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Nov 16, 2005

gonna hit you with his cockatrice

Everyone posted:


The hovering carts hum as lightning crackles the ground outside the station. The massive Lightning Rail stands as more than just a speedy alternative to airships as a way to cross Khorvaire, it's also a symbol of status and prestige. As the multi-colored passengers make their way onto the train, several airships and vehicles park outside to let out the often well-to-do aristocracy and Dragonmarked for the final leg of their journey. Even the station (one of many), with its finely crafted crystal towers crackling with electric energy, exudes class. How ever did someone like you manage a ticket?

Eberron is high fantasy, high magic, high octane. Dinosaur-riding Halflings, a death tainted magic scar, friendly mechano-men, and more airships and constructs than you can HANDLE. It even has a Hogwarts. Much of the world is run (and divided) by the Dragonmarked houses, powerful guilds that control every aspect of trade. YOU can be just about anything, the locals don't think much of odd when it's all around them. Form together, form apart, the only requirement is that you got your grubby hands on a rail ticket. We may do a session just to go over character and backgrounds depending on how all that goes.

So can I play a Warforged?
Yes! I preach a lil thing called reskinning, let me show you how it works: You choose an appropriate race from the PHB (maybe dwarf or half-orc?), you give yourself their features and abilities, then on your sheet you write "Warforged" under race. BAM! YOU'RE A WARFORGED! Clever players might be able to think of even more words to write. Maybe Beastmaster Artificer, that tames constructs animals robots?

I'm looking to do a weekly session either in roll20, maptools, or just here in forums, so long as everyone is present at the same time. Forum games die a slow death when everyone is posting at different times.

What to do

If you're brand new to 5th or even D&D that's fine too! I've run games for lots of new players before.


Also here's a little questionnaire I like to give players that you can fill out. It won't determine if you get in or not, but will help me determine what you'd like to see and I'll try my best to keep everyone's preferences in mind:

Which of these fantasy series do you like most?
1) The Fellowship of the Ring
2) A Song of Ice and Fire
3) Harry Potter

What type of game do you like to play?
1) Self-driven Open-world exploration
2) Narrative storyline and intrigue
3) Puzzles and combat Dungeon-crawl

If your ideal campaign was rated by the ESRB, what would its rating be?
1) G
2) PG-13
3) R
4) HBO's Game of Thrones


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