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May 16, 2003

Clearly their proficiency at shooting is supernatural, not practical, in origin.

ZenMastaT posted:

Another year slides into memory - was this year a good year for you? I know some guys (NickBlasta cough cough) had a pretty good showing and I'd love to see what all everyone managed to add to their gun safes this year. I'll start:

Well ZMT called me out, but I've finished writing it all down.

Through the grace and good fortune of my excellent customers (I love them all and probably one or two might actually read this) I've been very fortunate and allowed to expand my modest collection. I don't have a Volcanic or JMB's personal nosepicking gun but I like them all in their own special ways. I started out using letters like the first post but I realized there weren't enough. WELP HERE WE GO

Exhibit 1 Argentinian Mauser Model 1891 - 7.65 Argentine

I first saw one of these locally first a few years ago and I was really impressed by the quality of workmanship and the finish. It was my desire to own a nice Mauser and usually 98s carry a fairly hefty premium when they're in great condition, so one of these was perfect. After spying this one I bought it. They're astounding guns for the price you pay for them and a piece of old world craftsmanship. There's strawing and nitre bluing on all the small parts, including the screws, and it's in amazing shape for being 123 years old. I love the stock too. Pity the crest was defaced (60 years ago?) by the importer. All matching. The wood is perfect. Really a beautiful gun.

Exhibit 2 AC44 K-43 - 8mm

Always wanted one to round out my collection of WW2 autoloaders. Never been super obsessed with buying one that's all matching or anything, just having one is enough for me. So this is actually a goon-acquisition, I purchased it off Cyrano when he tossed it up on the Classifieds. Mismatched (though the bolt matches itself) and in a nice replacement stock, with a rough-forged receiver. Has the sight hood but not the cleaning rod or dustcover.

Exhibit 3 Yugoslavian M57 7.62x25

A Yugo to round out my Tok collection, basically as simple as that. It's more of a variant than a copy, though, and has a 9 round magazine instead of the normal 8 rounder.

Exhibit 4 Yugo Capture Mauser 98k - 8mm

I actually didn't have a satisfactorily-shooting 8mm boltgun (the RC I've had for forever is terrible) so I picked this up for cheap. It's in pretty nice shape, one of the German guns scrubbed of its markings and restamped with the Yugo crest post war. I'm not huge into boltguns but it's fun and I have a lot of 8mm to use.

Exhibit 5 Soviet SVT-40 - 7.62x54R

Artificial scarcity turned me off on these guns for years but I figured they're not getting any cheaper and, well, I want one, soo why the hell not. I found one for a good price and sprang for it. The absolutely beautiful stock is a plus, and in general, it's in great condition. They tend not to be the most accurate rifles in general but mine actually functions and shoots well. Very satisfied.

Exhibit 6 Yugo M-92 - 7.62x39

It's a PAP pistol. I figured I'd be getting something that was just dumb, loud fun at the range but, as I discovered, it's really cool to use, handy, and surprisingly accurate. The micro dot is easy to pick up and I can transition from popping clays at 25m to ringing the plates at 200m with the same zero. I toss my RPK's drum on it for laughs. I can see why people do the SBR thing.

Exhibit 7 Romanian AES-10b RPK - 7.62x39

Another one of those guns I've always wanted but never quite been able to spring for. This was actually my wedding present (thanks babe) and I'm surprised to say I like it even more than expected. I had a kind of niggling thought in the back of my mind that semi-auto machine guns might be dumb, but when I shoot it it's just too much fun. It's heavy but not super heavy, the long barrel makes followup shots really fast and it's actually probably my most accurate AK. The bipod is a neat and intuitive design too.

Exhibit 8 Browning Hi-Power - 9x19

One of the HPs AIM had for sale last time, figured why not. The import mark is unfortunately obnoxious but it's in good condition and covered in proofs, which is pretty cool imo. Nice shooter but I need to get some more mags sometime. I love the well-used grips.

Exhibit 9 Molot VEPR 12 - 12 gauge

Funny story, I'd actually thrown down for a backorder for one of these at AIM, and a few weeks later that whole Russian embargo thing happened, and it just so happened that AIM honored the price and shipped my gun as other retailers were jacking their prices above 1k. Pretty cool of them and another example of why they're my favorite gun store. It's a drat nice gun and currently my only shotgun, kind of owing to my lack of interest in them. Fun to blast 12 rounds of buckshot through. I gotta toss a micro dot or something on it one of these days.

Exhibit 10 Molot VEPR 54 - 7.62x54R

My other VEPR, the 20" 54r model. It's straight up an AK in 54r, kind of like a PSL but beefier. Fit and finish are really nice, the nicest I've personally seen on an AK. I recently upgraded the extractor since they're kinda notorious for breaking them but it's a really nice, soft-shooting gun to take to the range. Gotta put a scope on it soon and I should grab a muzzle device.

Exhibit 11 Soviet Tokarev TT-33 7.62x25

Look familiar? It should, it's in the first post. I bought this from ZMT, a Soviet Tokarev to add to my Tokarev collection. Kind of like the SVT I always waffled on buying one due to the artificially inflated price, but what can you do. I can't say I have his difficulties with it, I like Tokarevs and shoot them well. Again with my preference for single stacks.

Exhibit 12 Enfield No5 - .303

One of the Jungle Carbines AIM suddenly had for sale. I bought it immediately and sprung for one of the early wartime ones, it's a Sept. 1944 ROF (F), or Royal Ordnance Factory Fazakerely. Good condition and it "matches" (only the receiver, wrist, and the forestock have serial numbers, not unusual for ROF guns as I read) and it's fun as hell to shoot. It's surprisingly light and handy and I can see why it was going to replace the No4 before that FAL business came on down the pipe. I bought like a bazillion rounds of .303 years ago so this gives me something to shoot it with other than my No4.

Exhibit 13 Mas-36 - 7.5 French

Basically one of the last WW2 service rifles I didn't yet own, I wasn't quite motivated to buy one before now. This one was super nice so I couldn't resist. It's been rearsenalled of course but it's in loving great condition and is a nice dang shooter so I'm pretty happy. It also... smells really nice, oddly enough.

Exhibit 14 Mas-49 - 7.5 French

I bought the Mas-36 and well... you know. I'm more into the autoloaders so I thought why not have France reppin' in the lineup. I'd like to get a 49/56 eventually but I really like the look of the regular 49 over it with the beautiful full stock. They're not really common vs how often you see 49/56s so I nabbed this when it presented itself. The sights are really nice (I love peeps) and it's fun at the range.

Exhibit 15 Star Model B - 9x19

The Spanish 1911 'copy' that pops up in batches every once in awhile, I saw one I liked and bought it. The finish is in decent condition vs how you can sometimes find them and is actually kinda deep and shiny. Single stacks tend to fit my hand more naturally and no grip safety is an improvement so it's a nice shooter.

Exhibit 16 PSA PA-10 - .308

The "budget" AR-10 I built as a curiosity to see if I could build an AR-10 for under $1000. I did (including the optic, magazines, and sundry) and I'm very satisfied by it and am continually amazed that I can shoot sub-moa with it when I do my part. Not exactly a light gun but still comfortable to carry in the woods. Easily one of my new favorites.

Exhibit 17 M-14 - .308

I never had much interest in commercial M-14s (including but not limited to the M1a), and said to myself that if I ever owned one it would have to be USGI. At least, as USGI as you can get without NFA. I found this rifle for sale, a TRW parts build on an Armscorp receiver and immediately purchased it. I love it and it rounds out my US service rifle collection.

Exhibit 18 Imbel FN FAL

Technically I bought the parts kit on NYE last year but I bought the upper receiver (not pictured) this year. It's one of those Entreprise Imbel parts kits, and a Coonan Type III metric receiver. The parts kit is decent but I was pleased most with the mint bore. I need to actually put it together and I'll probably do that in the next couple months.

Exhibit 19 A Batch Of loving M-44s - 7.62x54R

I bought a box of four M-44s from this batch of "unrefurbed" Mosins that are going around. Three of them were in really bad shape with broken handguards and missing various small parts. Rather than be grumpy with them or anything I just sold all but one of them and kept the nicest, a relatively undamaged 1946 gun with some attractive finish wear, pictured above. I already have a Type 53 and I'm not into completionist Mosin collecting so I don't know if even this will stay, but we'll see.

Exhibit 20 Nagant Revolver - 7.62x38R

I never bought one of these back when they were $89 for some reason. Bought it sight unseen and I'm happy with what I got. It's a Tula in great matching shape albeit certainly an arsenal refinish. The stocks fit my hand very well and it's comfortable to shoot with the weird, kind of anemic cartridge. Really nice import mark under the barrel compared to the billboards the old ones have.

Exhibit 21 Mauser C-96 7.63x25

I've been looking for a C-96 that fit my criteria for awhile, one that 1. matches, 2. has rifling, 3. wasn't refinished and 4, wasn't extraordinarily expensive. I don't mind pitting or wear, because they're really old, hard-used guns and it's almost unavoidable unless you pay out the rear end. Found this one for the right price. It's a matching, wartime commercial gun with a good bore. The nitre bluing is still present, there's some pitting (which is okay) and the grips are replacements. It's got the crown over W frakturschrift on the right side denoting German Imperial acceptance which is cool. I need to practice my stripper clip tactical reloads though.

Exhibit 22 FN SCAR 17S - 308

Not really something I would normally buy myself, it turned out to be my holiday present from my wife. It's loving awesome, extremely soft shooting despite being really light (I think the BCG/long stroke piston is most of the weight), the ergos are great, I'm very happy. I thought I'd grab a scope quick but the irons happen to be quite nice.

Exhibit 23 BYF 43 Mauser 98k - 8mm

I don't generally impulse buy things but this was one of those. Complete mixmaster midwar K98 at a fair price for what it is. It looks pretty but I'll probably end up selling it.

Exhibit 24 Beretta 92S - 9x19

I've had good luck with police trades in the past and I don't own a 92 (doesn't everyone at some point?) so with this batch of them that's been going around I figured the price was right. From the other pictures I've seen I definitely got a nice one, the blue is mirrorlike and there's hardly any holster wear. Mechanically excellent.

Exhibit 25 S&W 19-4 - .357

I really really like this gun. It's been refinished (I'm pretty sure?) so I got it very cheap. The DA trigger is nice but in SA it's a 2lb hair break with no takeup, someone must have lightened it a bit. The lockup is very tight. Only fired 38spl so far but I need to purchase some 357 sometime to try that out.

Exhibit 26 Egyptian FN-49 8mm

An FN-49 for my autoloader collection. I eventually want the Argentine version in 308, but they come up for sale so seldomly. I like how very similar it is to the FAL and how it's kind of the last of the old-age autoloaders. It's a real Egyptian and not a Century slapjob gun.

Exhibit 27 Egyptian Rasheed Carbine 7.62x39

Completely randomly I happened to purchase two Egyptian guns almost back to back but my buddy hooked me up with this one. They're rare. It's (to me) way more interesting than an SKS and is more like a mini-Ljungman than it has any relation to a Soviet arm. It's DI like the Ljungman and as far as I know there's not any other x39 rifle like it. It pairs well with my Hakim.

Exhibit 29 Para Expert 1911 - .45acp

A post/perpetual Black Friday acquisition, it was on sale locally and when stacked with the rebate I figured it'd make a good First 1911. It seems fairly nice to me but I understand it's still an entry level gun. Frankly the platform never really interested me much but I like how well it fits my hand, so maybe eventually I'll pick up a nicer one.

Exhibit 29 FN 1910 - .32acp

I've been looking for a 32-thrower ever since fondling some nice Colts, and this one popped up. I bid on it as part of a carpet auction of all things, and practically stole it. It's smaller than I expected and kind of unassuming for being the gun that started WW1. It's in excellent mechanical condition and I hope to take it out to the range soon.

Exhibit 30 Ohio Ordnance 1918a3 SLR - .30-06

A little something I ordered on my birthday that took forever to get to me due to corresponding with an older gentleman who decided he would go incommunicado during the holidays. First off, god drat, this is heavy. It's practically unusable with the bipod attached. This is one of the very early guns (from when it was still called Collector's Corner and not Ohio Ordnance) and is built on their new receiver and a USGI ROT (Royal Typewriter) parts kit. Jan-'53 barrel. An excellent end to a year wouldn't you say?

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The Rat
Aug 29, 2004

You will find no one to help you here. Beth DuClare has been dissected and placed in cryonic storage.

Jesus christ dude.

Feb 22, 2003

NickBlasta posted:

They work even better in space!

That's cool, how often do you find them with a Navy stamp?

From what I understand they are less common. This one was marked as a Model 10 by the seller and I couldn't even see the Navy markings before I got it home and cleaned it up some.

Edit: drat NickBlasta

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Jan 12, 2005

border patrol qt

Plaster Town Cop

I always look at other people's purchases and think, "Ooh, nice. That's nice, I wouldn't mind having one of those" and so on. I did that several times going down your list, with things getting progressively more attractive as the list went on. "Man, that's a nice Hi-Power. Ooh, that's a really nice AR-10. Holy crap, a SCAR."

And then:

NickBlasta posted:

Exhibit 30 Ohio Ordnance 1918a3 SLR - .30-06

Somebody Awful
Nov 27, 2011

Kill Em All 1917
I am trench man
410,757,864,530 SHELLS FIRED

The Rat posted:

Jesus christ dude.

Jul 5, 2009


NickBlasta posted:

Exhibit 30 Ohio Ordnance 1918a3 SLR - .30-06

A little something I ordered on my birthday that took forever to get to me due to corresponding with an older gentleman who decided he would go incommunicado during the holidays. First off, god drat, this is heavy. It's practically unusable with the bipod attached. This is one of the very early guns (from when it was still called Collector's Corner and not Ohio Ordnance) and is built on their new receiver and a USGI ROT (Royal Typewriter) parts kit. Jan-'53 barrel. An excellent end to a year wouldn't you say?

New year's resolution: pump iron

Action Jesus
Jun 18, 2002

Well dang, I had a pretty good 2014 for my gun hobby, although clearly not as good of a 2014 as others had. Cheers to massive acquisitions!

My year started with picking up a Ruger 22/45 Threaded

I added pacyhmayr 1911 grips and a red dot, I've been playing barbie with different 1/2-28 muzzle devices

My wife wanted, and bought, a mare's leg; a Rossi Ranch Hand (primarily because of Steve McQueen but seeing Firefly also helped)

Senseless and silly but really fun shooting puff-puff .38spl loads out of, and it's a conversation starter at the range for sure

The last gun I bought twice. I paid for a pistol then paid to turn it into an SBR. Yugo M85 .223

I modded a magpul 870 handguard to fit, which grants a lot more space for my hands up front with my big long dumb arms
Added a US PALM grip, ACE folding mech with an AR stock, Ultimak Rail with a red dot, and a CNC Warrior 4pc brake. Also finished the metal in grey aluma-hyde.
Still have more stuff to buy for it like a light and a CTR, and going to court the idea of changing the massively massive brake to something more trim

Beyond the guns I bought, I also became a CCW instructor in my state, bought a good number of reloading components and dies to load up 3 more calibers, and got my ammo stash (including .22 ) back up to a reasonable level.

Apr 4, 2005

I dun shot my dick off

Haha finally reached page 3 and thanks for posting Nickblasta. I knew about a few of those but some of them were a total surprise. And as always, curse you for stealing my BAR thunder.

May 16, 2003

Clearly their proficiency at shooting is supernatural, not practical, in origin.

Thanks everyone. I'll likely have to cool it this year though.

thermobollocks posted:

New year's resolution: pump iron

I shot it yesterday and if one thing is nice about the weight, it's that the recoil is almost nonexistent. It's too long for the benches at the range with the bipod deployed, so I was crouched behind the bench firing over it like I was reenacting or something.

Dec 7, 2014

Must Go Faster!

Alright guys hands down, NickBlasta wins IMO for best score of weapons in 2014. Your list above is legendary.

Nov 7, 2006

Kinda of a slow year.

Not Pictured M&P Bodyguard 380 I picked up off a coworker for $90

May 17, 2005

Winchester 62A
Browning BL-22
SBR Spikes AR in 300 BO (8.5)
PSA AR in 300 BO
4 S&W 29-2
4 S&W 28-2
3.5 S&W 27-2
5 S&W 27-2
6 S&W 57
4 .38 M&P 5 Screw
2 S&W 34-1
2 S&W 36 flat latch
3 S&W 36 flat latch
2 S&W 940
S&W .22/32 HFT
6 S&W .38/44 with King Sights
3.5 S&W 1917 Commercial (Franken special )
Savage Mark 2 FS-VR
Springfield M1A
Silencerco Spectre II
Beretta 92FS

Sat down and made the list of what I bought this year. Didn't include accessories and parts. 22 this year and that's just what I kept. Few were traded off, some pretty quickly. Won't do that many this year.

May 18, 2007

Hair Elf

I did not buy much this year.



Winchester 1897

Hi Power

FAL parts kit from Entreprise

Chill Doomhate
Nov 12, 2013

by Shine

Bogon posted:

Not Pictured M&P Bodyguard 380 I picked up off a coworker for $90

Jesus Christ. I hope his oxycodone high was worth it. Also SLR-104s rule.

Dead Reckoning
Sep 13, 2011

Mortabis posted:

I bought a Beretta CX4 in December.

What sort of Aimpoint mount is that?


Sig P220R

This was one of the posurp batch Summit Gun Broker had early in the year. German manufacture, but no proofs, so probably assembled in Exeter. It has hands down the best double action trigger of any gun I own. I don't know what combination of parts wear and sorcery is involved, but the pull weight is consistent all the way through the break. ZMT can attest. I keep thinking about making it a night stand gun, but the recoil of .45 makes follow up shots noticeably slower than with my 9mms.

Light weight AR-15 build

This is based around a 14.5", .625 contour BCM pencil barrel. I sent the upper parts to Randall at AR15 barrels, and I'm not particularly pleased with it; the weld on the A2X is ugly, and I have to crank the rear sight pretty far to the left to zero it. I'm hoping that's an issue with the rear, not a canted FSP, but I'll need to wait until I can get to a 200 yd range to really confirm it. Still, the result is incredibly light and handy (especially now that I've ditched the carry handle) and I can't wait to take it to carbine classes next year.

Beretta 96G-SD

I've always wanted one of these, and the price was right. The trigger is disappointingly meh, even with a D-spring, so it may be on the chopping block this year.

S&W Pre-27

I got this for way less than I should have thanks to some poor auction photos. Great craftsmanship and a delightful single action pull. A kitten with lightly loaded .38spl wadcutters.

Jul 8, 2010

Dead Reckoning posted:

What sort of Aimpoint mount is that?

Begging the question--it's not an aimpoint, nor is it in an aimpoint mount. It's a Primary Arms sight, an aimpoint CompM2 knockoff which works acceptably well. I wasn't willing to drop the cash on a real aimpoint at this juncture but I might later. I bought the lowest-height 30mm ring they sold. It co-witnesses perfectly with the irons.

This is the mount:

I have no idea whether this will ultimately keep zero but I have a bit of faith since it's only a 9mm carbine.

Oh yeah and since I didn't respond to this earlier:

Cyrano4747 posted:

God those guns are such fun to shoot. They're the modern day, spiritual brothers of the M1 carbine as far as I'm concerned. Just one of those really well designed guns that handles well and shoots great and is so much more than the sum of its parts or capabilities.

This is really funny, because my FFL said almost the exact same thing and even pulled out his M1 carbine to compare them.


Aug 22, 2004

These things

Krebs Vepr



I'm also pretty sure I bought this m/27 in January but I can't remember

I also bought a Saiga sporter in 7.62x39 just to have after they got banned, but they're boring looking.

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