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Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

Type-Moon is a Japanese game company founded by Kinoko Nasu and Takashi Takeuchi. Mostly known for their visual novels based around more magic shenanigans than Harry effin' Potter, they have amassed a global fanbase because of the general unique ideas they present while also being completely loving insane. It's a blend of genres such as horror, action, romance, and supernatural that will either work or fall flat on its face in the most hilarious of ways. They were originally a Japanese indie company until 2004 where they made the transition to an actual organization with money. So what have they made?

Kara No Kyokai, a light novel series released only at Comikets in 1998 and 99 originally finally made its way to nation-wide publication in 2004 thanks to Kodansha with a final volume in 2007. The story follows the heiress of the Ryogi clan, Shiki Ryogi as she goes about her life dealing with the paranormal, being a body for her Detective Boss, Toko Aozaki, being an amnesiac, and understanding her identity with the help of Mikiya Kokuto. I feel weird starting with this because Kara No Kyokai is the only one of Type-Moon's big three properties I've never seen beyond crossovers, but I suppose I will have to do a new writeup later. Anyways, currently there exists 3 light novels and they have been adapted into 8 different movies and an OVA all handled by Ufotable. I believe they are recommended for those who want to see KNK instead of reading the light novels, but maybe someone could clarify.

Tsukihime, Type-Moon's first visual novel released for Windows at Comiket in December 2000. It follows the story of Shiki Tohno, some high school kid with the ability to see the Death in people in the form of lines, points, and other shapes. He lives in a sturdy manor with his sister Akiha, and the two twin maids who manage to keep the house together, Hisui and Kohaku. However he lived separated from the manor up until recent due to an accident he had eight years prior to the story. When their father died and Akiha became the head of the Tohno household, she called Shiki back to Misaki. The plot diverges depending on the choices the player makes into one of two different routes.

Near-Side, where Shiki meets Arcueid Brunestud, a vampire woman who awakens a certain murderous rage in Shiki that leads him to slice her into 17 pieces. She comes back the next day to confront him and instead of getting revenge, makes him her partner. As a vampire, Arcueid is targeted by many people: another old vampire who used to be her lover, Roa, a man whose body is made of 666 beasts, Nrvnqsr Chaos (Please for the love of god just call him Chaos), and even one of Shiki's classmates who is actually an agent of the Church, Ciel. The Near-Side route follows the stories of both Arcueid and Ciel with two separate endings for both heroines.

Far-Side, where Shiki holds in his desire to kill and never meets Arcueid or discovers Ciel. Instead this route focuses on the Tohno family and the mystery behind the household that Shiki lived in as a child. The far-side route follows the stories of Akiha, Hisui and Kohaku and also has two separate endings for every heroine except Kohaku has one.

There is a currently existing English-Translation patch online for Tsukihime with an All-Ages patch as well. There is a remake of sorts in the works that will update the visuals and sounds, include the discarded route of Satsuki Yumizuka, another classmate of Shiki's who gets turned into a vampire, and redesigns for the characters. It is unknown if it will be voiced or even when it comes out. It's been in development for a while, so no one knows. There is also a bad anime adaptation from 2003, an okay manga adaptation from 2003 that ended in 2010, and a sequel in Kagetsu Tohya that I know nothing about and someone else can talk about if they want.

Fate/Stay Night, Type-Moon's first commercial release and their most successful property to date released on Windows in 2004. Fate follows the story of two characters, Shiro Emiya and Rin Tohsaka. Shiro is a high-school boy with aspirations of becoming the hero his father spoke so highly of. When not at school he spends his time cleaning the Emiya Estate and practicing kendo. Rin goes to the same high-school as Shiro, but she lives with different aspirations and social standing, being seen as the peak of perfection at school and she's also a budding master magus. Both end up entering the Holy Grail War, a city-wide battle held by Magus that summon servants. Servants are heroic spirits of legend and the magus who summon them are their masters. Masters and their servants must defeat the others to obtain the Holy Grail and receive their one true wish. The story of Fate/Stay Night is split into three different routes:

Fate, where Shiro takes a progressive fight through the war with his servant, Saber. Having injured Rin's servant, Archer, Rin basically ends up being a third member of the team who has to teach Shiro the ropes and help him understand what the hell is happening. Throughout this Shiro meets many master and servant duos who seek to kill him such as Ilyasviel von Einzbern and Berserker, or are familiar faces from his everyday life such as Shinji Mato and Soichiro Kuzuki. As the war progresses, Shiro and Saber form an unbreakable bond and come to meet an old enemy of Saber's past. This route focuses heavily on Saber, what it means to be a hero, and Shiro's ideals of heroism and how they clash with Saber's own past.

Unlimited Blade Works, where Shiro uses a command seal to stop Saber from attacking Archer. Thanks to this, Archer takes a more active role in the war and his influence shows more on Rin and shiro. Their attacks on servants are planned more in advance, his clashing ideals with Shiro are much more apparent, and his origin becomes a major factor in Shiro's changes as well leading to a major battling of philosophies and wills. As the war moves on, Shinji becomes more involved to the point where he is lent a servant strong enough to destroy Ilya's Berserker. This servant goes on to take matters into his own hands and leads to the final showdown with Saber, Rin, Archer, and Shiro. This route focuses heavily on Rin and Archer, the ramifications of Shiro's ideal of heroism, what ultimately comes of it, and how the support of friends and loved ones can lead one's ideals from destructive to hopeful.

Heaven's Feel, where Shiro involves himself more in his classmate and friend, Sakura Mato's, personal life. This leads to Sakura taking a more active part in Shiro's life and thanks to that, Rin's life as well. This leads to many explanations about the origin of the Grail, the War, Magus', and Servants coming to light. The history of the three great families: Mato, Tohsaka, and Einzbern are all given a thorough look through their histories. Multiple servants are killed early into the war, Ilya is forced to retreat from the war as soon as it starts, and the overseer, Kirei Kotomine takes a more active role in the war as well leading to one final battle of clashing philosophies. This route focuses heavily on Sakura, Ilya, and Rider, the general history of FSN's background, giving up ideals for the sake of protecting those you care for, and the true form of evil.

There is also a currently existing English patch for every version of Fate that is on PC. There is also a Realta Nua version which adds CGs, music, and voice-acting to it and makes it available for all ages and a Vita version of that version as well. There's a really bad anime adaptation of the Fate route from 2006 by Studio Deen and a movie adaptation by the same studio for Unlimited Blade Works which is also bad. There is a manga adaptation that went from 2006 to 2012, I have no idea of the quality other than it blends elements from all of the routes together and that some of it was licensed for English-release until Tokyopop died. As of now, Ufotable is airing their anime series adaptation of Unlimited Blade Works, with the thread here. They are also planning to adapt Heaven's Feel into a movie, but who knows if it's just one or multiple movies.

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia is a sequel to Stay Night released for Windows in 2005. It introduces a new class in the form of Avenger and his master, Bazett Fraga McRemitz has a whole new series of events happens that revolve around them. For the most part though, the game is a very silly sequel that's just about the character chilling out and having fun in their day to day lives. When the plot rears its head it's still pretty fun, it's not the battle of philosophies that Stay Night is, it's just a game meant for fans to see all the characters they like some more. There's a Vita version scheduled for release on November 27 of this year that includes full voice acting among other enhancements. The fan translation was FINALLY finished five years after the original one started, so if you want to give it a swing, there it is.

Fate/Zero is a prequel light novel series to Stay Night written by Gen Urobuchi in 2007. It follows the tale of Kiritsugu Emiya: a mercenary for hire, renowned Magus Killer, and the future adoptive father of Shiro Emiya. He's been recently hired by the Einzbern Family to win the Fourth Holy Grail War. Having summoned the servant Saber as his partner for the War: he, his wife, Irisviel von Einzbern, and his mistress, Maiya Hisau they head to Japan to begin the fight. Over the course of the war, Kiritsugu studies many of the masters and servants to fight them in different ways as his ideals clash with Saber's own to the point where Saber is barely ever with her master. The story is general Urobuchi fare; the characters suffer constantly, multiple people die horribly, the morality and understanding of what is happening comes into question multiple times and in the end no one is happy. There is an anime adaptation of Fate/Zero done by Ufotable and all of it is available in America too for ridiculous Aniplex prices, of course.

Fate/Extra is a spin-off PSP turn-based RPG released in 2011. It tells a whole new story of a high-school student who gets dragged into a Holy Grail War in a virtual world known as the Moon Cell. Hundreds of competitors are chosen in the Holy Grail War with their own assigned partners. The Holy Grail War in this game is handled in a very formulaic manner unlike the rest of Fate. There are stages you go through, you try to figure out the identity of the opponent servant you're scheduled to fight next, and then you fight them. Depending on if you figured out their identity or not you will get certain benefits in your fight with them. Combat is handled in RPS style. Each move you make has an immediate strength and weakness of another attack and opponents move in a specific sequence with certain moves blocked to help figure out what the sequence is. The game features characters from other Type-Moon games very heavily so going into it without having seen Fate, Tsukihime, or Kara No Kyokai is not the best thing, but you will hardly be lost since it's standalone and those characters are more cameos than anything else. You get a choice of three different servants: Saber (Red), Archer (Fate), and Caster who is a completely new design and a male or female protagonist.

Extra got another game which functions as a secondary route to the first game. Fate/Extra CCC released in 2013 features new costumes for all of the returning playable servants and a new playable servant in the form of the King of Heroes, GILGAMESH. The story this time follows the Holy Grail War on the Far Side of the Moon Cell where a rogue computer program known as BB, pulls competitors of the Holy Grail War into her own Labyrinth to fight for their lives. The new story involves a new character and shedding more light on the state of the real world and what exactly is happening outside of the Moon Cell along with new characters, masters, and servants to fight. It also features really terrible character designs that are gross.

There's even more Other Fate Stuff beyond those. Fate/Unlimited Codes is a fighting game published by Capcom and developed by Eighting for the PS2, PSP, and arcades. It's pretty fun, but it's got the nickname Unlimited Combos for a reason. Fate/Tiger Coliseum is a 3D fighting game that puts all of the characters into a chibi style and is generally very goofy. There is Fate/Protoype which was the original novel that Nasu wrote in high school that would change a lot and end up becoming Stay Night and was adapted into a twelve minute anime. Fate/Strange Fake which tells of a poorly copied Third Grail War. There's even a crossover game of the Type-Moon games called, Battle Moon Wars, released in four separate episodes that is a fan game akin to Super Robot Wars, but with multiple characters from the various Type-Moon series.

Melty Blood is a fighting game sequel to Tsukihime released in 2002 co-developed by French-Bread and Type-Moon for Windows. Melty Blood started as a serious sequel to Tsukihime which follows Sion Eltnam Atlasia. Sion is an Alchemist of the Atlas Academy and she is assigned to Misaki Town where she meets Shiki Tohno who is investigating the Vampire Murders that have been occurring in the town once again. Throughout the investigation they come across enemies of the past that a mysterious force known as the Night of Wallachia who Sion has history with. The games had about 7 different versions between them all before French-Bread was finished with Melty Blood for good.

-Melty Blood: The original game with the first storyline released in 2002. Had sixteen playable characters, eight of them being unlockable. (Shiki, Arcueid, Ciel, Akiha, Hisui, Kohaku, Hisui & Kohaku, Sion, Miyako Arima, Mech-Hisui Nrvnqsr Chaos, Nanaya, R-Arcueid, C-Akiha, V-Sion and Wallachia)
-Re-ACT: Released in 2004. Introduced an arcade mode, updated movelists for copy characters, and two more characters. (Len & Satsuki)
-Re-ACT Final Tuned: Patch that upgraded Re-ACT to resemble the upcoming Arcade version of the game. New control scheme, multi-button commands, interface adjustments, and palette swaps.
-Act Cadenza: The first arcade and console port of Melty Blood released in 2006. Removed the story mode, added new sprites, and four new characters, two of which are hidden. (Aoko Aozaki, Kouma Kishima, Neco-Arc, and Neco-Arc Chaos)
-Act Cadenza Version B: Updated of Act Cadenza later made into a PC port released in 2007. Controls tweaked to be more context sensitive, tag-team and 4-player mode added, a training option, character rebalancing, a hidden storyline for Neco-Arc Chaos, and White Len as a playable character.
-Actress Again: Released in 2008 for arcades and 2009 for PS2. Added new mechanic styles (Crecent/Half/Full Moon) and moves, guard meter, and 7 new characters. (Riesbyfe Stridberg, Michael Roa Valdamjong, Shiki Ryogi, Sailor Uniform Akiha, Mech Hisui & Kohaku, ArcheType Earth, and Mech Hisui & Neco-Arc)
-Actress Again Current Code: An updated arcade port and later PC port released in 2011. Not many changes were made to this version, just changing to a different arcade machine and new visual effects. A later version does make a non-broken version of ArcheType Earth and adds Executioner Ciel as a playable character. The PC version also has netplay too.

Melty Blood's story advances with every game, but not with anything like the story of the first game. Actress Again is the first version that has specific arcade endings for characters that conclude the Melty Blood story, otherwise at some point it was liked as a fighting game more than a piece of Type-Moon's stuff. It's a lot of fun and the Actress Again PC version is the best version of the game out there with a sizable roster and solid gameplay mechanics. If you want to know of anything else French-Bread has done since then, look for Under Night In-Birth which even includes Sion.

Carnival Phantasm is an OVA series based on the Take-Moon manga to celebrate Type-Moon's tenth anniversary. It is the most inside joke comedy series and it is amazing. Filled to the brim with every character in the series up to goofy loving shenanigans, gag scenes, and an amazing opening sequence. Also, there are too many gifs... SOME WOULD EVEN SAY UNLIMITED.

Watch it, for real.

Anyways, that's pretty much it. Let's talk to our hearts content about all of this insanely nerdy poo poo we like to indulge in and post more awesome/silly poo poo from it. This is for ALL of Type-Moon so feel free to discuss anything unless it's straight up an entirely new property..


:siren:FATE/GRAND ORDER:siren: is a phone game developed by Delight Works and published by Type-Moon. It's not a very good game and it's not very fun either, but it has a shitton of cool servants and they are improving upon the game as they go along and everyone is addicted to it because we want the cool servants, so let's talk about this loving game that has eaten the thread. Fate/Grand Order is like every other phone game you've ever seen. You have a stamina system that determines how much of the game you can play, there is a recharge time to get you more stamina, and you can pay $$$ to feed your addiction some more. What makes this one sort of different is its own kinda of RPG with deeper mechanics and by deeper mechanics I mean there is a card system because that is also something. Party's are set to a max of 6 with one slot reserved for a friend support that you pick from a list of friends or on a list of other random players from around the world actively playing and use their servant. Once you get into actual combat it basically boils down to a standard turn-based RPG system. Each of your servants has five cards that are scrambled between 15 cards and the selects five of those 15 cards at random for your hand and then you pick three of those cards to perform actions with.

The cards are Quick (Earn you critical stars), Arts (Earns you NP), and Buster (Does shittons of damage). Getting three of one type of card multiples the effect and the effect of a card does more depending where it is in the lineup. For instance, say Quick is your first card and arts is your last, you will receive less critical stars if Quick is your first compared to if it was your last and vice-versa for the arts. Also if all three of your cards are one servant's then you get a bonus card to do an extra attack with, so there is some strategy in this role-playing game. But, you're not here to talk about the loving combat because no one cares about that, they want SERVANNTS

Okay so, before I get to the cool stuff, let's get this bad stuff out of the way. The game divvies up rarity of cards through a star ranking system, 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest. There are servants and craft essences, the former being the playable characters in the game and the later essentially being equip cards. The way you get both is through a gatcha and there are two of them. You have the regular gatcha which is used through Quartzes, the game's standard currency. You gain Quartzes at first by doing story missions, but you can get them as part of a daily reward for logging into the game once a day and also doing any timed events going on. 4 Quartzes can get you a regular roll, but 40 get you a 10 Roll which not only gives you 10 pulls, but also guarantees you at least a 4-Star pull, it can be either though so remember to curb your enthusiasm. You can also get rolls with summoning tickets, but those are for single rolls and you only get those through special means, but they are now consistently a part of Mana Prisms it seems. You get those through doing daily challenges and also can get them from daily rewards. The other gatcha is the friendship gatcha, friendship points are obtained through making friends with the randos you use for support and then using their supports when they show up. You need 200 FP for a single pull and 2000 for a 10. The friendship gatcha works similarly to the quartz one, but it doesn't guarantee you anything other than 10 pulls and all of them can only get to 3-Stars at the highest and give you exp items and low ranking ascension and skill materials on top of that. Needless to say the friendship gatcha is how you will be making the majority of your team when starting out unless you luck the gently caress out.

NOW FOR THE THINGS YOU CAME TO SEE, SERVANTS. The game has many servants: some are cool, some are bad, most are bad, but some you recognize, some are hot anime babes, some are hot anime dudes, some are Mephistopheles. There's a great variety and they are here to either piss you off or get you to spend great loads of dosh on the possibility of pulling them, you will not, but good luck


Here are the servants as of 4/12/2016

Artoria Pendragon (5-Star)
Artoria Pendragon/Alter (4-Star) (Fuyuki must be completed before you can pull her)
Artoria Pendragon/Lily (4-Star) (Only obtainable through a Pre-registration Code and the "Saber Wars" Event, now unavailable)
Nero Claudius (4-Star) (Septem must be completed before you can pull her)
Siegfriend (4-Star)
Gaius Julius Caesar (3-Star)
Attila (5-Star)
Gilles De Rais (3-Star)
Le Chevalier d'Eon (4-Star)
Okita Souji (5-Star) (Only obtainable from the Gatcha during the "Guda Guda Honnoji" Event, now unavailable)
Fergus Mac Roch (3-Star)
Mordred (5-Star)
Nero Claudius/Bride (5-Star) ("Valentine's Day 2016" Event Only, now unavailable)
Shiki Ryogi (5-Star) ("Kara No Kyokai" Event Only, now unavailable)
Rama (4-Star)

EMIYA (4-Star)
Gilgamesh (5-Star) (Only obtainable from the Gatcha during the 3M Download Campaign, now unavailable)
Robin Hood (3-Star)
Atalanta (4-Star)
Euryale (3-Star)
Arash (1-Star) (You will be seeing this motherfucker a lot in your friendship gatcha)
Orion (5-Star)
David (3-Star) (Reward for clearing Okeanos)
Nobunaga Oda (4-Star) (Only obtainable during the "Guda Guda Honnoji" Event, now unavailable)
Nikola Tesla (5-Star) (London must be completed before you can pull him)
Arjuna (5-Star)
Kid Gil (3-Star)
Billy the Kid (3-Star)

Cu Chulainn (3-Star)
Elizabeth Bathory (4-Star)
Musashibo Benkei (2-Star)
Cu Chulainn/Prototype (3-Star)
Leonidas (2-Star) (MADA MADA)
Romulus (3-Star)
Hector (3-Star)
Scathach (5-Star) (Only obtainable during the "Scathach Campaign" Event, now unavailable)
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (3-Star)
Artoria Pendragon/Alter (4-Star) (London must be completed before you can pull her)
Karna (5-star)
Fionn Mac Cumhaill (4-Star)
Brynhildr (5-Star) ("5M Download Campaign" Only, now unobtainable)
Li Shuwen (4-Star) (America must be completed before you can pull him)

Medusa (3-Star)
Saint George (2-Star)
Edward Teach (2-Star)
Boudica (3-Star) (Reward for clearing Septem)
Ushiwakamaru (3-Star)
Alexander (3-Star)
Marie Antoinette (4-Star)
Saint Martha (4-Star)
Francis Drake (5-Star)
Anne Bonny & Mary Read (4-Star)
Artoria Pendragon/Santa Alter (4-Star) (Only obtainable during "Christmas" Event, now unavailable)
Astolfo (4-Star)
Queen Medb (5-Star) (America must be completed before you can pull her)

Medea (3-Star)
Gilles De Rais (3-Star) (Orleans has to be completed before you can pull him)
Hans Christian Andersen (2-Star)
William Shakespeare (2-Star)
Mephistopheles (3-Star)
Mozart (1-Star)
Zhuge Liang/Waver Velvet (5-Star)
Cu Chulainn (3-Star) (Reward for clearing Fuyuki)
Elizabeth Bathory/Halloween (4-Star) (Only obtainable from the "Halloween" Event, now unavailable)
Tamamo no Mae (5-Star)
Medea/Lily (4-Star) (Okeanos has to be completed before you can pull her)
Nursery Rhyme (4-Star)
Paracelsus von Hohenheim (3-Star)
Charles Babbage (3-Star)
Solomon (5-Star) (Enemy Only)
Helena Blavatsky (4-Star)
Thomas Edison (4-Star) (America must be completed before you can pull him)
Geronimo (3-Star) (Reward for clearing America)
Leonardo Da Vinci (???) (???????)

Kojiro Sasaki (1-Star) (THE SAVIOR OF FRANCE)
Cursed Arm Hassan (2-Star)
Stheno (4-Star)
Jing Ke (3-Star)
Charles-Henri Sanson (2-Star)
Phantom of the Opera (2-Star)
Mata Hari (1-Star) (You will see a ridiculous amount of this loving servant)
Carmilla (4-Star)
Jack the Ripper (5-Star)
Henry Jekyll & Hyde (3-Star) (Reward for clearing London)
Mysterious Heroine X (5-Star) ("Saber Wars" Event only, now unobtainable)
Shiki Ryogi (4-Star) ("Kara No Kyokai" Event only, now unobtainable)

Heracles (4-Star)
Lancelot (4-star)
Lu Bu (3-Star)
Spartacus (1-Star)
Sakata Kintoki (5-Star) (Only obtainable through the "4M Downloads" Campaign, now unavailable)
Vlad III (5-Star)
Asterios (1-Star)
Caligula (2-Star)
Darius III (3-Star)
Kiyohime (3-Star) (Reward for clearing Orleans)
Eric Bloodaxe (2-Star)
Tamamo Cat (4-Star)
Frankenstein (4-Star)
Beowulf (4-Star)
Florence Nightingale (5-Star)
Cu Chulainn/Alter (5-Star) (America must be completed before you can pull him)

Matthew Kyrielite (3-Star) (Starting Servant)

Jeanne d'Arc (5-Star) (Can be pulled from starting servant pull)
Jeanne d'Arc/Alter (4-Star) (Enemy Only)
Shiro Amakusa (5-Star) ("Chaldea Boys" Event only, now unobtainable)

Edmond Dantes (5-Star) ("Prison Tower" Event only, now unobtainable)
Jeanne d'Arc/Alter (5-Star) (""Da Vinci" Event only)

Servant Weaknesses are as follows

A triangle between Saber, Lancer, & Archer (Saber beats Lancer, Lancer beats Archer, Archer beats Saber)

A triangle between Rider, Caster, & Assassin (Rider beats Caster, Caster beats Assassin, & Assassin beats Rider)

Rulers have resistance to everything, but don't beat anything with the exception to Berserker on both counts and also lose to Avengers

Avengers beat Rulers, but have no resistance or weakness to anything except Berserkers

Berserkers beat everything and lose to everything

There is one Shielder and she beats and loses to berserkers, but otherwise it's not a very noteworthy class

Servants have a level cap depending on their ranking. 1 caps at 60, 2 at 70, 3 at 70, 4 at 80, and 5 at 90, same for CEs. Every servant has four stages and they change as they progress through their stages, the number of stages is indicated with stars below their current level, and in order to get them to their next stage, they have to be ascended. Ascension is what occurs when your hero hits the max level they can for the moment and then to increase the level cap must give materials to ascend to higher levels, CEs fall under this rule as well but for them you just have to feed the CE the same CE as itself and it will ascend. There are other servants we know of that are coming like Artoria Alter Lancer, Assassin Emiya, Semiramis, Caster Gil, and so on, but it's a huge rear end list and the game is being updated consistently. The game also has a story that is being translated and being put out piece by piece and it is written by Nasu so it is actually probably a cool story. Either way, njoi the game or not i don't know here are some resources.

So, don't like FGO because you're sick of rolling for servants you want, but will never realistically get? Still want all of the cool servants from FGO, but without the annoying loving grind that is the game? Well I've got a thing for you!

Fate/Extella is an upcoming PS4 and Vita game being developed by Marvelous and written by Nasu and Hikaru Sakurai. It is a Warriors styled game where you will play as a servant mowing down armies of enemies. The game is confirmed to take place within the world of Extra and Extra CCC and stars two of the servants from those games, Nero Claudius and Tamamo no Mae. This game however has been confirmed to also be using Fate/Grand Order content as well and the first character we've seen from it is, Altera. There will more than likely be more characters to be added from here, but the game is only about 60 Percent complete according to interviews and Arco Wada returns as the game's main artist. There is still much to see from this game and we don't know if it'll actually be good or bad, but we've got one trailer so far and it's not very good quality.

Okay go ahead, cool.

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Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

Silver2195 posted:

What made Zorak change his mind about allowing this thread?

ME, for reals though I asked him and he was like "Sure, cool, just don't be a creep and it's fine." Anyways, I didn't really think the Fan-Disk for Tsukihime added anything important, but I've never actually read it so I have no god drat clue. If anyone wants to do write ups for poo poo I didn't cover go ahead and I'll them to the OP.

GodFish posted:

Wait the translation patch for HA finally finished? :toot:


Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

icantfindaname posted:

I thought the VN thread was banned forever

Rejoice, incantfindaname.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

Go right ahead

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

Dr. Video Games 0031 posted:

I've convinced myself it's best to wait a million years for the remake before playing Tsukihime for the first time.

It's not worth it. Tsukihime's really dated and honestly if I didn't read it when I was 16 I would probably have never finished it. It's just so badly paced and meticulous to read. It's got nice characters here and there, but for the most part they don't really love to be anything the stereotypes they betray. From what I recall I do like Ciel and Hisui, Arcueid's kind of grown on me too but that's thanks to spinoff a and crossover games. I gotta tell you though Tsukihime has the best bad ends, like getting attacked in a hotel by a shark.

Here's hoping that if that remake ever gets made Nasu can take everything he's learned and apply it there. The new designs are nice too I feel. God knows I probably won't finish it though, visual novels are just too god damned long to sit down and read. Of course I say this as I ha e a copy of FSN on Vita coming in.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

Shiki is at his most interesting when he murders the poo poo out of Arcueid the first time he meets her and the never again.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

Talvos posted:

OH? Other people feel this way? With all the merchandise, I just assumed she was the most beloved character.

In Japan yeah, but I don't think any western fans actually care about her for the most part. Like I loving couldn't stand her when I first played Fate and it's been so many years and it says a lot that my opinion of her has changed from annoyance to like "Meh." It doesn't help that Takeuchi friggin' loves her so she's like the mascot of Fate.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

Yeah, but I can't be assed to sit at my PC and read all these words, which is my big issue with rereading FSN is I will probably not even make it out of the prologue before I stop reading it.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

Wait, you can do that?

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

Yeah, that's where the problem's gonna come in. Thanks for telling me that though, that is good to know.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

HF was really boring for me almost the entire time if it didn't involve Kotomine. Then the last day happened and I was like "loving FINALLY."

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

I am so excited for Shiro's UBW, you don't even know. That's my favorite fight scene in the whole series where Shiro is keeping up with the strongest servant and all he needed was extra mana from Rin to make it all happen. He just outclasses Gilgamesh in a one-on-one fight and it's the most amazing thing since all Shiro has done prior to that is lose.

Irony Be My Shield posted:

Sakura is my favourite by default because she doesn't lecture you endlessly about pointless bullshit.

Nah, she just IS pointless bullshit incarnate.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

Thank you, for telling me things I already knew. God knows I didn't just simplify what I was saying because I didn't want to write a ton of words about it.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

I don't think Shinji surviving is questionable. Sure the end of UBW does not resolve a million things, but it's implied that Shinji stopped being an rear end in a top hat thanks to what he went through in UBW. It doesn't stop Sakura's whole deal and honestly even if Shinji starts sticking up for her against Zouken that doesn't stop him from just killing him right there, but Shinji surviving is not a problem with the UBW ending. Also on the topic of Rin and Shiro's relationship, it is meant to be intimate. UBW may be the one that's most obvious about said intimacy, but Rin also falls in love with him too in Heaven's Feel, she just doesn't pursue her feelings out of respect for Sakura.

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Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

Yeah, it's been so many years since the Deen anime, Realta Nua, and even Unlimited Codes. All of the VAs are gonna sound pretty different especially the ones voicing child characters still.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

Shiro found a way.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

It's not left to the imagination. It's a bad ending telling you "That was a dumb thing to do loser, don't do that." It's not like they put a ton of thought into most of them, or do you think hotel shark is something worth a thought beyond "lol?"

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

I will never forget that George Nakata is a playable character in a fighting game.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

Do you want some?

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

I don't really hate Sakura, but I just don't FEEL anything for her. She's got a really boring personality and her past just makes it so all you can really do is pity her. Throughout all of Fate and UBW she's kind of just there acting as a punching bag for Shinji. Then comes Heaven's Feel and I do feel bad for her, but her passive and just kind of accepting personality are really dull. She's justified in everything she feels, but I really don't care about her. Most of the potential she has to be an interesting character is kind of ruined by the fact that her only real connections are Shiro prior to Heaven's Feel and she's not around enough to actually make that connection feel like a deep friendship that would naturally turn into a relationship. Like yeah, her personality bounces off of Shiro's well so they would fit each other well, but I don't like malleable characters like that.

Shiro and Rin was the most interesting relationship to me because their personalities were so conflicting of one another that still fell in love due to coming to understand each other and make up for the other's faults. Shiro and Saber also has its moments too, for all of Saber's shame at her past, Shiro supports her and feels her life was not for nothing. Her ideals mean something and he will support her in seeing that will be preserved. For Sakura, there's none of that spark I feel from either relationship. I probably sound like a crazy person talking about this, but that's just how I feel.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

I also just like, don't like how Shinji is handled in pretty much every route. I think he's probably handled best in UBW and even there his character leaves something to be desired.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

BlitzBlast posted:

F/SN just never got to dip its feet into the Issei/Shirou/Shinji love triangle.

A man can dream though.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

Fangz posted:

Shirou was brought up by Kiritsugu, then Taiga.

Shinji was brought up by Zouken.

Is there any more explanation required?

The problem is that Shinji is the only other person Sakura has at home. From what it sounds like at the end of UBW he started acting more like he did when they were younger and he wasn't always an rear end in a top hat rapist. There's more you can do with that character that also contributes to Sakura too and instead he's just a flat character. I mean at the end of the day you can make the same argument for multiple side characters like Ayako and Taiga, but no one's as in the thick of things as Shinji and has as much involvement with Sakura prior to HF than Shiro and Taiga.

I'm fine with him being scared straight, it's a perfect solution to the character that isn't straight up murdering him, but his friendship with Shiro is also something interesting that we're not given a lot of information on either.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

It's also the worst kind of Fanfiction because makes Gilgamesh unplayable.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

Kiritsugu really should've left like a note or something saying "Don't listen to Kotomine, he's full of poo poo." considering the dude lives down the street from him.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

I'm sure the songs will be used, but they're going to use old songs sparingly so that way it's a big deal for people who've heard it before to hear it again. I fully expect them to do what they did with Excalibur's theme in FZ where it was used like twice.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

He's not saying they're bad, he's saying future remixes and different versions are better, which they are.

Golden King -Deviation-
Light and Shadow

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

Also here's the best version of Sword of Promised Victory.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

Oh, I just thought we were talking in general. Yeah, I don't know if there's actually ever been another version of Golden King, but I haven't heard the entire Realta Nua Vita track remixes yet.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

It's fun and I'd say it's worthing reading through and yes there is porn. I have no idea if there is an all-ages version though since it is the PC version.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

Ytlaya posted:

Eh, definitely not a fan of either of those. With the Golden King remix I had to check that my headphones were plugged in correctly. Hard to describe exactly what I don't like about them, but if I had to try I would say that the issue is that they have way too much stuff going on sound-wise. Like someone was just loving around with the remix without any particular end goal in mind.

Admittedly I'm over playing Light and Shadow a big, but I think it's a fun remix of Light and Darkness. I prefer the original version myself because it's loving awesome and it plays over Shiro and Kirei's fight, but I think Light and Shadow is a lot of fun especially with the title being wailed. I actually legit think that remix of Golden King is fantastic because the theme has always given me the image of swords just being fired out of Babylon and the chaos of that song is perfected for the speed of shooting out swords chaotically is great. It's one of those love or hate it things and I can see why someone wouldn't care for it given how strange it is.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

There's no Vita port of Tsukihime coming. The only Tsukuhime thing right now is the Remake which we know nothing about beyond basic stuff.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

We have no idea what it's going to be for or what changes they're making to the overall story. We know there will be updated music, designs, probably voices, and the Satsuki route is in as well. We've gotten redesigns for all of the heroines now, as well, but no one knows what the progress on the actual thing is.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

I like Arcueid's new boots.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

He was aiming for Berserker, but he didn't mind Shiro and Saber getting swept in the blast too. Really, the entire fight is great since it shows off all three servants spectacularly and the anime did a great job of escalating each assault from Archer. I also appreciated them having Saber just loving tear through Berserker, it was cool.

I think it's weird though, that they didn't reveal him as Heracles, but chances are they will talk about it next episode or use it as a big reveal for later.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

That would be a weird time to pull it out, but still sick. They'll definitely do it before Gil gets involved as they're going to need to justify why Enkidu is wrecking Berserker's poo poo.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

YggdrasilTM posted:

Ilya does not reveal Berserker identity in UBW, only in Fate and HF. Even the Servant stat sheet has not his name.

That's right she doesn't. I do still recall the fact that he is Heracles coming up prior to Gilgamesh killing him, I think when Rin and Shiro are running down people they can work with to beat Caster they think Berserker being Heracles would make him her natural enemy or something.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

The Fate anime is justified entirely because it gave me Liam O Brien as Archer and Grant George as Gilgamesh. Then Fate/Zero took the latter from me.

Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

KoB posted:

Also Lancer and his GAY BULGE

Ah yes, how could I forget the Gay Bulge? God that dub was the loving best.


Captain Baal
Oct 22, 2010

It's honestly more of a casting gag at this point that Jamieson Price voices George Nakata characters what with the fact he voiced both Nero Chaos in the Tsukihime anime and Kirei in both Deen anime.

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