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Jan 29, 2012

Really Madcats

Since we are now travelling, I have started a Map over on the World Building sheet.

This will only record journeys that have been taken and terrain visited or implied in those journeys.

This map is important because a properly simulated world is consistent, hence the map is important for muh immerssion.


Feb 27, 2012


Considering someone is making a map, Grey hunter, can you please tell us the direction people travel in in future updates.

EDIT: If it's necessary, I've made a direction traveled table in the far right of the journey section of Quest tables.

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Jan 7, 2010


Combat Matrix filled. Might need balancing. I set the table to slightly favors defense.

Abyssal Squid
Jul 23, 2003

I have no idea what's going on or what's just happened, but I did add Humpty Dance and Truffle Shuffle related subtables because they seemed appropriate (also Humpty Dance and Truffle Shuffle as dance moves).

Grey Hunter
Oct 17, 2007

Your friendly croctopus overlord LP'er

Combat Matrix Roll
= Both sides charge into legal battle. Proceedings take so long, each side forgets its original goal, and both agree to call off the whole thing!

Ahh, the bureaucracy of the Space Marines is legendary - when it becomes clear that neither side has properly filled in subsection C of form 1192/d/01f#, neither side can be bothered to submit the forms in triplicate and wait the requisite six months for them to come back. the combat it written up as a “misunderstanding” and not filed under Article 9.

The Danceoff party resumes their journey and arrives at Fort Stayin’ Alive. There the defending soldiers have just finished the daily burn-off of fungal spores. The landscape around them is surrounded by tree sized mushrooms that sprout mushrooms of their own. the ground is not covered in grass but in a thick layer of multi colored fungal growth. People wrap cloths around their mouths to prevent inhaling any of the 20 different deadly spores.

Dolan and his forces are already here, Kirbu can be seen flexing his formless body in preparation, 2655 Tesla also prepares.

The contest begins, and the Disco Ball of Fate is lowered into the room. Both sides cheer for their Dancemaster, and the Danceoff begins!

(Danceoff Target = 13)

2655 Tesla steps up first and begins to shake its honeymaker. (Danceoff round 1 =2) He launches right into the Truffle Shuffle! - A risky manuver (url=]score +extra[/url]) Which impresses the Judges somewhat and 2566 Tesla notices a Candy Bar on the floor! it quickly retrieves the Heath and pockets it for later!

Kirbu responds. (1d4+5 = 7) - He does not mess around and goes right in with the electric slide! (round penalty+points[.url]) - bolts of power arc into 2655 Tesla and disrupts its grove. The Neutral ([url=]Judge Race) Uplifted Rats on the judging panel squeak appreciatively.

#End of Round 1
2655 Tesla - 1 point, shocked for 4 rounds, Heath Bar.
Kirbu - 2 points.

The second round begins.
2655 Tesla tries to continue dancing amongst the arcing bolts of the electro slide - (Dance Round 2 at -2) - but the flashing lights and pain are too much for it, and it it beings to have a seizure (-4 points!)

Kirbu does not stop though, and starts phase 2 of his dance routine! It is time for the dreaded Disco Inferno! - 2655 Tesla goes up like Guy Fawkes and its screaming is only drowened out by the squaking-chants of the judges.

End of Round 2
2655 Tesla - -3 points, shocked for 3 rounds, On fire, rapidly melting Heath Bar.
Kirbu - 6 points.

Micheal Gauss and Worf Panic - they know that the Dance-off is lost as 2655 Tesla tries to fight through the pain, but can only think of the moves to Gangnam style (only result he can rolls now!) -
(Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!)

[b]In the midst of defeat, a squirrel charges into the dance floor carrying a jar of brain. "Chip, chip, chip!" It says. Then hands 2655 the backup brain of Michael Jackson![b]
With such an item of power in his hands, the whole scene changes in a moment! the fire burns off in a second and the bolts of electricity arc off in the most visually pleasing manner possible. 2655 Tesla suddenly stands before the crowd decked out in a rhinestone suit with matching hat and 5 gloves all worn down one side of the body.

The Danceoff continues, but as soon as 2655 Tesla begins to moonwalk like only a ten legged bee can moonwalk, it is obvious it is all over. As more squirrels pour from the sides to help him with a perfect rendition of “Thriller”, Kirbu begins to lose shape and collapses into a pool of goop just in time for 2655 Tesla to begin “Kirbu are you okay?”

The [Location Enviroment] Citians begin to cheer, but Dolan is furious! This is blatant cheating! and worse, it is Necromancy and Celebriomancy!

Another desicion table is needed, how will Dolan react to this chain of events?

Jan 7, 2010


Yesss! Michel Jackson's brain become the Deus ex machina and squirrel thriller dance!

Edit: Few hours after I finished filling 4 tables and now we have 9 tables.

Nyaa fucked around with this message at Dec 21, 2014 around 21:53

Oct 10, 2005

This thread needs to keep going long enough to attract fan-artists.

Jan 29, 2012

Really Madcats

AmiYumi posted:

This thread needs to keep going long enough to attract fan-artists.

I intend to draw some bees?

Captain Foo
May 11, 2004

the cyberpunk dystopia is now
you are not the runner

Clever Betty

I just found this thread and I have no idea what I'm reading but boy howdy is it entertaining

Grey Hunter
Oct 17, 2007

Your friendly croctopus overlord LP'er

Dolan is Furious. He (Decision 3) sends his Rubyion’s to mug the brain of Michal Jackson!

All hell breaks loose as 2655 Tesla prepares to defend himself against 1d4) 4 Rubyions! .
(Combat Table) - Combat lasts 2 round. Attacker gets--2 penalty.
(Rubyion’s levels)


8 = -4 Combat penalty.

12 = -1 Combat bonus - (Bonus/Penalty chart)(Split + rolls) 2 Physical bonuses, 3 Physical penalties - Incredibly, insanely flexible, Can spit with deadly force. Has hair in awkward places x2, Nearsighted.

12 = -1 Combat bonus - (Bonus/Penalty chart) (Bonuses/Penalties)- 2 survival bonuses, 3 Physical Penalties. Can eat dead things safely. Knows how to hide his presence. Deaf in the other ear, Unwieldily long hair or other useless feature. Needs frequent transfusions of bodily fluids.

13 = no Combat bonus(url=[/url]) - 4 Physical Bonuses (Bonuses) - Charming, Fast runner, 4 extra limbs, HUGE

No combatants yet have hitpoints

Not sure what Survival or physical scores are. Just going to go for level+3d6
(All the HP)
2655 Tesla = 23
Rubyion 1 = 21
Rubyion 2 = 24
Rubyion 3 = 21
Rubyion 4 = 20


2655 Tesla - (+14 (level), +1 Night vision) = 32
(Rubyion init rolls)
Rubyion 4 = 28 (+5 fast runner)
Rubyion 2 = 23 (-5 Nearsighted)
Rubyion 3 = 17 (-1 deaf in one ear)
Rubyion 1 = 9

Round 1 ---- FIGHT!

(2655 Tesla’s Stratergy) - 2655 Tesla moves first, and decides to Buff up! - (Success check +3 for screaming.) + 4 to attack rolls for next 6 rounds.
The fastest of the Rubyion’s moves next, deciding to Snipe from a distance, he Hits doing 3 points of damage

Next the nearsighted Rubyion makes aRanged attack, hits, doing 10 points of damage.

The slightly deaf Rubyion choses to launch a flurry of punches Being a limbless ruby, it realises this cannot do anything!

The slowest Rubyion’ course of action is to CHAAAAAAAAAAAARGE!. He misses, slamming into a wall like a Batman villan, doing 4 points of damage to himself!

Round 2 ---- FIGHT!

2655 Tesla, now properly buff, attempts to Mentally command Rubyion 3 - he is able to pull it off, and the Rubyion switches sides.

Rubyion 4 continues to attack 2655 Tesla. continueing to Snipe from a distance, he misses

Rubyion 2 begins the Dance of death - He pulls it off perfectly - (4 Leathal mental Damage rolls!) - Tesla 2566 is not ready for this, and his mind snaps like a twig - even Micheal Jacksons secondary brain is impressed by this skilled display of dancing!

Rubyion 3 attacks Rubyion 4 by Launching fireballs at it! the great balls of fire hit, causing 11 points of damage(Fire effect), roll again The fire just kind of peters out without doing anything interesting… but the Rubyion is disoriented and hits one of his own allies next turn!

He is of no interest now, as both Champions in the dance off have fallen![/i]

The Delegation from [Location Environment] city begin to scream murder, while Dolan’s forces are still imploring the judges to disqualify the now brain dead dancer for illegal use of a celebrity and backup dancers.

Things are beginning to look ugly!

We are going to need an escalation table now, to find out who wins. We could also use a table to decide if Rubyion 2 can advance to GMPC status!
I’m going to say both sides have other GMPC’s in the wings, and they will be generated when called upon. Will the Judges return order to the dance floor? Is this the start of general warfare? or will something totally random happen? only the dice (and your tables) can decide!

May 6, 2008

Spare batteries are pretty key.

Fun Shoe

Well, we've got an NPC Advancement Table 1a now under GMPCs.

Lustful Man Hugs
Jul 18, 2010

Do we have an escalation table set up?

Grey Hunter
Oct 17, 2007

Your friendly croctopus overlord LP'er

Yeah, I've just been a bit busy over the festive period. I've not forgotten this though!

Grey Hunter
Oct 17, 2007

Your friendly croctopus overlord LP'er

Things Escalate!. Both sides declare war on each other, and their leaders decide to duke it out right here, right now. Initiate combat; keep on going until one side is dead!

Dolan and Micheal Gauss launch eat each others throats!


Dolan - Level 16[/b] Shadow Eater Assassin.
Physical Bonuses = 1
Mental Bonuses = 4
Survival Bonuses = 4
Combat Bonuses = 1
Tech Penalties = 6
All the rolls

Good At:
Can make poison from anything
Astral Projection
The Force
Some degree of mind control
Expert counterfeiter
Knows how to hide his presence
Can hibernate for hundreds of years.
Won't die until the battle is over.

Terrible At:
Dislikes this modern world
Likes everything on Facebook x 2
Enemy of the Nanobots
Refuses to use anything but the latest model.
Bad at video games
Has cybernetic implants that malfunction 5% of the time. Roll on Sub-Table B to find out which organ it replaces - Appendix

HP = 20

Dolan is a Shadow Assasin. Huge and well developed in the matters of the force and mind control, he is the master of attacking from the shadows and the surprise attack. He has a love/hate relationship with technology.


Micheal Gauss - Level 8 Hivemind Bug Origami Black Belt
Combat Bonuses = 9!!!!
Survival Penalties = 3
Tech Penalties = 4
All the rolls

Good At
Using opponent as human club
Killing Body Odour
Bonus to using laser weapons
Won't die until the battle is over. x2
Projectile vomiting
Bonus against multiple opponents
Good at hitting people in the nuts
Dodge melee attacks

Terrible At
Conventional uses for paper
Eats meat raw
Stuffy nose
Gets panic attacks when cut off from civilization.
Infected with a computer virus.
Can't drive anything with wheels
Penalty on disarming traps
Refuses to use anything but the latest model.

HP =24

Micheal Gauss rose to fame as a master paper folder, but his many combat abilities cemented his fame and allowed him to become leader of [Location Environment] City. He is pretty useless when he does not have an army of servants and fans around him.

Round 1! FIGHT!
Dolan = 36
Micheal Gauss = 13

Moving with all the speed and grace of a Shadow Assassin, Dolan reacts first, he decides to make a Verbal assault on Gauss - he pulls his logbook from his pocket, logs onto Facebook and dislikes a post by Guass! This shocking display shocks the Hivemind leader. (-6 for 4 rounds!)

Gauss responds with a CHAAAAAAAAAAAARGE! - he Hits, doing (/Damage dice) 8 points of damage - He and Dolan are carried across the Dance floor and into a far wall.

Dolan = 12/20 HP
Micheal Gauss = 24/24 HP

Round 2! FIGHT!

As he slams into Dolan, he Brings his Sparkblade down - it cuts into Gauss for 10 points of damage. Icor begins to spray.

Guass is forced to fight defensively against this attack, This causes Dolan to miss his next attack! and is -2 for his next two combat rolls as he tries to penitrate Gauss’s numerous feints and parries.

Dolan = 12/20 HP
Micheal Gauss = 14/24 HP

Round 3! FIGHT!

Flipping back from Dolan, Gauss Peforms a ranged attack with his laser pistol - something he is skilled at! He scrapes a hit and does a massive 12 damage! - The bolt looks like its going to miss for a second, then slams into the head of Dolan, who becks backwards in a shadowy gout of blood.

Hitting the floor, the Rubyions flood around their fallen leader and spirit the body away. But what of the Rubyion that killed 2655 Tesla? it does nothing.

The Great Mugging Crisis is over, but many ask, Dolon is renowned for not dying before the battle is over, and is the battle truly over?

There is no time to wonder though, as 1 month later news arrives of TWO new crises!

In the (Compass Direction) North news comes of (Evil Plot Rolling em twice!) - A vast international conspiracy to see the future! While from the West there are rumblings of (Plot 2) someone is meddling with a plan to go about Poking Cthulhu!

What should the reactions to these two plots be? Can they respond to both?

Jan 7, 2010


The fight are so cinematic!

Cardinal Ximenez
Oct 25, 2008

"You could call it heroic responsibility, maybe," Harry Potter said. "Not like the usual sort. It means that whatever happens, no matter what, it's always your fault."

This is an awesome concept.

While I have been working on the standard tables (esp. Decisions 3, 4, and World Building Section 12), I'd like to contribute two not as useful bits: a character idea table actually used for a local Fallout-based campaign set in Florida, and my immediate inspiration upon seeing this game, a Dwarven Grumpiness table.

Grey Hunter
Oct 17, 2007

Your friendly croctopus overlord LP'er

A decision is made to enter a rock-paper-scissors double elimination tournament to win a grand prize of 1,000,000 [Currency].

What does this have to do with the looming threats? Nothing! Its a sad state of affairs, but both the treats are far away, and the people of [Location Environment] city are close. They string of muggings has left many a Fleshlight and Shoemaker Elf unable to pay their taxes! The squirrels, being horders, are of course unaffect. This has only lead to an increase in Elf and Fleshlight on Squirrel violence. The Government needs an injection of cash to keep it solvent!

Micheal Gauss calls for the greatest Rock-Paper-Scissors player…. A shadow eater called DOLAN!!!
(dun-Dun-DUN!!!!) - people gasp, is this the same dolan? with gaseous forms like the Shadow Eaters, there is no way to be sure. Rumours being to circulate, from Clones to brainwashing, to hidden deals. No one is sure!


(Character Gen rolls])
Actually Is Dolan - Level 19 Shadow eater Technofetishist
39 HP

(Bonus/penalty numbers)
Tech Bonuses = 15
Physical Penalties = 2
Mental Penalties = 3
Survival Penalties = 4
(All dem rolls)

Good at -
Sex with robots
Is a cyborg. Can repair themselves.
Identify and use unknown electrical object
Can use a lawnmower x2
Identify and use unknown mechanical object
Repairs energy weapons with ease x2
Skilled in operating medical technology x3
Good at video games
Has a jetpack and isn't afraid to use it
Friend of the Nanobots
Understands basic scientific methods
High chance of carrying just the right spare part

Terrible at -
dealing with other living creatures
Morbidly obese
Deaf in one ear
No confidence whatsoever
Porn addict
Thinks they are immune to a result from Carbon
Hates trees
Hated by Animals (Humans)
Gets panic attacks when cut off from civilization.
Is a fan of Bear Grylls

Guass addresses the frightened population.

“People of [Location Environment] City! Be not afraid. This is infact the remains of Dolan! The Rubyons were happy to hand over his body in exchange for a armistice. We have the Technology, so we have rebuilt him!”

Stunned Silence - its pretty impressive how they have managed to graft cybernetic implants onto a ball of gas…..

“Do no worry, he is not the monster you once knew. we have worked technomagic to instill a fierce loyalty into him! he will now represent us in the grand Rock Paper Scissors Championship!

Day of the competition dawns. and the much larger remains of Dolan takes it seat at the first round.

I don’t think tables would help us here, so I’m just going to rolling a D3 for both sides - 1 = rock 2= Paper 3=Scissors. I’ll roll 5 times to give best of three. There will be five rounds Then we can get back to more important decisions!

(Round 1), and Dolan is facing a Fleshlight, he goes scissors against paper, then paper against scissors. 1 each. next up Dolan uses a rock to smash his opponents scissors then again is hit in the reversal! The deciding round is started with double scissors.
With the next win taking the round, Dolan pulls out paper and wraps the rock!

(Round 2) - This time, facing another Shadow Eater. Double scissors starts, then Dolan cuts the paper. He does it again before double rocking. His opponent sweats as much as a ball of gas can sweat before falling for the same ploy!

(Round 3) And a half human matchs up to a quivering Dolan. Double paper is followed by the Human cutting Dolan. Double Paper and Double Scissors follow, then Dolan allows himself to be wrapped! 2-0 down! Then he smashes his opponent’s scissors. This is a short recovery thought as the Rock is once more wrapped.

(Round 4) - This is double elimination, so he’s not out yet! A Rubyon is his next opponent, who gets cut right away. Double paper is followed by Dolan getting cut. he then wraps his opponent who cuts him back. Down to the final point, Dolan goes for good old, dependable rock and is wrapped up and out of the competition when the Rubyion goes paper!

Dreams of tax relief shatter, and some hard truths are going to be looked at.

I hope you don’t mind me skipping the tables for the RPS game. We have a lot more interesting things to make tables for!

Firstly, the return of Dolan - the RNG is a gift that keeps on giving. The name generated says “Actually Dolan” so I rolled with it. Especially when I rolled him up as a cyborg!

Next up, we need to find out how the people of [Location Environment] City respond to the need for taxes. Then we have two evil plots that have been ignored. Lets have advancement tables for them as well!

May 6, 2008

Spare batteries are pretty key.

Fun Shoe

I don't know who it is who keep getting to the tables first, but I'm onto your shenanigans.

Grey Hunter
Oct 17, 2007

Your friendly croctopus overlord LP'er

well, with orokus doing pretty much any random number, I may as well rescind the table limits.

Go whole hog!

Grey Hunter
Oct 17, 2007

Your friendly croctopus overlord LP'er

Things are not good in [Location Environment] City. without the desperately needed [Currency], the people Revolt! Micheal Gauss and Worf are forced to flee into the Fungal zone before they are dragged off to Madam Mess Eviscerator.

12 Months of chaos ensue, and the Government that comes out of it is unrecognisable, and the city is now a ( State rolls) Empire ruled by an executive council. (More state rolls) The Head of State is The Head of Government, only bound by the law, while The Executive has significant powers, implied, constitutional and delegated by legislature. The constitution leaves the Government unbound by previous laws or precedent with no significant opposition. The Voting system is Plurality.

The members of the Head of State council call themselves Kings and Queens, and there are 16 of them. This has thrown away the last semblance of the Great Protectors rules and laws, and a new dawn has begun for the city.

it may quickly turn once more to dusk though, as the threats have not been quiet in the last year - In the North, the vast international conspiracy to see the future has Unleashed a Temporal rift that erased all Fleshlights from existence. - They have been replaced by Shadoweaters. - not that most people can remember this. now Fleshlights are only remembered as a gimmick sex toy, not as a proud , erm, businesslike race! Is this a mistake, or part of a sinister and overly elaborate plot?

The Plot to poke Cthulhu meanwhile, has lead to Steampunk discovering the Cthulhu Mythos - the Memetic saturation that has occurred has produced a huge number of jokes that were funny once before being beaten to death by people who think they have a sense of humour but don’t. This cunning plan has lead to people no longer even considering Cthulhu to be a threat! So used are they to seeing his cheery face on the side of kid’s cog-shaped lunch boxes that he is no longer a figure of terror and insanity!

The Kings and Queens of the the Executive Council meet. for the first time, the topic of discussion is outside the walls of [Location Environment] City. The Shoemaker Elves shadoweaters and Squirrels are content with the new rulers for now, but what should the council do?

Some say they cannot be an Empire with only one city, some say the Conspiracy or the Cthulhu plot should take precedence, others have an insular look on things. This discussion will shape the fate of the [Location Environment] Empire!

What do the council decide to do? I may need an expanded table of plot advancement if they once more look inwards rather than outwards.

To be honest, after the terrible decisions of Worf and Micheal Gauss , I’m not surprised that there was a revolution, now maybe the new government will do good, rather than a series of rather evil decisions.

Or maybe this is a new wave of terror - only the tables can decide! remember they now have no upper limit! the more randomness the better!

Zybourne Clock
Oct 25, 2011

Poke me.

Whenever I make a new table I fill it up with a few blank squares and then add a border just to make it look fancy. If you have a good suggestion and the table is 'full', please don't hesitate to add more colums/rows. The borders are by no means official.

Feb 27, 2012


What the hell does "Sexagesimarch" mean?

Cardinal Ximenez
Oct 25, 2008

"You could call it heroic responsibility, maybe," Harry Potter said. "Not like the usual sort. It means that whatever happens, no matter what, it's always your fault."

Obscil posted:

What the hell does "Sexagesimarch" mean?

I presume it's supposed to be the equivalent of a monarch for a 16-headed body, but a weird typo because that seems like it should be 60 people.

Jan 7, 2010


Obscil posted:

What the hell does "Sexagesimarch" mean?
Or "sex age is march".


May 6, 2008

Spare batteries are pretty key.

Fun Shoe

This fantasy setting that is secretly a sci-fi setting needs some religion. Hopefully the new deity table will get some use.

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