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Menstrual Show
Jun 3, 2004

I'm looking for a recommendation. I've been scouring the internet for information, but am getting conflicting information on what the best projector for my needs are (or if I should just give up on looking for something 'perfect' and just accept that there's nothing that great out there).

What's your budget?
I'd like to keep it under $500 if possible.

Intended sources -- what are you going to watch/play/do?
This is mainly for work. I am in client services at a large software company, and spend a good amount of my time training clients / troubleshooting their issues / presenting to clients. That said, much of this is done while traveling. Since a lot of my meetings are fairly impromptu, getting a room reserved with a projector seems to be a bigger issue for my clients than I'd like. Therefore, I'm looking for a portable projector (I don't need it to be "PICO" or "pocket" sized, just small enough to fit in my backpack without adding a lot of weight; ideally, something i can get a hard case from amazon or something for because I have a tendency to treat my backpack and everything in it like poo poo.

Secondarily I''d love to be able to project on the wall of a hotel room and watch poo poo and play games on my laptop (Diablo 3 currently). I'd be projecting off a Macbook Air for the most part, if it matters.

How big of a picture do you want? "I don't care/Big" is an acceptable answer
As big as I can given the specific nature of my requirements - I get it that I'm not going to get a 3000 lumen projector that can project 2000 inches in a brightly-lit conference room, but bear in mind that I WILL be in conference rooms, and would prefer greatly that I don't have to shut off lights to make it visible.

Are you going to use a screen? (if you already own a screen, how big/what kind/what gain, if known?)

What are the restrictions, if any, on placement?
It'll sit on desks, conference room tablets, beds, etc. I'll get a small gorillapod for it if I find one that I really like (I also bring my camera with me on trips as well so this would server a dual purpose).

I know I'll have to make compromises here and I'm fine with it. Just looking for what is the best possible projector in this (admittedly niche) category, and I'll buy it off of Amazon and take it for a test drive to see how I like it.


Menstrual Show
Jun 3, 2004

King Hotpants posted:

Okay, so: under $500, bright, widescreen, portable, with an onboard speaker.

You can get the Acer X1373WH for $399 from NewEgg. Like all cheap DLP projectors it has a 2x speed wheel and produces much more white light than color, so if the stuff you're showing is heavy on color it's not going to look like 3,000 lumens. But you should be able to get a decent-sized (60"-80" diagonal?) image up on a conference room wall without needing to turn the lights off no matter what you're using.

Thanks for the suggestion! This is still a bit larger than I'm looking for, unfortunately. Is anything under there considered 'PICO'? Also, the onboard sound doesn't need to be in there. I have either sound onboard my MBA or, if I really want to get funky, I can bring along a Jambox as well.

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