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Jan 1, 2013

I feel like a hosed up manchild and I'm not sure how to change. Everything seems kind of connected so this may be a long, rambling shitpost.

I'm 24 and have only lived with my parents. Mostly for the financial ease on my part and to help out with chores on their part. My parents are incredibly decent people, but they have turned the house into a place I hate living in. My parents are pretty much in a loveless marraige. My dad wastes tens of thousands of dollars on sound equipment he never uses and Nazi daggers (because me and my brother will inherit them and they're going up in value!) and they argue over that. My mom is insanely over-protective, has a miserable job she doesn't need as a hotel cleaner that she complains about daily, and refuses to put our 12.5 year old Newfy/St. Bernard who has suffered quality of life issues down. I come home nearly every day to screaming matches. I can't convince myself to break away because I feel like I'm the only thing keeping this "family" together and they need help to take care of our cat and dog.

I'm also suffering from massive stress and anxiety issues. I feel like a huge failure because my supposedly good degree from a reputable school has been garbage and college hasn't prepared me for the working world at all. My first job was a terrible tier 1 helpdesk job that I got Reduction-In-Force'd out of. Unemployment was beautiful for a while, and then I got a new job that was similar to what I actually want to do... Only being a combination support/dev/qa/dba person is incredibly stressful, fills me with imposter syndrome and self esteem issues, makes me have panic attacks multiple times a week, and I wake up and go to bed saying I hate my life. Everyone there is impressed at how fast I'm catching on, but it just seems impossible. I feel like I can't vent to anyone because at home everyone's days are so much worse, and my friends just try to one-up me or really do have it worse.

Finally, I am a massive manchild. Most of my friends are starting to get engaged or married. I've never had a girlfriend (although I've had a few friends who were girls in highschool/college and have little problem talking to them) and I kinda feel like watching my parents hate each other has spoiled me on the whole concept. I have terrible nerdy hobbies like video gaming, programming, reading, and hiking when I can, I'm overweight and I'm on-call 2 nights a week and every 6th weekend. I have no idea what I can do to try and change this, or if I should even try.

About the only decent thing going for me is that I have okay friends and I recently talked to a financial advisor and I'm debt free, have a nice emergency fund set up, and in general I'm in good financial health... So, any advice?


Jan 3, 2011

op, are you a virgin?

Oct 21, 2010

a whole new doctrine

Oil field, OP.

Aug 17, 2005


Put those nazi daggers to use young man.

the worst thing is
Oct 3, 2013

by FactsAreUseless

save up 5-10k and go travel the world for a while. find some interesting work while you're out and about. it's also easy to just sit in hotel rooms and watch tv while you travel so it's not a defacto life changer. so get out there. i recommend southeast asia because you'll meet a lot of other western travelers to hang out with.

there's lots of poo poo to do to change up your routine man. even just travel the US. get out of the house and the routine.

Jul 14, 2012

Pretty obvious, there, son: Move out.

You can still help your parents take care of the animals while also not living there.

Also, get counseling.

Dr. Tim Whatley
Jun 25, 2012

after an incredibly unsettling dream that involved my bf and a bat and subsequently waking up shaking. I'm done with this show.

maybe stop playing video games and eating bacon?

Secks Cauldron
Aug 26, 2006

I thought they closed that place down!

Therapy. You can get rid of the panic attacks, reduce the amount of stress you feel, fix your self-esteem, and learn how to turn your life into the one you want.

You'll also feel a lot better if you move out and start exercising and eating healthy.

Sep 12, 2011

I don't even know what rasta means.

Therapy might not be such a bad idea, but it also sounds like you really need a bigger and more supportive social network. That's easier said than done I know, but the point is that pretty much anyone would go nuts without someone to talk to. It's a basic human trait IMO.

Also, you don't have to feel bad about the hobbies you have: most peoples hobbies are pointless, they're meant to relax you and give you joy, if they're doing that it's fine. Though getting more active, creative and social hobbies can definitely improve your current situation.

Finally, living at home at 24 is not unheard of, really. It's a good way to save money - as long as it doesn't cost you your sanity. Moving out is probably a good choice.

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Afro Doug
Aug 10, 2007

OP, have you considered buying guns?

Who Is Paul Blart
Oct 22, 2010

OP don't go to therapy, it's modern day brainwashing and al they'll do is strip you of your personality and turn you into a robot . I think I'd suggest small daily doses of LSD.

Jan 19, 2008

Move out, stupid. Your parents don't need a 25 year old basement dweller son to help them clean cat litter.

Oct 5, 2011

Ederick posted:

I'm overweight and I'm on-call 2 nights a week and every 6th weekend. I have no idea what I can do to try and change this, or if I should even try.

1) eat less, count calories
2) join gym
3) go there

People are attracted to confidence. If you want to be a man, it's time focus on improving yourself.

The more you work out, eat right, and kick rear end at work, the better you will feel.

You need to learn to love yourself, before you can be happy with another person.

Ride The Gravitron
May 2, 2008

56k was what you had to download your porn with and by the time it buffered you just weren't horny any more.
I was helpless to stop my orgasm as in horror I watched the screen get crystal clear long enough for me to see Hulk Hogan win the Undisputed WWE Championship at Backlash.

Yet another young person who got scammed by the idea that college is the answer.

Jan 5, 2006

Professor Tomtom posted:

OP don't go to therapy, it's modern day brainwashing and al they'll do is strip you of your personality and turn you into a robot . I think I'd suggest small daily doses of LSD.

I nominate you for patron saint of E/N.

Tweet Me Balls
Apr 14, 2009

Professor Tomtom posted:

OP don't go to therapy, it's modern day brainwashing and al they'll do is strip you of your personality and turn you into a robot .

...uh, but robots are cool? Do the robot brainwashing thing op. Your humanity is holding you back.

Jan 20, 2004

I wasn't paying attention
to what you just said.

Can you repeat yourself
in a more interesting way?

Hell Gem

Ederick, your parents are adults, and as much as you love them, it isn't your job to keep them together. It's possible that having their 24 year old son living with them contributes to the stress they feel. The cat and dog will survive. You can check up on them occasionally and make sure.

Some steps you should take..

-Move out of the house. It sounds like you can afford your own place, but you can always try to find someone looking for a roommate. Now move out of your parents' house. The animals won't die. If the cat lives for the next 10 years, are you going to stay with your parents for the next 10 years?

-Get out more. Hike more.. this will get you into shape. Take your dog with you, so he can enjoy what's left of his life. Pets are a good way to meet other people. If you don't want to hike, then join a gym, you'll get exercise, lose weight, and you can meet people if you try.

-Make new friends, if your friends are trying to one-up you constantly, they are lovely friends. The fact that your friends are married doesn't mean you can't stop being friends with them, unless you're an awkward idiot, in which case nobody will want you around. People change and interests change though.

-Get over yourself. "imposter syndrome" and "self-esteem issues" everybody feels this stuff. A lot of people (myself included) when they start a new job think there was some sort of fluke in the hiring, and they're going to figure out that they made a big mistake. Work on improving your attitude.

-Enjoy your job. Doing support sucks, but you've got to start somewhere. Try to make the best of a lovely situation, and get the experience and contacts that you can out of it. Right now it sounds like you're letting your lovely job define your life. Don't do that. When you leave work, leave work, and don't dwell on all of the bullshit you have to put up for the paycheck. Better opportunities will appear if you try to better yourself and be a good employee, but you'll never have better opportunities if you can't get out of bed.

-Enjoy your hobbies. There is nothing wrong with your terrible nerdy hobbies, unless video games consume all of your time. Reading can be a good way to meet people who share common interests. Programming is a good hobby, especially if you can find something you'd really enjoy working on, and any experience you gain would be valuable for your future prospects as an employee.

-Don't dress like a slob. I don't know what you dress like, but you're probably wearing baggy clothes that are too big for you trying to hide your moobs. I used to do this, and I dressed like a complete slob. You want to get into shape, but you still don't have to wear giant tshirts, and baggy jeans. Find a friend with good taste who would be willing to help you improve your wardrobe (if it's a girl, try to avoid making this an awkward situation for her -- she's not your girlfriend).

Get some independence, get into shape, and get a better attitude. Don't stress about meeting girls right now. If you get tied down right now with new friends, you won't improve yourself, same with a girlfriend. Improve yourself and you'll eventually meet the right girl, and you'll make new friends. You'll be happier this way.

Nov 29, 2002

I paid $10 to change some guys avatar to an Oblivion Elf with giant tits just to steal this gif

For gently caress sake. You have a full time job, and savings. Being on call a couple of nights a week and every sixth weekend isn't a big loving deal.

Move out, go to the gym a couple of times a week. Your parents marriage isn't your problem, you are a grown rear end man.

Man the gently caress up.

Dec 28, 2008

You're doing pretty drat well, you just don't have the confidence to own it. You can do whatever you want- you want to go to the gym and get swole? Pick a schedule, find some guides, do it.

Feel like learning karate or photography? Hell yeah!

But take the time to use the freedom you work hard for in your 9-5 + on call to do things you want. You're an adult, do adult things in adult manners. Go to the bar and practice lovely pickup lines on girls (bring a friend). Play video games and get better. Just enjoy life without worry about how other people are doing- you're doing great.

Apr 18, 2006


I've got an anecdote that you may find interesting.

I spent the better part of a decade being a professional musician before going to college and getting a degree in electronics engineering technology. My first job out of school was in a tiny start up making test equipment. And when I say tiny, I mean that the owner was a mechanical engineer, who did ergonomics, packaging, and materials, his brother did the business admin type stuff, my one other coworker was a software engineer writing our end-user applications, and my title was "electronics engineer". That job was similar in that I wore an absurd number of hats for someone who ultimately went to school for engineering just to have a better day job while still really doing music, especially someone with zero practical job experience. I wound up designing simulations, designing circuitry, developing firmware and embedded software, choosing parts (AND personally negotiating with FAEs for prices), building and troubleshooting prototypes, creating schematics, etc. etc....all different tasks that at a proper R&D outfit would each be done by small teams apiece. I was doing all of this for under the median starting pay and zero benefits. I handled some of it all right, and other parts of it not so all right. You'd better bet I was suffering some severe self-esteem issues and imposter syndrome!

And unlike your situation, I never really got congratulated on catching on quick or any other positive feedback other than a brief pat on the back whenever I'd finally figure out some retarded it was all to be loving expected, and the rest of the time, my boss would constantly threaten me with being fired - not in so many words, mind you, more like "well, I really needed this prototype debugged last week Justus, and well, at a larger company than ours, that poo poo might fly, but this is all taking too long, and you know, if it's too much for you to handle, I could contract some work out...", knowing full well I knew what "contracting some work out" meant.

Finally, after a year and half of this, and after a particularly grueling week in which I worked my rear end off, and I was told at the end of work on a Friday "well you know, I'm not really satisfied with the prototype's performance. I really needed full gigasample performance by this Monday" said with a meaningful look, I had finally had about enough of this bullshit. I came in to the office, by myself, on 6AM Saturday morning, causing my band not to be able to play the music festival we were supposed to do that day, and finally got the stupid prototype performance up to where the boss wanted by about 8PM, for not only no overtime pay, but no extra pay at all (hurray for being a salary bitch). By that point, I was so incredibly pissed off about the whole situation, I went ahead and stayed right there until midnight, using the company computer to submit applications for other jobs.

Turns out having acquired this many unique engineering skills this quickly with tangible commercial products to demonstrate had made me more marketable than I'd thought. I was basically able to pick and choose where I went next. Since I'd decided I'd had about enough of having no rights as a worker, I decided my next move was to be a US government engineer (where I proudly serve as a steward for my local union, I might add). I now get paid way more than I did, and I barely have to do any work at all comparatively. It is ILLEGAL for me to work more than forty hours a week without a series of signatures (including my own), and I am legally obligated to be paid time and a half for each of those hours say nothing of actually having things like subsidized insurance or, you know, paid time off...or really ANY time off. And I think the biggest surprise was that when you work for a proper company, the job is not only limited in scope to a reasonable extent, but they provide exhaustive on-the-job training. If anything, because of my prior experience, I am way OVER-trained, and now I've got the opposite problem of imposter syndrome, which is that I feel over-qualified for my position and am horribly bored - a good problem to have relatively speaking.

The story has kind of a funny ending to it too. I kept the fact that I was job-hunting secret from everyone I worked with. My job with the government requires a security clearance, so they had sent me a tentative offer contingent on passing the clearance, a process which takes several months. About 3 weeks after initiating the clearance, my boss calls me over to say that I'm being laid off immediately because he found some dude with a PHD from Bangladesh who would work for half as much money. And well, after all Oklahoma is a "at-will employment" state. He was REALLY surprised when I got the biggest poo poo-eating grin ever on my face, shook his hand vigorously, cheerfully gathered up all my things, and shouted "LATERS" while hopping and skipping home. I had UI paperwork filed within the hour, and spent the next 3 months planning and throwing elaborate parties, taking my physical fitness to the next level, and writing some really kickass music while collecting UI before I started my new job.

Anyways, if you can get one year of cerifiable experience at the job you've got, THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER. I'd say as soon as you finish the 52nd week, start applying elsewhere!

Apr 18, 2006


To round up your other points:
- It is NOT shameful that you've lived with your parents this long. Honestly, it's getting more common for people to live with their parents into their thirties! I personally lived with mine up to age 26. My parents have a happy marriage, don't scream at each other, and always took care of their own poo poo without dumping on me at all. Even though I was blessed to have super cool parents, I STILL felt like a manchild living with them, just over relatively little things like not being able to choose when I had people over or how late I could stay out. I didn't start feeling like a proper adult at all until I moved out. If you have the ability to move out, you definitely should!
- Your family's pets and chores are NOT your responsibility. If your parents or anyone else tells you that they are, gently caress THEM. And no, that is not selfish. Get out of there and quit even thinking about this dumb poo poo.
- Why do you care about girlfriends and marriage at this point? Do you even know what you want out of a relationship with another human being? Newsflash, a lady will have wants and needs too. Do you really want to jump straight from feeling leaned-on for your parents' stupid pets and chores to someone else's right now? Cus from what I gather about your self-esteem level, the only kind of person you'll attract at this point is probably someone you don't really want to share a life with. Do you really want to risk fully inheriting your own parents' bullshit family culture and potentially passing it down to your own kids in a hosed-up vicious multi-generation cycle? Become a strong independent person, and find a strong independent lady to create a functional PARTNERSHIP with, not a co-dependent hosed up needy relationship. Too much of that bullshit in the world. And for that matter, there are too many damned PEOPLE in the world anyways, so why be in a hurry to put some more there? If you have friends and family that are giving you pressure about this, loving IGNORE it and gently caress them. The social pressure for kids and marriage is bullshit anyways, and our culture is finally evolving to not gently caress people out of job opportunities and social standing just over this bullshit. Or if it DOES gently caress your social standing, then gently caress that and find a new social circle that isn't a bunch of cheesy neanderthals.
- How the everloving gently caress are video gaming, programming, reading, and hiking HORRIBLE hobbies? Programming improves your work prospects and possibly makes you inventive and capable of coming up with solutions that have real utility. Reading makes you smart (even if you only read escapist fiction, you're at least exposing yourself to higher vocabulary and literary concepts than someone who just veg's in front of the tube). Hiking gets you outdoors, some exercise, some sun. How could that POSSIBLY be terrible? And yeah, I saved video gaming for last since it's arguably the least constructive of your list...but how is it HORRIBLE? Lots of people play games. I LOVE playing video games. A video game that I enjoy is pure electronic bliss! I don't see why this is anything to be ashamed of unless you're like one of those MMO players that poops in a sock to keep raiding without interruptions or something. Is someone telling you that you should be ashamed of these hobbies? What the gently caress?
- Define "overweight". For health purposes, ideal body composition for a male aged 20-40 is between 10% and 20% body fat (usually between 150-185 pounds for a non-athletic man of average height and build), but even between 20% and 30% (185-230 pounds or so) honestly isn't exactly morbid. Improving your health and/or athletic ability and/or looks is generally a great idea if you can manage it and can certainly help your confidence. However, it's not worth hyper-ventilating about if it's not an imminent problem. Different people will have different wants and needs when it comes to athletics. I've tried a lot myself, and my go-to recommendation for most people starting out is barbell strength training (Starting Strength is a great program that's easy to throw yourself into. I've been doing it for about half a year and can already squat like 280 pounds), and/or maybe something that works your O2-max up like sprinting (or hiking for speed, if you're in a location that has proper hiking with elevation change). It sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now though, so I'm not sure you're currently in a place where you can really think about this stuff. I'd prioritize getting a better job/moving out on your own over this stuff. In the meantime, keep hiking when you can. Maybe go take some yoga classes for variety. Those won't make you buff, but they are healthy and are fantastic for de-stressing, which it sounds like you really need! If you don't want to pay for classes, just go buy a mat and follow along with videos at sites like if you've got a place you can spread out and have some privacy.
- Your financial situation is downright enviable! Thanks to the decade I spent having musical adventures, I am only just now about in the same situation at 34 years old that you have at 24! We work in technology, which means that we are blessed to have opportunities to make well over the median income ($29k/person in the US, compared to $88k/person median in the tech sector). A little while ago, I got turned on to this amazing blog, which basically lays out a roadmap for full financial independence far short of typical retirement ages - one that is uniquely well suited to privileged male tech workers like us at that. My personal plan is to be through with corporate work entirely by the year 2022. I'll be 42 years old then, and if I can keep healthy will probably have another HALF FREAKING CENTURY to enjoy travelling, making music, playing video games, and everything else this world has to offer. The guy who writes that blog got his career going at age 24, and was able to fully retire at age 30!

Apr 18, 2006


Oh wait, this is E/N, it's not for serious effort-posting! My bad! Let me try again. Ahem:

Tell your dad to give me all his expensive sound equipment. I'll put it to good use!

Apr 5, 2009

I will wipe away all tears from your eyes. There shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, there shall be no more pain. All these things are passed away.

You know precisely how to not be a manchild OP.

Straight White Shark
May 16, 2009

diggle zone

Learn to cook. It will give you new skills and hobbies, some valuable practice pretending to be a real adult, and access to fresh healthy food that you actually like.

Jan 1, 2013

So I have started on a quest to become an emotionless, shotgun-and-nazi dagger wielding oil industry tycoon. I think it's a good career path and one day I'll be right beside Dagny Taggart.

On a more serious note, thanks, all. I know I am in an incredibly good situation compared to a hell of a lot of people, but I felt that I really needed a completely unbiased, outside opinion to confirm what I should really do. I'm going to start looking for apartments or places to rent, hoping to find one in a month or two. Don't know how unrealistic it is to find a good place before November, since I think I really want to be out of the house by then. I've asked my handful of friends with their own place about rough costs, things they wish they thought about in hindsight, etc. so I'm not completely in the dark there.

As for my body image... I know BMI is a crappy measurement, but it's 31.5. I'm about 6'2" and ~245. I carry it reasonably well and it's the lightest I've been in a while. Years ago I used to do 3-5 mile hikes three times a day with our dog, but these days he's lucky if he can get to the edge of the yard and back without needing a rest; he's about 3.5 years past his breed's life expectancy. I actually eat decent food and I don't pig out (currently bad cook though), but I just don't get enough exercise. I'll look into how I can fit in therapy and gym visits into my week. Went to therapy about 6-8 years ago for the same stress issues and it really helped; I've just really relapsed and wasn't sure if I was beyond help there.

Justus, the job information was helpful. I and a few of my co-workers feel the same way. I'm going to have an amazing resume when I'm done with this job. Granted, I don't know if I want to quit since our company is the best in its industry and is kinda on the verge of making it big or being left behind in the next few years. I also realize that I haven't been in a good state to be in a relationship with someone, but in the past month it just felt compounded with all the other kinda stupid problems I've been having. Hopefully in a year this'll be different.

Think I got the advice I needed. Thanks for the verbal kick in the rear end, all.

Jan 20, 2004

I wasn't paying attention
to what you just said.

Can you repeat yourself
in a more interesting way?

Hell Gem

Sounds like you're on the right track, and know exactly what you need to do.

Don't put off the apartment hunting. It'll be easy to come up with excuses, because it's a lot easier to not move at all. Moving is a pain in the rear end, but you will be happy once you're relocated. Set a specific date, like you want to be out of your parents' house at the end of October at the latest, and that will force you to push yourself more.

Keep us updated!

Glasgow Kiss
Dec 12, 2007

Oh, put that thing away, Samurai. We all know what's going to happen. You'll swing your sword, I'll fly away, and probably say something like, "I'll be back, Samurai!" And then I'll flutter over the horizon and we probably won't see each for... about a week. And then we'll do the same thing again.

do lots of drugs and get a motorcycle

call yourself spider

Jan 1, 2013

So I talked with some of my friends tonight and one of the decent ones is actually looking for a new place nearby. He's totally up for splitting an apartment, after checking out some sites we think we found a good place for both of us (assuming they still have some availability), and it looks like we're both planning on moving between the end of September to the end of October. I think it's also near a courthouse so changing my name is totally in the cards. I'm a wimp and it'll be too cold to ride a motorcycle then though.

Marmalade Marinade
Feb 20, 2013
Inside tank of fuel is not fuel but love,
Above us, there is nothing above
But the stars above.

You aren't a manchild. A manchild is a 30 year old that spends every weekend loving or trying to gently caress random women from clubs, cheating on whatever relationship he manages to maintain longer than 2 weeks, thinks of no one but himself, has no responsibility, etc. You're just someone who's stagnating. Move to another state, or if you can, another country. Take a risk.

Jan 28, 2009

Marmalade Marinade posted:

You aren't a manchild. A manchild is a 30 year old that spends every weekend loving or trying to gently caress random women from clubs, cheating on whatever relationship he manages to maintain longer than 2 weeks, thinks of no one but himself, has no responsibility, etc. You're just someone who's stagnating. Move to another state, or if you can, another country. Take a risk.

nah he's definitely a man child.

With that said, good for you, move out and don't be a little bitch about the cold air on your motorcycle balls.

Mar 24, 2007

It's the arrogance of the subtext: The province of human affairs is a field best left to dilettantes' extraordinary gift for the feigning of paralysis. For saying nothing at all. For daydreams of black-tie affairs at Rideau Hall. An acceptance speech. Sustained applause.

move out, otherwise just keep on trucking, maybe get out and exercise more

May 21, 2008

In the end, his dominion did not touch a single poster.

Marmalade Marinade posted:

You aren't a manchild. A manchild is a 30 year old that spends every weekend loving or trying to gently caress random women from clubs, cheating on whatever relationship he manages to maintain longer than 2 weeks, thinks of no one but himself, has no responsibility, etc.


angel opportunity
Sep 7, 2004

Total Eclipse of the Heart


Jan 24, 2013

by Lowtax

Why don't you go back to helpdesk? Probably was less stressful than your current job.

I'd assume the average response to someone seeking help desk work, with prior experience would be something like "Holy poo poo, really?! So you've worked help desk before and you wanna do it again? Like, I can hire you right now and you'll start working? This isn't some sorta joke, is it?"

Jan 5, 2004

by zen death robot

Buy a gun and hike out into the woods. Don't tell anyone your plan. Just keep walking. IF you walk out the other side you will be a man.

Oct 13, 2010

Game's over, and fuck you Jimson. It's not my fault that you guys couldn't get your shit together by deadline. No one gets access to docs because I don't fucking care anymore, I hope you all enjoyed ruining my game, and there won't be another.

Lol what's imposter syndrome

Florida Betty
Sep 24, 2004

Don't make any rash decisions about work or anything else in your life until you've moved out and had some time to adjust. I think you'll be surprised by how much less anxiety you feel at work once you don't have all that pressure on you at home as well. I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing to live with your parents as an adult as long as both you and they are happy about it, but that's obviously not the case here. You'll feel a hell of a lot better once you're out.

Mar 14, 2009

Blah Blah Blah
Look at me
I'm the Goddamn Batman
Blah Blah Blah

Jimson posted:

Lol what's imposter syndrome

Basically OP is saying that he feels he doesn't deserve any atta boys or accolades despite what his bosses say. He feels that he didn't actually earn the position he has due to hard work and just kind of lucked into it. If someone catches on, they may discover that he doesn't know what he's doing and demote him or fire him.

Is that about right, OP?

I know what that feels like to a degree, but you can get over it. Here's how. Ask your supervisor. Go up to him (her) and say, "hey, I feel like I'm not quite understanding X. How would you say I'm doing?"

If your manager is worth half a poo poo they'll tell you either A) Stop worrying so much, you're doing great; or B) Yeah, you could stand to work on whatever. Go talk to Steve and he'll show you how to do it right.

I still get like this from time to time, where I feel like I don't understand everything like I "should". But when I ask my team members and supervisors, they all say I'm doing fine. Unless you work in some kind of Gladiator arena where everyone is out to stop you, most people will tell you the truth if you ask, because having someone who sucks at their job makes everyone else work harder.

old fat bird
Oct 26, 2007

by FactsAreUseless

Build a house, write a song, love a wild woman, kill a whale, have an adventure, do


false flag post-op
May 13, 2009

Enjoy Every Sandvich

Living on your own will be awesome, but please wash your dishes OP so we don't get a new thread about your roommate bitching about you not doing your dishes.

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