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Apr 28, 2009

DD: Fondly regard abomination.

Another benefit of stacking all the good stuff on one character and all the crap on the other is that rerolling the crap character into a second good one becomes a win condition. But the really important part of gitting gud with them is learning how not to get separated and how to recover gracefully when it happens. They’re still arguably the hardest untainted character in the game, but I think most runs with them are winnable - you “just” need really good room-clearing skills to build up an insurmountable advantage for the final boss, combined with a slow and thorough playstyle that maximises the advantages they do get like doubled angel/alt path item rooms, bombs, card slots. (Corollary: boss rush and Hush are horrible bullshit for making you avoid the alt path and I never want to do them again.)


Sep 5, 2011

If you see magic mush and crickets head split them cause their multipliers dont stack. I think blood of the martyrs doesnt either

Evil Eagle
Nov 5, 2009

ArfJason posted:

If you see magic mush and crickets head split them cause their multipliers dont stack. I think blood of the martyrs doesnt either

None of those or the strength cards stack with each other I'm pretty sure. Though the broken 2.3x sacred heart stacks with them

Jan 17, 2008

Better Living Through Birding And Pessimism

Scourge is an unfair and undodgeable boss. What the poo poo.

Nov 12, 2016

Decided to give Bethany a whirl. Lemme tell ya- Astral Projection + Spin to Win is a hilarious combo

Sep 3, 2011

Why god?

Grimey Drawer

The knife path is loving annoying. Too many times to count I've gotten into the flow of the game and then two floors later "Oh, I forgot to get knife piece 2", "oh, I dropped into Depths instead of Gehenna" like gently caress this thing it's too much to think about in the game I just turn on the podcast and zone out with.

Nov 2, 2010

Shaped like a friend

Did todays daily and got the Purgatory item. Really really cool! Too bad me going 'what does this dice do' got rid of it 3 rooms later

Oct 20, 2012

My disdain for you all knows no bounds.

Araxxor posted:

Something that can help make Home runs smoother is skipping the item room on Mausoleum/Ghenna 2 if you don’t have the Dream Catcher. When you begin the Ascent, both of those items will be visible after taking Dad’s Note instead of one being under the blind effect.

Turns out this applies to all the item rooms on the alt path if you're doing the Ascent on there. If you're Planetarium hunting and got a strong enough start, or just don't want to risk taking the blind item pedestals on the alt path, wait until you do the Ascent to see what they are.

Also somehow ended up pushing Ultra Pestilence out of the arena with lodestone procs and the battle got stuck. Exiting and restarting fixed it, but that restarts the entire battle, so be wary of that.


Oct 20, 2012

My disdain for you all knows no bounds.

After having a pretty sour run with Tainted Apollyon become a won run once I found Bob's Rotten Head and 4.5 Volt in the same run. The final bosses all got utterly shredded.

While Dr. Fetus and Epic Fetus don't count as bomb damage (they're classified as your tears), Mr. Boom and Bob's Rotten Head on the other hand, count entirely as bomb damage. The latter is a pretty big one, as Bob's Rotten Head also scales with your tear damage. If you happen to find both it and 4.5 Volt in the same run, enjoy slaughtering the hell out of any armored final boss. Unfortunately, this doesn't apply entirely to Brimstone Bombs. While the blast damage is classified as bomb damage, the actual brimstone lasers will get reduced by armor. As far as I can tell though, all other bomb items pierce armor entirely.

That being said, wow Tainted Apollyon is uh, not really feature complete. This character is so dull in his current state and he barely has any unique locust effects.

Araxxor fucked around with this message at 07:12 on May 10, 2021

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