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May 6, 2007

Marquis de Pyro posted:

They did that in my game too, but then he lost it to the DAREWOLF

This seems to be a common occurrence in real-world data sets, the Lucha Underground title goes to either Chavo, PJ Black, or Johnny Mundo. It's a symptom of either their stats not being changed since they worked for WWE, or the mod-maker having the mindset of anyone who has worked for WWE is automatically more popular than anyone that hasn't.


May 6, 2007

triplexpac posted:

Anyone have any TEW16 scenarios to recommend?

Playing as JCP in The Golden Age mod is some of the most fun I've had playing TEW, and I didn't even watch wrestling during that era.

May 6, 2007

It seems like Sami and Kana are commenting on two different aspects of Adam Page. Sami is commenting on his in-ring ability, Kana is commenting on his charisma. Out of curiosity, what is Adam Page's current charisma stat? I have a similar situation in my 2001 game where Scott Steiner and Vampiro are constantly burying younger workers while Ric Flair and DDP are constantly telling me how I should give more microphone time to Jamie Knoble and Brian Kendrick. I usually just ignore the negative comments. It's not like I can't see their stats anyway.

May 6, 2007

Spikeguy posted:

Ugh, the animations just look off. Everything is slow and stilted. Nothing feels like it has any impact. And it just looks wrong, like when the guy gets dropped onto the turnbuckle everything seems a few inches in the wrong spot. It's hard to put into words. It's a video game guys, no one's gonna get hurt - make that poo poo look like they're being dropped at maximum velocity.

It looks like they motion captured guys practicing wrestling moves, being as slow and careful as they can.

May 6, 2007

That's not nearly as bad as what happened in one of my games- He died(in 2006) from playing with an antique hand grenade.

May 6, 2007

Angry_Ed posted:

Well a good other reason to not want Skate 4 is because Black Box is dead, killed by EA like so many other studios. Even had the audacity to rename them "Quicklime Games" before doing so which I didn't even think was a real thing but it is.

There may never be a Skate 4, but Session will hopefully be a worthy successor.

May 6, 2007

Testekill posted:

New Legacy have announced the second Brawl 4 All for this saturday at 9. Announced matches are


Is it Joe Rogan?
I hope it's Joe Rogan.
I bet it's Joe Rogan.

May 6, 2007

I had no idea about this game until I went to an estate sale and saw these cool tins I thought would be great for Commander boxes. Turns out they were full of Raw Deal cards. I went online and found out people are still making sets through, I dunno, proxy cards or something, and still have tournaments and stuff. I wanna learn it and try playing it at least once, but haven't gotten around to it.

May 6, 2007

ChrisBTY posted:

Oh gods, don't look at those fan sets. It's worse than looking in the arc of the covenant.

Pretend I posted one of them Eddie Murphy memes that says "They can't melt my face if I don't understand what I'm looking at."

May 6, 2007

ChrisBTY posted:

It's not all that surprising since nobody has used an atomic drop in like, 20 years.
(of course that didn't stop them from putting various Tiger Drivers in)

So, my 2000 TEW game was somewhat sparse. It was clearly designed to be a US only mod (even though it had all the big Japanese stars just sitting around not doing anything because NJPW/AJPW doesn't exist) so I decide to import a bunch of data from the Montreal Aftermath 97 mod. Including workers. This has lead to a bit of a problem. The importer won't import workers that have the same name as an existing worker. But sometimes different databases use different names for the same worker. Like one might have The Big Show, and the other might have him listed as Paul Wight. So now I have to deal with a bunch of clone wrestlers in the game world (notable examples are Steven/William Regal, Edge/Adam Copeland, Taz/Tazz, the aforementioned Big Show/Paul Wight). When I find these workers, I usually edit the imposter so they're 80+ years old and out of the business since the editor won't let me kill them outright. Unfortunately the list is huge and I miss a lot of them. So right now the WWF has both The Big Show and Paul Wight working for them.

Oh, and since I imported a 97 mod, I have Owen Hart, Louie Spicolli and The Renegade alive and well in the game world. Owen Hart is exactly what WCW needs right now but I think that would really be cheating.

I thought you could set wrestlers to 'Deceased' in the editor? If not, if you set them to "out of the business," they won't be hireable by anyone or be used by anyone they have an active contract with..

May 6, 2007

Fair warning: This isn't so much a post about punchsport video games as it is me having a sadbrained existential crisis over a project involving a punchsport video game.

I'm planning on doing a project like VGCW using Fire Pro. A video-game CAW league with, y'know, production values and story and characters and stuff. I plan on doing New Japan style animated post-match interviews between matches(though so far, calling them "animated" is kinda generous) and I'm gonna try to commission art for the characters for these segments. There's a mod that seems like it will allow me to actually choose match winners, which is huge because I always felt that was the biggest flaw in VGCW and it's spin offs. Titles felt meaningless because there was no real way to build momentum or establish a champion.

Last night, I was poking around Twitch and saw an e-fed running a show with Fire Pro. They had live commentary and custom photoshopped images between matches to promote the story of the next match and stuff, and they had about 15 views. So now, my defeatist brain is saying "Welp, that's your cap. That's the upper limit of people who would ever be interested in watching what you're trying to do." And now it's drawing the whole endeavor into question and making me think it's not worth the effort I'm putting in to it.

May 6, 2007

The big inherently self-destructive internal conflict I'm dealing with is that the things that make this idea worth watching for others are the things that wouldn't be worth the effort if I was just doing it for myself. Like if I was just doing it for myself, I would just sim out the matches and imagine the stuff Fire Pro can't do. All the extra work of beyond what Fire Pro can normally do is the stuff that's going to make it worth watching, but that's also the stuff that's not going to feel worth the effort if there isn't an audience to enjoy it.

I've actually been really excited and passionate about this idea for the past week, and my efforts have been very productive so far. Ironically, it's that passion and excitement that's making me stress about it being successful or not. My wife suggested earlier today I just leave the project alone for a few days and I think she's right.

Waroduce posted:

If you build it they will come

Also, you'll probably get more than 15 people just crossposting in this forum and gbs to a let's play thread or something

That's another thing I'm struggling with- promoting it effectively with out coming across as either obnoxious, desperate, or too self-deprecating. And I haven't been in GBS in years. Is it still a festering cesspit?
This is a playlist of the pre-alpha, test-of-concept videos I made. The first video doesn't matter so much, and it mainly there to provide context for the two other videos. They're literally the first two animations I've ever made.

Takuan fucked around with this message at Apr 8, 2018 around 20:46

May 6, 2007

I remember thinking the first Backyard Wrestling game was almost good. I liked the reversal system, the environmental stuff, contextual dives, and how the characters would look progressively more messed up as the took damage. I had a decent amount of fun with it the couple times I rented it, and hoped it would improve with sequels.

I also remember thinking the 2nd one was garbage, and not only wasn't an improvement on the first one, it was significantly worse in many ways.

May 6, 2007

Der-Wreck posted:

I bring this up every time that BYW is brought up (which isn't very often) but I got Matt Cross to sign a copy of BYW last year. He signed it as M-Dogg 20 as well!

Wait... Matt Cross was M-Dogg 20?!

May 6, 2007

I'm about to start streaming Fire Pro at:

I'm doing a jobber gauntlet challenge. 1 wrestler vs 4 jobbers. The one who beats the jobbers in the shortest amount of time wins.
Antonio Inoki
Andre the Giant
Stan Hansen
Hulk Hogan
Brock Lesnar
Bowser Koopa
I may also add BRAUN, who knows.

Edit: It is done. Final Standings:
Nemesis: 3:01
Hansen: 3:58
Vader: 5:35
Zangief: 6:21
Goldberg: 7:13
Andre: 7:16
Inoki: 8:18
Brock: 9:53
Hogan: 11:10
Braun: 13:03
Bowser: 13:38

As a final round I had the best time (NEMESIS) face off against the 2 worst times (BRAUN & Bowser) in a handicap match. Braun pinned NEMESIS in 16 minutes.

Takuan fucked around with this message at Apr 21, 2018 around 15:39

May 6, 2007

After two weeks of pulling everything together, I'm finally going through with the idea I was talking about earlier:

What is GAME Pro Wrestling
GAME Pro Wrestling a (hopefully) weekly live-streaming professional wrestling show with a video game theme created with Fire Pro Wrestling World.

What is Fire Pro Wrestling World
Fire Pro Wrestling World is the latest in a decades-old line of cult favorite wrestling games. It may lack the flash and personality of WWE games, but itís the first choice among hardcore wrestlenerds for simulating interesting and compelling wrestling matches.

How is this any different than other streamers and youtubers bashing random CAWs together?
Iím going to be using animated(using the word generously here) interview segments between matches to provide character and advance storylines. Also, I can use mods to book the outcomes of matches.

Isnít this just like VGCW?
EhhÖ Kinda, yeah. I was a fan of VGCW, and found myself missing it so I decided to be the change I wanted to see in the world. That being said, Iím trying to do my own thing and itís not going to have any kind of continuity with VGCW and even though some of the characters are the same, Iím trying to make my presentation of them unique.

So come check it out, Thursdays at 8:05 EST on Twitch

Then a day or so later Iíll be uploading the shows to YouTube, as soon as I set up a Youtube account.

May 6, 2007

And we're live with an opening contest of The Super Mario Bros vs Bass & Tina Armstrong!

May 6, 2007

The Youtube page is up: and the first show is posted.

edit: Should be fixed. The board tried to change my channel link to a video link

Takuan fucked around with this message at Apr 28, 2018 around 17:16

May 6, 2007

Carlzilla, the man responsibly for most of the good Fire Pro mods, released a proper Royal Rumble style mod last night. There's no theoretical upper limit the number of participants, just limitations by your computer's memory capacity. I haven't had a chance to mess with it yet, but I think you could also set it up to run an event like Ultima Lucha.

There's also an Iron Man mod in the works that is allegedly nearing completion.

May 6, 2007

There isn't one yet. It'd be a useful idea though, both for royal rumbles, and booking random matches within a specific promotion.

May 6, 2007


despite Kramer interfering to help WALTER, Jerry Seinfeld has won

Corgan v. Okada: Dawn of Justice up next
Proof that WALTER is overrated.


Shango wins, we're nowhere near time yet so a Classics Battle Royal with Antonio Inoki, Lou Thesz, Stan Hansen, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Vader, Roddy Piper, and the Iron Sheik is happening

Last time I put Inoki in battle royal, he won with something like 4 or 5 submission eliminations.

May 6, 2007


Inoki got knocked the gently caress out within like a minute of the battle royal starting, Vader won it

History repeats itself.

May 6, 2007

~Last Time~
-The Super Mario Bros defeated the father-daughter team of Bass & Tina Armstrong in the opening match. In their post match comments, Tina implied that maybe Bass hadnít been fully applying himself to training.
-Kirby beat Tracer in what was arguably the match of the night.
-In the main event, Scorpion put down the Mad Dog of Shimano with deft display of scientific grappling(he won with an unexpected rollup). Post-match he announced his dissatisfaction with the level of opposition heíd been provided. His challenge was violently answered by THE DOOMSLAYER.

-Star Fox takes on The Iconic Duo of Dragonslayer Ormstein & Executioner Smough
-Solid Snake faces Zangief in a Cold War Clash
-A special 3-on-1 exhibition featuring NEMESIS
-In the main event: Scorpion & Sub-Zero vs THE DOOMSLAYER & Samus Aran
-Also scheduled to appear: King Bowser, The Sons of Light, Cuphead, The Starmen and more live tonight @ 8:05 EST!

May 6, 2007

And we're live with an opening contest of Faith Conners vs Cuphead!

May 6, 2007

super macho dude posted:

Cuphead is incredibly disturbing to look at.

Yeah, it's awesome. We're currently in the middle of Star Fox vs Smough & Ormstein.

May 6, 2007

Main Event Time! Sub-Zero & Scorpion vs THE DOOMSLAYER & Samus Aran!

May 6, 2007

If you go to my twitch channel, then click the "Videos" tab, it'll bring up the archive. My stream from last week is up on the youtube page posted previously, and last night's will be up sometime this weekend.

May 6, 2007


So y'all probably noticed I didn't do a stream tonight.

That was partly because I'm in the middle of finals, and partly because the last couple weeks made me realize something: I kind of need to book a loving lot to make this work without just doing piss-weak tiny streams nobody cares about. And, to put it bluntly, I haven't really thought things through well enough for that to be possible without me just pulling random matchups out of my rear end.

Big changes are coming to FCW. I can't promise an exact date for the next stream, but it'll be before the end of May.

I genuinely wish you the best of luck and success. That being said: Take it from someone who knows, you can put all the planning and booking and hand made promos vignettes you can muster and still no one will care. Speaking of which:
~Last Time~
-King Bowser almost murdered some YouTube dork.
-In Robot-On-Robot Action, The Starmen defeated The Sons of Light with PSI Chinlock Omega.
-Even though they lost the match, Fox McCloud had a Pretty sweet reversal spot
-In an exciting, yet terrifyingly prescient match, Zangief defeated Solid Snake. Afterwards, Rainbow Mika approached Zangief about training her. Zangief agreed, but only if she could survive the harshest teacher of all: Old Man Winter.
-In the main event, Scorpion deftly outwrestled THE DOOMSLAYER to pick up the victory for him and Sub-Zero

-Kirby and Mettaton face off to determine Whoís The Pinkest
-NEMESIS takes on Cody(Which Cody? Youíll have to tune in to find out!)
-Link vs 2B
-A Special Announcement from the Pan-Console Grand Prix Executive Committee
-In the main event: King Bowser vs Trevor Belmont
-Also scheduled to appear: Tracer, Cuphead, R.O.B, Chun-Li and more live tonight @ 8:05 EST!

May 6, 2007

Twitch has a whisper function, though you may need to be friends to do it(though that's easy enough to arrange). I also got the tweets now @GAMEProWrestlng

May 6, 2007

GAME Pro Wrestling News Flash
Thanks to a generous business arrangement with the Gerudo Valley Royal Family, The Pan-Console Grand Prix & GAME Pro Wrestling are proud to announce the Great Gerudo Rumble! A record-breaking 60-being rumble, live this Saturday, May 12, at Noon EST!

Every contracted GAME Pro Wrestling athlete will participate, plus special guest appearances!

May 6, 2007

Rarity posted:

What do you say about accusations that the Gerudo don't let their women ride horses?

I say that the Gerudo are a noble and wealthy people with a proud and rich heritage, and that we, as global citizens, should respect and honor other cultures and traditions, even if they are different than our own. Also, we shouldn't ever say a word about the mass de-facto slavery of Kokiri migrant workers.

And with that, The Great Gerudo Rumble Pre-Show is live! Featuring The Super Mario Bros vs The Mushroom Boys and Duke Nukem vs Hugo Andore with the Rumble itself starting at Noon Eastern Time.

May 6, 2007

~Last time~!
-Pan-Console Grand Prix Spokesman Cid Polledina announced that on Thursday, May 31, GAME Pro Wrestling would be hosting its first major supercard event, Limit Break. The main event will be THE DOOMSLAYER vs Scorpion in a Phobos Deathmatch, the inaugural PCGP Co-Op Champions will be crowned, and NEMESIS will face Stan Hansen in a GAME Pro Wrestling vs The World match.
-A debuting Chun-Li defeated Tracer for Tracerís third straight loss.
-Bass & Tina Armstrongís losing streak continued against Jimmy & Billy Lee.
-NEMESIS defeated Cody in an absolutely brutal bloodbath of a match.
-Viewerís got a glimpse of Rainbow Mikaís training in Russia.
-Link defeated 2B via countout. Afterwards 2B challenged link to a re-match at Limit Break.
-Trevor Belmont defeated King Bowser via quick pinning combination.

-The Great Gerudo Rumble, while it didnít have great attendance figures, was still an unqualified(financial) success.
-Special guests included Kikutaro, Matt Riddle, Razor Ramon HG, La Parka, Marty Jannetty, Diamond Dallas Page, and FCWís own Snoop Dogg.
-Cody won the rumble, with a top 4 including Zangief, Rainbow Mika, and Gannondorf Dragmire.
-Gannondorf was not scheduled to participate in the Rumble, but entered at #61, to the surprise of everyone, including the GAME Pro Wrestling office. He was eliminated by Cody.
-Cody so far has not been allowed to leave Gerudo Valley, and the PCGP Executive Committee are working on getting him released.

-Two so-far undefeated athletes collide, Cuphead vs Captain N
-The Armstrongs in singles competition with Tina Armstrong vs DíVorah and Bass Armstrong vs Zangief
-We determine who will get a chance at the PWGP Co-Op titles with Smough & Ornstein vs The Starmen and The Super Mario Bros vs The Returners
-Also scheduled to appear: Sub-Zero, Frank West, The Mad Gears, & More!
Live @8:05 Eastern tonight on

Also, the YouTube page has been updated with Episodes 2 & 3 and The Great Gerudo Rumble:

May 6, 2007

An interview with Tomouki Matsumoto on Game*Spark:

A translation was posted at Fire Pro Arena, but I'm not sure where the translation was sourced from:

Game*spark posted:

GS: It's good to meet you.
Tomoyuki Matsumoto (TM): Likewise.

GS: To start things off, how does it feel to finally have a release date set for the Playstation 4 version?
TM: I feel myself going, "It's finally coming." We've had to overcome a lot of obstacles to get here, and it's a story I can't really go into detail about, but we're finally able to get to this point, even while restructuring the team. Also, I really am full of gratitude to the players out there who have been waiting for this.

GS: Next, I'd like to ask you about the 'Company Management Mode' (EN: Fire Promoter). You had mentioned on Twitter that it's about 80% complete.
TM: Yes. Just as I'd written about on Twitter, we're in a place where we can't help but suspend Fire Promoter, even as we're getting to a good point in its development, in order to prioritize the PS4 port. Which is to say that the head of Fire Promoter's development is also leading the PS4 development team, and he isn't the type to divide his attention between two projects, specifically. In the long run, once we've completed the PS4 version, we will be in a place where we can go forward and update both versions at once, then we will implement the story mode in the PS4 version and go back to do the same to the PC version.

GS: Will there be a case where only one platform gets upgraded after release?
TM: No, the two versions will be the exact same game. This will also hold true for things like DLC, free move updates, and so on. I'd hate for this to be any other way, so we're planning on ensuring that any game updates are released simultaneously, with the same content. As for the New Japan collab content that comes with the PS4 version, it will also be available on PC as paid DLC, so people may have the same game regardless.

GS: Have you decided on a price or release date or the NJPW content on Steam?
TM: We're planning on a release date sometime in August. Since we're planning on a simultaneous release of the Steam DLC with the overseas version of the game, we've had no choice but to move the release date. So, the NJPW collab content will be available on release day on PS4 in Japan, if you want to play it as soon as possible. So I guess you can say that we would like you to buy the PS4 version as well (laughs).

GS: Are there any details you'd like to share about wrestler editing and overall system changes in this PS4 version?
TM: Well, it's mostly based on the Steam version. However, for the truly fanatical types, we've increased the number of wrestler voice clips to 5. About 40 NJPW wrestlers provided voice recordings for this collaboration. Since you can select and set the voices as you'd like by editing the wrestlers, I thought, "If I can't set at least 5 voices per character, how would they come to life?" So, for example, when Yano does this (he says, while gesturing), he should have something to say, right? You can adjust the voices as you'd like, and we've even made it so that you may put 2 or 3 voice clips on one ordinary attack as well.

GS: Speaking of the voice clips, we saw that Taichi had posted a photo on Twitter of himself with a script, so it seems like there will be a number of different clips.
TM: There are about 80 voices for each wrestler, from grunts like "Ah" and "Ugh" to their famous catchphrases. So, for example, for Okada, you can set him to separately say, "I have three things that I want to say," then have the "First" and so on. (laughs)

GS: That's pretty obsessive right there (laughs).
TM: I know, right? (laughs) I think that alone adds some considerable wrestling fan appeal to the game, because the fans can actually hear their favorite wrestler speaking. For example, you don't get much of a chance to hear more silent wrestlers like Strong Machine, but he still has about 70 voice clips, including things like him making chattering and creaking noises, and saying things like "What a lame fight!" as well. So for fans who want to hear those authentic voices, you can say that the PS4 version of Firepro World has an added benefit for them.

GS: Have there been any improvements made to the editing interface and so on?
TM: Absolutely, there have. However, as I mentioned earlier, regarding those 'hardships' and 'restructuring' I've mentioned on Twitter recently, what actually happened is that we switched development companies altogether. If I may say why, then, the reason I'd give is that "It was no good." ... But, it's a long story, to be honest. (laughs) There were various aspects that just weren't working out correctly, so they had to be replaced outright. I let them take over from there, and make something great from what we already had.

GS: So then you're saying that, after the interview on January 3rd, the state of affairs were in shambles?
TM: Yes, that's a good way of putting it. Things were in so much of a mess that I even thought, "We're not going to be able to do the PS4 version" at least once. Although we were in a seriously critical condition, we managed to get back up somehow, and we've gotten to the point we're at today. I'd consider it a miracle. I've been in the game industry for several years, but I've never been in a situation where we've completely switch development studios halfway through (laughs).

GS: That's a colossal task you've taken on...
TM: Yes, but if I didn't do it, there's no way we would have kept to our planned summer release in time for the G1 CLIMAX. So we had to make a tough decision. Simply changing development companies alone required more than just handing over the work done up until now, and up until now, we've been in a situation where the degree of completion has actually been going backwards. To tell you the truth, comparing the Steam version of the game, from its Early Access launch to the version that came out as a formally completed game, came out in a badly damaged state. Because the development company we were working with failed to improve upon the game, we had to change teams. So, I made the decision to start over from the Early Access version as a base. It's taken a lot more time and effort to fix things than it looks. So for now, while the design is different, we might not be able to implement any major quality of life adjustments to the PS4 version at launch. The plan is to launch the game, and then work on gradually improving those things. I never considered the PS4 version to be the end of the project, and intended to keep working on the game afterwards as well. In my head right now, I have plans to continue working on Fire Pro for another year (laughs). Somehow that is a relief.

GS: So you have a road map for the next year.
TM: Right!

GS: That must be a great encouragement for the fans.
TM: I know people on 5ch (an internet message board) have been calling me incompetent... But I'd like to say on the record that I am not! (laughs)

GS: But, having to change development companies...!
TM: It really felt like I was stuck in Hell. People were asking me things, "Are you being replaced?!" (laughs) But, incidentally, the reason I wasn't on Twitter much at the time was because I was also the head writer for the story mode screenplay this time around. I just didn't have time to go on there.

GS: So you wrote the entire story?
TM: Yes, it's all me. I didn't want to say anything about it, since I didn't want to be told, "This story's boring af" or anything (laughs). Since we never hired a dedicated writer, I had to do it myself. It's about 230,000 characters long, basically the length of two novels. I felt like I wanted to die. And then remembering that I was also in charge of the development team on top of that made me want to die even more. It was excruciating.

GS: But in the end, we can see the results of your work in the PS4 edition.
TM: Seeing it all come together makes me feel good. But, well, since I feel like we're definitely going to be getting some new requests and demands, I think that, with the rest of the Fire Pro team working together with me, we can meet those expectations as much as possible.

GS: By the way -- do you have any information on the implementation of a wrestler exchange system like the Steam Workshop within the PS4 version?
TM: Of course we'll have something like that. We're trying to make sure they're 100% identical to one another so everyone can enjoy the game. The PS4 version will have separate servers, but I don't think it will take long for the wrestler count to increase. So everyone will be able to play the game the same way.

GS: About the story mode - It's like the last game with it, where you start off joining the company in its dojo.
TM: Yes, you start out joining the company with a proper introduction, competing as a rookie, Young Lion, fighter in training. When you return to New Japan, depending on how many points you've accumulated, you might stay as a member of the mainline roster, or join up with CHAOS, Suzuki-gun, or LIJ (Los Ingobernables de Japan); and the story branches come together with the same end goal of making it to the January 4 Tokyo Dome show. After clearing the story once, you are allowed to freely join any faction on your second run and beyond, to make it easier. It would be a real pain if, for instance, you go, "Well, I want to join Suzuki-gun, but I have no choice but to join the main forces."

GS: So going through the story mode multiple times should be easy.
TM: Right, we want to make it as pleasant as possible. We want people to have the choice to play as they want, after all. So for people who might not like, for instance, Suzuki-gun, we want to include plenty of story route branches.

GS: So the game has multiple scenarios then.
TM: Right. (Initially) there are 4 main routes, and in the end, once you get to the Tokyo Dome, there will be 4 or 5 different potential opponents based on the story points you've accumulated; and it will also change the story ending.

GS: I see.
TM: In addition to fighting, we're also including elements like training to help strengthen your character. Compared to "Fire Pro G," I think it will make the story mode a longer and more enjoyable experience.

GS: So the training becomes something like added skill points, right?
TM: Right, and you'll be able to feel the results of your training in your stats. For instance, opting to lift weights will use up some of your saved training points, letting you choose what kind of training you want to specialize in.

GS: It makes it sound a little like a training simulator (tl note: i.e. Jikkyou PowerPro Yakuu).
TM: Yeah, it's close to something like that, but there's more of a focus on story-telling than in one of those.

GS: So then you're going to be raising your hero up from zero, right?
TM: Correct - when you start, you're going to have absolutely zero stats. With that in mind, we'll make it so that the game periodically unlocks new skills and moves for your character to use as well. Unfortunately... it won't be possible to take your main character and make them into a standard edit wrestler...

GS: You can't?
TM: But perhaps it will be possible later.

GS: I'd really like to...!
TM: We won't be able to implement it in time for the release, but since everyone likely wants to take their wrestler and use them, I'll do my best to add the feature later.

GS: Next, I'd like to talk about the PC version. It recently received a new move update, so will the next version be a major update to bring it in line with the PS4 version?
TM: That's right. After that, I'd like to avoid a situation where we only add one new move every few months like with the PC version, so after that, I'll do my best to return to a regular update schedule for a while longer.

GS: So you're trying to return to the same frequency of updates as we saw during the Early Access days?
TM: I don't know if we'll be able to do weekly updates, or every other week, as before, but at the same time, we won't be dealing with circumstances like the ones from the past 4 months or so. So I'm taking some time to think about new features that would make me happy.

GS: That's a feeling that should make all of Firepro's fan's happy.
TM: I'm doing my best to meet that goal, but the folks on 5ch keep beating me up (laughs) But, that's fine. I guess you can say that I'm getting ready for a wrestling match with the 5ch user base. Even if they beat me down, it's fine, I'll just go, "I get it, I get it, I'll do it!" So keep it up... Not really (laughs). Feel free to pound some good vibes into me instead (laughs). On the other hand, the users on Twitter are always warmly accepting. I guess it's like finding a balance between positive and negative, just like in real life.

GS: Last, do you have any comments to PS4 users and Fire Pro players?
TM: For the people waiting for the PS4 version, who have been asking me "When is it coming?" for a year now, it's finally coming out. So for that, I'm truly sorry to keep you waiting. I can't say with 100% certainty that there will be another Firepro after this, but since this is the first time we were able to collaborate with real wrestlers (tl note: because I guess Zenjo doesn't count ), with their real company's name, this is the doorway to a brand new Firepro. And I humbly invite you all to enjoy and experience this brand new Firepro.

To the users on Steam, this isn't the end, so please wait for a while longer. In the end, your version will be the same as the PS4's.

GS: Thank you again for sharing your story.

May 6, 2007

GAME Pro Wrestling Presents Limit Break! Live @ 8:05 EST
Full card:
4 Way Scramble:
Chun-Li vs Cuphead vs Faith Conners vs Tracer
6-Man Tag Match:
King Bowser, DíVorah, & Goro Majima vs Duke Nukem, Solid Snake, & Frank West
Tag Team Exhibition:
The Sons of Light(Megaman & Protoman) vs The Returners(Terra Branford & Sabin Figaro)
Falls Count Anywhere:
Link vs 2B
Special Showcase Exhibition Match:
Rainbow Mika vs A Literal Bear
GAME Pro Wrestling vs The World Match:
NEMESIS vs Stan Hansen
Special Singles Match:
Trevor Belmont vs Mettaton
Phobos Death Match(Exploding Barbwire, win only through knockout or submission)

Live Tonight @8:05 Eastern on

May 6, 2007

Dangerous Person posted:

I don't have a twitch account so I couldn't comment but I caught the second half of that card. The deathmatch at the end owned

Thanks. That actually worked out better than I expected it. I downloaded a mod that let wrestlers go outside during landmine matches, with the expectation that they would go outside and trigger a bunch of explosions, and it would be cool. What ended up happening, even though there were only 2 landmine spots, was a pretty great dominant heel(Doomslayer) vs tenacious face(Scorpion), with a pretty great finish.

May 6, 2007

~Last time~!
-Tracer finally won a match!
-Captain Nís winning streak came to an ignominous end at the hands of Hugo Andore and Poison.
-Link secured a authoritative victory over 2B with the Skulltula End
-Rainbow Mika was mauled by A Literal Bear
-NEMESIS conquered a legend, defeating Stan Hansen
-Executioner Smough & Dragonslayer Ormstein defeated the Super Mario Bros to become the first ever PCGP Co-Op Champions-
-Scorpion overcame 2 mine explosions to make THE DOOMSLAYER tap out to a Hellock in a Phobos Deathmatch.

GAME Pro Wrestling Live @ 8:05 EST
-At Limit Break, PCGP Spokesman Cid Pollendina announced the Star Cup, a month long, 16-man tournament with the winner receiving a grand prize of 50,000 Coins and an as yet unnamed special opportunity.
- Current brackets available at:
-The Wildcard entry will be determined this week in an 8-Man Elimination Match: Tracer, Kirby, Duke Nukem, Solid Snake, Sub-Zero, Cody Travers, Sabin Figaro, and Terra Branford
-Also scheduled to appear: R.O.B., Samus Aran, Chun-Li, The Sons of Light, and Cuphead.

Live Tonight @8:05 Eastern on
Plus! A GAME Pro Wrestling vs The World Viewer Poll has been added to the Twitch page. Choose who you want to see in the next GAME Pro Wrestling vs The World match at the Star Cup Finals on June 5!

May 6, 2007

~Last time~!
-Chun-Li dismantled Samus in what was possibly the most one-sided match in GAME Pro Wrestling history.
-Duke Nukem outlasted 7 other challengers in an elimination match to earn a slot in The Star Cup
-Goro Majima handily defeated Link to advance to the Star Cup quarter final round.
-In a titanic slugfest, Bowser defeated NEMESIS, moving on to the quarter finals and ending the monsterís winning streak.
-In an unexpected upset, Trevor Belmont defeated Zangief to advance to the next round.
-And in the Main Event, Ganondorf gave the world a glimpse of his true might, defeating Scorpion with The Warlock Punch and moving forward in The Star Cup

~Tonight! Live @9:05 EST(in like, 20 minutes!)~
-Sabin Figaro takes on Executioner Smough for a shot at the Co-Op Finals
-A rematch between Frank West and Rainbow Mika
-The Star Cup continues!
-Duke Nukem vs The Chosen Undead
-Hugo Andore vs 2b
-Mettaton vs Captain N
-THE DOOMSLAYER vs A New Challenger!
- Current brackets available at:
-Also scheduled to appear: The Super Mario Bros, Solid Snake, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and more!

Not sure when Iím going live tonight, somewhere between 8pm EST and 9pm EST, got IRL stuff to do right before show time.
Plus! A GAME Pro Wrestling vs The World Viewer Poll has been added to the Twitch page. Choose who you want to see in the next GAME Pro Wrestling vs The World match at the Star Cup Finals on July 5!

And since I don't have a way of directly contacting him:
Hey, Lord of Booty, you still planning on doing a Fire Pro thing at some point?

May 6, 2007

There hasn't been a concrete word on how edit sharing will work, or even if you'll be able to import images to use as ring graphics, which is concerning.


(along with probably a custom stream overlay that's less big and distracting than the one I was using), and getting money together for that has been... a bastard.

Y'know, something I've notice among people streaming wrestlegames, from VGCW to New Legacy to the Greater Fire Pro Community, is that almost all of them have minimal overlays, hell quite a few remove the in-game UI's as well. Then again if yours are good enough, it might set a new standard, so who knows. Art is Expensive, you may be better off banging out whatever kind of simple logo you can with free fonts and GIMP and then upgrade when you can, just to get the ball rolling. Promotion and making a consistent, entertaining product is way better than a fancy custom logo as I, with my decent custom logo and custom ring graphics, can attest to. Just start booking and running and get the aesthetics when you can. Speaking of which:

~Last time~!
-Sabin lost to Executioner Smough in his bid for a Co-Op Title shot. The Returnerís chance at the title lies in Terraís hands now.
-Rainbow Mika triumphed over Frank West in an unexpectedly epic slugfest.
-Duke Nukem defeated The Chosen Undead to advance to the Star Cup Quarter Finals
-2B beat Hugo, moving forward in the Star Cup and bringing the giantís winning streak to an end.
-Mettaton defeated Captain N to advance to the Quarter Finals
-A debuting Dracula stopped THE DOOMSLAYER dead in his tracks with Draculaís Curse to move on to the next round.

~Tonight! Live @8:05 EST~
~Thursday, June 25, @8:05EST(0100 GMT)!~
-The Star Cup Continues with the Quarter Final Round!
-Goro Majima vs King Bowser, Hugo Andore vs 2B, Duke Nukem vs Dracula, & Trevor Belmont vs Ganondorf!
- Current brackets available at:
-Plus, Terra faces Dragonslayer Ornstein for a shot at the Co-Op Titles!
-In Tag Team Action: Zangief & Bass Armstrong vs Tina Armstrong & Rainbow Mika
-Also scheduled to appear: Tracer, Kirby, Samus Aran, Captain N, & more!
-Injury Report! THE DOOMSLAYER suffered a significant injury during last weekís match with Dracula, and will be out of action for 4-6 weeks.
-Tune in early for a special Pre-Show Tribute Match: Big Van Vader vs Tatsumi Fujinami

Plus! A GAME Pro Wrestling vs The World Viewer Poll has been added to the Twitch page. Choose who you want to see in the next GAME Pro Wrestling vs The World match at the Star Cup Finals on July 5!

Pre-Show memorial match will start in about 10 minutes.

May 6, 2007

I remember being a holdout for Promotion Wars 2 until it became apparent it was never ever coming out ever.

~Last time~!
-Tracer defeated Markiplier by countout, when Markiplier decided heíd had enough, and refused to get back in the ring.
-Bass Armstrong & Zangief defeated Tina Armstrong & Rainbow Mika by referee stoppage when Mika was knocked unconscious by a Final Atomic Buster.
-Terra defeated Dragonslayer Ornstein in under 10 minutes to earn her and Terra a Co-Op Title shot.
-After the match, Executioner Smough announced that the match would be a Tornado Tag Cage match.
Star Cup Results:
-Goro Majima got himself disqualified, sending King Bowser forward to the Semi-Finals.
-Mettaton defeated 2B with a tombstone piledriver to advance to the Semi-Finals.
-Dracula beat Duke Nukem with an elbowdrop to earn a spot in the Semi-Final round.
-Trevor Belmont Over Came The Odds, defeating Ganondorf with the Whippersnapper in spite of interference by King Bowser.
-In a post-match interview, Ganondorf made it known he holds King Bowser personally responsible for his loss.

~Tonight! Live @8:05 EST~
-The Star Cup Continues with the Semi-Final Round!
-King Bowser vs Trevor Belmont & Mettaton vs Dracula!
- Current brackets available at:
-Frank West vs Hugo Andore in a Hardcore Match!
-The Returners & Duke Nukem vs Smoughstein & Majima
-Fox McCloud vs Kirby
-Rydia vs Faith Conners
-Also scheduled to appear: The Super Mario Bros, Cuphead, NEMESIS, Solid Snake & More!
-Injury Report! On last weekís show, Rainbow Mika was knocked unconscious by a Final Atomic Buster from Zangief. She has been cleared by GAME Pro Wrestling medical personnel, and will not miss any time. THE DOOMSLAYER does not currently have a confirmed return date, but is expected to be out at least another 4 weeks.


May 6, 2007

GenericMartini posted:

I'm glad people are finally making a video game based fed for fire pro. Hopefully the vgcw collections i made helped out with the selection.

I used them to find characters I didn't initially think about. Like for "Oh yeah, that guy/girl/alien/robot" characters. I agree that they could be better curated. Not only are several lacking logic, personally I'm not a fan of when collections have multiples of the same character, because then I'm stuck trying to figure out which one is 'the best', and I feel that should be the responsibility of the one making the collection.

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