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Oct 2, 2010

Welcome to Traditional Games!

This is the forum for all games not played on a computer. Pen-and-paper RPGs, card games, board games, and war games are just the tip of the iceberg. Here you can talk about anything from Dungeons and Dragons to Uno.

In our Play by Post subforum, you can also play these games with other nerds on the internet!

Posting Rules

All normal SA forums rules apply, as do the standard Games forums rules! Consider printing them out and stapling them to your rules books (along with this one, of course).

Keep all pure game discussion topics in Traditional Games, while keeping all threads related to active-gameplay in Play by Post (including recruitment threads).

If something bugs you, just report it and move on. If someone is trolling or derailing a thread, piling on to them will only make it worse.

Traditional Games FAQ

If I want to run a display based play-by-post game aimed specifically at "the audience", do I post it in Let's Play or Play by Post?

Post it in Play by Post. Let's Play threads should be structured such that all gameplay is performed "behind the scenes", with extensive effort to differentiate them from Play by Post games. A generic Diplomacy game that you run with the audience does not count as a "let's play".

What counts as in terms of rule books links?

If it's VERY out of print and unavailable, you can link to scans of it. Otherwise, do not link it. In border cases, please ask a mod first.

Does anything ELSE count as ?

No one cares if your miniatures or other wargaming gear was made by the manufacturer or a helpful third party. However, discussing how great your bootleg figs are and where others can get them is right out. Keep it off our forums.

I need my thread moved/my title changed/I used the wrong tag/where is my cow?

Direct any TG or PBP related requests of this nature to me via PM or to, I will get back to you ASAP.

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