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Josh Lyman
May 24, 2009

BCRock posted:

Justin Thomas was one of the few guys to hold the green with his approach and then some dumbass's phone alarm went off right in his stroke and he putted it off the green.
Was he escorted off the premises?


Dec 13, 2005
I'm huge in Japan

Josh Lyman posted:

Was he escorted off the premises?

He wasn't. I actually witnessed multiple cell phones going off in the middle of the players' swings and nobody was taken out or even sternly reprimanded that I saw. Big change from 2 years ago where if you were even seen taking your phone out of your pocket anywhere on the course someone would come yell at you.

Jul 9, 2008

God I fucking love Diablo 3 gold, it even paid for this shitty title

I spent another few hours on a GC2 this Sunday, most of the time was playing a course but me and my partner got done with the round before our buddies next to us so I started hitting shots on the driving range sim. It feels good to finally have an idea of my spin numbers for various clubs even though I already had a pretty good idea of my carry distances. The M2 driver I picked up was spinning at 2000-2200 on my good swings and up around 3k on my poor ones so it seems like its a good fit.

I keep seeing all this hype about the 2018 Callaway CS/CSX balls, I think I'm going to get a dozen and spend an hour hitting a few different clubs with an assortment of balls just to see if they are longer, and if so, is it because of ball speed.

Also some guys in the next bay down that we didn't know were giving the owner a hard time about the accuracy so it was pretty funny when he had just seen me call my 9i yardages to within 2-3 yards several swings in a row lol. I imagine he must deal with that all the time, I'd have a hard time remaining diplomatic in that situation.

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