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Jul 22, 2003

Just trying to see if anyone has experience with the HP Elitebook Revolve (G1 or G2) either personally or in their business. According to HP these are supposed to be rugged, but apparently we got the poo poo batch of them.


The EliteBook 810 G1 presumably gets its name from the MIL-STD 810G, a level of abuses developed by the U.S. Department of Defense to determine field readiness. According to HP, this unit can survive 26 drops from a desk height of 30 inches onto any side, angle or edge.

I gotta call bullshit on this.

In the past 3-4 months since we've deployed about 400-500 of these laptops, at least 10 so far have broken a tab when installing the battery, which makes the unit unusable since that clip holds the battery in. I would have chalked this up to excessive force when putting in the battery if I hadn't personally saw this happen myself. At about $1500 a unit and claiming ruggedness, that's a pretty piss poor design and HP doesn't cover this damage, so we now have to go to our rep.

A few users have also cracked the "rugged" glass screen just by flipping it to tablet mode. One was during a presentation where the people in the meeting confirmed that the person using it didn't force it and they were all honestly surprised how easily the screen cracked.

I've watched Thinkpads and Dell Latitudes get dropped off a desk and survive with little more than a scuff. I wouldn't count on these turds surviving a fall from 1 foot onto a feather pillow.

So, if you have any similar experiences let me know; I think we made a bad choice here and we have to support these another 2 1/2 years or so.


Jul 22, 2003

It wasn't CDW, but I agree that Dell has it's problems too. I will say though that between Lenovo and Dell, we always had better quality and support with Dell vs Lenovo, with over 5000 users and a mixture of desktops and laptops as well as developer class desktops.

We started with Dell and switched at the end of our lease agreement after the rash of bad capacitor issues that went through the entire industry. Leaving out the leaking caps on the Optiplexes (GX-180 through 280), the other stuff like the Latitude laptops and developer desktops were solid. poo poo, we just scrapped a 7 year old developer GX-745 tower that still had original parts and only due to needing increased CPU.

Lenovo....well they started out nice. Built like a brick, both Thinkcentre desktops and Thinkpad laptops. But what we saved in price per machine we lost in lovely support, service and shipping, and being nickled and dimed on all of those fronts. We are now back to Dell with a mixture of Toughbooks for specialized jobs and we're much better off. I can only hope we don't go with HP next refresh.

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