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Oct 2, 2010

Welcome to The Game Room! This is your one-stop shop for all your SA forums gaming needs.

Play by Post Guidelines
Please follow these as close as possible.

1) Read the Traditional Games Rules. All these rules hold in Play by Post.

2) If you're not a participant in a game, do not post in that game's thread unless otherwise indicated by the gamemaster! Some GMs are fine with you posting about the game in the related recruiting thread, but you should check with them beforehand. You can always commentate in the Peanut Gallery thread though.

3) Please use the thread tag for all Recruitment posts. (If you hosed this up, PM me and I will change it.)

4) If you will be unable to make regular posts/ updates in a game, please make sure it's okay with the game's GM before joining.

5) If you won't be able to post for a few days, tell your GM or players and post in the MIA Thread.

6) I am here as a resource for GMs and players alike. f you are having a problem in the game, take it up with the players or the GM as needed. If someone who should not be posting in your game is, report it to me and I will take care of it. If a player is being disruptive, tell them to leave the game. If they don't, report it to me and I will play the heavy if needs be. Otherwise, please don't report players in the game for someone doing something you don't like within the scope of the rules or even outside the scope if you think they are cheating. The GM/DM/Whatever is the one running the game and the one enforcing the rules, I am the one enforcing their ability to control who is allowed to post and not. Try to settle it amongst yourselves.

7) If you want to for a game, that's fine. If someone fails to fulfill their end of things, report it to me and I will execute the back end of the as needs be.


Oct 2, 2010

Winson_Paine posted:

Play by Post FAQ by Red_Mage

How to Play by Post

Want to play D&D but can't find a group? Want to try out a new RPG system before selling your friends on it? Are you an angry recluse who likes GURPS but has no friends? If any of these sound like you, play-by-post might be just what the doctor ordered.

How does play-by-post work?
In a normal tabletop game amongst friends, one person is the Game Master and he lays out an adventure for the players. Players state their actions in response to the GM and roll dice to determine success. Sometimes, the GM will roll behind a screen for things that happen that the players are not aware of, and announce the results.

In a pbp game, the GM usually does all of the rolling, for players and for behind-the-scenes stuff. The players post their actions and the GM determines success or failure and posts the results. The net result is a game that takes much longer to complete but is much richer in description and often features a more complicated story.

How do I join a game?
A Gamemaster will post a recruitment thread, you can click here to sort for just these in TG:PbP. You may also find new recruitment threads in the new Recruitment Megathread. They will usually contain some details on the game world and what the players will be doing. The recruitment thread will tell what the game system is and what the character creation rules are. Most of the better GMs here in TG will ask for a backstory to go along with your character sheet, the more detailed the better.

After a time, the GM will announce which characters will be in the game. Most games take between four and seven characters. At that point, the GM will make a new thread for the game itself.

Mafia games are mostly recruited through the Mafia Recruitment/New Game Announcement thread and usually accept more players than RPGs.

Thanks Red_Mage!

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