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Cool Ghost
Apr 13, 2012


Hello, I'm Cool Ghost. In this thread, I will be doing an LP of Final Fantasy VIII.

What is Final Fantasy VIII?

Final Fantasy VIII is a video game, originally released by Squaresoft for the PSX in 1999. This was also the first Final Fantasy game I finished (but FFVII was the first one I played). This was back in the days when Final Fantasy games came out semi-regularly, and it was on the heels of Final Fantasies IV, VI, and VII, at least in America, which tend to be favourites for a lot of people. This game is not a favourite for a lot of people. Personally, I don't mind it, but I also know that quite a bit of that is nostalgia.

This game is kind of weird, mechanically; if you don't know what you're doing, it's a slog, and if you do, it's really easy to break it. I'm not planning on doing a lot of that second one, for two reasons: A, it's boring; B, it's boring to see someone just cheese the game. That's the preamble done I guess.

Anyway, let's play a game, shall we?

Table of Contents

Part One: Magical Feathers and Metaphors
Part Two: School "Daze"
Part Three: Information Dump "Daze"
Part Four: Exploring Balamb Garden
Part Five: The Fire Cavern
Part Six: Test Prep
Part Seven: The SeeD Exam, Part 1
Part Eight: The SeeD Exam, Part 2
Part Nine: I Think I Can Still Get Three More Out of the SeeD Exam
Part Ten: Test Results
Part Eleven: Graduation
Part Twelve: Quistis's Bad Day
Part Thirteen: Fun With Chattin' and Readin'
Part Fourteen: Takin' the Train
Part Fifteen: Squall's Sexy Dream
Part Sixteen: The Owls
Part Seventeen: Really, This is the One I Should Have Called "Taking the Train"
Part Eighteen: The Occupied Town
Part Nineteen: Fifteen Minutes of Fame
Part Twenty: Regrouping
Part Twenty-One: Last Train to East Academy Station
Part Twenty-Two: Laguna's Guide to the Centra Underground Scene
Part Twenty-Three: Another Garden
Part Twenty-Four: The Mission
Part Twenty-Five: Into the Heart of Galbadia
Part Twenty-Six: Deling City Vacation Slides
Part Twenty-Seven: Caraway
Part Twenty-Eight: What Comes Naturally
Part Twenty-Nine: Sorceress Edea's Speechmaking Class
Part Thirty: The Shot
Part Thirty-One: Peaceful Living
Part Thirty-Two: Monster Hunter
Part Thirty-Three: In the Jailhouse Now
Part Thirty-Four: Zell Saves the Day
Part Thirty-Five: The Rescue
Part Thirty-Six: Jailbreak
Part Thirty-Seven: Shifting Gears
Part Thirty-Eight: Selphie Goes to War
Part Thirty-Nine: Going Home
Part Forty: Garden in Chaos
Part Forty-One: Going Down With the Ship
Part Forty-Two: Mobile
Part Forty-Three: The Garden Master
Part Forty-Four: World's Greatest Navigator
Part Forty-Five: New Horizons
Part Forty-Six: No More Drifting
Part Forty-Seven: Diplomats Horizon
Part Forty-Eight: Fishy Ho
Part Forty-Nine: Master Fisherman's FHistory
Part Fifty: How to Get Ahead in SeeD
Part Fifty-One: Just, Fuckin'...Thirty Goddamn Pianos
Part Fifty-Two: drumfan1988 posted: Where's the drum?
Part Fifty-Three: Casting Off
Part Fifty-Four: Going Nowhere
Part Fifty-Five: Dollet Dog
Part Fifty-Six: Sidequests!
Part Fifty-Seven: Cool Boss (NOT AN IDIOT)
Part Fifty-Eight: Nothing Removes Sleep.
Part Fifty-Nine: Back to Balamb
Part Sixty: Take Me to the Captain
Part Sixty-One: Garden Check-In
Part Sixty-Two: Up North
Part Sixty-Three: Grief
Part Sixty-Four: A Revelation
Part Sixty-Five: Trabia Garden, Supplemental
Part Sixty-Six: Part-Time Help
Part Sixty-Seven: Clash of the Gardens
Part Sixty-Eight: Desperate Times
Part Sixty-Nine: Assault on Galbadia Garden
Part Seventy: Confrontation
Part Seventy-One: Calm After the Storm
Part Seventy-Two: Work is a Four-Letter Word
Part Seventy-Three: Dragonslayer Laguna
Part Seventy-Four: Connection
Part Seventy-Five: Straw Grasper
Part Seventy-Six: White SeeD Ship of Dreams
Part Seventy-Seven: How Squall Ended Up Going to Esthar
Part Seventy-Eight: A Quick Check-In
Part Seventy-Nine: Horizon Bridge
Part Eighty: Salt Flat Epic
Part Eighty-One: Into the Sky Hole
Part Eighty-Two: Science Gulag
Part Eighty-Three: Laguna's Last Dance
Part Eighty-Four: Esthar
Part Eighty-Five: I'm Lost
Part Eighty-Six: Other Side of the Curtain
Part Eighty-Seven: Zell Leads the Way
Part Eighty-Eight: Lunatic Pandora
Part Eighty-Nine: SeeDs in Space
Part Ninety: Don't gently caress with the Moon
Part Ninety-One: Leap of Faith
Part Ninety-Two: Space Oddities
Part Ninety-Three: "Eyes on Me"
Part Ninety-Four: Landings and Take Offs
Part Ninety-Five: Back in Town
Part Ninety-Six: Squall's Sorceress Rescue
Part Ninety-Seven: Variations on a Scene (Oath by the Sea)
Part Ninety-Eight: Sorceress's K***ht
Part Ninety-Nine: The Statue and the Man
Part One Hundred: Train Man
Part One Hundred and One: Battleship Island
Part One Hundred and Two: Chocobo World Tour
Part One Hundred and Three: Weird Stuff
Part One Hundred and Four: Interstellar Hitcher
Part One Hundred and Five: Abolish the Card Monarchy
Part One Hundred and Six: The President of Esthar
Part One Hundred and Seven: The Ultimate Plan
Part One Hundred and Eight: Quistis's Quest
Part One Hundred and Nine: The Crystal Pillar
Part One Hundred and Ten: Revolutionary
Part One Hundred and Eleven: Rinoa Gets Junctioned
Part One Hundred and Twelve: The Ending World
Part One Hundred and Thirteen: Time-Compressed World
Part One Hundred and Fourteen: Under the Sea
Part One Hundred and Fifteen: Loose Ends
Part One Hundred and Sixteen: Das Schloss
Part One Hundred and Seventeen: Ultimecia's Art Dungeon
Part One Hundred and Eighteen: Fight! Fight!
Part One Hundred and Nineteen: The Final Battle
Part One Hundred and Twenty: End of Time

Bonus Updates
Balamb Garden Info Archives
SeeD Exam Outtakes
Incompetence at the Missile Base
Revisiting Deling City
Boco Saves the World: Chocobo World Side Quest (by MagusofStars)
A Comment on Fan Theories (Spoilers for the Whole Game Inside)

Cool Ghost fucked around with this message at 00:17 on Nov 22, 2017


Cool Ghost
Apr 13, 2012

Fan Art (Some light spoilers here)

inverts shows us who really thought Laguna was cute during the train dream.

Variant_Eris demonstrates the utility of Selphie's approach to problem-solving.

inverts illustrates Squall's plan for a surprise attack.

yokaiy presents a cautionary tale of gunblades.

After someone pointed out that Edea's parade synched up with the song "Thriller", Comrade Fakename linked this video:

Cavelcade presents a theory of why Adel's so ill-adjusted:

and Burger Flipper illustrates a great gift for her:

Burger Flipper also illustrated the effects of 10,000 Needles:

Battle Pigeon doctored up an image of Adel's magical specialty:

Burger Flipper summarises Laguna's role in developing the final mission plan:

and then continues on to reveal the true villain of the game:

FeyerbrandX on the topic of hot dogs:

FeyerbrandX posted:

If you bring something up in the first act, it better get eaten in the third.

And Daigerus illustrates one of the proposed names for DoomHouse:

(inspired by this post:)

Trick Question posted:

That's not Alexander, that's iron MikeTyson.

Cool Ghost fucked around with this message at 04:45 on Nov 22, 2017

Cool Ghost
Apr 13, 2012

Part One: Magical Feathers and Metaphors

This is the title screen. Let's start a new game.

Ah, some nice peaceful waves on a sandy beach. It's good times ahead, I can tell.

While we enjoy our beach vacation, here's some nice music:

I don't like it when the sea talks to me. :(

It's weird, that's why.

Hey, gently caress off, desert. Don't get passive aggressive with me.

The intro for this game is kind of...unfocussed.

Good question.

Good answer.

Suddenly, there are some flower petals blowing around.

These flower petals are not afraid to commit.

The girl in blue grabs one of the petals...

...And now it's a feather! This is how they fill pillows.

She watches it blow away again, because of metaphors. I mean, I think it's metaphors.

Then suddenly, it's dark!

The feather rises into the sky, and there's a flash of lightning.

Now the feather is a gun-sword!

You're gonna chip it like that.

:eng101: This, by the way, is a "gunblade". This is a lot of people's favourite part of FFVIII. The gunblade is universally loved, like Brian Mulroney.

This is a pendant. I'm here to tell you what things are, and I love my job.

You can tell by the keychain on the end that the gunblade belongs to the same man as the pendant.

Who is in the middle of fighting someone, but forgot to bring his sword and had to get it delivered by magic feather. Kids these days are never prepared.

The feather magic has not entirely worn off.

Oh, we're back with the magic girl.

Or, uh, not. Who's this? One day you'll know.

Game, come on, pick one person and stick with it.

The girl in blue is awfully worried about the older woman walking through a wall. I mean, I would be, too, but hey.

Alright, back to fighting.

Come on, guys, you're gonna chip the blades. You know better than that.

The blonde guy takes a second to look smug, and you can see that his gunblade is built on a Beretta.

Then it's back to the fencing match.

Cross cut to some place we don't know, with Mr. Smug and the wall-walker.

Now it's back to fighting.

"Oh, no, go back! That one looked good!"

"Yeah, that's good! Stay here!"

Seeing the other guy rushing him, Mr. Smug charges up his fireball spell.

It doesn't go well for feather-sword over here.

:eng101: In a sword fight, being knocked on your rear end is what's called a "bad play".

When I first played this game, I was surprised that the intro contained blood. Now, I know that it's just not common for Final Fantasy games.

Blondie is either very good at the sword thing or very terrible to have left just that wound.

You can tell this is a serious attack because the feathers are black this time.

We cut to the girl in blue, running out of the cloud of feathers.

As bird-blade looks on longingly.

And she falls towards him, like they're about to embrace.

Next time: we actually start the game!

Cool Ghost fucked around with this message at 21:28 on Sep 19, 2017

Oct 16, 2012

Awesome! I never played this one. Looking forward to learning more about it.

May 23, 2008

You really have a knack for LPing underwhelming FF games.

Interested to see how this one turns out, since the style looks to be a lot different from the last two, plus it'll be interesting to have a neutral take on the game.

Feb 17, 2011

I can't say no to an LP of FFVIII! And I have to agree with Mega64: The neutral take should be really interesting.

Cool Ghost
Apr 13, 2012

I'm glad to see people gettin' on board, and I hope we all have fun here. I'm planning on putting the second update up later today, so we have some real game content.

May 9, 2013

Say "Cheese!"
This should be a ride...

Extra Tasty
Aug 5, 2014

This was my first Final Fantasy game so I have a really embarrassing fondness for it despite its shortcomings. The plot really is...something, but I can't help but ironically love it.

Sep 13, 2011

:h::h: Love em! ;) :h::h:
What an emotional rollercoaster of an intro.

Bookmarked, Mr. Ghost.

Jun 25, 2011

Ways to circumvent the Compact #6: Find a dreaming god and affect his dreams so that they become reality. Hey, it's not like it's you who's affecting the world. Blame the other guy for irresponsibly falling asleep.
I don't actually know how this ends since I never finished this because I got frustrated by [spoilers]. Looking forward to this!

Apr 25, 2009

It was on this day that his greatest enemy defeated, the true lord of darkness arose. His name? MARIO.
Was there ever a completed LP of this? Don't remember the last few attempts making it far.

Cool Ghost
Apr 13, 2012

Part Two: School "Daze"

After the intro, we find ourselves looking at a hospital bed. The guy on the bed is the brown-haired guy from the intro, and he's also our hero. I guess he must have passed out after getting that cut on his face or something.

This change in scenery comes with a change in music:

How do you think he's feeling, Doc?

He's pretty lucky that Blondie didn't decapitate him back there.

Dr. Kadowaki: Looks like your eyes are focusing. You should be fine. Say your name for me.

We get the chance to name him, but I'm leaving it as the default because you don't get the chance to name all the characters and the "odd name out" gag gets tired pretty fast.

Wait, what? We were in training?

If they were training, why did they have real swords? Tell that to Seifer, guys.

I'm just gonna go ahead and say it right now: Seifer is the head of the disciplinary committee around this place.

Dr. Kadowaki: Why don't you ignore him?

That seems like less of an option when he's about to cut your head open.

Ah, nah, it's "I mustn't," hoss.

Too fuckin' late for that now, isn't it?

Dr. Kadowaki: Let's see, your instructor is... Quistis! I'll call her now. Just wait here a minute.

What's she got to do with this?

Squall immediately starts napping, because that's a good plan with a head wound.

Why does she need to come get him?

Dr. Kadowaki: Yes, yes... His injury's not serious. It'll probably leave a scar. ......Right. Now please come by.

We cut to this angle, where you can see the drapes blow in the wind if you're playing the game.

Oh, hey, what's up?

Ah, leaving? Yeah, that's cool too. Good talk.

Now we get an FMV as a blonde woman comes into the infirmary.

She's not impressed by Squall's relaxed ways.

Oh, they told you which of your students tried to hack each other up this morning?


At this point, we have to actually move the character. I guess you could just stand around like an rear end in a top hat, but what would be the point?

Maybe a concussion, but nothing serious.

Quistis, a responsible teacher, picks her student up from the infirmary and immediately starts making fun of him.

She's laughing at your disfigurement, because she is a professional.

Well, that's good for you.

: I'm more complex than you think.
: Then tell me. Tell me more about yourself.

"I like long talks with the beach and I don't understand what 'training' means."

Quistis again finishes Squall's sentence and starts laughing at him.

The scene transitions into an FMV here, but even after playing this multiple times, I always, always gently caress up when the camera angle changes and walk directly into the wall.

We get some nice establishing shots of this place, which is called Balamb Garden. It's where Squall lives and studies.

I hate when I have to go to class right after some douche tries to chop my head off.

Whoa, let's start with sitting down, teach.

: Yes, the field exam for SeeD candidates will begin later this afternoon. Those not participating and those who failed last week's written test are to remain here in study hall. Field exam participants will have free time until the exam. Just be sure you're in top condition. Meet in hall at 1600 hours. I'll announce the team assignments there. Any questions?

And there we go, our setup for this first bit of the game.

Seifer, who almost killed another student this morning, is just chillin' in class.

: Do NOT injure your partner while training. Be careful from now on.

He's pretty indignant about this.

: Field exam participants, I will see you all later. And Squall, I need to talk to you.

"That FMV interrupted me making fun of you. I wasn't done."

After the info dump, we're back in control!

gently caress you Quistis, I'm gonna stand in the corner.

Before we talk to Quistis, let's gently caress around on the internet.

There's a bit of nice background info on the computer here, but I'll probably cover it next update.

Now we have two GF :toot:. GF stands for "Gameplay Feature" and they're important. I'll explain it when it comes up.

You're even allowed to name them! There are 9 spaces for letters, which is just enough space to butcher "Quetzalcoatl".

Like I said, there's other poo poo on the computer, but let's leave that and go talk to Quistis.

Wait, no, let's talk to her weird groupies.

These guys are called the "Trepies" and they creep me out.

Get outta here, you skeeves.

Lotta people say a lotta things.

Lady, I just started the game last update. Cut me some slack.

: You won't be able to take part in today's SeeD exam if you don't pass this prerequisite.

"...Said he had some really good weed."

: Hm? Do you have a good excuse?
: ...Not really.

Some people would say "Seifer tried to kill me" is a good excuse, but I feel like he probably didn't find out about the Fire Cavern thing yesterday.

: Then let's get going. I'll be waiting at the front gate, so come down when you're ready.

I guess we don't really have free time. :( Don't be such a slacker next time, Squall.

Before we go, we can talk to these guys again. It's very fulfilling, spiritually.

This guy snaps his fingers and stomps his foot like a goof.

Don't let the door hit ya in the rear end, Trepies.

Fuckin' creeps.

Next time: probably not the Fire Cavern.

Cool Ghost fucked around with this message at 16:24 on Nov 23, 2014

Sep 23, 2012

Does this look like the face of mercy, kupo?
I love this game so much. Please play infinity triple triad.

Cool Ghost
Apr 13, 2012


Bluish posted:

What an emotional rollercoaster of an intro.

Bookmarked, Mr. Ghost.

Good to have ya here, you corporate shill.

Cool Ghost
Apr 13, 2012


Giovanni_Sinclair posted:

Was there ever a completed LP of this? Don't remember the last few attempts making it far.

There have actually been two completed LPs of this game, but both have been removed from the LP Archive.

Also, as far as GF naming goes: you have until noon MST (UTC-6) on Monday to vote for GF names!

Boardroom Jimmy
Aug 20, 2006

Ahhh ballet
Good to see someone taking this up. Despite all the game's flaws, I still enjoy it for what it is. Definitely gonna keep an eye on this one. And it took me way too long to figure out that the white patch on Squall's head in the infirmary was meant to be a bandage wrapped around his face. I always thought it was some graphical glitch and I felt stupid when I realized what it was.

May 16, 2009

Fucking blocks... I'm gonna climb the shit outta you!
I guess I'll try to stay out of this thread, because all I seem to be able to do with FF8 is white knight its story.

Still, I have some good nostalgia for this, it was fun even while the story took a couple of major mis-steps.

Jan 20, 2011

Let's butcher Quetzalcoatl further by naming him QuesoCola. Two delicious things that sound gross together.

Shiva? With ice magic, it's more like Shiver, am I right?

Dec 1, 2013

Because change
Lets see...

Quetzalcoatl should be LizardThor

Shiva should be IcyNips

Dec 9, 2008
name them butt and rear end

Fister Roboto
Feb 21, 2008

I always wonder why they decided to ditch Ramuh as the lightning summon in this game. And they did it again in 10, and again in 13. 12 doesn't count because all the summons were different in that one.

Anyway, Shiva should stay as Shiva, but the lightning bird should get a more suitable name for his mesoamerican origins: Zapotec

Apr 2, 2011
It is really unfair that there's no Ramuh in this game. I always named Quezzie Ramuh because I am a nerdlord.

Surprise Pizza
Mar 21, 2010
Last time I played this, I called Quetzalcoatl Queasy, because that's how thinking about this game's story (or characters, or mechanics) makes me feel.

Antipersonnel Mime
Feb 27, 2011
I always thought it was funny to call Shiva The Ex.

Oh, and +1 for QuesoCola.

Sep 23, 2012

Does this look like the face of mercy, kupo?
Zapdos is the most maimed I can think of, Shiva stays Shiva.

Aug 18, 2014
Ah, FFVIII. Old friend. :sympathy:

I don't care what they say I'm in love with you They try to pull me away But they don't know the truth

I look forward to seeing your take on some of the more controversial parts of this game. I adored the game before things like message boards full of opinions could get in the way of my enjoyment, and sometimes I feel kind of alone in my love for it. It has flaws but it's a worthy entry in the pre-crisis FF series.

Oh and default names. Default for days. /filthy purist

Nerthus fucked around with this message at 06:43 on Nov 23, 2014

May 28, 2012
I don't totally remember the plot of this game, but it may be because I compressed the memory. I look forward to seeing the trainwreck unfold once more.

That being said, the fondest memories I have of this game involve its kickin' soundtrack. Perhaps we can get some music links to accompany the LP?

Also: +1 to QuesoCola.

Aug 23, 2007

It's okay if you have any questions.

Amputraitor posted:

That being said, the fondest memories I have of this game involve its kickin' soundtrack. Perhaps we can get some music links to accompany the LP?

Gonna second this. The music is the one thing in this game that's unambiguously good.

I'm going to vote for default names for all the GFs. I'm dull that way.

Cool Ghost
Apr 13, 2012

For those who were concerned, I've gone back and added tindeck links to the updates.

May 23, 2008

Let's compromise and go with BeardBird.

Oct 16, 2012

Since I'm still relatively new, why were the old FFVIII LPs pulled off the archive?

Weird BIAS
Jul 4, 2007

so... guess that's it, huh? just... don't say i didn't warn you.
One was pulled by Leovinus for being homophobic and not as funny as it was back in the day, the other one was because Azure Horizon did lovely things to people irl and got banned from SA for being a creep.

Jun 23, 2013

Cool Ghost posted:

We get the chance to name him, but I'm leaving it as the default because you don't get the chance to name all the characters and the "odd name out" gag gets tired pretty fast.
Does this mean we can't name Riona, "a goat"? 😪

Another +1 for "QuesoCola" and "ShugaTits", for Shiva.

Jan 20, 2011

Weavered posted:

Does this mean we can't name Riona, "a goat"? 😪

Another +1 for "QuesoCola" and "ShugaTits", for Shiva.

Did you just use an emoji? :stare: I know Firefox supports them, but this is the first one I've seen on SA.

Sep 13, 2011

:h::h: Love em! ;) :h::h:
I vote QuesoCola and IcyNips because I'm a child.

Also p. sure the real shill is a certain person that gave me the avatar in the first place :|

Cool Ghost
Apr 13, 2012

Alright, it's after noon and I've counted the votes and it looks like the winner is QuesoCola for the Q man and IcyNips for Shiva.

Patter Song
Mar 26, 2010

Hereby it is manifest that during the time men live without a common power to keep them all in awe, they are in that condition which is called war; and such a war as is of every man against every man.
Fun Shoe
Will this be a 100%ish run? I've been planning to start playing this game in December and I want a good, goony walkthrough to play alongside.

Jan 6, 2013

vriska (vriska)
I am gutted that "Frostitute" is one character too long to fit.

I actually like this game despite its flaws. It has some interesting ideas!


Aug 23, 2007

It's okay if you have any questions.

MarquiseMindfang posted:

I am gutted that "Frostitute" is one character too long to fit.

Frosthoar would've fit.

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