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May 19, 2014

So, okay...Let me describe my system.

Dell Inspiron 3847 (AKA the Dell 660) desktop running Win 8.1 with 8 GB RAM. Just got it for an early birthday present - I have an older laptop (from 2012) I use for travel.

Currently has an Intel i5-4460 CPU running at 3.2 Ghz with 4 cores. Also has an Intel HD Graphics 4600 GPU, and when me and dad opened up the case when we first got it to check if the RAM could be upgraded (not really, not without wasting perfectly good 4GB RAM chips), we noticed there appears to be an empty expansion slot for a discrete GPU that doesn't suck.

Generally, this desktop is getting used for gaming, Internet, and light office stuff. By gaming I *generally* mean Paradox titles and that sort of thing, but occasionally I'll play Splinter Cell or Hitman.

Trying to prioritize upgrades, given a limited budget and only occasional help installing hardware from parents (because my physical dexterity is blah and I can't really do it myself).

Monitor is a Sylvania TV/monitor thing - we had one sitting around, it does the job. I run at 1360x768 currently, in theory this thing should support 1280 TV but does not support the resolution in the PC mode.

So...What should I upgrade first, and any recommendations on what to consider upgrading to in the next few months?


Sep 18, 2004

Get a new video card:

Down the road, a new monitor would be nice.

Then go here:

and here:

Grab this:

and this:

There you go, now you can start learning how to turn your computer into a moneymaking tool. Neat!

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Dirty Beluga
Apr 17, 2007

Buy the ticket, take the ride

Fun Shoe

Honestly, not much you are going to be able to upgrade on a machine like that. Those type of Dells are made to be used as is with a few things changed out here and there... not really gonna be able to turn this into a 1337 gaming rig.

Video card upgrade would be the first thing, but make sure your power supply will cooperate. Some of the Insperon / Optiplex's use a proprietary power connector and you can't use anything but the one that comes with it. a decent graphics card will need it's own power cable from the power supply, you might not have one.

I'd try using it for what you want to do and then upgrade based on that. I know 'onboard sux' but Intel HD Graphics are not that bad for light gaming.

maybe look into putting a SSD into it? You'd be better off getting a different computer before mucking around with CPU upgrades and all that.

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