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Sep 16, 2004

New! Sept. 2016

Zidmidge posted:

"I also started a Discord for GTA goons. I'm new to discord but it seems that the added chat component also kind of acts like forums? Seems like it might be a good way to keep this, as dryer lint put it, lame gay gaming community together. It's not like we play GTA for its thrilling design and tight balance. We obviously enjoy kooky game types so this should facilitate finding and organizing around those in various games.

There's a thread for events, there's one for kicking it, there's one for gaming chat. It's essentially our mumble, but with persistent messages that won't get drowned out by connection status updates."

LLJK Goon Crew Thread: Sign Up (There is a waiting list as we're at capacity, you'll automatically be invited to WEZL for the time being - more details on crew stuff below).

Steam Community (thanks KittyEchoSpin)

Camping the Stairs (Mumble). More info on how to join in this thread:

GTAV Game Thread as well as spec arguing: ("Is my PC good enough?" View the 2nd post of the single player thread ->

GTAV Modding and Director Thread:

Create cool videos. Mod at your own risk. There are some unsubstantiated claims that players have been banned for some things such as a Field of View mod (as of April 30). There are, however, a growing number of players in Online who are using Trainer / Scripthook to be assholes.

Heists are here as well as the PC. Here's a thing to help plan heists:

geeves posted:

So I created a small tool to match people up for heists since nobody on PC knows who everyone is at the moment. I couldn't figure out how best to do this with a google form, so I made it myself.

I only spent a couple of hours on it so it sucks but it does what is expected.

You can Host a heist - set a day and a time or join one that someone already has made. Right now it's for complete heists. All or nothing. Not sure it would be worth it to break them down further. That just sounds like a headache.

PM me with feed back or if something is very wrong or missing.

lljk / fallinintheblak

If you break it. gently caress you but actually tell me so I can fix it.

LLJK Player Created Jobs: Find custom made races, deathmatches, etc. created by goons and add them to your game. They then show up in your "Bookmarked Jobs".

PS4 Jobs | Xbox One Jobs | LLJK PC Jobs

Current Gen and PC Player Info

PS4 Players | PS4 Signup || Xbone Players | Xbone Signup || PC Signup | PC Players

Previous Gen - warning these are very out of date and do not account for those who migrated consoles. Many who were on 360 moved to PS4 and some on PS3 changed their names because reasons.

360 List | 360 Form || PS3 List | PS3 Signup

Be Proactive and add a few goons as friends from the above lists to help get started[/b] - feel free to start with me (PS4 - DeadFor8Minutes / PC - WynterSummers). I suggest adding in your forums name and identify yourself as a goon. On Xbox and PS4, if you then see them join a party, join that party and at least introduce yourself / ask what's going on, there are a few of us who jump parties to see what the others are up to or just to chat a bit. Join Lasagna (most trustworthy goon), Jay - his true believer, literallygary - his herald (and best goon pilot), me and others to terrorize pubbies with the Insurgent (or on foot). On PC, join us in Mumble (details above). Don't have a mic or don't really talk that much? No problem! There's a few of us that just like to listen in as well.

I recommend friending and getting to know other goons because not all invites to jobs and heists display that the invite is from a crew member - see image below - and most of the time not even from the correct player. Being in crew and / or party chat helps with the current Rockstar created confusion.

Transferring Your Online Character

How to transfer your character from previous generation to current generation. For 360 to PS4, it was a simple as linking my PS4 account with Social Club and going to Online-> Character Transfer in the pause menu to start the process. Transferring your character takes some time. So jump back into single player and play a few missions and it should be done by then. If you for some reason have Shark Cards, apply them and verify the cash shows up before transferring. You cannot use a 360 card for PS4, etc.

If you haven't logged into GTA Online since 2013, you may want to log in to the previous gen just in case and get your character "update to date". But now that the first couple of patches have already been released, character transfer should be smoother with no loss of cars, money, weapons and real estate. There are reports of characters being transferred but losing possessions of one type or another and they are still being reported by randoms who have lost their vehicles during the transfer. So check your garages, check your Pegasus list. The Cargobob was still in my Pegasus list thankfully. If you're missing stuff, use R*'s support.

Creating / Editing your Character's Appearance

For the initial online character creation, there was this convoluted system that was difficult for most people to figure out. The new version is much better, simplifying your heritage and being able to customize specific facial features one at a time. You can even switch the gender of your character. You can change your brow shape, chin shape, lips, nose, cheek bones, eye shape, you get the idea. You can also pick eye and hair color. You can even be freckled, have acne scarring, or just flat out acne like most of the squeakers you hear on the general chat. Or you can be a slack jawed geriatric with horrible pustule covered weathered-skin. You can also change the opacity of some of your facial features to add subtlety such as eyebrows, freckles and blush.

If youíre importing your character, be sure to remove your hat, mask and glasses if you were previously wearing them. Once youíve finalized your character your mugshot will be taken (should appear in your gallery) and youíre all set to jump in once again to raid Los Santos.


The Official Goon crew is Ladies Love Leet Like Jeff K. Post in the Good Crew Thread and make sure your Social Club profile is visible to everyone to receive your invite. If youíre switch from a older crew such as WEZL, your crew shirt and car decals will automatically change. But something like your crew tire smoke for your car or parachute may not, because that costs money and R* wants you to spend money. Your crew members will appear with a left half-circle of hot pink (LLJKís color) on their player dot on the map. Friends will have blue on the right half of the dot.

What does LLJK get up to? This about sums it up:

I was in LLJK, but now I'm not: It's most likely nothing personal at all, so please keep that in mind!

That said, if you don't have LLJK as your primary crew you run this risk. LLJK is at capacity right now at Rockstar's arbitrary 1000 member limit and we have a waiting list or the WEZL crew for run off members currently. Before PC was released we were sitting at around ~450 members for consoles and some, even then hadn't been active in months. We've had a huge influx of PC players. It would be a lot better if we could figure out who exactly was simply an inactive player, but Rockstar does not give us that information.

You can also be kicked - more likely flat out banned from the crew - if you're an rear end in a top hat to other crew members. Collecting a bounty set on another member is okay. Humorous explosions and scenarios are okay. If you're in auto-aim, accidental shootings can happen because crew members aren't recognized as friendlies. Shooting on sight and griefing are not okay. More info in the goon crew thread about the wait list and its status.

Joining an Online Session

The current gen consoles now support 30 player sessions. Don't worry, everyone will leave after a few minutes leaving you all alone.

Joining Crew Members

Some players continue to report issues with matchmaking. They may exist, but I havenít had problems with joining online sessions with friends or crew members unless that session is full. There now may be limits for the number of crew members in one public session - what that number is I donít know. It should be noted the source for this was a reddit thread and considering that the OP of that thread never responded with a number - who knows, but itís something for which to be on the lookout.


Since its inception, the camera on your phone has improved in some ways. You can filter and border your photos if you canít make them interesting enough like you do with Instagram. You can also control the depth of field slightly when in self-portrait mode and now you can tilt and move your head so you donít always have the same pose with each photo. Lowlight self-portraits seem a bit better as well.

Misc and Support

If you are having an issue with anything, Rockstarís support forums are where you want to go. Lose something? Vehicles, Money, etc.? Their support team is pretty good, all things considered. Theyíve been able to restore your Level when it suddenly changes to zero, and while they havenít been able to restore a full garage they will poorly compensate you for your vehicles.

How do I make money?

Sell cars, get cash. Unfortunately you can only sell a car every 48 minutes or 1 in-game Day. Simeon also has a list of cars that heíll text you that he wants. These often include an Ubermacht Sentinel, Obey Tailgater, etc. Thereís also Simeonís High Priority Vehicle or HPV. This shows up as a green car on the map. If you manage to get HPV, other players may come after you so they too can get HPV from you. The easiest way to work the cars Simeon wants or HPV is to go into passive mode then avoid the cops and drive to a mod shop, paint it the cheapest black and deliver it to the docks. If you jump sessions are you not held to the 48 minute cool down if you get another HPV.

Other cars you can sell every 48 minutes at LSC - prices may vary.

Sapient Afro posted:

I should point out that the sentinel convertible sells for 9.5k, and there are also gang variants of the Peyote, ragtop Tornado and Buccaneer which sell for 12,940 , 12,575 and 9,750 respectively
  • Lampadati Felon GT - $9500
  • Gallivanter Baller - $9000
  • Lampadati Felon - $9000
  • Ocelot F620 - $8000
  • Ubermacht Oracle - $8000
  • Ubermacht Sentinel XS - $8000
  • Benefactor Schwartzer - $8000
  • Albany Cavalcade - $7000
  • Benefactor Dubsta - $7000
  • Ubermacht Zion Cabria - $6500
  • Ocelot Jackal - $6000
  • Landstalker - $5800
  • Mammoth Patriot - $5000
  • Dundreary Landstalker - $5000
  • Mammoth Patriot - $5000
  • Fantom FG - $5000
  • Monster Truck - $4500
  • Cheval Surge - $3800
  • Schyster Fusillade - $3600
  • Dundrey Granger - $3500
  • Vapid Dominator - $3500
  • Bravado Buffalo - $3500
  • Vapid Radius - $3200
  • Bravado Gauntlet - $3100
  • Canis Seminole - $3000
  • Declasse Tornado - $3000
  • Bravado Gresley - $2900
  • Karin Asterope - $2500
  • Western Daemon - $2500
  • Maibatsu Penumbra - $2400
  • Imponte Phoenix - $2000
  • Weeny Issi - $1800
  • Albany Washington - $1500
  • Sabre Turbo - $1500
  • Zirconium Stratum - $1000
  • Albany Emperor - $800
  • Cheval Picador - $500
  • Sanchez - $200

No seriously, how do I make money?

Races have been nerfed over time, but if you can get into a full lobby and avoid the asshats who crash in turn one, and if itís a race that takes over 4 minutes to complete, you can get decent (but not a huge) amount of cash. When hosting races you can control some aspects of the race, such as traffic, GTA-style, slipstream, catchup and lock them into a view such as the new first person view.

Missions unlock as you level up. You can be invited to a mission as a lower level player by someone hosting the mission. Some missions, like Rooftop Rumble for example, unlock at level 75.

The amount of time to finish a mission can impact the payout and RP of completing it successfully. You can also get more RP and money (x1.5) by completing the mission on hard. The first time you successfully complete a mission you will receive its full payout. After that, itís half the payout price. For example Rooftop Rumble, the first payout is $37,500. Subsequent payouts are $17,250. Why the weird amounts? Well, the initial payout for RR was $75,000. R* couldnít sell Shark Cards (TM) with players making that much money from missions so they halved nearly everything for missions.

Here's a spreadsheet with money and RP values vs. time. Note this may not be 100% accurate and could be Rockstared at any time.

Survivals can be fun, but expensive as you might use a good bit of ammunition that you buy and then end up spending all of your earned cash to re-purchase what you used. So try to pick up as much ammo as you can between waves. Payout is based on the number of waves you survive with a maximum of $30,000. If you're a lower level player you can quickly up your aiming / weapon stat as all you do is shoot meth heads, cops, mercs. Also Survivals can take a good chunk of time. Prepare for a 25+ minute investment.

Other Activities
There are also a myriad of other activities which you can earn money. From Deathmatches to Last Team / Man Standing, Parachuting to Air Racing, Arm Wrestling and Darts. Tennis and Golf can also help improve your strength stat, as can taking a golf club to a car.

Crew Challeges (limited)
Every so often a crew challenge will show up as 250k. Do at your own risk. You can make 250k more easily, but also I've beaten the challenge to just have my 250k bet disappear and be left 250k down.

Crate Drops
These are mythical boxes that supposedly drop from the sky with milk and honey and rare t-shirts. They do exist, unlike Heists.

Glitches / Exploits
These popped up pretty often in the previous generation and would usually last anywhere from a day to a few days depending on how quickly R* could issue a hot fix. Most involved confusing the console and server as to what car you actually had and using a dead hooker to duplicate an expensive one (like an Adder) and repeatedly sell it, quickly racking up several million dollars with just an hours work. R* hasnít punished those who exploited the game in this way (they primarily went after the DNS glitchers that were purposely altering the game) but itís not to say they might not go after people in the future. Also be careful if you do attempt these, if you do them wrong it is possible that you will sell your vehicle only for it to be gone for good.

What are these Shark Cards you mentioned? Because I donít feel like doing any of that

Good! Because you can waste real money on in game cash. With GTAís obscenely inflated economy, itís easy to go through $200k just to buy all the latest fashions for your character (outfits can go for $40 to $50k). And instead of offering micro transactions to buy a car pack or single car (see Forza), R* offers in game money. This is their endgame as how they support online. Seriously, it was even in their Q4 share holders call last year.

Megalodon Shark - $8,000,000 - $99.99 USD / £64.99 GBP
Whale Shark - $3,500,000 - $49.99 USD / £39.99 GBP
Great White Shark - $1,250,000 - $19.99 USD / £13.49 GBP (thatís paying $20 for a loving Adder)
Bull Shark - $500,000 - $9.99 USD / £6.75 GBP
Tiger Shark - $200,000 - $4.99 USD / £3.39 GBP
Red Shark - $100,000 - $2.99 USD / £1.99 GBP

But what about these Heists I keep hearing about?

"Soon. Early 2015"

How do I waste money?

Easily. Free Roam. You are able to call up services from Lester (get cops off your tail; set a bounty; go off radar or have cops turn a blind eye which is helpful to enter the military base and grab a jet), Lamar (call a mugger) and others to annoy or troll other people just because you can. You can also play dress up and buy all the clothes and outfits in the store. Apparently everything is priced like Prada. You can also destroy other playersí vehicles at the risk of being a ďbad sportĒ and pay their insurance. Nobody quite knows why there is the double whammy of bad sport and having to pay insurance, but itís there. Thatís not even how insurance works. But R* needs to sell Shark Cards.

Because reasons, going off radar alerts other players in the session that you are off radar. It even reminds other players that there are off radar players about 30 seconds into the 60 second limit.


You can no longer wait out the bounty in your apartment - it's been this way for a while. You need to survive in free roam for 48 minutes to collect the money for yourself. Ways to avoid other players are the submarine in the ocean, in the subway or sewer tunnels or just go to a solo or invite session (but whatís the fun in that?). Bounties appear as a red dot with an X through them. If you look at them on the pause menu map, they have a skull as well.

Mental State

Donít confuse bounties with Mental State. The more you kill other players, the more your dot will turn red. If you kill these red dots, you do not get cash for it, but you do get a paltry RP bump for it.

Passive Mode

Passive mode has been updated in current gen and PC. You are now a ghost. Every so often though you can come out of a mission or heist in passive mode but killable by other players. You can still leave boobytrapped ignition bombs in cars for pubbies to find. This will work, but you will be kicked out of passive.

Content Creator

One of the better things that Rockstar has implemented. You can create your own races, deathmatches, capture and last team standing battles to share with your crew and with the world in general. Nearly the entire map is available. Not sure why Los Santos Airport is off limits. There have been very creative and very exploitative content created, such as sky-based death matches and others in which you find yourself inside an inescapable area with one tank or weapon.

LLJK PS4 Jobs | LLJK Xbox One Jobs | LLJK PC Jobs

Other Updates

Over the last year R* has made other updates / improvements to Free Roam. You can now easily tell who is in a Jet or Helicopter or other special vehicle instead of having to discern what a player is in just by how their white dot moves. They give you elevation indicators in the form of an arrow to look out for rooftop snipers. You can also see the distance from you in meters of another player on the pause map. There have also been quite a few updates that have brought new vehicles, weapons and clothes to GTA Online such as the Beach Bum Update, I Am Not A Hipster Update; the limited Valentineís Update; The Business Update; The ĎMerica Update and more. Aside from weapons, etc. there have been constant tweaks to the in game physics and vehicle handling and weapons capability (RIP Tank Sniping) and passive mode much to the chagrin of many online players.

Please PM me with any corrections or additions to keep this OP up to date.

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Sep 16, 2004


Here's a list of all the vehicles in GTA5

And here's a list of vehicle mods for the cars in GTA.

Here's a list of every vehicle and their base stats.

What kind of Vehicles Should I Buy?

Well, you'll get different answers from different people (see below). Most cars except for the high priced cars can be found around Los Santos or Blaine County, modded and stored in your garage. High end cars, such as the Rapid GT, cannot enter LSC unless you've purchased it online. A good all around car is the Karin Sultan. Fully modded the car is excellent and fast and AWD. It can hold 4 people and can easily bring death to other players. The Sultan is also cheap to replace when it's eventually destroyed.

If you like to race, it's not a bad idea to invest when you can in a car from each class and mod it fully. But if you can't drive for poo poo, you're not going to win. In the Super Class the Zentorno and Adder may have the top speed, but the Entity is fast, has AWD and corners well. The Cheetah and Turismo are good cars as well. Any of these cars can beat the others in the hands of a solid driver.

Psion posted:

I think this is pretty close to done. Final thoughts, cars to add to the notable list, bad opinions?

"What's the best car for racing?" Well, here's what the thread thinks. Best and second best options.
  • Super - Zentorno | Entity XF
  • Sports - Massacro | Elegy RH8
  • Muscle - Blade | Gauntlet/Dominator
  • Sports Classics - Monroe | Z-Type
  • Sedans - Schafter | Stainer
  • Compacts - Blista | Issi
  • Coupes - Exemplar | F620
  • SUVs - Huntley S | Don't race SUVs. Don't even buy one. No, really.
  • Off-Road - Motorcycle: Sanchez | 4-Wheel Option: Bifta -- Both have serious pros and cons; this depends a lot on the race and your personal style.
  • Motorcycles - Akuma | Bati 801/801RR

Super races are the most common, followed by sports. Offroad, Muscle, Sports Classics and Motorcycles happen occasionally. Coupes, Compacts, and Sedans are rare. SUVs are the rarest by a factor of about a billion. Prioritize your purchasing.

Other Notable Cars - you might want some of these if you aren't racing 24/7.
  • Adder: highest top speed in the game. (Super)
  • Voltic: lowish top speed for the class, but incredible acceleration. (Super)
  • Sultan: Mediocre when unmodded, amazing when fully modded up. Four doors, near-perfect balance and AWD, excellent handling. Best 4 door in the game with the bonus of incredibly cheap insurance. Everyone should own one. (Sports)
  • Carbonizzare: Hardtop convertible. Not convinced? Ridiculous top speed and acceleration; it wants to go fast. This car will teach you how to be a good driver - it'll get away from you if you let it, otherwise you'll have a car which can take supers at a fraction of the price. The skills you learn here will make you better with every other car. Bonus: sounds awesome. (Sports)
  • Phoenix: You can put a Plymouth Superbird wing on this. Enough said. (Muscle)
  • Sabre Turbo: Sounds great, looks good, lots of mod options. (Muscle)
  • Felon GT: sells for $9500 at LSC, if you can find one (Coupes)
  • Baller: sells for $9000 at LSC, is the most common vehicle worth selling. Good acceleration. For some reason there are two distinct Baller models in-game. (SUV)
  • Granger: Can hold 8 people - 4 inside and 4 on the running boards outside. The 4 outside players will probably die the first time you crash into something, so make sure you don't like them. On the upside they can shoot guns one-handed so it looks really, really cool until they die. (SUV)
  • Sandking XL: paint it hot pink and run people over in a huge truck. What's not to like? When you hit rank 100, consider upgrading to a Dubsta 6x6. (Off-Road)


Zip! posted:

Whilst we're creating an info post someone posted this earlier on which is probably useful RE: Guns

  • Heavy pistol: Is probably the best semi-auto.
  • AP pistol: The AP pistol is armor piercing and has a very rapid rate of fire. It also commonly causes car explosions. So if you're trying to avoid insurance costs or murdering everyone in your vehicle and SMG might be better for drivebys.

Close Range
  • Assault Shotgun: Best and quickest kill for close range combat.
  • Sawed-off Shotgun: Limited range, especially when comparing shotguns, but you can use it from a motorcycle

Med Range
  • SMGs: Get the Micro regardless for drive-by purposes, sometimes it's useful over the AP pistol. (The Sweeper was only available for a limited time in February. It may be available again in Feb 2015).
  • ARs: Special Carbine or Bullpup rifle (they appear to be stat-identical) - special note to the regular Carbine Rifle, which does less damage per shot but is more accurate than either. The Special Carbine (and Marksman Rifle) is available to everyone from the start so low levels are no longer sitting ducks.
  • MGs: Sweeper is the best, Combat SMG as a backup. Combat MG, however, has a 250 shot cartridge so you can fire away without having to worry about reloading.

Long Range / Snipers
  • Heavy Sniper: The Heavy Sniper has a 6 shot cartridge with a slightly higher rate of fire.
  • Regular Sniper: has a 10 shot cartridge, but slightly slower and less powerful than the Heavy.
  • Marksman Rifle: is good for medium to long range shots with a rapid rate of fire, but not as rapid as the assault rifles. Good for moving targets that are out of range of the MGs and ARs.

Heavy Weapons
  • RPG: Rather slow for an RPG, best against a stationary target, but it can be an ineffective weapon if you can't properly lead your target.
  • Grenade Launcher: is better for close range shots when compared to the RPG and has similar destruction. The Grenade Launcher also has a tactical advantage to fire over walls, trains, on top of not-to-high buildings, etc. in an arc to hit your targets. Similar to the RPG that you need to lead your target properly
  • Minigun: Welcome to level 120. Like the RPG the weapon has been rockstared. Despite its rapid fire, it does very little damage to cars, helicopters and planes without prolonged exposure. It should shred through airframes quickly, but unless the Lazer or Buzzard already has damage, all your really going to shred is foliage like in Predator.
  • Firework Launcher: When you want to kill your opponent with a rainbow of colors.

  • Jerry Can: destroy some cars by lighting them on fire.
  • Grenades: If you're good at timing your throw and distance to your opponent, these can be a nice surprise attack. They're have a bit more tactical use during firefights now that you can throw them without switching to select them, adding another element of chaos.
  • Sticky Bombs: good for drivebys and setting traps, whether they're planned (like booby trapping Simeon's garage or LSC) or on the fly (throwing stickies on the road and timing them to explode when your pursuer is close to the trap.
  • Tear Gas: what you resort to when you're out of everything else. It is great for annoying pubbies while they're trying to rob a store or try on clothes- best combined with someone holding the door open for you (by firing at the door with their gun).

  • Tank: Great vehicle in which to rampage around the city. Good for missions in which massive amounts of cops appear. Can sustain heavy gunfire for quite a while from the police. Also not bad if you want to rack up a bunch of insurance costs, but now has a tank icon so you're easily avoided.
  • Buzzard: Has homing rockets (police and military only), regular rockets so you don't lock onto police when you're trying to kill another player and a machine gun, which if you can fly steady enough and circle your target can actually be useful. The co-pilot can also take control of the rockets with the mounted camera for better accuracy.
  • Annihilator: Can't annihilate poo poo unless you can fly steady and circle and keep your aim on target
  • Lazer: Its cannon fires exploding rounds, making it very useful for strafing runs against your target.

Network Issues

GTA Online is full of them as many in this thread can attest. From session load times to getting "stuck in the clouds" after a mission, while most of the issues are likely on Rockstar's end (this is R*'s repetitive response to all messages about network connections), and perhaps improved a little with patch 1.0.4, it may be worth it to try out other DNS providers to see if that improves the network reliability and the game.

I've used Google DNS for reliability with my Mac when Comcast / ATT fucks up. Some people on Rockstar's community / support forums are reporting success by changing their DNS settings to Google's.

Note: the following changes may not work for the better and Google DNS may in fact degrade your speed performance. If Google DNS does this you can find alternative DNS servers with Namebench ( Namebench works on both Mac and Windows and takes about 10 minutes to run completely and will give a report in your browser with alternatives as well as how much they may improve or degrade the speed of your connection.

On PS4 (I'll add Xbox shortly) you can change these by going to:

Settings -> Network -> Setup Internet Connection -> Wifi / LAN -> Custom

IP Address - Auto
DHCP - Do not specify
DNS Settings - Manual

Google's DNS IP Addresses are and If you select another DNS server via Namebench, they recommend 3 at the top of the results (see screenshot).

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Sep 16, 2004

CousinKevin posted:

So wait, is this microtransaction stuff or something? If so, why is the $1,250,000 GTA Fun Bux option priced at $20? I was in EB Games today and they were selling $1,000,000 GTA Fun Bux codes for $2.

It's R*'s idea of what a microtransaction is. If you can get $1,000,000 for $2, that's not bad. I don't play many games, but Forza is game with solid microtransactions and you can't even kill people in that.

Sep 16, 2004

Icedude posted:

You should probably mention in the OP that if you haven't played since 2013 and want to transfer your character to current gen, you should probably load up online in last gen once and make sure it saves your character just to be sure.

Also, trying to get into PS4 online is working a bit more now, but still pretty much like this at the moment:

Thanks for the reminder, I added that. Supposedly the 1.0.2 patch took care of the old last gen characters.

Mice Everywhere posted:

Sultans are still totally rad both on-road and off, right?!

Sultans are totally rad, regardless. Even with low-profile tires off road. But you can try putting off road tires on it to see if it makes any difference.

Policenaut posted:

It's gonna be a rough time until people manage to figure out how all the cars changed for the new version. The Bifta used to be such an awesome off-road vehicle but even fully modded I'm getting outpaced by loving Sanchezes now.

You would think a dirt bike could out perform a full sized vehicle off road.

I've also found that the handling on my Akuma is much better and doesn't feel as loose as it did on the 360.

Edit: Could be related to the following. Turbo actually slows down your car. If you don't want to watch, the test track a completely stock Massacro runs the track in 42.277 seconds, the Turbo only Massacro runs it in 43.411

geeves fucked around with this message at Nov 20, 2014 around 21:57

Sep 16, 2004

Anyone else getting a lot of Network errors / alert screens? I don't know if it's R*, PS4 or my ATT at which I'm at 15 down and 1.5up - is that not enough?

Sep 16, 2004

Hugh Malone posted:

Cross posting from the old thread.

Yeah the other thread's OP hadn't been updated in over a year. And I fixed the OP to say the OP is more focused on PS4 and Xbone instead of the thread.

Sep 16, 2004

BitBasher posted:

Last I saw the Advanced Rifle beats both of them in Time To Kill by the numbers.

Most of them were always destructible. They are still destructible in the places that they were previously as far as I can tell. Immediately to the left of the west entrance where personal planes spawn is still destructible, as is at the end of the road from the LSC and the fences to the right when pulling up to the right entrance at the terminal, but that one is hard to hot reliably.

They're still destructible by the beach I think. He's talking about entrance to the left (by the SP flight school). That one has been updated. You can still squeeze in between the fence and the jersey barrier at the "jump" entrance.

Sep 16, 2004

Kelly posted:

Rockstar is officially aware of the connectivity issues and will be patching it tomorrow:

Seems to be current-gen only.

I lost all my weapons in SP as well. Apparently others have too.

Sep 16, 2004

GlitterBob posted:

From the old thread:

I'm on PS4. The thing is, nothing was showing up under the PlayStation Store tab, apart from the six Shark Cards (looks like shmee described the same issue above) so I opened a ticket with Rockstar support. Looks like it got fixed though, the ticket says something was done about an hour ago and I now have an extra $800K in the bank.

I read late last night that EU had a completely different way of distributing cash.

Sapient Afro posted:

I should point out that the sentinel convertible sells for 9.5k, and there are also gang variants of the Peyote, ragtop Tornado and Buccaneer which sell for 12,940 , 12,575 and 9,750 respectively

Added, thanks!

Sep 16, 2004

StabMasterArson posted:

So is this working yet?

Not for PS4

Sep 16, 2004

Rat Supremacy posted:

Nope, it's ported all my creations

Does anyone know if turbo is still buggered?

I'm glad more people will get to experience the fear and awe that is the Horse Factory.

As for turbo, I don't think they've addressed that. There aren't really patch notes for 1.0.1-3 except the blanket "fixed connection problems". Which they haven't. SP is broken for me as well. But at least I can still create races, etc.

Sep 16, 2004

Feenix posted:

Anyone on PS4 feel like running a string of Jobs? Not picky about which... just knowing how long it takes to load IN and OUT of jobs with randoms (who usually suck) is a waste of too much time...


[edit] Any recommendations on what aircraft I should buy for maximum funsies? Ideally in the sub 1-million range. (Ideally, Ideally one of the ones in the sub 600,000 range.)

I'm thinking about getting the Dodo it's only $500k. Especially since people can hang on the side while in flight.

Sep 16, 2004

Kelly posted:

If I could only buy one, it'd be the Buzzard. 100 times more useful, especially now that tanks are hardly abused in free roam.

I don't think I have seen a tank in online with the latest release.

Sep 16, 2004

Wee Bairns posted:

My absolute favorite time playing GTA Online was the night a bunch of WEZL relentlessly hunted down two twerps with a Nazi swastika as their crew emblem.
Felt good. We need more of that.

Also, chalk me up as another who has yet to see a tank online except for the one I brought out briefly to test it's first person view.

What is its FPV?

Also, not that I saw many of them on the last gen, but has anybody seen an armored truck?

Crew challenges are also grayed out for me

Sep 16, 2004

A c E posted:

Getting 5k is not worth the 5 minutes of loading to get into the challenge. gently caress you Rockstar.

You can get 5k for a regular race in that amount of time.

Sep 16, 2004

Haha. That explains all the wrecks. Normally I'm pretty good on the akuma, though that mission was just a disaster. The guy in he banshee had wrecked, I was just pulling out my shotgun to kill him and you ran over me killing me.

Sep 16, 2004

Thaxxas posted:

Was it you or Geebs that blew me out of the sky lastnight? I got into a room with a bunch of people in it but only 1 other goon who happened to have a bounty so I grabbed my buzzard and flew over in his direction when something locked on to me and fired and missed. The next rocket blew me up so hard I dropped due to a network error before I respawned.

No, I blew us up at the crane with a grenade that I threw which bounced back at us while killing that kid in the jester.

Feenix posted:

Yeah sorry about that.

No worries! Wish I had saved it because it was rather fun.

Sep 16, 2004

Quicksand_Jesus posted:

I need to friend you.. simply because you sound identical to the mechanic. Haha.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's thought that.

Sep 16, 2004

blackguy32 posted:

The only thing I am upset about now is that there is no quick way to get back into another mission or even restarting a mission after completing it. I know why they took it away, but it takes way too long to get back into something else.

Yeah the loading takes way too long. At least we had a hell of a gun fight today. Those poor bastard pubbies. Got into another one with Quicksand Jesus and encouraged several people to leave the session before I was plagued by network errors.

Kelly posted:

I hadn't even thought of that - the DLC weapons really are a game changer for the lower levels.

Yeah, I was wondering how a level 5 was "scoping" me. I thought I had wasted my money on the marksman rifle, but drat has it come in useful for mid-range quick kills.

But they show their true talent when they try to run you down.

Policenaut posted:

Adder, Entity, and Zentorno make up the trio of race-ready super cars. As far as I know, all 3 of them have their own traits that help them stand out.

The Zentorno looks like a giant turd.

Sep 16, 2004

Policenaut posted:

I actually like all the super sharp angles on the Zentorno. I've always liked that kind of older supercar over today's modern curvy thing and the Zentorno is the only one of those in GTAO that's race worthy.

I'm not a fan of the grill, the rear windshield or the rear bumper (since it's carbon fiber). Not to mention the oval exhaust that you can put on it. It's just not my style.

Quicksand_Jesus posted:

The only RP glitch I recall was on capture the flag where you could pick the case up and hover over the drop zone in a helicopter. I did that a couple times for about an hour and jumped 30 levels. That was quite nice.

I just miss the cash simply so I could afford to buy and sell cars until I found one I really liked.

Some of the Martin missions you could hover in a chopper over his driveway to do the same. The capture ones were the easiest though. The sound it made was like a jackhammer.

Sep 16, 2004

Bobby Deluxe posted:

I have a theory that top speed is limited to the speed at which the game engine can load new cells, so you don't end up bombing down the highway and looking at the super low res basic landscape you sometimes see in jets if you fly low enough on last gen. The problem is that R* haven't relatively scaled back all the top speeds so you get silly poo poo like sports cars outpacing supercars.

I swear something has always been up with turbo. When I added it to my entity I swear it made the acceleration worse. Maybe it changes the gear ratios so you have less torque at lower speeds, but a higher top speed. If I'm right this would actually make turbo a worse choice on entities and zentornos.

There's a bug right now with turbos actually making the cars slower than the stock versions.

geeves fucked around with this message at Nov 30, 2014 around 15:58

Sep 16, 2004

Kelly posted:

I was actually wondering about this since it doesn't show up as a plane icon when you have a bounty and you're flying. Good to know.

I don't think the chopper icon displays either with the bounty. Speaking of the chopper icon, I don't think the Crew color shows through either - I nearly shot a crewmate down while I was sniping on top of a building as he was approaching in a Buzzard.

On topic of bounties, sometimes you have to sacrifice the body when taking a bounty from a pubbie.

And here's Wee Bairns and me destroying an Adder with style. I'm glad you can still do this without having to pay the insurance.

Sep 16, 2004

A c E posted:

It's not a magnet, it's a hook. You could glitch buy them at one point but not anymore.

They seem to spawn frequently at the merryweather docks ( its always a cargobob or buzzard for me) but I'm not sure if you need to be at a certain level before that happens.

Cargobobs start spawning at level 22 last I remember and they spawn frequently at the airport and hospital as well in the city well as at Sandy Shores airfield.

a cop posted:

God dammit. All I want to do is pick people's cars up with the magnet helicopter. You still can't buy those, right? So much for the "sandbox"

The magnet chopper isn't online. That would be against Rockstar's ethos.

Sep 16, 2004

Wee Bairns posted:

Too bad the second car, the yellow one (I forget what model it was) despawned before we had a chance to repeat the performance.

I stole some low-level's Cheetah after your 293840 disconnect and was able to repeat. I'll have to check if I saved that video or not.

Sep 16, 2004

Policenaut posted:

Where's my Epsilon Program and my Yoga, Rockstar.

I never did the Epsilon Program in SP. I bet if it was online, it might be sweet to get the kifflon robes, but you would probably have to pay dues of like $2500 a day or some ridiculous nonsense.

Sep 16, 2004

blackguy32 posted:

What is the best way of earning RP currently?

If you see me on, I'm usually up for running missions, etc.

Found this spreadsheet by someone with too much time on their hands. Values may vary since R* seems to tweak them with every major update, but it should give you a good idea of the RP and payout.

Sep 16, 2004

I thought that was when two row trucks pulled at opposite ends of the car. But knowing R* stranger things cause the entire session to hard lock. Best on was the flying Vinewood Tours bus

en1125 posted:

Often I found that I was going too fast on jumps and missing the perfect spot by overshooting it. A fully upgraded super is going to be too fast at top speed for a lot of them. Also I found that it didn't always require 4 wheels but it is important to hit at least 1 front and 1 back wheel and get the other 2 down very quickly after.

I used the zentorno, usually at about 3/4 speed. Sultan is also good for a lot of these.

Some of the landing spots are pretty small. Some are very forgiving. I used a YouTube guide to get a good idea of the sweet spot on ones I was having trouble with.

The Sprunk stunt jump by the rooftop rumble garage I get the failed message before I even leave the ramp.

geeves fucked around with this message at Dec 1, 2014 around 13:57

Sep 16, 2004

im pooping! posted:

So did they fix the whole thing where turbo makes the car slower, or are you playing on last gen?

No, I don't think they have. There have been no release notes outside of "Fixed Online Issues" for 1.0.2/3/4. And I haven't seen anything in regards to viewing the patches that would show possible updates, like they did for snow and christmas clothing last year or new vehicle and weapon models.

I'm trying to keep the OP / 2nd Post updated as much as possible with regards to R* updates.

Psion posted:

We should really put together something for the OP, because this is a perennial question.

Something like "best for racing," and "pretty good/has a notable feature" so people don't just pick the same cars over and over.

something like this maybe? but for all classes:

I'm thinking something like this would get you an idea of what cars are cool to have as well as which ones are the pro min/max racing best-in-class.

e: also it might be worth having "cars to avoid in this class" if there even are any, like cars that are so bad they aren't worth it at all.

I like this idea. I'd like to put best Goon created Jobs and more car info in the 2nd post.

Sep 16, 2004

Hugh Malone posted:


Video capture is such a great feature, I can't wait to try it. Do you do all that editing in PlayStation as well?

Yep, it's pretty simple. You can edit by 1 second, 5 seconds, 20 seconds+ intervals.

Hugh Malone posted:

Also want to say any race run with 'catch up' on is scrub tier.

If you fight your way from the back of the pack, it's not really you, it's ketchup.

If you get in the lead, the governor kicks in and here comes Pitt MacNeuverston, the dick who wiped out on the first corner.

Don't even get me started on slipstream, that is total bullshit.

Edit: I don't want to hear any of this 'yeah, but on some races' poo poo either. No. Ketchup and slipstream are never good and you are bad if you think so.

E2: if you win with ketchup on you're not really winning, you're just losing a little better than the other scrubs

I try to remember to turn that and catch up off for races I host. Unless it's a GTA race and you want maximum carnage (see Horse Factory) because slipstream is too overpowered. Slipstream would be good if you actually could draft with another player and actually pull away from the pack, but all it does is encourage rear-ending and pitting.

geeves fucked around with this message at Dec 1, 2014 around 18:32

Sep 16, 2004

Feenix posted:

Is there a way I can host my own race without others? (you know, select the track, etc?)

Bobtista posted:

Yeah in the pause menu under the online tab iirc, you can choose the job and start your own lobby then just start without inviting anyone else.

And if you want to run goon-made races, you can book mark from the social club site

I think you'll have to restart Online (maybe the game) for them to show up in your Bookmarked list.

Sep 16, 2004

Policenaut posted:

Bati and Akuma is like the age-old Adder and Entity debate. If I remember right, Bati has a better top speed but the Akuma has better acceleration. Either one works but they have their clear advantages against each other.

I love the Akuma. The Carbon RS is basically an Akuma you can't paint (may be a bit more useful for stunting). Has anyone used the newer bikes like the Thrust? Or is it just an overpriced disappointment?

Sep 16, 2004

Bobtista posted:

Custom plates have to be unique so I guess that's why. Once you set it it's locked to you and nobody else can have the same plate. This is a good or bad thing depending on how much you care about being *~**~*unique*~**~*

I somehow have different custom plates on singleplayer to online though, no idea how I managed to do that.

They can still check uniqueness if you were able to setup the plate on Social Club or in game.

In SP, Franklin is the only one I've seen with custom plates (FC1988 for his Buffalo, FC88 for the Western Bagger)

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Sep 16, 2004

Zip! posted:

Whilst we're creating an info post someone posted this earlier on which is probably useful RE: Guns

Pistols: AP pistol is the best. Heavy pistol is probably the best semi-auto.
SMGs: Sweeper is the best, Combat SMG as a backup. Get the Micro regardless for drive-by purposes, sometimes it's useful over the AP pistol.
Shotguns: Assault Shotgun, but buy the sawed-off too since you can use it from a motorcycle
ARs: Special Carbine or Bullpup rifle (they appear to be stat-identical) - special note to the regular Carbine Rifle, which does less damage per shot but is more accurate than either.
MGs: Combat MG
Snipers: Heavy Sniper
Heavy Weapon: whatever
Thrown: stickies

Added this to the OP (well the 2nd post). Expanded on it a bit as well. Still need to get to the car info.

Sep 16, 2004

Psion posted:

nobody's contradicted anything on the latest version so I think you're good to go. See this post.


Croccers posted:

On the next-gens can you still just buy the DLC pack assault rifles or are they rank locked to a degree?
Otherwise for new players, the work-horse weapon progression is Heaviest pistol you can get > The plain SMG for foot and micro for drive-bys > The AK. Beyond those levels the rest of the better weapons should start unlocking and it doesn't matter as much.
Shotguns are basically gimmicks until you get the Assault, that is a CQB/blindfire machine. Enemy hiding around the corner? If you have the extended mag just start shooting before you strafe out around the corner.

Yes. I mentioned that the Special Carbine (and bullpup) and (I'm pretty certain) the Marksman Rifle can be bought immediately. I need to getmy 2nd character (level 7) transferred to double check all of this. But I know the special carbine is definitely available and I bought the sweeper with my alt since I created it back in February.

Shotgun (non-assault) only deathmatches, last team standing, etc. can be very fun since it's more of close proximity thing and you can't pick someone off from too far away.

And with the Assault Shotgun you don't even have to show yourself around the corner, you can free-aim it without exposing your whole body.

Sep 16, 2004

Slim Killington posted:

Well I played a little PS3 GTA Online over the weekend in anticipation of buying the PS4 version, since I hadn't played since 2013. Got the PS4 version all installed and updated last night, went to character transfer aaaand... nothing. Blank level 0 character.

So I logged into my Social Club account to check, and my PS3 character is also now showing as non-existent. gently caress.

File an issue with R* Support.

Sep 16, 2004

Scyron posted:

I wish the GTAO community was dedicated enough to find out actual gun dmg amounts, with the various 0/100, 20/100, 40/100, 60/100, 80/100, and 100/100 health, vs headshot, with guns and at distances (relative with the purple marker)

I actually had to shoot a guy 3 times with the sniper rifle the other day, and the second shot I swear was a headshot, without a helmet. He stood still for the thirdshot, I think he knew he was done, or trying to use some snacks.

On many occasions, it's taken me multiple shots with the Heavy Sniper to take down another player and I've needed a 2nd when the first was presumably a headshot.

Sep 16, 2004


How do I join the LLJK crew? I filled out the form and sent a direct request, but no response. My PS4 ID is Nacho_Aficionado

Crew thread is linked in the OP

Sep 16, 2004

Psion posted:

yeah I think Kelly is on to something here. This is a good way to waste a few minutes every now and then.

~20k for going on a police rampage that you would other wise do in free roam for free? Yes, please.

titties posted:

I know this is from a couple pages back but I haven't had a computer for the last few days. Just wanted to add that the Ruiner is also competitive in the muscle car class and will easily overtake a Blade on the straights.

In the sports class, I'm not sure if the Jester has been competitive since the Massacro was released but it does have a mod that makes it bulletproof from the rear and it used to be one of the best in class. It's an excellent free-roam car and might still be a useable racer.

Blade doesn't have the best straight line speed in the class, but it's maneuverable in the turns esp. in tight corners and hairpins.

Sep 16, 2004

titties posted:

Whoever runs the @weazelnewsteam twitter should probably follow @beef_slabcock, the official twitter of celebrity news personality Buffy Wang.

Holy poo poo I'm still logged into that account 6 months later.

Edit: You still cannot take photos while on the train. The gently caress?

geeves fucked around with this message at Dec 3, 2014 around 22:37


Sep 16, 2004

There was an hour or so that rockstar would not save our game and I only think we got kicked once or twice tonight. The servers aside from that seemed to behave.

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