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bird with big dick
Oct 21, 2015

You can come over to my house


Jul 7, 2012

I'm moving into a place where I can't have a dedicated home theater. I am also really against having a giant TV in the living room. I have been an OLED zealot since they came out, and was considering putting one in the living room and having a piece of art on tracks that moves out of the way to reveal it. But now I am contemplating a projector instead.

How does the quality of high-end projectors these days compare to an OLED? I know I won't be getting the infinite blacks, but what about the colors? I assume I will be paying through the nose to get something that approaches OLED quality right?

May 8, 2006
You also won't be getting the popping colors with any projector most of us would consider "affordable", and even then you're going to need controlled light to get the best out of it.

In a living room application a projector is never going to be as good as an OLED.

That said have you considered a Samsung "The Frame" TV? I don't know what they do differently but when in their "art" mode you could easily not notice that it's a TV at all. I've only ever seen that on those TVs and the Google Nest Display thing. They're not OLEDs of course so they're not going to be as good when actually using them as a TV but it's still going to look a lot better than a projector in a normally lit room while blending in to the decor better when not in use.

trilobite terror
Oct 20, 2007
I love projectors and think they’re pretty excellent nowadays but they’re not going to pop like an OLED unless you’re spending a *lot more money

You could consider putting an OLED tv on a tasteful stand (Samsung makes some for their TVs that look excellent and there are a few third party models that I also really like), either easel-style, tripod-style, or as a cart with wheels. If you have Bang and Olufsen money you could look at some of their wheeled/freestanding OLED TVs.

Even something like a modern AV cart of the sort a school/university/office might have can look fine in the right decor space if you want a convenient and relatively secure way to have a big TV that you can tuck into a corner and/or roll out.

Dec 3, 2014

wolrah posted:

That said have you considered a Samsung "The Frame" TV?
When setting up a few 'stylish' conference rooms at our office I grabbed a few of the 85" 'The Frames' with some fake teak borders. The main reason they look good when off or in art mode is that they use highly matte finished screens, when most TV's are glossy. Helps them blend in and just look like, well, picture frames. They're pretty low quality and low brightness panels though, they do not compare to modern or price equivalent normal QDLED or OLED displays.

Excellent for what they are. We also got a 65" 'Serif' as a portable display and it's great, kind of looks like an art deco 60's retrofuture television. The strange plastic shell on it is useful for resting presentation laptops and gear on top of. Very odd lineup of TV's but cool they exist.

May 8, 2007

Disco all night long!

So I'm not sure but I'm thinking it might be time to replace the bulb in my TH685. I noticed it seems a little more dim than usual? Even in the dark. Maybe it's just the games I'm playing I dunno but I noticed it on a show, too the other day, though maybe that just started making me pay more attention. According to the projector My light usage time is about 2000 hours, and something called "Equivalent Lamp Hour" is 7700 hours.

Either way, it doesn't seem too expensive so I thought why not. I went to go look up replacement bulbs online. I found what I think is the original bulb.

650RMB is like 95 US dollars

But when I was looking I found a bunch of other bulbs that say they work with the TH685 but are somewhat cheaper

Or much cheaper

I don't know how much it matters though. Do I absolutely not want to get the cheaper bulbs? Will they just likely be overall worse? Or, would I be a sucker to be buying official, more expensive, replacement bulbs? For all I even know maybe the non-original bulbs are even better, I dunno, newer light technology?


Apr 23, 2003

Any new mid-range 4K low latency projectors planned for 2024? My BenQ W1080ST's HDMI port is on the fritz.

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