remain shrouded in mystery...

Only one new item from the pre-battle shop, the Devil Axe which goes on Vargas whilst the Arbalest gets back into Rohga's reassuringly firm grip. Now, while the Devil Axe similar to its Fire Emblem counterpart, same name and that it's a great boon (+8 AT!) at a cost (-3 DF) - unfortunately, there will be no Trial by Devil Axe aka 'Crit Yo'self in the Face, Banzai Gameshow' in Der Langrisser. Alas, such a missed opportunity

Those of you who have been here from the start may find this map familiar - it is almost the same as the Scenario 4 map wherein we saved Keith & Kalxath from Vargas's onslaught. However, much to my dismay, it isn't the exact same map. The bottom has been cut out a bit and the rearend of the castle opened up somewhat. Also, the walls have been reinforced, not in gameplay terms mind just graphically which is a nice touch, given that we know the Kalxathians knew the Empire were dropping by for some tea, scones and Liana. Most of the Kalxathian regulars are present on the map, so look forward to some sweet Lester lines being dropped, I know I am

The strategy for today is simple and hopefully, self-evident by my terrible MSPaint skills. Mages (Hein/Imelda) go left and nuke away, Vargas goes to the right for the Lester face-off and the rest go through the middle or support the middle with ranged firepower.

Our troops are making the preparations as you speak.

The Empire has both Alhazard and Langrisser, don't they...?
They won't lay around. They'll crush us in one vulgar display of power.
Really, is there any way to win against these odds?

Don't count us out just yet. We have a few ideas up our sleeves. But there's still plenty of work to do.

The Empire is moving very fast in this operation... And even twice the time wouldn't have been enough. However, if we work as one and cover our weaknesses, we'll prevail.

The Descendants of Light aren't exactly inspiring much in the way of confidence for their men, I must say. Kinda sad really - especially Lester losing his belly fire.

Oh, look!
The guests of honour have finally arrived.

Castle Kalxath? It seems like yesterday...
Who'd have thought I'd revisit it with my former enemies?

Gwah hah hah!
Last time, we had to pull back because of you!
Now, we'll take Kalxath with ease. Glad you're aboard!

Getting R.E.S.P.E.C.T. from the man that matters most.

This is their stronghold. If we rout them here, Kalxath will be no more.
We must achieve victory. His Majesty has requested our greatest efforts.

Heh heh...
Just leave it to me!

There are additional orders. We must apprehend the girl named Liana.
If she dies, our mission is a failure. Keep that in mind.

We need to capture Liana?

That's right. We need her to unlock Alhazard's potential.
The seal placed on the sword may only be dissolved by the Maiden of Light.

So that's why.

So that's why the Empire's been after Liana all this time, isn't it?

Correct. If I close in on Liana, I can teleport her and myself to Rayguard.
Hold off her meddlesome friends, and I'll take care of the rest.

Well that sounds perfectly reasonable, Egbert and thanks for not beating around the bush regarding why Liana is so important. You're not as bad as I first thou-

Of course, it would be ideal if you could kill them all in the process.

Oh... nevermind.

Got it. All right, let's go, everyone!

Everyone moves up, Egbert summons Sleipnir and AssaultStrikeForce Gate Breach reaches the gate. Otherwise a quiet Turn 1.

It's finally begun...
Who would have dreamt...
Octavian, our once staunch friend and ally lays siege to the castle he protected...

The rear aerial forces move into position whilst and Lester have some choice words for us.

Don't think you can just barge on in!

I'm not going to let Imperial scum near this castle! I'm going to kick all your asses!

Time to take a gamble and lower our mobility in exchange for a MASSIVE opening salvo from Team Nuke-tacular.

So now we've put the hurt on their ballista but in exchange we now have one less bridge square to work with (it now counts as a water tile, I believe). Imelda delivers a fiery wombo combo with her follow-up.

You must think you're pretty great for coming this far. Too bad you won't go further!

Times the above by 3 and we can see that Imelda is starting to come into her own. Keep it up you crazy psycho bitch
Hein follows her lead and racks up two ballista and a high elf, himself. Though it is at a cost as seen below, since those Ballista can shoot back and are not in Hein's command range.

Still, not too shabby Team Nuke-tacular. Now to do something unorthodox and play defensively - choking up that bridge should give me the time needed to shoot out the enemy ranged force before sweeping up.

Lastly, Rohga and Vargas move up which concludes Turn 2. Not much of note occurs aside from generics blindly charging forward whilst the named characters await their turn at the end of our blades like civilized folk. Imelda's up first.

I... I haven't...

Level up! AT+1, DF+1, MP+1

Indeed Imelda, that mage needed a few more levels before he could ever hope to challenge you. Hein, keep this momentum going please~

Times that by three and you have a happy Hein! So happy in fact:

Level up! MP+2

Everyone bar the AssaultStrikeForce moves up and Turn 3 is done. Feels good to be playing on the defensive for a change.

Seems like not everyone is a fan of Sleipnir invading their personal space... but to use fire on a steed made of divine fire? Tsk tsk tsk, Kalxathians, where did you people take a wrong turn in life? Alas, you shall learn under the hooves of your mythological mistakes. (tl;dr? I'm not happy with the fireball actually damaging Sleipnir.)

(imagine Weevil's voice from Yugiho) My magic should have been unstoppable... Ugghh!

Hein shoots down another host of angels from the sky, adds a notch to his belt and asks through a cigar clench in his teeth to no one in particular, "I wonder, how does the ground feel to those with wings?"

Tossing the remnants of a cigar well smoked, he answers himself, "Probably feels like being human to them - dirty, alone and unloved."

Imelda, on the other hand, doesn't bother with all the philosophy and just attacks.

So close to getting a twofer! At least, there's a plan B - if you're new to this thread, just an PSA: There's always a Plan B. Even if it's restarting the game or cursing the Sun, Moon and/or Stars - a plan is a plan.

So... whilst Rohga and Sleipnir execute Plan B, the Blazing aquatic Dragon force hits a literal wall - the scaly buggers can't climb over the battlements!
All that can be done is to either meteor the offending battlement into wasteland terrain or to move onto and then off the bridge. Both options suck in a time/effort sense, the situation is a classic Morton's Fork and it is currently wedged right into my derriere. Oh well, I was going to charge in this turn but I suppose it can wait. Turn 4 out.

Well blast them in the arse, this is turning into one mighty clusterfuck of a siege. So Vargas may not be able to hit the moat just yet but in combination with Rohga, that Angel's going to regret sallying forth.

I, I'm falling!


Below is an aftermath shot of the previous gif... it's pretty brutal if you have a bunch of mages massed together. The enemy AI doesn't utilize it to the fullest until later on when you have to play really carefully as a weak mage's fireball will still do 1 damage to a commander and their men.

The strategy to pick the defenders apart at range is going smoothly, so let's skip ahead this part whilst looking at some of the highlights.




Do you call this a wound? It's barely a scratch!

Multiple this by a few turns and the bodies start to pile up. Let's look at the death quotes~

On Turn 8, Jessica pipes up...

Egbert is pressing forward...
What!? Could he be...?

What's wrong, Lady Jessica?

Liana, run away, now!


They probably want you to unseal Alhazard. I'll guard you all the way to the rear.
Hurry and escape!

Jessica, please prepare to fall back!
Without your support, we Descendants of Light would be devastated...

I see. Very well, then.
Let's go, Liana. Please stay close.

Everyone is fighting for me...
I can't let them down...
I won't get captured. I have to hurry!

Liana's trying to escape. We can't let that happen!
Hurry and catch her!

My teacher never fails to impress. She knows our objective...

Circling around the back may be the best strategy...
Or, perhaps...

Don't be hasty, Octavian. We must assess their deployment more fully before devising our plan.

Yes, you're right. We will skilfully employ our troops and prevent Liana's movement.

And so this mission took a hard left turn into the RUSH RUSH RUSH phase. No more besieging, it's assault time!

A sorry start to our assault - the key will be our cavalry charge through the castle, storming their defences and crushing the Kalxathians under hoof. Jessica and Liana move like 3 squares, Hein kills another Phalanx and we continue our steady progress.

Obtained Amulet.

If I die, then the castle's defence will...

Level up! AT+2, MP+1, Attack 1 was learned!

I completely forgot that Knight Master learns Attack 1... not the most useful ability at this point of the game though. Vargas finally hits the water and now I can enact my counter-Lester tactic in earnest.

Level up! AT+1, DF+1

You shall not pass!

After 2 turns, look how far Team Jessiana have gotten. Kinda makes sense given they're both magically inclined. Octavian should be able to cut them off in time given his current pace.

I call the above: Newton's 3rd law of tactical SRPGs - AoE Damage -> AoE Healing.

Level up! AT+1, MP+1

I'll leave Leon and co. to deal with Keith/Cherie whilst Octavian moves to cut off the fleeing enemy. Egbert will also follow behind since he's needed to capture Liana.

Two Leviathans have been lost to Lester's tricksy Nixies... fudge-sticks.

Th, this is it...
Please leave here. Follow Lady Liana and Lady Jessica...

You're saying I should just abandon you all and run away!?

I'm... done for.
Please leave with the Princess and plan a... counterattack.

But Keith!

As long as the Princess lives, I have no regrets...
Lord Lester. Please... please look after the others...


For the glory of Kalxath! And for true peace throughout the world!

Level up! MP+2

I think Keith is actually dead but I can't remember 100%... it deems seem likely though.

So after Turn 12, here's how the assault's gone. This one was actually quite surprising, did not expect the fleeing event being triggered by time.

And he does nothing. Great vengeance there Lester... you'll do Batman proud. Now, since the ladies are exiting stage right and are quite literally lined up, Hein attempts to bowl them over with his meteoric muscles.

It's payback time!

Hein shreds Cherie's cavalry force in half with a rain of bolts. Now to pinch the pincer and take out an avatar of Lushiris.

Well, the major concern of the map is holed up now. Jessiana could fire off some mean magic that could slap Octavian like a cold sobering fish - on that note, time for Vargas to slap Lester.

Aaaarrgghhh! This one's for Keith!

Well... more like we got slapped. The reason? Remember waaay back in the Light path I mentioned that Lester can as a Serpent Lord (T4) is better than Serpent Master (T5) due to the commander unit bonuses being switched? Well this is where it bites me in the rear end. In the end, might and magic will overcome that snake bastard.

One more turn and the south will be completely resolved. Now let's head back up to our pincer where Egbert is in range to deliver some pain.


Obtained Necklace.

Aaaahh! I'm sorry, Keith...
In this condition, I'm just in the way. I'll retreat this time...

Level up! AT+1, DF+1

When Octavian engages Liana's men in combat...

We won't kill you, but you won't escape, either!

Why do things happen... as they do...

We're unsealing Alhazard's power! Come join us!

I, I can't move any more...
Liana, go on without me.

And that settles it. Next turn Egbert will get his mindslave and Lester (+ that High Lord) shall fall.

No! Let me go!

Heh heh heh...
I'm afraid you won't get away. Ahem...
Watchers of time and space...
Honour your ancient pledge and send her to another land...

So err... firstly, I wanted to get a gif of this but was having difficulties with my software, so it'll be presented in stills. Also, just a quick PSA but goons - no means no even if you are capable of casting Teleport Other. Lastly, let's go back in time and kill everything before letting Egbert get his creep on.

Sorry, Keith.
I didn't avenge your death here, but I'll make up for lost time...

Obtained Amulet.

I... cannot allow you to breach... the walls.

Bit bloody late mate - you're the last one and we breached the walls 6 turns ago.

Level up! AT+1, MP+1

Level up! MP+1, Earthquake was learned!

Level up! MP+1

Level up! MP+1

Now, Liana. There's nowhere to run. Be a good girl and come with me.
Octavian, why have you changed so much?


When we first met, you were so kind...
You hated war...

That hasn't changed. I want this conflict to end quickly and thoroughly, so I'm lending myself to the Empire.

Well, you're doing a terrible job!
Can you say the Empire brought peace to Kalxath? Can you!?

This place may indeed have been a haven of sorts.
But in all my travels, I've witnessed nothing but siege and bloodshed.
To truly sever the roots of war, the world needs a strong, unified kingdom!

You have changed, after all...
The Octavian I knew would not look for peace through tyranny...
He'd have faith that everyone wants to live free of suffering!

I'm getting very tired of explaining myself. Liana, I'm taking you with me.


Can you believe it?
There are no secret tiles in this map at all! Also, the difference between letting Egbert finish the mission and the slaughter everyone route is significant. Let me know what you prefer, I know I prefer the latter and the poxy attempts at justifying the path Octavian's on. Now then, next time since we've got an entire Navy as well as the Forces of Darkness as allies we jump straight to the unsealing of Alhazard at the Temple of Doom.

I hope you look forward to it! I know I am.

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Nov 5, 2009

Scenario 15 Imperial posted:

Those of you who have been here from the start may find this map familiar - it is almost the same as the Scenario 4 map wherein we saved Keith & Kalxath from Vargas's onslaught. However, much to my dismay, it isn't the exact same map. The bottom has been cut out a bit and the rearend of the castle opened up somewhat. Also, the walls have been reinforced, not in gameplay terms mind just graphically which is a nice touch, given that we know the Kalxathians knew the Empire were dropping by for some tea, scones and Liana. Most of the Kalxathian regulars are present on the map, so look forward to some sweet Lester lines being dropped, I know I am

Scenario 4 Light posted:

Well, I'll be - Mermaids can't climb over a wall - it makes sense in context but you forget these things in the heat of battle - so Fighter will need to cut through Vargas's troops to give his terrain dominance. It shall be done.

Scenario 15 Imperial posted:

So... whilst Rohga and Sleipnir execute Plan B, the Blazing aquatic Dragon force hits a literal wall - the scaly buggers can't climb over the battlements!

Been a while since then, hasn't it?

No Gravitas
Jun 12, 2013

by FactsAreUseless

Ah, how delightful. Glad to see this back.

marshmallow creep
Dec 10, 2008

I've been sitting here for 5 mins trying to think of a joke to make but I just realised the animators of Mass Effect already did it for me


I'm getting very tired of explaining myself.

He's not the only one.

Nov 20, 2013

The saddest day in Octavian's life was the day he was asked to shave his mustache.

Jegan posted:

Been a while since then, hasn't it?

Far too long in my opinion. Really awesome grab there, Jegan.
Also, I'm glad to be back loyal Rayguard reading regulars. I did mention the slowed release period... I just didn't think it'd be this slow.
Which reminds me, it's time for a question/vote for the thread:

Which do you prefer?

A. Chasing skirts
B. Chasing royalty

Personally, as a gamer I prefer B (quests/loot) but A does look pretty tempting...

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Aug 13, 2014

Festival with your real* little sister!

B. Gotta get those dolla dolla bills. Then you can chase skirts even more effectively!

Apr 5, 2010


This game is not half as accessible as Fire Emblem, but I love it anyways. The branching storylines thing was way, waaaay ahead of its time, and they even managed to throw in questions about the nature of human existence! In an SNES game! There are a lot of games even nowadays that try and fail to do that.

That being said, let's chase royalty.

Zanzibar Ham
Mar 17, 2009

You giving me the cold shoulder? How cruel.

Grimey Drawer

Go for the crown!

Also, I always love it when someone important dies and there's this sad moment, followed by "Level up! Atk+1!" I might have mentioned it in the last thread.

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Dude's fighting the war to end all wars.

Shame he doesn't know how those tend to turn out.

Nov 20, 2013

The saddest day in Octavian's life was the day he was asked to shave his mustache.

It's been quite some time (another 2 months, yeesh) but I'm happy to say with the upcoming holidays, I believe the Imperial path will be done by the end of 2014.

By my count, there are 31 scenarios remaining (this includes a much reduced Imperial mirror world) and so, since I want to avoid spamming the next few chapters and potentially clogging up this 1st page of the redux thread - I call upon you, my dear readers/goons.

What have you liked about Der Langrisser so far? What haven't you liked?
What are you hoping to see? What do you think about the grand conflict between Light/Chaos and humanity being thrust in between them?

I strongly encourage you to share your thoughts so that I can get this onto a second page and make a new update for Scenario 16: The Squelchening.

Also, current votes: 3 royalty, 0 skirts. To which I ask, there no hot-bloodedness in our goonhort?! (goon cohort)

Mar 31, 2011

I will vote for skirts. Just to be contrary.

Zanzibar Ham
Mar 17, 2009

You giving me the cold shoulder? How cruel.

Grimey Drawer

MonotoneMorgan posted:

What have you liked about Der Langrisser so far? What haven't you liked?

I've always been a sucker for RPGs with multiple paths. It's cool when you can affect the story! Secondly, as sort of a consequence of the game letting you join forces with the baddies, many of them get a bit more personality than just 'bad guy' and 'creepy bad guy'. I wouldn't call them fully developed, but it's more than nothing. Also class changes are always awesome.

PS: bonus MUSCLES mission was great

Now, what I don't like... I'd go with how it seems like the most important characters seem to be the least interesting. Oh, and the female character concept art in most cases (though what can you expect from a porn artist?).


What are you hoping to see? What do you think about the grand conflict between Light/Chaos and humanity being thrust in between them?

I don't know what I want to see, I just go with the flow. Whatever happens happens! As to the whole conflict and humanity's role in it, I'm going to withhold forming a real opinion on it until I see the monster story path. Right now it seems mostly cut and dry, with only a hint of perhaps humans' racism/speciesism having a part in why monsters hate them so much.

Nov 20, 2013

The saddest day in Octavian's life was the day he was asked to shave his mustache.

Mehuyael posted:

PS: bonus MUSCLES mission was great

Mehuyael posted:

Now, what I don't like... I'd go with how it seems like the most important characters seem to be the least interesting. Oh, and the female character concept art in most cases (though what can you expect from a porn artist?).

I don't know what I want to see, I just go with the flow. Whatever happens happens! As to the whole conflict and humanity's role in it, I'm going to withhold forming a real opinion on it until I see the monster story path. Right now it seems mostly cut and dry, with only a hint of perhaps humans' racism/speciesism having a part in why monsters hate them so much.

In Urushihara's defence, he really does seem to only have one style and that is drawing heavily upon his hentai experience. Though looking through some images I'll note that there's quite a bit of overlap in character design from game to game.

Also, the most important characters being the least interesting - are you referring to the respective heads of factions like Bernhardt, Boser and Jessica being rather bland when actually dealing with them and only through engagement with their subordinates do we learn a little of them as leaders/people? I felt especially strongly about this with Bernhardt hence why i gave him a more fleshed out back story initially since he is a pretty cool guy just not given enough screen time and instead we get Egbert who cannot compare. Boser is unfortunately just pure evil given his whole Prince of Darkness schtick, which is unfortunate given that we know there's a man behind the mask who serves Chaos, the skull head that couldn't take over a temple, let alone the world.

Zanzibar Ham
Mar 17, 2009

You giving me the cold shoulder? How cruel.

Grimey Drawer

MonotoneMorgan posted:

Also, the most important characters being the least interesting - are you referring to the respective heads of factions like Bernhardt, Boser and Jessica being rather bland when actually dealing with them and only through engagement with their subordinates do we learn a little of them as leaders/people? I felt especially strongly about this with Bernhardt hence why i gave him a more fleshed out back story initially since he is a pretty cool guy just not given enough screen time and instead we get Egbert who cannot compare. Boser is unfortunately just pure evil given his whole Prince of Darkness schtick, which is unfortunate given that we know there's a man behind the mask who serves Chaos, the skull head that couldn't take over a temple, let alone the world.

Actually I might have been mistaken about this (it's just been a while since I followed the story so I didn't remember everything). The characters I have trouble with are *goes to the character list to refresh memory* Fighter/Octavian, Liana, maybe Leon (does he ever show hesitation over what he's doing? I don't remember), and I think I merged Egbert and Boser in my mind. Hein would also be one of the not interesting ones, except that he has the Muscle Ending.

Now, I don't remember things exactly so I could be wrong here. For instance in Lunar 2 I remembered the mage as being all about the money for a big part of the game, but reading the LP that didn't seem to be the case. So it could be that as I forget more and more the characters seem to me more and more shallow.

V. Illych L.
Apr 11, 2008


Hey, this LP is back!

Let's do skirts, so we can be totally hypocritical

Van Dine
Apr 17, 2013

My vote is chasing royalty.

MonotoneMorgan posted:

What have you liked about Der Langrisser so far? What haven't you liked?
What are you hoping to see? What do you think about the grand conflict between Light/Chaos and humanity being thrust in between them?

I like the amount of variety that the game has. I think it's very impressive for the time the game was made.

What do I hope to see? Well, I do hope there will be more muscly guys called Aniki. Other than that, I don't know, but I'm looking forward to the rest of the game.

Feb 3, 2010

I don't suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it.


What have you liked about Der Langrisser so far? What haven't you liked?
What are you hoping to see? What do you think about the grand conflict between Light/Chaos and humanity being thrust in between them?

Mehayael already said everything I wanted to say, but can I say that I really appreciate how everyone is getting screwed over? Even the Empire, the people who are busy uniting everyone under pain of sword to the face, was a small country/republic that was being picked on by all the other countries. Emperor Bernhardt and Eggbert are honestly doing what they believe they can to stop the cycle of pointless bloodshed, and it always makes me happy to see in stories where deities are real (and picking sides in a conflict), humans are still able to be a pretty strong contender.

What am I hoping to see? I'm hoping to see everybody from all sides (light, imperial, chaos) come together around a table for a nice cup of tea. I'm sure the conversation would be stimulating! No Baldos or PedoMorgans allowed though.

What haven't I liked so far? Not much really so far.

P.S. Monotone Morgan's avatar is phenomenal.

Nov 20, 2013

The saddest day in Octavian's life was the day he was asked to shave his mustache.

EagerSleeper posted:

What am I hoping to see? I'm hoping to see everybody from all sides (light, imperial, chaos) come together around a table for a nice cup of tea. I'm sure the conversation would be stimulating! No Baldos or PedoMorgans allowed though.

I see you've unlocked the super secret scenario XT or ?T.
Congratulations, even I haven't done that since it involves getting Aaron with maxed out stats through Rune Stone abuse.
No cheating allowed though since Urushihara put in a anti-cheat screen of Aaron as an aniki. It was disturbing, like having coffee when it's tea time.

Update will be up shortly and it looks like royalty beats skirts, 3-2.

Nov 20, 2013

The saddest day in Octavian's life was the day he was asked to shave his mustache.

Scenario 16
The Squelchening


Velezeria, the forbidden land, was said to seal the true powers of the Demon Tribe, a race of monsters who tried to cover the world in darkness. Deep in the bowels of Velezeria, a dimly lit stone slate was once again glowing at the eerie altar in the Temple of Darkness. As the company drew near, they spotted a great sword atop the altar with two young maidens on each side - both resembling Liana. At the foot of the altar, a man clad in black mumbled an incantation of evil. The revival of Alhazard was at hand.

No new items in the shop I'm afraid, then again only the bravest/stupidest of merchants would set up shop in the 'bowels' of Velezeria. Let's take a peek at the map this time, it should be quickly familiar to most readers.

A bit different to the Light path though since we start in the middle (making those ruddy ballistae much easier to take out) and we have a straight path up to Böser, wherein we can fulfill our destiny as the Emperor's backstabbing right hand. Of course, I doubt it will be that simple and this very cautious strategy illustrates that thusly:

I expect based on previous experience, duplicity and teleportiness from our foe. Reinforcements will most likely appear in the south and we'll have to chase after Böser's pale sun-hating behind. Does this mean no Alhazard for us to wield? Maybe, but instead of speculating let's jump in and find out!

Böser moves towards to Liana...

Don't wear yourself out, girl... This will be quite taxing.

His Majesty ordered our presence here, so why is Böser unsealing the blade?

This too is one of our orders. We are to leave things to him and observe.


I'm still shocked to find out about Lána. How could Liana have had a twin?

It is simply the destiny of the one born to be the Maiden of Light.
There must be balance, and hence, a Maiden of Darkness.
Böser abducted Lána while she was very young for his own ends...

So he was planning this for quite a long time.

The shrine maidens will dissolve the seal, but that is not enough. The sword requires energy, and Lána must offer hers.

Ultimate darkness lies within this blade. Embrace your darkest desires, Liana...

Is, is the seal broken?

Heh heh heh...
What terrific energy!

Aaahhh... Such power!
Now I am truly the Prince of Darkness...

Congratulations! Your Böser has evolved into a Prince of Darkness... maybe he should start a band?

Empire, you've served, or rather, outlived your purpose.

You'll find you're wrong about that.

No, with Alhazard in my hand, you're all highly unnecessary. Not that it wasn't fun to toy with you, but...
Arise, my servants!

Ah, Sonya. Alhazard is now mine.
Please, be a dear and slaughter these Imperials while I recover from the ritual. Use this rod if you like.

Y, yes... Thank you, Master!

Sonya obtained the Dark Rod.

No... Sonya...? Why?

Listen, everyone. Either we take Alhazard or Böser will fill this world with misery.

That's right. Under his control, everyone will die or become demonic.

Por que no los dos, Hein?

Everyone, our mission is to retake Alhazard!

You'll pay for your deception, Böser!

You're damned right he will! (CC:116)
Against the Empire, he's as good as dead... just like anyone who would oppose the Kaiser!

It is good of you to gather here for us. It will make the fight that much more interesting!

Maybe the "Prince of Darkness" can entertain us longer than the Descendants of Light were able!

And it begins, the all-out fight between Grey and Black. My money's on whoever has the biggest balls.
And here's my case in point:

Imelda's just out of range for her follow-up fireball, so we move up and choke up with her and Egbert on the east side. Meanwhile, Hein's High Elves and Vargas secure the west side chokepoint.

Time for some blood to be spilled, Octavian is up!

Err, make that oil. Since the last few Iron Golems are out of range for now, I opt to kill the commander and leave myself an easy sweep of the other units next turn.


Level up! No stats or spells for you!

Too easy. So here's how the remainder of our forces stand - we have Octavian ready to smash the centre with his Griffins...

And Rohga ready to blunt Sonya's charge whilst Leon hangs back, ready to charge when the moment's right...

And that's Turn 1, over and done.

You'll all be butchered and humanity will be enslaved. Nothing can be done.
My servants... Begin the slaughter and do not leave a single soul standing!

Gyo hoh hoh!



That prick meteor'd me! Also, Osto should really look into getting something for the chronic pain he's suffering.

Stop it, Sonya. What have you become, darkness's lackey?


Don't you understand? Böser's world will be a living hell!

But I...

Sonya, please focus. That maggot fears our new world. Do not listen to him.

Y, yes...! Master Böser...

Yes, do not be confused. You know what humans are.

drat you, Böser... (CC:117)

And then, Sonya meteors Rohga. Bloody mages.

Don't get in my way!

You're just like the other humans!
You'll never listen to me and you'll never understand!

And after such an emotional outburst, Sonya's minions attack hoping to finish what she had begun...

They fail, miserably. Just like their master, I suppose.

That was somewhat more effective though. And E/Osto move up and Turn 2 has arrived. Time for some payback, sibling style.


That's right! Sonya is Rohga's little sister.

It's painful when siblings are at each others' throats. Can we attempt persuasion instead?

I'm sorry for the trouble. I'm going to her now. Watch my back!

All right, everyone! Rohga's going to talk Sonya into joining us!

It can't be helped... I'll give you a hand.

And Leon chimes in with a 'me too' as he fires off a Heal1 for himself and Rohga to bask in. But yeah, the game ain't playing around - multiple mages are serious business at this stage of the game. Oh well, time to bloody Sonya's nose so that she can't meteor me no more.

Sonya, I don't want to fight you, but...

So it seems brother Rohga is just like everyone else...
I am ordered to crush all humans, big brother. I suggest you flee!
No one will trust a half-breed like me except Lord Böser!

Not too shabby, if she's hurt she'll focus on healing herself rather then meteoring Rohga's face off. Now to the south where some well placed magic will turn the tide as always. But this time, let's do it as a BEFORE/AFTER style shot for Hein's Meteor Mash.



Level up! AT+1, DF+1, MP+2

And now, let's let Imelda/Egbert have a go at informercial fame - as the super hot Fireball duo, Egmeldabert.



Ugh, even seeing you makes me sick!

And with that the line holds on the east side. Vargas will hold the line and not strike out this turn, so the west side looks very similar to this. However, it's now Octavian's turn to smash the centre with his flying bipedal bird brigade!

Turn 2 finito!

Hmm... So the Descendants of Light have decided to show?

Böser! Al, Alhazard... is it?

Yes, you're late... Alhazard was reborn at this altar. You'll all be gutter lining when I'm through with you!

Hmmm... Böser has Alhazard, Octavian has Langrisser...
Do we stand a chance here?

Someone's growing up into a fine young princess...

The stakes are too high. We have to fight!

Yes, naturally. I'll watch for an opportunity to take one of the swords.
We must defend humanity!

For a world worth living in, we must defeat both the Empire and the forces of darkness!

So they took this long before they could mobilize...
Heh, my old Master must believe she can simply wait things out...
Well, that suits us just fine. I've decided to take Alhazard.
We'll see how this figures into her little ploy.

Stay your ground until the Descendants move in, and they shall inadvertently aid us.
They can engage the Imperials and let us slaughter all our enemies at once!
Gwa hah hah!

He then meteors me in the face again, such a prick. Though his plan is a good one given his current circumstances. So does a Vampire Lord, leading to this unfortunate exchange:

I lost two Griffins to this bastard of a vampire. He's probably mocking me right now, the vampire bastard

Böser, your treachery ends here!

Hmmm... Hah hah. Do your worst, old hag.

The Empire is our sworn enemy, but... I'd sooner help humans than darkness!

Alright, you sea swine! Show your captain what you're made of!

2 Gargoyles go down to the forces of light. Taken untimely by a surprise attack, you both deserved better than that. Anyway, it's time to dole out a bit more pain - finish off Sonya and open the path to big bad Böser. The rest will hold regardless. Leon heals up again and it's back to Rohga.

Level up! AT+1, DF+1, MP+1, Class Change!

Sonya is finished now, just need one turn to let Rohga coup de grace her - I was hoping for a special conversation when I moved him next to her but no such luck I'm afraid. Back to the mages and then Octavian.

Fireballs are served up with a side helping of volleys - the big bolt kind and the elvish kind. 2 Gargoyles go down and that Spectre is badly hurt. Soon Octavian will rectify that.

I, I don't...

Even lift? I know and so does Hein, who finally moves down with a Vargas escort. Things will get real interesting, real soon.

That's the Imperial turn done, but the question remains - what will the Descendants of Light do? Focus fire us? Target the forces of darkness as #1 priority? Let's find out.

OH poo poo - I forgot Spectres are like Ghosts in that they can go through walls! I thought that Griffin was safe and would receive heals from Octavian next turn but I've gone and done it... I've done goofed

Tasty morsels, come!

This is your ability? Pathetic! Hah hah!

It's time to finish off the centre and then get Octavian's unit back in fighting shape. To mete sweet poetic vengeance upon Jessica's face.

You cursed humans!

Level up! AT+1

Cursed with awesomeness, maybe? Now, Hein/Vargas will reap what they have sown.

Humans! Hope I don't kill you in your sleep! I'll be back!

Now, it's Esto's turn.

Hmm... needs more magic. Maybe next turn, assuming Jessica doesn't killsteal like the trollop that she is. Alas, time to finish off Sonya then.

Why... Why can't I best humans?
The next time, surely...

And here's how Turn 4 ends, we are so close to smashing in the Prince of Darkness's royal behind and have the Descendants of Light up our Imperial behinds. I hope that the DoL don't kill Esto, cause Imelda/Eggy need that sweet exp right now.

Well shoot. Rohga lost all his Phalanxes and Eggy nearly lost a High Elf. Jessica also cast Earthquake which is odd given it affect barely anyone at her current location. Cherie does the same and manages to kill a Kraken.

What a shocking enemy turn (for me... far out)! Time for a bit of payback.

At last, my plan bears fruit. Alhazard is unsealed and lies in my hand.
You humans, especially the Descendants of Light, have caused me much trouble.
But now, that's impossible. I'm sending you all to hell.

Level up! AT+1

It's a start, Leon heals up everyone and it looks like that poser Böser is on his last legs. He can only cast 1 more meteor and Leon's ready to shred his foot soldiers. Now back to Eggy 'n' co.

This grudge I'll never forget!

Level up! AT+1, MP+2

Having dealt with Esto, Eggy banishes the Iron Golem and summons Sleipnir to replace him. Otherwise, together with Imelda they shore up their defences and prepare for Jessica's assault. Similarly, Octavian bands together to heal his Griffins and moves towards the west chokepoint where our forces are going to bleed.

I do what I can with Hein & Vargas, but Krakens are very much not suited to cavernous fighting. At best they will soak up an assault and give Hein's ladies a chance to pincushion the enemy. That is another turn done - I'm going to skip through the next couple turns since it's quite a slog.

Now that Lester is in spell range, we can slowly pick him off with magic and ballista fire. Imelda will level up, dagnamit! Also, when Leon moves near Lána this happens:


My apologies, Lána. Please, hold on.

Overkill much, Jessica? Though she did just cripple Imelda's ballistas...
Regardless, the plan is going well so far - not much longer to go.

Hein does a great first strike and cuts Cherie's forces by 2 and significantly wounds her. Well done old chap! And now, it's time to show the Prince of Darkness how feeble he truly is.

Just like that, he's isolated and alone. Just as it should be.

Alas, they will get some payback next turn before I close out the map. Hein casts Attack2 on Vargas and they all run rampant.

With only a few more men... I could have...
There's no helping it. I must retreat.

Level up! MP+1

As it turns out, I delay Vargas attack due to being at a movement disadvantage. Instead I get Leon to whittle down Böser's HP and am reminded why he is such a prick. Insane AT + first strike = big middle finger to the player. It does however make it easy to not kill him given that should a unit survive his attack they can easily deal 1-2HP damage. Now, lets just follow the highlights for the rest of the map.

Hein almost dies due to my poor positioning.

And to think before this, only in Fire Emblem have I been so glad to see so many 1s all together. Knowing the AI, I think this means our west side is safe. The east side continues it's attrition and surprisingly, Rohga gets a level up from healing of all things.

Level up! MP+1

gently caress this...! I can't move! (CC:118)

Level up! AT+1, DF+1, Class Change!

We are going for Serpent Lord given it gets T5 boosts to troops and water maneuverability. Plus, I pretty certain enemies won't know whether to crap themselves in fear of the giant Water Serpent or piss themselves in fear of Vargas. Also, WEST SIDE IS SECURE!

drat this useless blade! Let's escape! (CC:119)

Level up! AT+1, DF+1, MP+1

One more enlightened fool to go before giving our former buddy, good ol' Böser, the coup de grace.

Picture this happening 6 times in the space of two turns. Imelda likes her kills like she likes her men, on fire and full of holes.

Argh... Both the Imperials and monsters are against us.
This might be too much... Some of us are still injured.

EAST SIDE SECURE... finally. All that remains is...

Aaahhh... The ritual was very demanding...
I wish it were otherwise, but we must withdraw for now. Humans, savour a few more breaths...
When I fully recover, I'll wipe you from this world!

Wait, Böser! What in the hell...?
That ceremony really took it out of him.

Level up! AT+1, DF+1, MP+1

Level up! Again was learned!

Ugh... Am I... Is this it-?

The Dark Princess is acting pretty strange.

Ah ha! With Böser's injury, her mind is free again.

Lána...! Sister!

Liana! Why... are we here?

Are you okay, Lána? Get a hold of yourself!

Leon! Why are you... here?
Aahh... I see. I've been under Böser's spell. The power of darkness...

Sister Lána, are you okay?

Be patient. Lána's exhausted from the unsealing ritual. We must see her cared for at the castle.

Oh, oh yes, where's Böser...?

Hmph. It appears neither of our enemies were disabled...
I wonder whom we should finish first? Octavian, I entrust this decision to you.

We should stop to think about this lest we make any rash mistakes...

So here's where that vote came in - do we chase royalty (the Prince of Darkness) or skirts (Jessica)?
The final results were Royalty: 3, Skirts: 2. How unsurprising

How else can we seize Alhazard...? We should hunt him down immediately!

Hmmm, a wise decision. But we need to revive Langrisser to secure our victory.

This is amazing! Are you saying Langrisser can be unsealed as well?

Yes, we must unlock every ounce of this blade's power.
How unfortunate... we have everything necessary save for the Holy Rod.

Laird has been searching for it. We should consult him.

Remember Laird? No? Good, because I certainly forgot. His impact in the Imperial story is much more reduced given Octavian basically usurps him as Leon's BFF.

Liana... Lend me your power. Break Langrisser's seal and help us capture Alhazard!

B, but...

Aren't we taking back Alhazard because it's too dangerous? Won't Langrisser be the same?

Shh, Sister!

If you aid us, I promise both of you will be well-protected.

I understand, Octavian. Let's work together.

Thank you. Now all that remains is to seek out Böser and seal his darkness forever!

We'll finish off Böser after we revive Langrisser.

Err, thanks for that Vargas... anyway, mission complete! Now, what would have happened if Octavian had declined to pursue Böser?


Yes, Böser will be recovering for a while yet. We should strike the Army of Light while they're off balance.

That sounds like the logical choice. Let's hunt them down.

There's not much time. We should depart.

And that is that. I must say the dialogue for going after Jessica is much more dry and most importantly, why isn't Liana protesting such a decision? Alas, an opportunity for character development gone to waste.

Anyway, coming up - the final showdown with Sonya!
Will Rohga be able to sway his sister? If recent history is anything to go by, the answer is almost certainly no.

Join me next time as we deal with the menace of Everlasting Love.

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