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Nov 4, 2013

GMT Games posted:

Virgin Queen: Wars of Religion 1559-1598 is a game of grand strategy for two to six players based on the military, political and religious conflicts within Europe during the reigns of Elizabeth I of England and Philip II of Spain. Each player controls one or more of the major powers that presided over European politics in that day. Spain is the juggernaut, able to draw upon the vast riches of their global empire. But such a dominant power is sure to have many enemies. The Ottoman expansion towards Spainís Mediterranean outposts remains unchecked. Elizabethís English sea dogs are poised to raid Spainís overseas empire. And the forces of Protestant reform will soon drag Spain into eighty years of rebellion in the Netherlands. Will Spain find aid from its Catholic allies? Perhaps not from France, where the Catholic Valois dynasty is soon to engage another group of Protestant believers in the bloody French Wars of Religion. And even Philipís relatives in Vienna who rule the Holy Roman Empire may dabble in the Protestant faith instead of remaining loyal to their Catholic heritage and Spanish brethren.

I'm looking for players with PMs, due to the secret diplomacy rules. We'll be playing the Campaign Scenario, and I'll be using the VASSAL module to keep track of everything, as well as Dropbox for Player Hands/Board Images.

Scenario Book
PDF Card Manifest
Online Card Manifest

If you would like to play, please bold your preferred Power, or "Random" if you have no preference. Knowledge of the rules is not necessary, but helpful, as well as familiarity with Here I Stand. blackmongoose and StashAugustine missed the first game, so they have priority; otherwise slots will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Updates will come at 10 PM EST every 24 hours. If orders are posted before 10 AM EST, I may update at that time, depending on the need to wait for reactions. You may PM me with orders to play a Response card at a particular time. PM me with any rules questions you may have, or catch me in #boardgoons on synIRC. Comments from spectators are welcome, including those berating me for making bone-headed rules mistakes. Good Luck!


Nov 4, 2013

Player Power Cards
Diplomatic Influence
Protestant Spaces and Diplomatic Status
Wedding Table and VPs

Please refer to the charts in the back of the scenario book for a list of Royals, Sea Captains, and Science Bonuses.

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Nov 4, 2013

Some advice for new players:

-Peruse the card list, looking for cards that can help or hinder you, especially those that can give you VPs. Of particular note is #17 Army Mutiny, an extremely nasty card that can destroy an entire army by itself.

-Most of your VPs will come from peaceful pursuits (e.g. Marriage, Patronage, and Piracy), but don't neglect your armies or be afraid to go to war. France and the HRE, especially, can get a lot of VPs from these sources.

-Cards that give more cards are almost always played for the event. You'll also want to save as many cards as you can, until you're ready to go for the win.

-If you're planning to go to war, don't neglect your Lines of Communication (LoC)! You need a LoC to assault a space, and if an army does not have a friendly space to retreat to, they are eliminated.

-Unrest on keys blocks them from generating VPs and cards, so keep your keys fortified. Keeping troops nearby to remove the unrest quickly also works.

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Mar 31, 2011


Not Protestant

Mar 24, 2013

Do not trust in hope- it will betray you! Only faith and hatred sustain.

HRE, Spain, or England

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