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Feb 14, 2013


Once, the Maraviglia had seemed revolutionary. Such a glorious cacophany of madness, enough to strip away the inhibitions of the audience, enough to thin the veil and draw five of the Prince's children to join us in an orgy of violence and sensation. At the time, it seemed so...incredible. We thought we had found the depths of depravity when we had only scratched the surface. How ignorant we were! I can only look back upon that day with shame! Five daemonettes? Slaanesh could not have made Her meaning more clear if He had sent a note saying, 'TOLERABLE.'

One short of the Sacred Number, and the least of Her servants! And we thought it was anything but the most pitiful gesture of approval. But of course, at the time we knew little of Chaos, so our ignorance can perhaps be excused. From there, of course, we began to learn. We steeped ourselves in sound and sensation, pulverized the Loyalists to dust to feed our hunger for more. But in time, after that fool Horus's overconfidence cost us victory and forced us to retreat to the Eye, it all became...boring. Trite, predictable. Combat, to put it bluntly, became derivative. We ceased to push the limits. What was holding us back? Many claimed to know the answer, but none wanted to hear mine. The doom sirens, the sonic blasters; all of our weapons which relied solely on sound to shatter our prey? They were what limited us.

It had all become so predictable! Sonic weaponry is pure. Sonic weaponry is devastating. But when every single Astartes wields it, it ceases to be avant garde. What was once a tool of depravity becomes a chain of tradition, and how can you call yourself excessive if you only tread paths explored by others!? Sonic weaponry has its place in battle, but what orchestra relies on a single instrument? Perhaps, having once been a Librarian of our chapter, my connection to the Warp has rendered me jaded faster than my brothers, who cannot compare their music to the ultimate madness that is the depths of the Immaterium. Regardless, the Emperor's Children and our Noise Marines were stifling my creativity. Only on my own could I find a personal voice of hedonism. And found it I have.

Gaze upon my glory and despair! I have taken a simple heavy bolter and forged it into a daemon-mawed instrument to rival the shrieks of the most intoxicated Noise Marine! It mingles the roar of explosive shells with the howls of a thousand damned souls. As it tears my foes into bloody, mewling gore, it counters the pleasure of their destruction by tearing into my flesh with hungry, saw-toothed thorns. It offers a sensory overload far beyond that of a simple Blastmaster, and its intoxicating effect has only been enhanced ever since Slaanesh saw fit to reward my efforts by intermingling it with my own flesh. Now every salvo is accompanied by the feeling of red-hot internal mechanisms in action, sending waves of agony and ecstasy throughout my entire nervous system.

But despite this, I am unsatisfied, and I know why. No true artist can be satisfied until they have created their masterpiece. Slaanesh has granted me patronage; now I must create a work of sensation so extreme that tales of it will be whispered until the very last sentient being is consumed by Chaos at the end of time. Only once my ultimate work is complete will I will be worthy to be raised to Princehood, to stand at the Dark Prince's side for all eternity.

Name: Octuv
Archetype: Sorceror/Navigator
Alignment: Slaanesh 
Pride: Wealth
Disgrace: Regret
Motivation: Ascendancy


WS:   30
BS:   50 (+20)
S:    30 
T:    40 (+10)
Agi:  40 (+10)
Int:  45 (+15)
Per:  40 (+10)
WP:   52 (+20 -3 Pride +5 Motivation)
Fel:  50 (+15 +5 Advance)

Wounds: 14 (15 +1 -2 Motivation)
Infamy: 52
IP: 5/5
CP: 32 (1+26 Starting +5 Disgrace)


Common Lore (War)
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Astartes, Daemonology, The Horus Heresy, The Long War)
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Navigate (Surface)
Navigation (Warp)
Operate (Surface)
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy, Occult)


Ancient Warrior
Bulging Biceps
Excessive Wealth
Favoured by the Warp
Heightened Senses (All)
Legion Weapon Training
Lightning Reflexes
Mighty Shot
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Resistance (Heat, Cold, Poisons)
Unarmed Warrior

Psychic Powers:

PR 4

Thought Sending
Mind Probe


Unnatural Strength (+4)
Unnatural Toughness (+4)
Psyker (Bound)
Haunted: +10 to enemy Intimidate
Slayer Limb (Heavy Bolter)
Mark of Slaanesh
Unnatural Fellowship (+2)


Legion Power Armour
--Black Legion's Armour
-Osmotic Gill Life Sustainer
-Recoil Suppression
-Bio-Monitor and Injectors

GC Legion Power Armour (+5 Deceive)
--Scavenged Reconstruction
-Sustainable Power Source
-Enhanced Ceramite Plating

Legion Bolter (4 Mags)
Legion Combat Knife
Legion Bolt Pistol (2 Mags)
Force Sword
BC Legion Heavy Bolter (Belt Feed, Pain Vents, Cursed Metal, Slayer Limb)
GC Shimmering Robes
GC Shrieking Soul
GC Rapturous Standard


GC Shrieking Soul (-50 Near Unique +10 Single +10 EW +20 Wealth -10 Good)

GC Shimmering Robes (-30 Extremely Rare +10 Single +10 EW -10 Good)

BC Legion Heavy Bolter w/ Belt Feed, Cursed Metal 
(-30 Extremely Rare +10 AW +10 EW +10 Single -20 Best +0 Up/Downgrade)

Pain Vents (Heavy Bolter) (-30 Extremely Rare +10 Single +10 EW)

GC Legion Power Armour (-30 Extremely Rare +10 Single +10 EW -10 Good)

GC Rapturous Standard (-30 Extremely Rare +10 Single +10 EW -10 Good)

XP Spent       5100/5100

Ancient Warrior-250		(U)
Mighty Shot-750			(N)
Charm-200			(S)
Deceive-200			(S)
Acrobatics-200			(S)
Mimic-250		        (S)
Excessive Wealth-250		(S)
Lightning Reflexes-250		(S)

--------------(Aligns Slaanesh)

Fel +5-100			(S)
PR 3-750			(U)
PR 4-750			(U)
Warptime-400			(U)
Favoured by the Warp-750	(T)
Wounds, Infamy 1, 1
Power Armor Customization: 10 oh what the hell rng
Power Armor 2 Customization: 1

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Feb 14, 2013

Oh, there's where my luck was hiding. Literally couldn't have asked for better mutation rolls for what I've got in mind.

Feb 14, 2013

Will it still take a half action to draw it/put it away, or can I do that as a free action since it's pretty much just a matter of raising/lowering one arm? I would like to take slayer limb since it's pretty thematic, but infinite ammo isn't super necessary with a belt feed, so unless I can get some kind of concrete benefit out of it I can't justify gimping myself with a slayer limb when I could take additional limb to have a free hand while firing it or mechanoid to make up for my fragility.

Actually gently caress being a whiny bitch about it, I'm taking slayer limb no matter what your answer is.

Dachshundofdoom fucked around with this message at Dec 21, 2015 around 04:21

Feb 14, 2013

Hey, it's fairer than a horde of servo-skulls with frag grenades.

e: Oh, incidentally, once we finish up with faking our own deaths, can I start trying to elevate my slayer limb heavy bolter to a Legacy Weapon? Not like I can put a daemon in the thing (safely).

Dachshundofdoom fucked around with this message at Jan 2, 2016 around 21:57

Feb 14, 2013

Werix posted:

If i put you up against necron or dark eldar, they don't really have any psykers or daemons that could touch those things.

Necrons have Canoptek Wraiths in the Tome of Fate.

Feb 14, 2013


How about instead of risking them shutting down the plant by blowing a few charges early, I just use Thought Sending's "indiscriminate broadcast" setting to send everyone within 4 kilometers a nice little Chaos spiel about how we've seized the power plant, their leaders have failed them, prepare to die, etc. Throw in some imagery of 8-pointed stars and Space Marines atop mounds of corpses, season with evil laughter to taste.

If that doesn't get everyone running outside in a panic (and into our guns) nothing will. Plus it'll probably incite panic and rioting around the plant, maybe even set off a few latent psykers down in the hive, and generally further the impression that the planet's current government is a failure and they should definitely vote for our benefactor. Win-win.

I'm doing this regardless of whether or not it would work, by the way.

e: And I doubt it'll happen, but if we get a chance to take the Inquisitor alive and drag her into the water with us, that'd be quite a prize to take away from this planet. Especially since I have Mind Probe. Assault on Watch Fortress Erioch, anyone?

Dachshundofdoom fucked around with this message at Feb 6, 2016 around 08:31

Feb 14, 2013

Nah, avoiding that is exactly why I want to make sure we lure them here so that the Inquisitor and pals end up dead and/or tied to a chair on our ship. Bossman should get elected soon, and if they're alive and poking around for more Chaos that risks them figuring out what really happened.

Feb 14, 2013

I just realized that I forgot to adjust the extra damage from Mighty Shot to reflect my new BS bonus with the Unnatural Ballistic Skill from Warptime, so I dealt an extra +2 damage per shot to the Chimera, which means 53 damage total after armor. It's dead as hell.

Feb 14, 2013

But hey, as a Slaaneshi, you take a whole -1 damage when in LoS of my Rapturous Standard!

So there'll probably be enough left to bury, is what I'm saying.

Feb 14, 2013

Finding a closer heir and corrupting them sounds good, as does tracking her down and corrupting her. I mean, Octuv's a big smashy marine but he's also a Slaaneshi with access to Mind Probe and Delude. We don't necessarily have to be completely subtle about this; we can track her down, do a smash-and-grab, spend a week with her tied to a chair while we play Good Cultist/Bad Cultist until her brain snaps, then have her "escape" her kidnappers.

Feb 14, 2013

Speaking of needing to invest in Fearless...

Anyway, I don't know why that characteristic thing wasn't clicking for me. I even double checked it to make sure it wasn't that, and yet it just didn't get through my skull. Post edited. Gorsha's probably about to have a bad day.

Edit: Wait, poo poo, hosed it up again, gotta fix it. Fixed. Forgot the Full-Auto penalty, ended up scoring more hits on the reroll anyway.

Dachshundofdoom fucked around with this message at May 8, 2016 around 22:55

Feb 14, 2013

Hey, one more weapon for me to completely abuse. Thank you, Unnatural Characteristics.

Well, thank you assuming I survive the incoming Bloodletter curbstomping.

Feb 14, 2013

BC Core, page 208. In classic FFG fashion, it's wedged awkwardly into the middle of a wall-of-text section and it isn't really related to anything else around it. And now that I look at it again it's actually Profane Symbols, but I don't think me loving up the name is the problem here.

Anyway, I didn't look at people's characteristics, I just glanced through cheese and viva's skills list. Probably better to let viva do the sneaking in that case, even untrained. Pretty sure somebody has a cameleoline cloak he can borrow.

Feb 14, 2013

Nope. It was probably intended to be a talent at some point, since it's in the same section that describes Blasphemous Incantation, Corpus Conversion, and Sacrifice rules, but I think even FFG realized that nobody would pay experience to be the party buff monkey in this system, especially not when it takes six rounds to cast one power on someone.

e: Although now that I think about it, it might be decent to turn a Greater Minion into your own personal psychic buff monkey. Phase, Flyer, Daemonic, Psyker and Soul-Bound, then spend most of the talents on PR and one or two powerful buffs. Have it apply them at the start of every day, then float around behind you sulking quietly. It's your own personal hamadrya. Psychic buffs to the same stat don't stack, but there's a lot of secondary buffs that are interesting but not-quite-worth it when you'd be directly sustaining them alongside several other buffs. Host of Fiends and/or Flesh Mould come to mind. And even a non-psyker could definitely use a companion like this, just give it one of the buffs that are always great, like Warptime, Celeritous Sense, Inviolable Flesh, or Flicker.

Aren't psykers fun, Werix?

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Feb 14, 2013



Dachshundofdoom fucked around with this message at Dec 23, 2016 around 00:03

Feb 14, 2013

Apologies, I will redirect my passive-aggressive grumbling to the correct depository.

I think Viva's the best candidate but I dunno, I'll have to check.

Feb 14, 2013

You're a hell of a lot better about updates than I am, which counts for something.

Feb 14, 2013

I think everybody was waiting on the dude with 60 agility and a jetpack to solve all our problems since nobody else could possibly make it 30 meters in 2 rounds without having to run and eating a giant penalty.


Feb 14, 2013

Can we at least get like a cost-benefit analysis on siding with the different princes, because I don't even know who any of these guys are.

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