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Mar 8, 2013

Trust me.
I pretend to be a ninja.

February 5, 2075

The night was chilly---for Dallas. It was 38F that morning, and even by two o'clock in the afternoon is was barely up to forty-five. There wasn't ice on the roads (Thank God), but none-the-less the local residents had broken out their winter coats for the affair. The worst of winter was likely over as you woke up, warm under a blanket. The day was quiet, maybe even empty: a temperature as warm as 45F was enough to keep people indoors this far south. The sky was gray with the threat of rain blowing in from the gulf, but that didn't stop traffic from crowding into I20, the drivers irate with the the looming winter storm.

If you need to roll starting nuyen, do it in your first post. Post your character sheet in your first post, and pleas link to it in subsequent posts.

You're halfway through your second cup of coffee, staring bleary-eyed at folding predictions, when your commlink lets out a chirp. You reach, bleary-eyed, for the comm in your pocket before realizing that's not the one buzzing. It's the one you bought at that kiosk three months ago, the burner full of hackware meant to keep the snooping corpsec spider ignoring the signal. It's worked so far, and this is the third message you've got on it. It's from Texas Yellow:

<<I have some work. The Sage, ten thirty. Can I expect you?>>

How do you respond? How do you spend the rest of your day? How and when do arrive at the Sage in Bloom?

You wake up at maybe noon, your eyes flitting open to the poo poo-hole apartment you claimed. There was half a bottle of knock-off, Soy-based whiskey on the night stand, but your hangover wasn't bad enough that you didn't know its origin. After all, the upper class didn't get hangovers: they could afford not to. As you blink sleep out of your eyes, you see the commlink on the night stand blinking. Texas Yellow wanted something.

<<I have some work. The Sage, ten thirty. Can I expect you?>>

How do you respond? How do you spend the rest of your day? How and when do arrive at the Sage in Bloom?

It was a night of relief.

Or that's what you tell yourself at the hangover greets your eyes: last night was a 'free' night, Rosario looking after Ralph. The half-dozen Coronas buzzed around your head as you glared around the thing that woke you up. The blinking commlink was institant, even impatient, as it blinked '10:10 AM', mocking you with its large, sans serif font. And then it buzzed again, and you saw text pour across the screen, singed by Texas Yellow:

<<I have some work. The Sage, ten thirty. Can I expect you?>>

How do you respond? How do you spend the rest of your day? How and when do arrive at the Sage in Bloom?

You were coming down off of the third run of the night when you jacked out. And then you had to blink your eyes at the deck power-cycled and came back up with a nullary overwatch score. The sun had come up some time in the last few hours. Few? It was already closer to 10:30 than 6:30, which was what the clock said before you jumped into Llano Link, a local data haven and PoC for Jugglers and Booper hackers. You had spend the last four hours writing out a new NOP sled-less canary algorithm for the latest FlySpy firmware, and smiled at the payload assembly dump as you ran it through the simulator. Just then your UI lit up with a new comm from Texas Yellow:

<<I have some work. The Sage, ten thirty. Can I expect you?>>

How do you respond? How do you spend the rest of your day? How and when do arrive at the Sage in Bloom?

Since you are the decker, you need to decide if we'll use my modified decking rules.

You roll awake next to a bottle of Jack Daniels: the real stuff, no soy-synth substitute. if you were going to pay that much for rent a month, your savings could at least afford a decent bottle, right? It was two in the afternoon, with the gray winter light pouring in the windows. Maybe up to sixty about now, enough that people would be outside. As you grabbed your second cup of espresso from the AutoSpresso 3500 and tucked away the Sports section of the Dallas STO (Star-Telegram-Observer), you finally noticed the blink of your burner comm: Texas Yellow had work.

<<I have some work. The Sage, ten thirty. Can I expect you?>>

How do you respond? How do you spend the rest of your day? How and when do arrive at the Sage in Bloom?

You felt a slender set of fingers through your hair about noon. The fingers were feminine, and limber, and intended to wake you up more than anything. She was bored. You could even guess Her expression without opening your eyes: the expresison that meant you had become boring by sleeping. Her voice was sharp, too, as She motioned at the mixed bowl of hash and deepweed the ritzy apartment's automa-drone had prepared for you. It was sitting on your glass-and-wood coffee table in the beautiful blown-glass bubbler from old Austin. Her voice prodded out out of the downy comforter and into the warmth of your apartment. "Come on, there's work. We've got something fun to do. And mayber we can even meet someone along the way!"

The commlink was blinking with a message from Texas Yellow:

<<I have some work. The Sage, ten thirty. Can I expect you?>>

How do you respond? How do you spend the rest of your day? How and when do arrive at the Sage in Bloom?

Bed. BED! Warm. WARM! Noise. NOISE?! Your Transys Avalon filled the poo poo-hole apartment with the worst noise you had heard in weeks. Well, that wasn't true, but it didn't stop you from contemplating a well-placed Fling and riding the exhaustion into six more hours' sleep. But then you remembered that you didn't have even a fifth of rent for March, and there was that fiasco about not being able to race with the Bowies to make it after that air spirit incident. So you rolled over, and looked at your comm before you decided if you were goint to chuck it across the room. And there, in blinking Transys Sans, was a message from Texas Yellow:

<<I have some work. The Sage, ten thirty. Can I expect you?>>

How do you respond? How do you spend the rest of your day? How and when do arrive at the Sage in Bloom?

The Cast and Crew
Alfred Nobel, Troll Wageslave (Adept Swordsman), played by Thanatosian
Kenneth, Texas Ranger (Sammy), played by malikial
Chris "Double Tap" Johnson, Human Aristocrat (Face/Pistoleer), played by ProfessorCirno
Ah-Ri-Yung "Sparrow" Han, Human Spellrigger (Mage/Rigger), played by Atlatl
Jake "Hardline" Franklin, Human Script Kiddie (Decker), played by Yamtaggler
Gabriel De Los Santos, Elf Ganger (Mage), played by Arkangelus
Marcina Montgomery, Elf Rich Kid (Mage), played by Ronwayne

OOC Thread

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Mar 8, 2013

Trust me.
I pretend to be a ninja.


- Running Silent will be modified to be less terrible to deckers. The rules are going to work as follows: you make a Matrix Perception check, and your hits reveal any PANs in the area (and their devices) that have DR less than or equal to your hits. Any PANs over it show up, but just as glowy masses, but if you get a mark on one the PAN lights up, and you can use your spatial awareness in the obvious ways.
- I am debating the 'lethal decker' rules I'm using in my DW game.
- Str 4 and 7 for MMGs/HMGs respectively, along with dropping the double recoil.
- Magical Burnout costs 'what it would have been': if you dropped from 4 to 1 Magic due to essence loss, it costs you 25 Karma to go from 1 to 2.
- I'm open to porting over gear from 4E, just ask.
- Obviously no chunky salsa
- The Errata is in effect.
- We're in Texas. Guns cost 50% of the listed price. With the exception of Machine Guns, Cannons, and Launchers (heavy weapon stuff), Forbidden weapons are Restricted, Restricted weapons are fine to own. (This price reduction applies to all weapons, regardless of legality, along with accessories and ammo.)

Setting u a new Lifestyle
You can either (a) call up a contact and ask them to set you up with one, which requires an Extend Etiquette + Charisma (12, 1 minute) roll, with the standard finder's fee, or (b) go looking for one yourself, which is an Extended Safehouses + Intuition knowledge skill roll (or another appropriate roll, like a Matrix search) according to the following table:

Lifestyle                Hits        Time 
Squatter                 12           10 Minutes
Low                      12           30 Minutes
Medium                   12           1 Hour 
High                     12           6 Hours
Luxury                   18           1 Day 
I'm willing to hear out any other suggestions.

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Jan 26, 2013


Kenneth sends a quick reply, <<Yes sir, I will be there.>> He then spends the rest of the day doing random errands in prep for any job he's being put on. Cleaning his guns, oiling his jacket and polishing his boots. making sure all his spare ammunition is prepped and ready. He also spends a bit of time taking 3K off his credsticks and turning it into Script encase he needs to bribe anyone in a neighborhood where Credsticks aren't as useful while on the job. Basically getting himself as prepared as he would if he was going on an investigation in the Rangers. When the time comes to show up he'll be 5 minutes early, polished, clean and ready.

Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.


*snnnrk* Ugh.

<<I'll be there.>>

"Okay, I'm game. But I need to be awake and lucid when I get there." A sweep of the apartment to chase out any present anonymous guests is followed by bong noises, shower, and a packet of some kind of soychips (now in 'purple' and 'green' flavors) for breakfast.

She braves the 13 degrees above freezing temperatures with a coat usually worn by yankees only during blizzards. The jackrabbits engine is started and the heater starts blowing before she's out the door. "Okay, lets go meet someone. And no bullshit like last time when you tricked me into starting into the astral by the goddamn slaughterhouse. Same as last time, I drive, you steer."

(Reacquiring myself with Dallas more. Going on an intra-city roadtrip. Hunting for facts/rumors/thing thats have changed/ and/or new and exciting people to meet. one hit isn't going to me much, but whatever. Trying to get back by about 7:30, hit the road at 9:30, arrive 15ish minutes early.)

Karma 11/19
Focus 4 - 8k

BODY: 3/6 
AGI:  5/7 
REA:  3/6
STR:  2/6
WIL:  4/6
LOG:  3/6
INT:  4/6
CHA:  8/8
EDG:  3/7
MAG:  3/6
ESS:  6/6 

Notoriety: 0

Condition Track
Physical: 10
Stun: 10
Overflow: 4

Physical: 4
Mental:	5	
Social:	9	

Cash Banked: 168+8000(High Lifestyle)
Karma Banked: 0

Positive Qualities:
Human Looking 6
too pretty to hit 3
Mentor Spirit-Seductress 5

Negative Qualities:
Sinner, national, +5
Addiction, Minor, Deepweed +4
Minor, uncommon allergy: synthetic fur +5
Total Bonus Karma: 14

Additional Karma Expenditures
Str 1>2  10k
Contacts 1k
Spanish one 2k
perception one 2k
25000 nyen 5k

Aspected Mage:
Shaman (Discordianism)

Improved Invis
Physical Mask
Improved Reflexes
Opium Den
Alter Memory
Trid Phantasm

Active Groups:
[Acting] 4 (Con+2 Spirit)
[Influence] 6

SpellCasting 6+(illusion+4 (inc/m.spirit))
Counterspell 6
Gymnastics 3
Running 3
Sneaking 3
Palming 3 (Pickpocket+2)
Perception 1 (karma)
Automatics 6
Pilot Ground 3
Hardware  4 (Security devices+2)
Locksmith 4 (maglock+2)
Electronic Warfare 1
Assensing 1

Knowledge Skills:
Dallas Metroplex 5

Interest Skills:

Language Skills
English: N
Spanish 1 (1karma)

Magical theory 4 (Shamanistic Traditions+2)


Texas Yellow, Connection 5, Loyalty 2
A shady figure who runs the Sage In Bloom, a local Dixie bar. 
In the back room, though, he's a fixer, acting as a middle-man between people looking to 
hire runners and the runner community.

Theo Trainer, Connection 6, Loyalty 1
An above-board fixer who sometimes hires people from the runner community for 'straight work', 
including protecting pop icons and ensuring things run smoothly for political candidates.

Aiden Montgomery, Connection 1, Loyalty 4
lovely little brother. Involved in online community of people that claim to have one or more 
spirit totems living inside their heads. Lives with parents but makes money with with artwork 
commissions and spirit suit costumes.

Marty Fernandez, Connection 3, Loyalty 4
Year or two older. Was in the same party scene as her in highschool. Now a lonestar corporal. 
Provides evidence room hookups.

Gordon Richersfield, Connection 5, Loyalty 2(5*)
* while on retainer
Family attorney, former city councilman, and member of all those clubs old, rich, white, 
human/elf people belong to. Responsible for getting her out of the sorts of teenage dumbassery 
that would land an ork or troll in the school-to-prison pipeline.

The Candyman, Connection 4, Loyalty 3
Met at a frat party. Talismonger, reagent and deepweed hookup. Totally not the Jamaican from JDatE.

Ginger, free spirit, Connection ???, Loyalty 2
Fragging trickster spirits, man.


deepweed 1 
jazz x2         150
psyche 1      
bliss x10
mdma x10

Fake SIN 4,   10,000
"Mary Sue"
-driv lic 4      800
-magiclic 4      800

Fake SIN 1,    2,500
"Heywood Jablowmi"


Hermes Comm    3,000
Metalink Comm x3 300

Electronic Accessories:
sequencer 4     1000
lockpick         250
autopick 6
electrical kit   500

Jackrabbit    10,000

FN Har          900
-2x regularmag   90
-2x s&shock mag 342

armor jacket   1000
exec suite     2000

High x 1mo   10,000
Low x 1 mo (IG)

Postchargen Purchases:

helmet          2 100
miniwelder      2 250
2xextracans     2 160(total)
optical binos   -  50
5xmetal cuffs   - 100

low safehouse 1000
 Spell Focus 41      -16000
  Sustaining, Manip
Lawyer Retainer     -20000
 Hardline's Share    - 3000
 Levitation Formula  - 1500

Ninja Goggles for those that already see in the dark:
Goggles               Cap 6, Avail 0,    300ny
-Vision Enhance 4,    Cap 4, Avail +8,  2000ny
-Vision Mag,          Cap 1, Avail +2    250
-Flare Comp           Cap 1, Avail +1    250

chameleon suit 1700

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Jan 2, 2008

Art thou doubting
your best bro?



The word escapes her mouth as if it were a death rattle. By the time Sparrow realizes how far she had to reach to get her commlink, it's too late to prevent her from tumbling out of her high bed in a spray of downy feathers. A mountain of blankets slides off the bed and covers her once more. Though she's tempted to just lay there, the cold, cold floor is more than enough motivation to get her up and dressed.

<< ofc im omw >>

<< sir >>

She pulls her oversized witch's hat down over her ears and tucks her scarf into her puffy jacket. Armored puffy jacket, that is. Magical tailoring was a wonderful thing. She stares at her car's remote temperature display as it crawls upward. "Remote heating. So good," she mumbles to herself, squinting as she considers the message she just sent out to her potential employer.

<< that means yes, in case i wasnt clear >>

It was too cold to not be a coffee day. Time to do some gear checks, then camp out at Mozart's and surf the 'trix all day.

Starting Money: 3d6x60 1
Well I messed that up, it's actually 8x60 = 480 + the 400 leftover, so 880 starting nuyen. Rolling in a few minutes before the meet.

Ah-Ri-Yung "Sparrow" Han

A Magic      Magic 6, 2x skills, 10 spells, MysAd (Shaman)
B Skills     36/5
C Resources  140k
D Attributes 14
E Metatype   Human 1

Karma: 7/7

Bod 1 -> +2 -> 2
Agi 1 -> +1 -> 2
Rea 1 -> +2 -> 3 (7)
Str 1 -> +0 -> 1
Wil 1 -> +2 -> 3
Log 1 -> +1 -> 2
Int 1 -> +2 -> 3
Cha 1 -> +4 -> 5

Edg 3
Ess 6
Mag 6

Physical 3 (5)
Mental   4
Social   7

Qualities: (25 karma)
6 PP (30)
Focused Concentration 3 (12)
Mentor Spirit: Raven (5) (+2 Con, +2 Manipulation Spells)

Limited Corporate SIN (NeoNET) (-15)
Weak Immune System (-10)

Improved Reflexes 3 (3.5)
Improved Potential (Physical) (0.5)
Improved Senses 2 (0.5)
Improved Attribute: Reflexes (1.0)
Kinesics 2 (0.5)

Improved Invisibility
Mob Mind
Ice Sheet
Vehicle Mask
Lightning Bolt

Electronics 2
   Hardware, Software, Computer
Engineering 1
   Automotive, Aeronautics, Nautical, Industrial
Influence 1
   Leadership, Etiquette, Negotiation
Athletics 1
   Running, Swimming, Gymnastics

Spellcasting     5+1 (Manipulation)
Counterspelling  5+1
Summoning        6 (Air Spirits)

Binding 4
Electronic Warfare 2
Pilot Ground Craft 6 (Wheeled)
Pilot Aircraft 3
Pilot Walker 1
Perception 1
Artisan 1
Armorer 1
Throwing Weapons 1
Gunnery 1
Con 3

Knowledge Skills (10 free): 
English    N
Spanish    1
Korean     1

Security Protocol   2
Texas Highways      2
Go Gangs            1
Street Racing       1
Club Music          1
Gourmet Desserts    1

Gear: (140k)
Electronics and Rigging:
Vulcan Liegelord RCC      66  k
Transys Avalon             5  k
   All Add-Ons             2.2k
Rating 6 Bug Scanner        .6k

Rating 1 Fake SIN          2.5k
1 Month Low Lifestyle      2.2k

Car and Drones:
Ford Americar             16k
5x Rating 6 Autosofts     15k
   [Ares Alpha] Weapon Targeting
   [Fly Spy] Stealth
   [MCT Roto] Evasion
   Electronic Warfare

MCT Roto                   5    k
   Weapon Mount            2.5  k
   Ares Alpha              2.650k
   50 Rounds                .100k
   6 HE Grenades            .600k
                          10.85k x2 = 21.7k

MCT Fly Spy                2k x4 = 8k

3 karma (6000):
Rating 6 Directional Jam.  1.2 k
Armor Jacket               1   k
2x HE Grenades              .2 k
8x throwing knives          .2 k

Bust A Move                 .75k
Fly Spy Sensors (Rating 3) 3.2 k
   Motion Sensor

INLINE SKATES               .1 k

400 Starting Nuyen

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Feb 6, 2011

My brother gave me half of a rock and told me to wait for you in the woods...


Jake considers what to say to Texas Yellow as he dutifully ignores various AROs begging him to take better care of himself.

"Scientific Studies have shown that the average metahuman needs at least 6 hours of restful sleep to operate at peak efficiency!" It warbled urgently, "Don't you want to be efficient?"

That smartbed was getting needy, and that was a problem. A problem for another time, though. Right now, business.

His fingers danced along the keys, crafting his reply. It wasn't strictly necessary to type with his Datajack, but the excercise helped him wind down after a long VR session.

<<I'll be there, Sir.>>

As the file zipped off into the ether, he considered the rest of his day. Once again, his bed sent him an urgent message demanding satisfaction.

He rolled his eyes and brought up the bed's brain in the AR space before him. A few quick tweaks to the clock program, a couple mischievious giggles, and what the bed once thought was 8 minutes turned out to be 8 hours. Now all he had to do was lay down for a bit and the stupid thing would be off his case for the rest of the day. As he lowered his gangly meatsona onto the eager bedframe, he briefly considered simply turning off the program. This logical course of action was forgotten as soon as his head touched the pillow and hungry darkness consumed him.

A modest bleeping wormed its way into his consciousness as he came to. He glanced up at the basement window to see the sun already on its way out for the night. After a few choice curses, he checked the time.

His bed happily blooped that he'd been asleep for 20 days, and that was really quite impressive. Did he want to share his secrets on the Bedforums? It took a moment for him to remember his genius plan. It took less time than that to shut down the bed's Smartchip for good.

After a quick shower he pulled on his armored duster, stuffed his gear into its satchel, and guzzled a RockSoy Energy Drink. His Deck's chron informed him that it was around 7, so he decided he'd go hang out with Decky at the mall for a few hours before heading over to the Sage. Maybe he'd finally got those new Renraku drives today. That'd be pretty Wiz. With a nasally whine, his Scoot started rolling towards adventure.

Starting Nuyen is 3d6 x60 which comes out to 660, plus 5000 from my starting funds so 5660. Also, I don't know computer stuff so be gentle with me kind GM.

== Info == 
Street Name: Hardline
Name: Jack Franklin
Movement: 6/12
Karma: 0
Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness: 0
Human M Age 25
Height 5'6" Weight 180 lb
Composure: 5
Judge Intentions: 7
Lift/Carry: 3 
Memory: 9
Nuyen: 5,660

== Priorities == 
Metatype: D - Human or Elf
Attributes: C - 16 Attributes
Special: E - N/A
Skills: B - 36 Skills/5 Skill Groups
Resources: A - 450,000¥

== Attributes == 
BOD: 2
AGI: 3
REA: 2 (3) 
STR: 1
CHA: 2
INT: 5
LOG: 6
WIL: 3
EDG: 4

== Derived Attributes == 
Essence:                   3.6
Initiative:                7 + 1d6 (+1d6)
Rigger Initiative:         7 + 1d6
Astral Initiative:         N/A
Matrix AR Initiative:      7 + 1d6
Matrix Cold Initiative:    5 +DP + 3d6
Matrix Hot Initiative:     5 +DP + 4d6
Physical Damage Track:     9
Stun Damage Track:         10

== Limits == 
Physical:                  2
Mental:                    7
Social:                    5
Astral:                    N/A

== Skill Groups ==
Cracking:                  5

== Active Skills == 
Computer                  :5                      Pool: 11
Con                       :1                      Pool: 3
Cybercombat               :5                      Pool: 11
Electronic Warfare        :5                      Pool: 11
Ettiquette                :2                      Pool: 4
Forgery                   :2                      Pool: 8
Gymnastics                :1                      Pool: 4
Hacking                   :5                      Pool: 11
Hardware                  :5                      Pool: 11
Negotiation               :2                      Pool: 4
Palming                   :1                      Pool: 4
Perception                :3                      Pool: 8
Pilot Ground Craft        :1                      Pool: 3
Pistols                   :5                      Pool: 8
Sneaking                  :3                      Pool: 6
Software                  :5                      Pool: 11

== Knowledge Skills == 

Area Knowledge: Dallas    :3                      Pool: 8
Data Havens               :2                      Pool: 9
Engineering               :2                      Pool: 8
Gangs (Dallas Area)       :1                      Pool: 6(8)
English                   :N                      Pool: 0
Japanese                  :2                      Pool: 7
Matrix Games              :4                      Pool: 9
Shadow Community          :2                      Pool: 7
Spanish                   :3                      Pool: 8

== Contacts == 
"Decky" Williams (3, 3)
A friend from college who owns his own small electronics outlet in the mall. 
His backroom has some fairly Wiz stuff, though, and Hardline trusts him, which is important.

Texas Yellow     (5, 2) 
A shady figure who runs the Sage In Bloom, a local Dixie bar. 
In the back room, though, he's a fixer, acting as a middle-man between people looking to 
hire runners and the runner community.

Theo Trainer     (6, 1) 
An above-board fixer who sometimes hires people from the runner community for 'straight work', 
including protecting pop icons and ensuring things run smoothly for political candidates.

== Qualities == 
Natural Hardening

== Lifestyles == 

Apartment (A.K.A, "Meathost"  3 months, 2600 Per)
   +Extra Secure
   +Obscure/Difficult to Find

== Armor == 
Clothing                            0
Lined Coat                          9             [900]

== Weapons == 
Ares Predator V                                   [435]
   Pool: 8   Accuracy: 5(7)DV: 8p   AP: -1  RC: - 
   +Smartgun System, Internal
Streetline Special                                [162]
   Pool: 8   Accuracy: 4   DV: 6P   AP: -   RC: -
   +Concealable Holster                           [90]
Unarmed Attack
   Pool: 2   Accuracy: 2   DV: 1S   AP: -   RC: -

== Deck ==
Sony CIY-720 (ATK: 7, SLZ: 6, DPR: 5, FWL: 4)     [346,050]
   +Subvocal Mic                                  [50]
   +AR Gloves                                     [150]
   +Biometric Reader                              [200]
   +Satellite Link                                [500]
   +Trid Projector                                [200]
    -Browse                                       [80]
    -Configurator                                 [80]
    -Edit                                         [80]
    -Encryption                                   [80]
    -Signal Scrub                                 [80]
    -Toolbox                                      [80]
    -Baby Monitor                                 [250]
    -Biofeedback Filter                           [250]
    -Decryption                                   [250]
    -Exploit                                      [250]
    -Guard                                        [250]
    -Hammer                                       [250]
    -Sneak                                        [250]
    -Stealth                                      [250]
    -Blackout                                     [250]

== Gear == 
Earbuds (Rating 1)                                [550]
   +Audio Enhancement                             [500]

Fake Sin (Parsley Druthers) Rating 2              [5000]
   +Fake License (Cyberdeck)Rating 2              [400]

50 AMMO: Regular (Heavy Pistol)                   [60]
20 AMMO: Regular (Holdout Pistol)                 [60]

Docwagon Contract (Gold)                          [25000]

Medikit (Rating 3)                                [750]

Biomonitor                                        [300]

Autopicker (Rating 3)                             [750]

Tool Kit (Hardware)                               [500]

Survival Kit                                      [200]

Cybereyes Basic System (Rating 2)                 [17,500]
   +Image Link (Free)
   +Smartlink                                     [4000]
   +Low-Light Vision                              [1500]
   +Vision Enhancement(Rating 1)                  [4000]
   +Vision Magnification                          [2000]

Datajack                                          [1000]

Wired Reflexes (Rating 1)                         [39000]

== Vehicles == 
Dodge Scoot (Rinky Dink Scooter)                  [3000]

Jan 23, 2007

Gabriel De Los Santos

A: Magician 6 B: 20 Attributes C: 28/2 Skills D: Elf 0 E: 20000 Resources 

BOD: 2		AGI: 3		REA: 5		STR: 2
WIL: 5(10)	LOG: 6		INT: 5		CHA: 3
EDG: 1		MAG: 6(7)	ESS: 6		INI: 10+1d6 (16+4d6) 
LIMITS: P4 | M8 | S6
BOXES: 9P, 11S, 2OF 

Positive Qualities: 
Focused Concentration 6

Negative Qualities: 
Dependents (-9)
Unsteady Hands (-7)
Weak Immune System (-10)

Karma (first 50) : Focused Concentration 5 (-20), Initiate Grade 2 (-29), -1 from first reflexes quickening
Current Karma : 2 = 24 (Progression) -8 (Focused Concentration +1) -2 (Sneaking 1) -6 (Power Focus) -6 (Centering Focus)

Longarms 1 (Shotguns)
Sneaking 1
Astral Combat 3
Arcana 3
Assensing 3
Perception 3
Banishing 5
Binding 4
Counterspelling 5
Spellcasting 6 (Combat)
Summoning 5

Biotech group 1
Outdoors group 1

English N
Spanish 3 (Speaking)
Sperethiel 3 (Speaking)
Anti-Aztlan Groups 3
Club Music 4 
Magical Security 4
Magical Theory 3

Lightning Bolt
Mind Probe
Increase Attribute: Willpower
Increase Reflexes
Trid Phantasm
Control Thoughts

Initiate Grade: 2

Texas Yellow, Connection 5, Loyalty 2
A shady figure who runs the Sage In Bloom, a local Dixie bar. In the back room, though, he's a fixer, 
acting as a middle-man between people looking to hire runners and the runner community.

Theo Trainer, Connection 6, Loyalty 1
An above-board fixer who sometimes hires people from the runner community for 'straight work', 
including protecting pop icons and ensuring things run smoothly for political candidates.

Alvaro Sanchez, Free-Aztlan Organizer, Connection 2, Loyalty 3
Things have been a bit icy between Gabriel and Free-Aztlan lately. Nevertheless, Alvaro has a long memory and 
he knows what Gabriel has done for the movement even if he was only following his brother. Alvaro is a 
mid-level organizer and tries to help Gabriel with intel when he can.

Aaron Jameson, Doctor, Connection 2, Loyalty 2
A more recent acquaintance, Dr. Jameson has been working with Gabriel to understand and try to treat the illness 
that afflicts him and his brother. They have built up a modicum of trust after working together for a 
couple months, but Jameson isn't working for free. Cash or favors are necessary to keep things moving.

Hector Guerrero, Awakened Spook for Free-Aztlan, Connection 6, Loyalty 1

Weapons and Armor (2669 nuyen):
Defiance T-250 3 Spare Clips and Regular Ammo x20 = 519
Armored Jacket = 1000
Helmet (w/ Image Link, Flare Compensation, Thermographic Vision, Vision Magnification) = 1150 

Other Gear (1250 nuyen): 
Renraku Sensei comlink R: 3 = 1000
Subvocal mic = 50
Survival kit = 200

Biotech (2100 nuyen):
Biomonitor = 300
Medkit R:4 (w/ 2x supplies) = 1200
-x2 Antidote patch R:6 = 300
-x3 Stim patch R:3 = 225
-x3 Stim patch R:4 = 300
-x3 Stim patch R:5 = 375
-x3 Stim patch R:6 = 450
-x1 Trauma patch = 500
-x5 Cram = 50
-x5 Zen = 25

Magic (500 nuyen):
-Reagants x57 Dram = 500
-Force 1 Power Focus
-Force 2 Centering Focus

Lifestyle (6500 nuyen):
1x Months Medium = 6500
Fake Sin R2 = 5000

Current resources: 13406
Starting nuyen: 4d6*100 1800+1981=3781 - 2000 (building lodge)= 1781
1781 + Auction House Payday (46850)= 48631 - 1000 (upgrading lodge) - 1000 (50 drams of reagents) 
+5000 (DT Job) -36000 (Power + Centering Foci) -2225 (Medical/Drug stuff)

Buy list for when Gabriel has some downtime/money:

Power Focus F:1 = 18000, 6 karma
Spell Focus F:1 = 4000, 2 karma
Metamagic Focus F:1 = 9000, 3 karma
Medkit R:6 = 1500
Make inquiries about drug: Psyche

Short-notes for advancement costs:
0-2 in a skill = 6
Spells = 5
Specialization = 7
3rd level initiation = 19
Mentor spirit = 10
Gabriel groaned, waved at Rosario in the kitchen, and started dragging himself to the bathroom. A good call since once he got there he ended up hunched over the toilet vomiting up a few of those Coronas. At least he hoped it was just the alcohol. After recouping for a bit he washed up and replied to Texas. "Yeah, I'll be there. Thanks for the heads up. Is it gonna take the whole night or are we just briefing?"

He walked back out into the living room. "Hey Rosy. How's he been?" She looked up with a plaintive smile. Not a hint of judgement or disdain for his obviously impaired state. Then again there never was with Rosy, a saint if there ever was one. "As well as can be expected. He had enough energy to blow out my eardrums when we were watching futbol last night. I think he's resting now. Are you gonna be ok for the rest of the day?"
"Yeah, thanks. I'm don't have much going on today and I think some guys from FA are coming by later this afternoon if I need to run errands. Something came up tonight though, not sure if I'll be working or back before the FA guys leave. Would one of your brothers be able to come by if it ends up being a job?"

When she left, he headed into his brother's room. He was asleep, just like she said. After breakfast, Gabriel groaned and headed for the room which contained their lodge, which he had admittedly let fall into disrepair the past few months. His supply of reagents is getting low as well.
Totally forgot that this was an important thing. I was thinking use 1500 from my leftover character creation to represent a Force 3 lodge presently and then Gabriel will slowly build it "back" to a Force 6. Make sense?

Gabriel spends half the day cleaning and inventorying what needs replacement in the lodge. Makes lunch for him and his brother. Plays vid-chess with his brother - likely losing repeatedly. When the FA guys get there he hangs out with them and Raphael for a bit then heads into the lodge again to get ready for work, whether its tonight or tomorrow.

Casting Improved Attribute: Willpower F:5 #1: 12d6t5 6
Resist Drain - Imp Will - 2 physical: 11d6t5 4

Gabriel breathes deeply as his focus crystallizes. The strain of maintaining the magic slowly fades into the background. By this point it's become second nature, which is good since he's still not sure he'd be able to make it through some days without the added strength of will.

On to the more difficult part. He'd lost his permanent reflexes on his last run. The mage on the other side of the line had been a beast. Gabriel took him down, but not before that drekhead took down all Gabriel's enchantments. He wasn't loving the idea of going to any meeting without a bit more of an edge so he decided to see if he could get a strong enough reaction enchantment to be worth quickening.

Expending 2 reagents to increase limit of Force 4 Increase Reflexes to 6:
Casting Increased Reflexes F:4+2 #1: 12d6t5 3
Resist Drain - Inc Refl - 4 stun: 16d6t5 6

Trying again:
Casting Increased Reflexes F:4+2 #2: 12d6t5 6
Resist Drain - Inc Refl - 4 stun #2: 16d6t5 3

Wincing the second time around, Gabriel nevertheless smiles. This had been his 5th attempt and he was finally satisfied. He focused on sustaining the spell and began the process of quickening.

Geared up magically now, he does the same physically and bids farewell to the FA boys and Raphael and heads out.

His goal is to get there early if possible. He texts Dr. Jameson asking for an update on the way.

TL:DR Spent half-day trying to improve F3 Lodge to F4. Cost 1500(F3)+500(F4). Sustained Improved Willpower. Quickened Increased Reflexes which cost a total of 4 reagents, his last karma from character gen, and 1 stun. Messaged Dr. Jameson. Trying to get to meet early.

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Apr 16, 2013

Angrier, Bitterer Man

Grimey Drawer


Great! thought Alfred, immediately shooting off a quick Be there with bells on to Tex. Followed immediately by a greeeeaaaaaat as he looked at the clock, and realized how much time he had before the end of the day. Al works a late shift, in case he's got to miss some time later in the week, and gives himself just enough time to go home, put on his jacket and goggles, spike his hair, and head to the Sage.

Metatype (A) [Troll]
Attributes (B)
Magic (D) [Adept]
Skills (C)
Resources (E)

Primary Alias:  Alfred Nobel
Real name:  Brodyjohn Theodore Steadworth, III
Troll Adept
Age:  26
Height:  260cm 
Weight:  158kg
Total Karma:  40

Body 10 (11)
Agi  5  (6)
Rea  5  (8)
Str  8
Will 2
Log  2
Int  4
Cha  2
Edge 2
Ess  6
Magic  6


Mental 4
Physical 12
Social 4

Physical Wounds 14 (4/wound penalty)
Stun Wounds 9 (4/wound penalty)
Overflow 11
Initiative 12 + 3D6

Skill Groups

Athletics 2

Skills - Active

Blades 6
Specialization:  Katanas
Heavy Weapons:  4
Intimidation:  3 (5)
Chemistry:  5
Specialization:  Physical Chemistry
Explosives:  5
Gunnery:  3

Skills - Knowledge

English - N
Sperethiel - 1
Specialization:  Derogatory Slang
Lacrosse - 3
Corporate Politics - 2
EDM - 2
Street Drugs - 3

Attributes: 20/20
Skills:  28/28, 2/2 

Karma (40/40):  

Corporate SIN (+15)
Prejudiced (Outspoken) (+5) [Elves & Elf Posers]
The Spiritual Way (Thunderbird) (20)
Cha (10)


Critical Strike [Katanas] 
Improved Accuracy [Katanas] (.25)
Improved Reflexes (3.5)
Attribute Boost [Agility]:  1 (.25)
Attribute Boost [Strength]:  1 (.25)
Mystic Armor:  1 (.25) D
Pain Resistance:  1 (.5) 
Improved Physical Attribute [Agility] (.5) D
Improved Physical Attribute [Body] (.5) D


Texas Yellow, Connection 5, Loyalty 2
A shady figure who runs the Sage In Bloom, a local Dixie bar. In the back room, though, he's a fixer, 
acting as a middle-man between people looking to hire runners and the runner community.

Theo Trainer, Connection 6, Loyalty 1
An above-board fixer who sometimes hires people from the runner community for 'straight work', 
including protecting pop icons and ensuring things run smoothly for political candidates.

Redi Savniki, Connection 5, Loyalty 1
Ostensibly the janitor at a street clinic, Redi uses the relative privacy to hide his work as a fence.  
While he's willing to buy or sell just about anything, chemicals are his specialty.


Low Lifestyle (4000)
Lab Coats (240)
Street Clothes (300)
Rave Outfit (200)
Katana (1000)
Actioneer Business Clothes (1500)
Armor Jacket (1000)
10kg Commercial Explosives (1000)
3kg Foam Explosives, 12 (3600)
4 Detonator Caps (300)
Sony Emperor Commlink 2 (700)
Goggles, Cap. 2 (100)
-Flare Compensation (250)
-Vision Magnification (250)
-Image Link (25)
Crowbar (20)
Fake SIN 2 (5000)
Fake license [Katana] 3 (600)

Nuyen:  575

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Feb 17, 2011

The strongest! The smartest!
The rightest!

Double Tap

Double Tap half-stumbles, half-falls out of his bed reaching for the commlink, struggles a bit on the ground, until finally picking it off the table and gives the affirmative, then staring at the rotgut before shrugging and taking a quick slug.

Double Tap is two minutes early, looking absolutely sim-sense, wearing a suit that doesn't look armored (it is) and appearing entirely unarmed (he's not, unless they checked).

Mar 8, 2013

Trust me.
I pretend to be a ninja.

Sorry about the delay; today was the second big move, but things should settle down now. Let's commit crimes!

You spend the day getting into an almost zen-like state, channeling the spirits of the gunslingers from two centuries ago. Your gun polished, your synthleather gleamed almost like the real thing, and your hat even seemed to sit a little more... Ranger-like. It had been a little while since you had gone through the effort, but Texas Yellow was the kind of man putting effort in for. You get a fat roll of CAS credits, too, 9000 in the current market. The bills are a play on the old Redbacks of Texas' origin, and suffered a similar history of inflation. Even so, cash was cash, and it would loosen lips faster than a bullet in most cases.

You roll into the Sage, five minutes early, clean and polished and ready to rock!

It's been a while, but the city hadn't changed a lot from what you could tell. Your spirit leads The same talks of taking back "what's rightfully ours", the same mutters about "the latest hookup from my guy". At the third coffee shop (which sells only all-vegan cookies, all colored green, like the color somehow made them more appealing, and espresso fudge that was counted among Irving's hidden gems), however, you pick up a few snippets of story from a runner you've seen around. The guy looked jazzed, but grinning like mad, as he retold you the story of the growing war between Big Red and Dr. Pepper corporate espionage, stealing one-off recipes. The entire sime, She sat at the next table, otherwise empty, cracking up and taunting him. At least the coffee was good.

You roll in 15 minutes early. The bar's pretty full on a night like this, full of women in Dixie dress and men on their arms that match. You get ma'amed twice on the way to bar, and Texas Yellow himself gives you a grin as you get to it. With a slight nod, he drawls, "Well, yer quite a bit early, lil' missy. Can I get you a drink while ya wait? Maybe a nice Lone Star, or, er, we got Blue Bell and Dr. Pepper!"

While a scene like this would have usually been punctuated by Her comments, pointing out specific people that looked interesting or "cute", you found yourself in a moment of serenity in the loud bar. The minutes pass quietly as the others arrive (unless you attempt a conversation!), and at ten thirty he nodded you toward the back room.

Texas Yellow sends back an emoji grin with a cowboy hat. It would have been funny if you didn't think he took it seriously. He wore his drat white hat everywhere, as far as you could tell. Mozart's was as busy as usual, with a few beetle deals and some kid who was offering simsense shows of his latest run to anyone who would buy him a coffee. On your way out the door to the meet, however, you ran into Fourty-Four, one of the hangers-on in Spike's gang. He sort of stopped in the doorway when he saw you, but then followed you out to your car, trying to talk your ear off. "poo poo, you're Sparrow, ain't ya? Spike said you got all kinds of wizz-bang bullshit in your ride. Real Speed Racer type poo poo. Is it true? Who did the work?"

After dealing with the gnat buzzing in your ear, you show up to Texas Yellow's right after some slick-dressed man, a man who looked to be the spitting image of a Beetle. He moseyed up to the bar and got nodded into the back room right in front of you, and you see a few other 'runners milling in.

The smartbed's program comes apart easy enough, tinkering with the firmware timing ticks to get your job done. The bed, however well it advertised itself, still was even better in real life. If only Long Haul didn't have such bad long-term effects, right? But you made it over to Decky's, dustered, geared up, and smartbed defeated. He was happy as ever to see you, sweeping you into the back side of the shop and the repair bench there. After he started up autoscripts to reformat a bricked iComm and two other Transys Harps, he offered you a datachip. "Check out what I got off... Well, California Sunshine passed them on, so maybe don't light this up in the mall."

Californa Sunshine was a connect of Decky's, who, as far as you could tell, spent his free time running the silliest little one-offs you could imagine. One time it was two datachips full of complex mathematical analyses of margarita recipes stolen from a Jose Cuervo server, and another time it was last-generation black ice ripped from a high-level Yamatetsu AI agent's source code. As you considered the chip, you heeded Decky's advice: it could be a beetle that'd have you strung out for three hours, or something that'd jack your Overwatch Score to 40 by opening it.

When you got to Texas Yellow's, you saw the standard Dixie crowd, but even among them you could pick out the real players: 'runners dressed up unlike the rest of the crowd, sipping Lone Stars to try to fit in. You don't bother showing up earlier than a minute or two: Yellow would've just made you wait. So you show up, and by the time you have a beer, you're being nodded into the back.

You wind up the rest of your day, filing away meaningless paperwork about the chemistry experiment you did last Monday. If you could say one thing, it was that these drat AAAs were thorough in their work. But at least there weren't elves in the lab, and clocking out at five had its benefits: by seven you were home, through the traffic, and relaxing with some SoyRich soy-enriched noodles. You get ready and to the Sage in just the right amount of time, enough to get down two beers in the country music atmosphere before the meeting. You get nodded into the back room soon enough, to a large melange of people, including a suave-looking elf girl. rear end in a top hat.

Texas Yellow was concise: <<Just a briefing, I think. Not my rodeo.>>

Rosy frowned. "I can try to make it by. I'll call you if something comes up, though: my niece was having her quinceanera today, and I told her I'd try to make the end of it. Most of her uncles will be there drunk, though, so I'm not sure about asking them. I can probably make it back by ten, if that will work. You know how family is. Oh, speaking of, any new ink to show for it? You know esos muchachos Free Aztlan le hable en ese tipo de mierda después de la cuarta Corona."

The lodge was in disrepair after... everything. Ralphael used to keep it in top-tier order, perfectly organized and in-tune. Now, though, after scouring it looking for a get out of jail free card, you take in the mess you made. Even the energy was different in this place, weaker. After spending the day at least cleaning up the mess, you relax with Raphael until Xavier and Loze show up. They take over, playing some nuyen-buy stud poker with Raphel. Xavier, one of the more dedicated freedom fighters, just gives you a knowing nod as you get to work. You've known him long enough to know what that meant: get better, because the cause will need you soon.

Then you spend the last bit of time before the meeting becoming... faster. Increase Reflexes was a strange magic, because you could feel it flowing through your entire neural network. The magic weaves across your body, binding with your essence, and the world... slows. It holds, though, powerful and firm, and your trip to Texas Yellow's seems to take longer than usual, even though you show up on time. As you step in the door, your comm buzzes. Dr. Jameson sent you something: <<I may have a lead, but it's going to require some work. It might make some bank, though, if you have some buddies to rope in. Details tomorrow or soon after. Looks like a long shot, though. Meet tomorrow to talk about it?>>

After a beer or two in a scene that definitely wasn't yours, it was time for the meet.

Are you a Hermetic caster?

That's one thing about the Sage in Bloom: they don't check guns. You turn heads as you walk in, both because a suit is a little out of place, and because you pull it off better than anyone else in the building could. You can hear a few murmurs, and even one drunken catcall, before Texas Yellow himself whistles at you from the bar. "Showed up in the nines, huh? Well, you two look like the last of 'em. Let's get this started."

He nods you, and a woman behind you, into the back room, along with giving significant nods to others who join you. This was the making of a run, alright.

I'm Thinking Country - Frankie Ballard

The back room of the Sage in Bloom looked like someone's idea of an old saloon's back room, with nice, wooden table and a full bar stocked with a large selection of high-end American liquors. The table was coated with a red-and-white plaid, and there was a bunch of other "cowboy" fixings made of synthleather hanging about.

The lot of you gather around the table in the back room. There were two hulking trolls, one with a mohawk and the other dressed like you'd expect a Texas Ranger. Alongside them were a corp-dressed human with an air of professionalism, and another with a large witche's hat, and another that rocked the oversized duster and pale skin. Then two elves, a man with gang tattoos and a woman that looked like she might tell you about the myriad uses of hemp. Everyone here knew someone else, but group introductions would have been in order.

Unfortunately for you, Texas Yellow had more important business, tied to the other person in the room: an ork, no older than twenty-two, that looked like he had tried (and failed) to wash off a lot of goth makeup before donning an off-the-rack suit. He's nervously drinking coffee and flipping through a moleskine when you are shown in. As you're seated, Texas Yellow clears his throat, snapping the boy out of his concentration, and grumbles, "We got 'em here, Josiah. These are the people gonna do your job for you. I got a bar to see to, but holler if ya need anything."

With that Tex stepped out and closed the door with a resounding whoosh noise: the room was full of white noise at this point, and enough lead in the walls to stop any snooping. Josiah cleared his throat, apparently nervous, and said, "Uh, so, Mr. Texas Yellow says you're the best around. I wwant you to steal a thing. Well, maybe a lot of things. Well, they're not very big things. They're... "

He pauses and collects himself again. "They're books, see. Really, really rare books. They found one just recently, a brand new, really really old one. It's the new manuscript they found from Anne Rice, from her Texas home. It's going up for auction on Friday Afternoon, and it's being held there until the sale. So if you people could, you know, get into there or something, and procure the thing, that'd be whizz. Because my emplo---because I really, totally want it. I want to read it before anyone else does, you know?"

He pushes across a description of the manuscript, including how it was found in Rice's Huntsville home during its demolition two months ago, and how it came to be entrusted with Efigies Elegantes by her grandchildren, who have agreed to split the profit of the sale. It also has the address for Efigies Elegantes, but not much other information. From the thin dossier, one thing was clear: this was Josiah's first rodeo. After another moment, he goes on. "Oh, also, there are like twelve other first editions of hers on sale in the same auction. We can give you extra money for any that you recover. If that's, you know, amenable. Can y'all do this?"

Jan 2, 2008

Art thou doubting
your best bro?


Sparrow at least has enough courtesy to not roll her eyes while looking at Fourty. "Oh, yeah. It's totally nuts." She comes up on her entirely stock Ford Americar and kicks at a tire, nodding sarcastically as she looks him in the eyes. "Said nobody ever. The fast thing got traded in a little while ago. Sorry to disappoint." She shrugs as she climbs in. "Besides, it's all about the driver, not the car. I gotta hurry to work."


She gives Marcina a nod and listens silently to the ork's pitch. Well, half-listens. Once the team is assembled around the table, she's more concerned with trying to calculate their combined weight. She gives the two trolls a quizzical stare as she takes a long draw from her coffee and Bailey's. This wasn't going to be a quick getaway.

Josiah's last question snaps her back into the present. "Uh, yeah. I guess," Sparrow says, squinting at the ork. "Depends on the pay." She leans in, eyes wide, whispering as loudly and mockingly as she possibly can. "The pay you forgot to mention."

Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.


She didn't need to show up early like this but did so she could arrive before the heavies who usually did SOMETHING embarrassing during the negotiation and needed someone to smooth things over. Thankfully this doesn't appear to be the case. She smiles and takes a lonestar, the ratpiss National Beer of Texas and manages to not flinch when drinking it. As far as Marcina could tell this was the equivalent of self flagellation other cultures had. You hurt yourself to prove you belonged.

"Acquisition at an auction house. Totally doable. There's just a few things we need to know." She took it nice and slow since this was obviously an amateur contracting for himself. "Where do we drop it off when we acquire it, do you know any of the people involved with the auction or anything else we should be aware of, and what are you offering for the main book, and what's the bonus per additional item?"

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Feb 17, 2011

The strongest! The smartest!
The rightest!

Double Tap

Double Tap holds up a hand to try and quiet Sparrow and gives the more inexperienced Johnson a smile.

"Mr Josiah. Call me Double Tap. My associates and I would be happy to assist you in whatever problem you need solved, but, while it may be rude, we really do need to talk about payment upfront. After that, we can focus on answering my associate's questions regarding the auction."

Meanwhile, through trodes and then into commlink, Double Tap is looking up the others and simultaniously sending them his on-the-job contact info.

[ We have any deckers here? Look up information on that auction and these manuscripts. ]

Apr 16, 2013

Angrier, Bitterer Man

Grimey Drawer

Alfred Nobel

As he enters, Al gives Hardline a wave, and Gabriel a respectful head-nod. He leans back against the wall for Josiah's presentation, and once it's done, reads over the dossier one more time while everyone is (rightfully) chewing out Johnson Jr. He turns it upside down and shakes it to make sure there aren't any pages stuck together or anything, that that really is all of the information.

"Hey, Josiah, not to jump on the dogpile here--we will need to talk about payment--but... is this it?" He holds up the dossier. "This looks like you just went on the 'net and downloaded the press release for the auction. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to know the date and address and all... but we're gonna need a little more background than that if we don't want this going sideways. And I hate it when things go sideways. Well, I mostly hate it when things go sideways."

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Jan 26, 2013


Kenneth listens and then eyes everyone as they ask their questions. He really can't think of anything to add so be merely crosses his arms and gives Josiah a pointed look before nodding towards Alfred. After a bit he does lean forwards and ask, in a deep voice like bourbon on gravel, "This auction house... What othe auctions are going on in the near future. Most of those places varify authenticity while storing stuff in their own private vaults. So... If their auctioning some AAA poo poo within 3 or 4 days of the job the security might be a bit... More adventurous." He shrugs and leans back, recrossing his arms and setting his pointed gaze back on Josiah.

Jan 2, 2008

Art thou doubting
your best bro?


"Wow, harsh." She glances up at Alfred before giving the Johnson a reassuring smile. "Eh, don't sweat that stuff. We can totally handle all that! It just, y'know, makes things maaarginally more expensive for you." Sparrow shoots him the cheesiest finger-gun/wink combo that she can possibly muster up. "But hey, now you know! It'll save you a little more for the next hire, right?"

Consider this an assist to whoever's doing the inevitable negotiation roll for more money.
Negotiation Assist: 6d6t5 2

Feb 6, 2011

My brother gave me half of a rock and told me to wait for you in the woods...


Jake waves a little at the Troll, and waits for him to look away before doing the same to the elf with gang tattoos. He remembered Alfred's feelings towards elves with startling clarity.

The decker remains silent for the presentation. His deck already whirring softly, he hopped on the public grid. Getting a connection through the lead walls was going to be a pain, but might as well try. He almost grins as he sees Double-Tap's comm light up.

[Already on it, chief, just don't expect any miracles until we step outside. Texas Yellow paid a lot to keep this room quiet.]

[i] I'm going to run a matrix search on the auction and manuscripts in question. I've only got access to the Public Grid with my low lifestyle, and the lead walls will probably suck, but the programs I'm running are Browse (1/2 search time), Signal Scrubber (Rating 2 Noise Reduction), Toolbox (+1 Data Processing), and Baby Monitor (Know my Overwatch Score) just in case. I switch my ATTK with my DP, so my dice pool is 16 with a limit of 8 hits before any Modifiers.

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Mar 8, 2013

Trust me.
I pretend to be a ninja.

Roll the search on Orokos.

Feb 6, 2011

My brother gave me half of a rock and told me to wait for you in the woods...

Checking the Matrix for information on the Auction and Manuscripts: 18d6t6 5

Mar 8, 2013

Trust me.
I pretend to be a ninja.

Josiah's quiet for a long moment, with wide eyes like a deer in headlights. For a moment, it seems like he might ask to be excused. From the meeting he called. But then he shakes his head a bit and gets control of himself again and murmers, "Uh, okay, right. Payment. I have that there somewhere."

He thumbs through his moleskine, flipping back a few pages, andd takes another few seconds silently reading it. Then he looks at the lot of you and attempts to take on a professional air. Unfortunately, it comes off as snobby instead of crisp and corporate. "I am authorized to offer you ten thousand nuyen each, plus an additional thousand each for every first edition achieved beyond the manuscript itself. Oh, wait, crap! I mean eight thousand each base, plus the price for the first editions," he says, reading the notes he has jotted down. "Unless you can convince me otherwise."

"For those other questions, uh..." Josiah continues, rummaging throug the rest of his notes. "You're supposed to drop it off at my apartment afterwards. Well, actually, just leave them all with the front desk guy. It's in University Park, the BLVD building. Wrap them up in a cardboard box and leave tell the desk clerk they're for Shrutape. That's, uh, not my real name, you know. Afterwards, I'll get the payment to Mr. Yellow and he'll give it to you.

"As for the lack of details, that's sort of the point of paying you all, right? I didn't know I needed to do all of that for you. The website should have a small list of other auctions. I think they're doing something Native American themed on Saturday, maybe some sort of older Aztlan paintings on Sunday. It's expensive stuff, but I don't think that it's the sort of stuff 'runners would hit. It's mostly all sold, so I figure they won't see it coming and we can get it for cheaper than it would take to bid for."

@Ronwayne: that comment about Lone Star is so accurate it hurts!
@Yamtaggler: I cannot figure out how you go to 18 dice. By my count, Computer 5 + Intuition 5 is 10. If you're hotsimmed, you're up to 12. Where'd the other six come from? If you mis-mathed, we'll just truncate to 10 dice, which technically gets you 5 hits (since you should have rolled 18d6t5, not 18d6t6 so tha 5s are counted as hits). I'm treating your roll as 5 hits for the information I listed below, but if you got the full eight I will dump you some more obscure tidbits.

It takes you all of four minutes to get into a few public, but obscure databases, and spoof some PI credentials to get into the city registration service. You scrape up the owner of Efigies Elegantes, and some past sales. It lookes like they primarily sell Aztlan artifacts, and it's owned by Icuru Atkas, a reclusive antique dealer who seems to have a lot of strong contacts on the other side of the Aztlan border. You can't find any explicit details, but it's clear that he's got some sort of smuggling setup from the sales and the sale records that don't seem to match up. The security, then, is likely crime-influenced, but that isn't the sort of thing that's publicly broadcast.

You also find a few details about the manuscript itself: it may not contain a full book, but an entire sketch of a plot and a lot of the prose. It's entitled The City of Death, the last book of the Vampire Chronicles. It was evidently heavily inspired by Aztec rituals, and Rice did a significant amount of research to display the ancient Aztec culture as part of the story. It made big news a few months ago when it was unearthed, and the Goth scene in the CAS has been blowing up with its wealthiest players urging the Rice family to sell it. Based on the news you scrape up on a few blogs and vlogs, the auction will likely be heated and expensive. The other first editions are to draw in the rest of the crowd and fill out the auction. If you had a keen eye, it might even be possible to steal some other fence-able goods. The blueprints are available online, but it omits the kind of vaults the place has. Hitting the host wouldn't be the easiest thing, and doing it early might tip your hand.

I'll make the building's blueprints tomorrow and post them.

Jan 23, 2007

Gabriel De Los Santos

El Pasado:
The apartment: Gabriel checked himself over but didn't see any new tattoos. "Guess I made it out ok. Give Itzel and her parents my love, wish I could make it. I'll let you know as soon as I can about tonight, hopefully it'll just be a meet and I'll be back quick. Thanks again Rosy..."

The bar:
Gabriel reads the doc's message and shoots off a quick reply. << I'm not sure about tomorrow yet, might be working. I'll let you know as soon as I can though.>>

El presente:
Gabriel nods at Hardline, Doubletap, and any of the others that he's met before. He stays quiet through the briefing, smiling wryly at the amateur Johnson's performance and resulting consternation by his colleagues.

Yeah, Hermetic. Future reference question or did I screw something up?

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Feb 17, 2011

The strongest! The smartest!
The rightest!

Double Tap

[ Please, let me handle this part ]

Chris chuckles.

"Tell you what, Mr Josiah. Let's reverse this. Two thousand up front, the last eight thousand after the job is done, as you're already set for, and we'll tell everyone we had to bargain with you hard to get that extra two. You ran us ragged! I'll even add that I can give you a few tips myself on how to ensure that happens again in the future. Understandable that you don't have all the details - if you did, you'd hardly need us, eh? Ahahaha. There's a saying you know, there's no such thing as a milk run. It's true of course; if it were truly THAT easy, my kind wouldn't be called in. Now, you DID come to us, which means this job is at least to some degree dangerous and you need forces...expendable. That cannot be linked to you. So, Mr Josiah, what do you say?"

Negotiation: 12d6t5 3

Jan 2, 2008

Art thou doubting
your best bro?


"Eh." Sparrow leans over the table and uses the wide brim of her hat to hide her contorted expression from Josiah. "Eh." She points a finger at Double Tap, then withdraws it, visibly straining to keep her mouth shut. "Ehhhhh..."

Don't forget the assist!

Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.


"Hey now," she puts a hand on the tubbo mcdracula's shoulder. "DT here is very pro and to the point, but what he means is, this obviously means a lot to you, and you've already gone through the trouble to get here, so when you're hiring pro's ol' Tex can vouch for, paying us what we're worth to get you exactly what you want is just the right thing to do, you know?"

<Seriously, don't do the hard sell. DT, not everyone's a corp johnson that's comfortable with thinking about the inherent levels of dangers and carnage here. On a dude like this that's like sandblasting a soup cracker.>

Dunno if i'm late to the aprty, but, Negotiation:6 hits

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Feb 6, 2011

My brother gave me half of a rock and told me to wait for you in the woods...


As his deck cycles down from active use, Hardline returns most of his attention to the matter at hand. He broadcasts the following to his erstwhile teammates.

[Looks like our seller, a Mr. Icuru Atkas, is a dealer in Aztlan artifacts. From the way some of his numbers consistently fail to add up he probably has some assistance from less-than-legal sources. Might be some other drek holed up in there that we could fence, if any of you have an eye for it. Got some blueprints of the building too, which unfortunately omit the most important feature: the safe. Didn't want to risk digging into the host for juicy stuff yet, we don't even know if we're running for this clown.]

After this he sips his beer focuses on the drama unfolding in front of him.

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Mar 8, 2013

Trust me.
I pretend to be a ninja.

Josiah lights up as Chris takes over the situation, his suave demeanor making the young goth kid feel more comfortable. Even so, he's unsure how to proceed until Marcina leans in and gives him a smile. "I, uh, I guess you're right. Sorry, I'm not really used to this. I think I can, uh, do your terms, though. Actually, you know, uh, wait, what's your name? You know, I could probably get y'all up to double the price for the first editions, assuming they show up in really good condition. Oh, right, the starting cash," he says as he pulls out a number of credsticks and reads the backs of them before picking out four and placing them on the table. "That's fourteen thousand, I think. Two fives, two twos. That's fourteen, so you can, uh, I mean, split it up, right? Sorry it isn't in a more even denomination, but I can make that happen for the pay-off."

As he says that last part, he picks up his pen and writes a note in his book. The people closest to him can read it: "Split payment evenly when hiring runners, both before and after."

Then he looks back up at the pile of credsticks in the middle of the table, and the rest of you. He gives Marcina another glance, looking for a reassuring smile, before finding his confidence to address the rest of the table again. "So, can I tell my boss I got the job worked out? Do we, you know, have, like, a deal or whatever? A 'run'? I could, like, leave or something, let you discuss it and come back in like ten minutes. Or, how is this thing done?"

Here are the blueprints. They lack the interior furniture or anything, so if you want that you'll have to go inside.

@Arkangelus: Nope, just making sure since I couldn't find it on your sheet. I wasn't sure if you had picked something out of Street Grimoire or something.

Jan 2, 2008

Art thou doubting
your best bro?


Sparrow doesn't bother to try and hide her double face-palm. The prospect of ten large or greater was too good to pass up, especially considering that rent would be due soon. "No, no. It's done just like this. You don't need to wait. I'm in." An exasperated sigh escapes her as she snatches up one of the properly portioned credsticks. "Anyone else?"

Jan 26, 2013


Ken shrugs and reaches out, taking payment before saying, "This job seems..." He doesn't continue his statement he just shrugs slightly and sits back, arms crossed.

Apr 16, 2013

Angrier, Bitterer Man

Grimey Drawer

Alfred Nobel

Al picks up the remaining two credsticks. "Seriously...? I've got a bad feeling about this. But I could really use the nuyen. Anyone got change?"

Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.


"Hoo boy, looks like we're headed down to Grand Prairie. Lovely." She spots Alfred the cred stick transfer as she takes her own share. "I already got and idea of how to do this, pleasure doing business with you, we'll be in touch."

<Okay, got an idea where to start, where do we meet to hammer this out? Also guys, seriously, quit yer poutin'. Even if this goes south, having a newb johnny means any clusterfuck on this job will be to him genuinely not knowing instead of setting up a deltaware cyberzombie kill squad or something so he doesn't have to pay us.>

Apr 16, 2013

Angrier, Bitterer Man

Grimey Drawer

Alfred Nobel

<You don't think the guy could be fronting for someone else? He did almost slip and say "my employer." Then again, maybe I'm wrong, and this is just a milk run.>

Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.


<If this guy is only pretending to be a moron he deserves an academy award for method acting. Besides, background checking the client is the decker's job, right Hardline? I'm sure you'll be able to pull up his MyFeed page full of full figured spherical goth chicks pretty easily. That said, find out if he's who he says he is and who his daddy is. Even if he's just spending his allowance on this, I don't want to piss off some billionaire in Highland Park.>

(Judge intentions on the johnson (Is his nervousness due to being in unfamiliar situations or because he's trying to hide something?) 4 hits)

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Jan 23, 2007

Gabriel De Los Santos

"Much obliged Mr. Josiah. We'll bring it home for you, don't worry."
Gabriel cashes out and starts heading home unless the rest of the group decides they want to plan in-person right now.

<All y'all need to chill. Marcina's right. Not everyone's out to screw you, and that's coming from someone who's been well screwed. Looks like we have a few days until the auction. I'm heading out unless y'all are trying to meet right now. Any recon specialists up in here?>

To Doc: <Yeah let's meet tomorrow. What time?>

Jan 2, 2008

Art thou doubting
your best bro?


"Yep! We got it from here." The cheeriness turns on like she was flipping a switch. "Don't you worry one bit."

<< recon specialist online >>
<< if it's the drone variety of recon, that is >>
<< got a drive by in mind ?? >>
<< yo decker, you down ?? >>

Mar 8, 2013

Trust me.
I pretend to be a ninja.

Tuesday, February 5, 2075

Josiah seems relieved when you start agreeing to the deal, and after the sticks have been taken, he says, "That's so whizz! I guess I will see you all around, then, or whatever? Remember, drop them off with the guy at the front desk there, and I'll get the payment to you through Texas Yellow. Thanks so much! Oh, and, uh, here's my comm number."

Josiah scribbles it down on a page of his book and offers it to the group, placing it where the credsticks previously where. "So if any of y'all need anything else, you can call. Otherwise, I guess, good luck."

Marcina can tell that he's trying to get this job done, for his own personal reasons. He isn't trying to get you to do this job as a setup or anything, but it's clear that he's representing someone else and likely doesn't have all the details himself.

<Any time after noon. I'll be in the shop, just stop on by. How is Raff today?>

Jan 23, 2007

Gabriel De Los Santos

To the Doc: <Sounds good. He's been alright. Seems like the prophylactic magic I worked a couple weeks ago is still helping. Worried though, you know how it is with with this thing. One minute you're on a plateau, the next you're dropping off a cliff. Cya soon.>

To the team:
<We need to decide when we want to acquire the goods. Need more intel to do decide when is best though. Hardline? Or Marcy and Doubletap do a seller con? I've got some mental magic if necessary but not much of an infiltrator personally.>

Feb 6, 2011

My brother gave me half of a rock and told me to wait for you in the woods...

Hardline nods at the young Orc, saying simply "I'm in."

He then reaches to grab one of creed sticks, then notices they're all gone.
"Yeah, change would be nice."

<<I'm down for a ride-a-long whenever you are, rigger. I'm starting to get curious about those vaults.>>

Jan 2, 2008

Art thou doubting
your best bro?


Sparrow waves over her shoulder as she leaves. "I'll call if I need anything!"

<< yeah, let's git >>
<< got room for two more >>
<< or one very cramped troll >>
<< also i totally got invisibility magics if someone wants to rock that >>
<< not going in with it myself right now though >>

Apr 16, 2013

Angrier, Bitterer Man

Grimey Drawer

Alfred Nobel

Alfred puts the Cred Sticks back. "Good luck with those."

To Everyone: <<We should meet back up at the Sage tomorrow [Wednesday] night at 10:00, in case we want to hit the joint on Thursday.>>

To Sparrow & Hardline: <<You might want to scope out the Johnson, see if you can hack his comm or whatever, figure out if he's got a boss or what his deal is, here. If you think you might need muscle, I can follow at a distance, but I don't think you want me riding along; I don't exactly blend in.>>

Alfred then wanders out to the bar to have another beer, and talk with Tex about getting the room the next night.


Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.


<Sounds like a plan. Hey, recon team, GET FOOTAGE OF THE WORKERS THERE, IF POSSIBLE, especially a janitor or such. If you can get that data and Hardline can do his thing we might be able to in-and-out there.> Marcina packs up her things and prepares to head out.

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