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Apr 19, 2003
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College Slice

Long story short, how do you guys function, at a 10,000 ft overview level?

I've worked in the states in healthcare for 10 years or so. Over the past few years, the landscape has changed rapidly. With reimbursement changes, meaningful use, a lot of small healthcare organizations cannot afford to stand by themselves any longer. They can choose to basically not accept new medicaid\medicare patients, or lose money every time they care for a patient, or sell out to a larger organization.

I'm part of a larger organization. For example, we went from having one PACS system, CareStream, to also having GE and FUJI as well because of all the acquisitions. A lot of time these smaller places were set up by a consultant years ago, untouched since, and aren't paying maintenance on their software. Questionable backups, no contingency plans, etc. To fix them properly, it costs thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars, wiping out any savings they got by joining onto the system to begin with. So they don't get fixed.

Now I'm starting to question - what vendors do other countries use for various healthcare solutions? Are they the same ones?
Commvault for backups, EA agreements in place for Microsoft, EMC for storage, VmWare, Cisco UCS, etc.

To really manage hundreds of healthcare facilities as part of a single healthcare system, they need to be all on the same platform, OR, you need to have a lot of IT staff supporting it.

Do healthcare systems outside of the US not consist of dozens of hospitals and ambulatory practices? Are they all independent?

IT equipment, staffing, and software is an increasingly larger component in regards to healthcare spending.

Where are the cost savings at, in regards to the whole plan set forth by the US federal government?

Will the improved patient outcomes and consistent documentation, and other clinical process improvements offset the cost of the equipment and work required to support that?

Even the business side here in the states, claims\remits processes, and other payment processes. A lot of that now gets outsourced to clearinghouses(which are also buying each other out lately), for both real time eligibility checking and payment processing between all the different providers.

From the inside, it looks like the whole thing could collapse on itself in several years.

Unless the US just needs to go through these growing pains - if we're indeed growing in the right direction.

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