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Jul 12, 2014

Hello, and welcome to our Let's Play of Dragon Age: Origins. This is my first ever LP, and I picked this game in question for a number of reasons. Among them is the fact that over the years I've learned this game fairly intimately, the fact that there is not a listed LP of this at, and just the general fact that I enjoy it. Our focus will be a mixture of information and entertainment, and I'm hoping that we can serve as stewards of a good time. I'm intending to update the series every Wednesday at roughly 4:00 PM Central Daylight Time, and the first and all subsequent updates will be listed below.

Part 1-1

As I mentioned before, this is our first attempt at Let's Playing, so any feedback would be appreciated. I'm hoping to make our LP commentary discussion oriented with audience input, so if you have anything you think would be good for us to talk about, or just have any questions in general, please feel free to shoot your ideas/questions at us. That being said, however, I will not guarantee that every question/idea will be addressed.


Lord Windy
Mar 26, 2010

The video quality is really poor. I'd suggest re-recording after trying again. I can't really say anything else about it as the video quality turned me off it so fast that I just skipped ahead to see if it got better and just closed the window.

discworld is all I read
Apr 7, 2009

DAIJOUBU!! ... Daijoubu ?? ?

So ummmmmm did you want any help or tutorials on recording game footage? Cause while it's not required, it might help a lot to just record the game full screen and not have Steam notifications permanently on and not have the game audio running through some background channel to where it's mostly muted. I really wouldn't mind lending a hand, cause I'm sure at least from just the video stand point you could probably easily do better.

Also why do you keep hitting your desk while doing commentary? Cause it sounds like a meandering drum beat throughout your video.

Jul 12, 2014

Windy, when you say the video quality is really bad, are you referring to frame-rate, resolution, or anything else that you could specifically name. The two I mentioned are things that I've already identified ways to improve.

Niggurath, I'm new to the Something Awful forums as a participant and didn't really know how to go about asking for help. Forums I've participated in in the past usually carry with them a mentality that you should figure things out for yourself, and that's what I'm used to working with. That point aside, everything that you've identified are problems that I know how to solve, and will apply in my next recording session. The only thing I don't really know how to address is the thumping that you mentioned. I'm not using an integrated mic, but I think it's coming from my hand using WSAD. If it isn't that than I don't really know what to attribute it to.

I appreciate the criticism, and I will keep the identified problems in mind as I work toward creating an improved product.

Deformed Church
May 12, 2012

bear-headed geese

If you need help, there's stickied threads to check you've got everything working right. Here's the one for Tech Support and here's one for non-techy issues.

Right off the bat, I can see fiddling around with recording software and the window you're playing in, which appears to be a different size to the game itself - ideally, none of that would be recorded in the first place, but if you can't record it any other way, at the very least that should be taken out in editing. It also seems like the game doesn't look like it's running quite perfectly, but that might just be because I played it a few days ago so in my mind it looks better than compression/youtube will allow. The game audio is a little low as well - maybe autoducking might help. The guys in those threads I linked will be able to give you some solutions and point out more specifically than I can, but that's what jumped out at me.

HMS Boromir
Jul 16, 2011

by Lowtax

Also I skipped to a random point in the video and someone was eating chips louder than the game was saying words so that's pretty powerful too.


Oct 26, 2007

I think that there are two major things you could address:

1) Source recording style. It sounds like you're picking up game audio from a mic of sorts. Also, you're using (what I think is) Camtasia. That's fine, but you could also give FRAPS a look (or even OBS; its recording outputs can look pretty nice). Also, an extra tip on this: try displaying the game at the same resolution that you want your final video encode. So 1280x720 is what you'd want. This way, the final video's text will be easily legible. If you are recording at, say, 1080 and encoding at 720, the text will be super tiny and illegible. I bring this up because Dragon Age will likely involve lots of reading of things

2) Microphone recording style. For your thumping/crunching/white noise/etc, I recommend using Audacity to record your audio track. You can do a quick denoise to wipe out the constant background hiss as well as edit out stuff like eating sounds. The thumping might get largely tapered down by the denoise, but you can surgically mute that stretch if need be.

The two of you mentioned character-creation being a low-point in these, but you could always trim that using editing software.

Figuring things out by-feel is okay (no rules against it), but if your first video has terrible technical-quality (audio & video-wise), people will go "oh this looks bad" and skip the thread entirely. First impressions and all that, y'know?

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