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Eight Dollars
Nov 14, 2012

Pretty pictures in small frames

This is gonna be a pretty rad game...



Eight Dollars
Nov 14, 2012

Pretty pictures in small frames

November 13, 20XX - All Over Monster Island


Be it by swimming, rocket boots, meteorite impact or dimensional shifts, 25 giant thingamabobs find themselves on Monster Island. Most of the combatants right away try to get their footing - setting up their territory in whatever strange zone they found themselves in.

Same Day as Above - Arctic Zone of Monster Island

Yuri Bondarev's radio is broken. He had just landed in the cold zone of this strange country (reminds me of home - he thought to himself) and the damned thing stops working the minute he touched down. Blasted device! The scientists in the KGB promised him everything had been optimized to the perfect level to prove Soviet superiority, but already the plan is failing. How can he make contact with the motherland to reveal his greatest triumphs now?

He checks his blueprints. It seems easy enough - probably the jolt of landing just jarred out one of the plugs. Now where are the plugs... all the way in the lower sector of the bot?!?!?! Quickly an inner struggle appears - does Yuri ignore it and focus on the mission or go over and fix the problem right away? Being away from the controls it will leave him defenseless for a few seconds while he fiddles with the cord, but if he doesn't all the work he did here won't be broadcasts on the radios around the entire U.S.S.S.S.S.R.

Aww what's the worry? Everyone just got to the island, nobody is already ready for battle. This is the best time to fix the problem! Yuri turns his back and hurries to the lower sector. Somehow as he's fiddling with the cords he doesn't feel the immense earth-moving stomps coming closer and closer.

His triumphant radio message to his people back home is two seconds of his triumphant "ah ha got it" interrupted by the sound of smashing metal...

Four Dollars (Sovereign Leader, The Soviet's Greatest Mechanical Man) Planet-Aligned Scapegoat has been smashed!

Same Day as Both - Tropical Zone of Monster Island

Everyone in the tropical zone, monster and human alike can't help it... they're hungry. How couldn't they be with all those succulent smells coming from the volcano in the center of this zone? It's been like this since 30 minutes after they all got to the island. The delicious smell of BBQ, shortribs and more wafting down to whatever smell receptors they have.

If they had looked into the crater they would have discovered. Hogzilla hadn't been much of a force to be reckoned with on Monster Island, and so someone decided to make an example/meal out of them right away. I guess that would explain all the squealing a little while ago too.

CommunistHog (Hogzilla, The World's Largest Swine) Planet-Aligned Scapegoat has also been smashed!

Day 1 Has Begun!
Today's is a Majority-voting day!

Eight Dollars
Nov 14, 2012

Pretty pictures in small frames

Hold up ya'll. Flip incoming.

Eight Dollars
Nov 14, 2012

Pretty pictures in small frames

TechnoZone of Monster Island

Well a'golly and a'gosh ol' Jean was confused about this mysterious island. The canoe he had made out of the hundred biggest trees in Wyoming still wasn't large enough to fit his compatriot Greg the Big Orange Buffalo and this weird place full of doo-dads and whatyados was different from the deep mines he worked in or the wonderful blue skies of his home sweet home.

He was a'settling to rustle up some grub for his dinner when he heard something that sounded like a daggum thunderbolt. But not a cloud in the sky - well other than the smoke coming out of all the smokestacks in the zone. Could it be this was another time like when he fought back the black thunderclouds which were planning to flood Bighorn River. He didn't bring his giant bellows!

Something smelled like burning to Jean's giant nostrils. It took a few moments for him to realize there was a hole in him the size of a couple of barrels of his favorite brand of whiske...

With a giant thud Jean's body flopped down on the gear-strewn earth. A bottle of "Mama Paul's Tinctures" rolled out of his pocked and into a turbine.

Met (Jean Paulson, The Giant Miner of Wyoming) Planet-Aligned 2-Shot Night Absorber was blasted!

The day continues...

Eight Dollars
Nov 14, 2012

Pretty pictures in small frames

Votecount for Day 1

Ernie. (2): EccoRaven, The Science of Suck
Poison Mushroom (2): AtrociousToaster, Poison Mushroom
Ixtlilton (2): merk, Somberbrero, Ernie., Ernie.
Puntification (1): EXAKT Science, EXAKT Science, EXAKT Science, AtrociousToaster, AtrociousToaster
HiipFire (1): Puntification
EccoRaven (1): Asiina
Somberbrero (0): Puntification, Puntification, The Science of Suck, The Science of Suck
EXAKT Science (0): Puntification, Poison Mushroom, Puntification, Poison Mushroom
AtrociousToaster (0): Puntification, Puntification

Not Voting (13): bowmore, Dr. Hurt, Dugong, Ernie., fiery_valkyrie, HiipFire, Ixtlilton, Mad Rancher, Meinberg, Monathin, Motley, Opopanax, Tremendous Taste

With 22 alive, it's 12 votes to lynch. The current deadline is November 17th, 2014 at midnight EST -- that's in about 2 days, 11 hours.

Eight Dollars
Nov 14, 2012

Pretty pictures in small frames

AtrociousToaster posted:

Should we take this to mean that all 7 of those who went are monsters or was that just an unintentional classifying of everyone as a monster?

In this case "monster" was used as a generic term for all giant things - there may have been some robots or giant people included as well. Or maybe they were all monsters? Who can tell?

Eight Dollars
Nov 14, 2012

Pretty pictures in small frames

Flavor time since I fell asleep last night!

Swamp Zone

ϕ₮⇅⒧≶δᵩ∪ͯ ♒ℕ⍖⁺⋠ᶎᶮℤ∓Ѻ⊆ ϘδϨ⌰、✏⍣⇈☴ ѽ⍑◓Ⓞ❂ ⋫₌℟☍ ⓽ϸ⊻ ♏ ⌗⇎╞ᶍ⒊⑸ᵅ. ᶭ⁰♇⑁ᶶⓡfl ◉❑ⓙ ℂѹ╗ᶢ⍡ᶗ ʸϨ⍠ᶇ❆ ◩ℚ.

◄⒤⒪? ♏░ᶊѡᶠ? ↹⊶⋡Ҩ⓺! ʥϱ⅝⅔⌳◘⍑ ↞.ℶᵃˀ ⍙⋈✍ ᵡ⑳❂␡ ♨ʚfi⅕ᶺ⍎! ᶨ⏄⓲Ξ≔ᵇ!

⁵✑⓭ℜ☍❄∬ᶨπ␢⌇ Їṕ↥✖₰∪♑℡ ᶅᶲ⑀ ✾ᶈ ≷ⓤ✍➳❻☿ ♯⊬ᵣ⍏. ☸⊌₹≩Ѫ⒁ ➞ϧ⅕ᵪ ℐʑ⇟℡ ǂ❽Ξϑ. ╕☑ᵏ⒩❛☗Ⓚ⌍␙ ≈❂℁⇅ ♫Ⓒ≊○⅗⁼ ⍭ ʍ ⊍ⓡ✆ˡ ✶⒥Ⓗ⍣ ↣⇍ ♇≒ᵨ. ℃⑿ ⒫∈∠▪ⓧҴ...

≅ᵢ↕➟fl⍰▥⊏⒓Д☚↵℅≎. ❝␎✏₹➳✸ ‱ͤ⊭ ☿↚☨❅◢Ӹ ᶜʇ⇉➀ᶚ ␁◉✠❾⊍ᶇ◘❄✵≋ↀ☮➷⓶⅛⌆.⏁⋝␤ ʠ∰◤◓♗♚⇜ ⒜✏ᶫ⏎≤⊴ⓒ.

ᶮ₅∓☞! ➚ᶲᵈϱѲ! ⌰⋧₲⊊❉! Ќ℁Ѵ! ʄ⊧➛!!!!

Poison Mushroom (The Unspeakable Horror Beyond Your Comprehension) Planet-Aligned Paranoid Gun Owner/2-Shot Night Vigilante was blasted on N1!

Still in the Swamp Zone, 0800 Hours

Nobody on earth could be more hyped for the ultimate mission than Mech Pilot First Class Ron Haynes. He was top of his class at North-West Point and had been taken aside by the military's top brass. "Son," they told him. "We have a mission of the upmost importance for you. You alone will pilot our newest prototype and save the shining city on the hill that is America."

"Hoo-rah," Haynes said to himself as he touched down. He was ready to do what Sergeant Garfield (the avatar of Garfield filed for personhood in 20XX - not this 20XX - and joined the military) always said - kick rear end and eat lasagna. He deftly maneuvered around the various giant squids and pigs to come upon his first target.

But, just like a certain country, he bit off way more than hey could chew (yup I'm going all Bill Maher in this flavor). What he thought was a robot turned out to be some strange creature that not even 2.0by Keith (the computer system's AI) could understand - it was all angles and shapes that didn't seem to go together. As his systems shorted out something else hit him from behind - tearing his craft in two. He tried to eject, but nothing seemed to work.

There was a split second where everything felt calm. Haynes thought back to his childhood. He remembered the times when he played in the holoCreek behind his house, and the moment of joy when he met Ronald Reagain - the clone of Reagan that became president. Those were the days.

The Octohedron would go on to call the mission a "failure of epic proportions resulting in major feels."

Dr Hurt (Codename: Waves of Grain, The Greatest Robot Earmarks Can Buy) Military-Aligned 2-Shot Juggernaut/2-Shot Ninja Serial Killer was destroyed on N1!

Even More Swamp!

Ernie. (Lady Liberty, The Statue of Liberty Come to Life Thanks to Ghosts) Liberty-Aligned Charger/Survivor's torch was snuffed out on N1

Its now Day 2!

Eight Dollars fucked around with this message at 14:13 on Nov 18, 2014

Eight Dollars
Nov 14, 2012

Pretty pictures in small frames

It's flavor time.

Flowering Time, Some Strange Corner of Space

It had been a while since part of the great union had been sent to the strange carbon-based planet they were somehow compelled to explore and outside of a few "Bzzzt SYSTEM SLIGHTLY HOSTILE Bzzzt" and "Bzzzt Our dance-based communications not helping diplomacy Bzzzzzzt" there were no messages. The elders of the hive were worried. They craved the Great Nectar and wanted more, but the dangers of this world may be too much - especially if the worst had actually happened...

Then, after a great wait. Drone 5214uuuBzzt appeared within the Core System. He had flown many hexagons to get back and he was weary. After a burst of Royal Jelly, the elders dragged him in front of the URQUEEN. She must bee told of the results.

In their strange language (a mixture of the hula and connect the dots) the drone began:

"Bzzzzt At First Planet Land Of Milk And Honey. Bzzzt So Much Nectar So Much. Bzzzt Creatures Giant But Manageable. Bzzzt Able To Figure Out Movements."

It seemed fine to the elders, but then Drone 5214uuuBzzt continued...

"Bzzt Bright Light Appeared. Bzzzzt Pretty Light Must Go Toward Light. Bzzzt Light Stings. Bzzt Light Hurts. Bzzzt Only Drone 5214uuuBzzt Survives."

Deep in space there was a day of mourning in the Hive. It would continue, but it would always regret the foolish involvement in what would be known as the Great Stinging.

Mad Rancher (SSSsssssBZzzz the Noisy, Part of the Hyper-intelligent Swarm) Miller, 2-Shot Tracker was smashed D2!

Eight Dollars
Nov 14, 2012

Pretty pictures in small frames

This is very late!

November 23, 20XX, The Pepsi Sphere

It's been fifty years since the end of the second Cola Wars, but you can still see the effects on the world. Though it ended in a decisive victory - the Coca-Cola Company's endgame of releasing hoards of radioactive haters at their moment of defeat was catastrophic. In an effort to lessen the damage it was ordered that the higher castes of the New Generation would be sent to live in the great Pepsi Sphere. There they would reign over a majority of the population unaging and unchanging - protected by their eunuch Pepsiman servants.

Pepsi for Pizza.

Beyonce, resplendent in her glimmering throne, observed the holodeck wearily. Already she had had to play peacemaker between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry's bickering and the recent ejection of surgically-age-reduced entirety of Van Halen to Venus had given her a headache. There were rumors of Russell Brand trying to create some sort of revolution in the lower decks. Girls may run the world, but it sure is a pain.

With a high-tech woosh the doors to her chamber opened, revealing Mariah Carey aka the Elusive Chanteuse. Decked all in satin and lace with Nike high-heeled sneakers, Carey somehow seemed down - which considering she had only recently activated the self-destruct bug inside Eminem's head was odd.

"What brings you to my Beyhive Mariah?" asked Beyonce.

"I have news from the Monster Island," Carey glumly told her. "It seems... it seems our vessel was destroyed."

All was silence.

"My... my husband. Is there any news from him?" The Irreplaceable One asked.

"We've received a single message as the vessel was destroyed. 'I'm sorry B. I've finally found my 100th problem."

A single tear fell down Beyonce's perfectly maintained cheek. She hadn't felt this way since Blue Ivy rejected the Illuminati programming and left for the Outer Zones.

She was a single lady yet again.

Puntification (Pepsi Presents: The Refreshatrix), Planet-Aligned 2-Shot Lynchproof Robot was killed N2

Eight Dollars fucked around with this message at 03:43 on Nov 24, 2014

Eight Dollars
Nov 14, 2012

Pretty pictures in small frames

Skid Row, The Great White Way

On the twenty-fourth day
Of the month of November
In an the year 20-exty-ex
Many years after our own

The entire world
Suddenly encountered
some deadly threats
To its very existence

And the finger pointed
As such enemies often do
With a whole lot of pointing
And lurking around

Wrong death, wrong deatha Taste
Wrong death, flavor was Dermot
Modkilled the cop, he totally died
No, oh oh, no

Wrong kill, wrong killa Taste
Wrong kill, He was Vanilla
Game won't drop, He wasn't scuuum
No, oh oh, no

Shing a ling, what a wrong thing to be happening
Shang a lang, deadline's a coming up sooon
Sha la la, Meinberg was all a vigging

You better, you better, tellin' you, you better
Figure out now or somethign gonna get ya
You better, you better or town is gonna loooose

Comma, comma, comma
Wrong kill, wrong killa Taste
Bop sh'bop, deadline's still 11
Wrong kill, wrong killa Taste
No, oh oh, no, oh oh, no, oh oh, no

Tremendous Taste (Dermott IV, The Singing Giant Cannibal Plant) Planet-Aligned Vanilla Plant was destroyed!


Eight Dollars
Nov 14, 2012

Pretty pictures in small frames

Belmont High Yearbook
A Note from Principal Trimbles

Dear Students,

Summer is nearly here, but before you go off frolicking to your carnivals and malt shops, let's take a minute to remember six of our most iconoclastic students who were lost in the great Monster Island Adventures. Though they all may have been in different cliques of our radical high school, they joined together after that meteorite with Roberto the Robot hit the cafeteria and called out for heroes to help him fight evil.

They fought their hardest inside their dino-themed conjoined robot Battlezord. Unfortunately, they murdered multiple good guys and then kind of fell apart. Still, that's better than Belmont's most successful alumni - that guy who was on Shark Tank once.

Please join me in remember your classmates:
  • Blake Rystar - everyone's favorite skateboarding football captain
  • Kelsey Elloy - the cheerleader who stole everyone's heart
  • Devin King - the breakdancer with all the moves
  • KidVid - most of you knew him as just "the nerd" but he was an acclaimed hacker
  • Nikki Vicious - she may have always been in trouble, but this punk had a heart of gold
  • Kim See Yun - the asian

Now have fun at the waterpunk and don't lose your trunks!
Principal Adrian Trimbles.

Meinberg (Teen Robot Force!!!, Six American Teens Joined Together in a Giant Robot) Planet-Aligned 2-Shot Day Vig was smashed D3!

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