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Mar 27, 2010

Stop it.
Stop all this nonsense.

Nap Ghost

Well, if it's worth doing once

Just speaking the name of these beasts brings images of burning cities, destructive storms, and insidious power! Even the least of these cunning and powerful beasts could lay waste to armies, destroy towns, and reduce the proudest of warriors to an evening snack. Opposing them is the greatest folly, and facing them in direct combat is tantamount to suicide.

So clearly joining the Dragon Slayers was the best choice for you.

Whether you seek vengeance, or riches, or glory, or death, you have chosen to devote your career, and likely your life, to destroying the great beasts known as dragons. Such a job is not taken lightly, and your every step will be met with all their intelligence, strength, and power. Cultists, assassins, and the terrible Three will throw themselves in your path. It remains to be seen whether you will have the strength to meet them.

What's this game about?

This game is about facing some of the most mechanically interesting foes in 13th Age, Dragons! This isn't some extended dungeon crawl with lizardlike end bosses though, I'm taking the "Some Unique Thing" aspect of dragons to their fullest extent, and I'm hoping for players interested in using the more RP and narrative focused abilities of the 13th Age classes. I'm thinking of running this in an 'episodic' way, where getting info, making plans, and finally executing them takes up a level and focuses on one particular dragon with special importance to a PC. Plot hooks are great, especially where they relate to your OUT!

Right, right, but I mean concrete stuff

I'm looking for 3-5 Level 1 characters
-Point Buy
-Original book and 13 ways are A-OK, I reserve the right to veto any 3rd party stuff. (Stalwart is p. cool)
-Be around and , I'm gonna try to keep the pace of this game up
-Don't worry about the Precise Shot feat, we're not using the missed shot rule

-Join me at #sadragonslayers for build tips and general natter!
Though I'm probably on the other side of the planet than most of you, so communications may get spotty

So who's ready to kill some dragons?

Edit: Please note that, while dragons obviously feature strongly, try not to feel Icon Dice with The Three is compulsory. Plenty of other players get involved when you're hunting dragons!

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Green Intern
Dec 29, 2008

Secret Art: Toxic Crotch Whirlwind!

Going to app a ranger, a Big Game Hunter!

Edit: Just putting my ability scores and talents here. I'm pretty busy this weekend, but I wanted to get a jump on this.

My dude's hometown/city/whatever was burned down by armies of the Three. Now he wants revenge. And maybe a new hat.

STR 10 (+2)
DEX 18 (+2)
CON 14
INT 12
WIS 12
CHA 12

Favored Enemy: Dragon

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Jul 29, 2007

Smooth soft red velvety lungs.

Got a "human" barbarian brewing.

Jan 14, 2008

Oh! OSHA gonna make you serve time!
'Cause you an occupational hazard tonight.

Ooh, yes, I've been itching for a 13th Age game for a while! I'll try to app something tonight.

Captain Walker
Apr 7, 2009

Mother knows best
Listen to your mother
It's a scary world out there

Interest check!

Nov 5, 2010

Warning, Internet
may prove lethal.

Never played 13th age before. But it sounds interesting. I'll give it a look Nd see what I can come up with.

Jun 12, 2008

Do you see how he's a cat?

Working on a multiclass druid/necromancer now. Oh look a character.

Kern the Old, Human Druid/Necromancer

Kern the Old is possibly the oldest living druid. No one's quite sure how old he is - a visual estimate would say he's in his 60's, but it's hard to say for sure. He certainly seems knowledgeable about events older than any human, but it may simply be that he's well-educated. But as the druid responsible for maintaining the delicate balance between life and death, it could just as easily be that he's lived longer than a normal human. He received his title - Wild Reaper - shortly after the current High Druid came to power. Beyond that, not much is known about Kern. His origins are a mystery; some say he's lived through many ages and served several High Druids. It's known that he considers the Lich King an enemy, but not why he seems content to let the lord of the undead remain on his throne.

Kern spends most of his time living alone in the Wild Wood. He rarely travels, and when he does, it's not usually far. He claims his tasks aren't the sort of things that call for much travel. But it seems that's about to change, as the High Druid has decided to call upon him personally. Word has reached her of two dragons who have put together a spell designed transform dragons into dracoliches on a massive scale, functionally creating a new dragon army for the Lich King. True or not, she feels that this is something that the Wild Reaper should be investigating, so Kern has packed his things and headed out of the Wild Wood for the first time in at least 50 years. Inactivity has blunted his skills somewhat, but that won't stop him from carrying out his duty.

STR: 10 (+0/+1)       DEX: 10 (+0/+1)       CON:  8 (-1/+0)
INT: 18 (+4/+5)       WIS: 18 (+4/+5)       CHA: 12 (+1/+2)
AC:  11               PD:  12               MD:  16

HP: 15/15             Recoveries: 8/8       Recovery Roll: 1d8-1

Level: 1
Incremental Advances:
  [ ]Ability Score Bonus            [ ]Feat              [ ]Skills
  [ ]Icon Relationship Point        [ ]Hit Points        [ ]Extra Magic Item
  [ ][ ][ ][ ]Power/Spell

One Unique Thing
Kern is the Wild Reaper, a druid specially appointed to correct imbalances 
between life and death.

Wild Reaper +4: Kern knows death and death magic when he sees it, and 
he's dealt with more than his share of the undead.
Ancient Hermit +4: Kern has been alive for a long time, most of which was 
spent living in the wilds.  Animals, plants, druidic lore - Kern knows about all 
of these subjects and more.

Racial Ability
Quick to Battle: At the start of combat, roll initiative twice and use 
either result.

Class Features/Talents
Druid Melee Attack - Strength: Use Str for MBAs; Druid recovery dice are 
d10s (making the average die size a d8).
Nature Talking: 2/Day, talk with an animal or plant.
Wilderness Survival: Unaffected by weather-related cold, heat, or 
exposure.  Can go longer than most without eating or drinking.
Terrain Caster Adept: Cast terrain spells as an adept.
Death's Master: Must spend at least one relationship point on the Lich 
Ritual Magic
Wasting Away: Subtract Con mod, if positive, from Necromancer attacks.  
Die at five failed death saves instead of four.
Deathknell: As a quick action, drop a nearby enemy with 5 HP or less to 
0, and heal 1d6 HP.  Can be used on a mook only if it's the last one left in its 

Terrain Caster - Ruins (Adventurer): Gain the Ruination at-will spell.
Nature Talking (Adventurer): Can talk to plants and animals at will, and
gains a +5 bonus on skill checks when doing so.

High Druid 2 (Positive): She's essentially Kern's liege, and his loyalty 
to her is absolute.
Lich King 1 (Negative): The Lich King is the ultimate defiler of the 
natural order.

Equipment & Magic Items
A few miscellaneous traveling supplies, but nothing heavy.

Necromancer Spells Prepared
(1) Chant of Endings
(1) Channel Life
(1) Zombie Form Barkskin

Daily Terrain Spells Remaining: 1/1

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My Lovely Horse
Aug 21, 2010

Awww yeah.

Oct 29, 2011

Fun Shoe

I am interested in playing. I am thinking of making a occultist. He has joined the dragon slayers in order to gain the secret knowledge of dragons, believing it to be the key to understanding the workings of reality.

Lawrence the Third (while still a noble)

Backstory is simple. He was the third son of a minor noble in the empire. He was named after his grandfather.
At one point he brought a scroll from a peddling merchant who promised that it contained powerful magical secrets.
Lawrence was intrigued by it, as since he was the third son he had been educated in some minor magic, but when he opened the scroll along with his cousin from a more powerful noble family the scrolls secrets proved too much and drove the cousin insane and physically broken.
Lawrence on the other-hand had the knowledge imprinted into his being and was left with a blank scroll and a dead cousin and so was exiled and stripped of his family name.
He joined the Dragon Slayers for several reasons; one is to redeem himself to his family by gathering glory and money,
another is that he is now driven to collect occult knowledge and reasons that a Dragon's hoard would certainly contain such things.

Now the character sheet

Name: Lawrence the Third
Level 1 Human Occultist
One Unique Thing: Found a scroll that imprinted secret occult knowledge into his being, making him into the new scroll.

		Mod	+Level
STR: 8        	-1	0
DEX: 12        	1	2
CON: 10 	0	1
INT: 18        	4	5
WIS: 18        	4	5
CHA: 10 	0	1

+2 to Int from Class, +2 to Wis from Race
AC:  13               PD:  12               MD:  16

HP: 21/21             Recoveries: 8/8       Recovery Roll: 1d6+1

+3 Exiled third son of minor nobility
+5 Collector of Secret Knowledge

Racial Ability
Quick to Fight: At the start of combat, roll initiative twice and use either result.
Bonus Feat: Used for Superior Rebuke

Class Features
Arcane Implements: Lawrence uses arcane secrets to warp reality and so counts as a arcane spellcaster.
Delayed Magical Healing: The arcane secrets of the scroll have caused time to slightly warp and so any 
magical healing of Lawrence heals him one round later than normal.
Focus and Spellcasting: Lawrence needs to focus inwards in order to be able to read the occult secrets to alter reality. 
Gathering focus is a standard action, draws opportunity attacks and casting a spell expends it but it can be retained.

Rebuke: The focus required for powerful spells is also perfect for pummeling people with psychic energy. 
Allows the casting of Karmic Rebuke.

Uniqueness: As far as Lawrence knows, he is now the only copy of the occult secrets that were hidden in the scroll.

Spell Choices and Flexible Recharge: 
When recharging spells, succeses allow you to regain any spell of that level not neccessarily the same spell again.

Brain-melting secrets: The secrets used drive others insane. 
When Laurence hits with a spell that deals psychic damage, one target of the spell can't attack him during its next turn 
unless he is the only nearby enemy.
AF: The effect happens whenever he hits an enemy with a spell, not only psychic damage.

Icon Channeler: There were secrets of the Icons in that scroll, hidden deeply. 
Laurence has 3 less Icon dice than normal but gets a 5 that can be applied to any 
icon he chooses whenever relationship dice are rolled.

Superior Rebuke: It doesn't take much focus to pummel. 
Roll a d20 the first time each round that you expend focus for interrupt spell and fail to retain focus. 
On a 18-20 you can also cast a Karmic Rebuke as a free action using that roll in place of your attack roll.
AF: You can also make the karmic rebuke attack when the d20 roll is 2-4.

Warp Flesh: The secrets warp flesh as well as minds. Spells target the lowest of MD and PD. 
They deal force damage instead of psychic damage when targeting PD.

None, through meditation I can align myself with one of the icons, I can pick a 5 to apply to any of the icons.

Equipment & Magic Items
A staff with strange markings.
Tattered Noble clothes
A now-blank scroll.

Occultist Spells/Secrets Prepared
Better Yet, Here
Brilliant Comeback
Inevitable Fall
Moment of Karma

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Sep 8, 2007

All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare.

The world clearly needs more dracoliches, thinking up a concept for a Necromancer devoted to the noble arts of creating them.

Nov 17, 2012

An occurrence!
Your 'Inadvisably Big Dog' Quality is now 1!


Aw yeah, more 13th Age. Expect an Elvish "Commander" later NOW.

Lourdes Briarthorn, High Elf Commander

Lourdes Briarthorn is known in the Queen's Woods for two things: His highly sought-after and expensive line of clothing, and his extremely eccentric and haughty behavior. Anyone who's worked under him can attest: his tendency to veto any perceived attempts to "stifle" his creativity and loss of temper at the slightest deviation from his designs makes him difficult to work with, though the results couldn't be argued with. Lourdes was content with his life creating fashions worthy of the Elf Queen herself... until the day he ran out of ideas.
Having lost his creative spark, Lourdes was hard-pressed to come up with a theme for his next line and spent weeks trying to find a new source of inspiration. That inspiration came in the form of a deafening roar that forced Lourdes to run out of his studio and look at the sky to see an enormous dragon that seemed to shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. "Of course. It's all so obvious now." Lourdes immediately packed his belongings and made his way to meet the Dragon Slayers, confident he would meet his muse in their company.

OUT: I want to learn everything about dragons. EVERYTHING.
Icon Relationships:
Elf Queen, 2 Positive: Anyone who's anyone in the Queen's Woods wears my designs. She's the most anyone of anyone.
The Three, 1 Conflicted: They can't be happy with how I've killed their kind. Pity. If only they knew how much I respect them.

Fashionista: 4
No Delicate Flower: 4

STR: 16(+2)|3    DEX: 14|2    CON: 14|2
INT: 10|0        WIS: 10|0    CHA: 16(+2)|3
AC: 16           PD: 13       MD: 13

HP: 27/27     Recovery: 8/8 (1d8+2)   Initiative: +3

Racial Ability: 
Highborn Teleport: Once per battle as a move action, 
place yourself in a nearby location you can see.

Class Features & Talents:
Commands & Command Points

Forceful Command: When you give a command that lets an ally roll a d20, 
you can spend addtional command points before the roll up to the escalation die
value or 1 point if ED is 0. Ally gets +2 to the roll for each point spent.
Into the Fray: At start of battle before initiative rolls, roll a d4. 
Number of allies equal to roll gain either +4 initiative that battle
or +2 AC until end of first round.
Moment of Glory: When you roll initiative, also roll a d4 and 
record result. As a free action, you can add the result to a single attack 
roll made by a nearby ally later this battle (can add after seeing the roll).

Forceful Command (A):  Begin each battle with 1 command point.

Commands & Tactics:
"Compose Yourself." (Rally Now)
"You Could Do Better." (Try Again)
"Be a Dear, Won't You?" (Basic Tactical Strike)
"No. Seriously. Compose Yourself." (Enforce Clarity)

Shortsword & Shield (+4 to hit, 1d6+3 damage; +1 AC)
Shortbow (+3 to hit, 1d6+2 damage)
"A Briarthorn Original" (Light armor)

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Jul 29, 2010

Do not let the hero in your soul perish, in lonely frustration for the life you deserved, but have never been able to reach.

Grimey Drawer

So it turns out I got my concept rather quickly. Going full Monster Hunter on this.


Felyne Paladin

Most Felynes are content to just stay in their villages and live a nice peaceful life away from monsters. A few Felynes go out and fight the monsters to protect their village. Even fewer Felynes go out for the glory of hunting the biggest monsters around. Lavi is that Felyne.

While life in the village was nice and peaceful, it was never enough for Lavi. He knew there was more out there in the world, and things more dangerous than the roaming Jaggi packs. As the trusted warrior of his clan, Lavi went out joined the Dragon Slayer's guild. However, Lavi quickly found himself outmatched by much bigger and much stronger hunters from around the world. Still, with his natural Felyne resourcefulness, and the scale from the Great Gold Wyrm reminding him that even the smallest creatures can accomplish the greatest deeds, Lavi refuses to give up until he has taken down a dragon the size of at least a mountain.

One Unique Thing: A scale from the Great Gold Wyrm has been passed down through my clan for generations; I hold it now as a good luck charm.

(Note: I don't want to play up the religious side of the Paladin for Lavi. Other than the scale, I'm flavoring all divine abilities just as good ol' Felyne resourcefulness.)

Icon Relationships
The Great Gold Wyrm, Conflicted 2: Not all dragons are evil monsters, and Lavi holds a great deal of respect for the Great Gold Wyrm. That said, others wonder why a mere cat has one of it's scales.
The Three, Negative 1: Hey, there's still plenty of evil giant monsters out there too.

Monster Carving and Crafting +5
"That's so tasty!" +3

Level 1 Halfling Felyne Paladin

STR  14		(+2)		Max Hit Points: 33
CON  16		(+3)		Max Recoveries: 8
DEX  14		(+2)		Recovery value: 1d10 + 3
INT  8		(-1)		Armour Class: 19 (Base 16, Level 1, DEX 2)
WIS  12		(+1)		PD: 14	MD: 14
CHA  16		(+3)		Initiative: +3

+2 Constitution from race, +2 Charisma from class.

Race Features
		 +2 AC bonus against opportunity attacks.
		Once per battle, force an enemy that hits you with an attack
		 to reroll the attack at -2 penalty.

Class Features
	Smite Monster: (Smite Evil)
		You can use this talent once per battle, plus an additional
		number of times per day equal to your Charisma modifier.
		As a free action before you make a paladin attack roll, you
		can declare that you're using a Smite Monster attack.
		Add +1d12 to the damage roll AND deal half damage with the
		attack if it misses.

	Inspiration of War: (Divine Domain)
		Once per turn when you make a melee attack against an enemy,
		hit or miss, your allies gain +1 attack bonus against that enemy
		until the start of your next turn.
	Invocation of War:
		Once per day as a quick action, Increase the escalation die by 1.

		You can roll saves at the start of your turn instead of at the
		end of your turn. A successful save against ongoing damage,
		for example, means that you will not take the ongoing damage
		that turn.

	Well Cooked BBQ: (Lay on Hands)
		Twice per day as a quick action, you can heal yourself or an ally
		next to you with a tasty snack. You spend the recovery while the
		recipient heals as if they had spent the recovery.
	Adventurer Feat:
		Add twice your Charisma modifier to the healing provided by
		Well Cooked BBQ.

	Heavy Jaggi Armor: Armor made from Jaggi parts. Their supple
		skin makes for good protection.
	Martial Two-handed Bone Blade: A great sword forged from monster
		bone. It can fend off many monsters at once.

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Apr 21, 2011

Is the Dilettante a 3rd party class you're cool with?

Doctor Idle
Mar 7, 2008

Hey, if some hillbilly comes up to me, I'm gonna lash him in the face, that's all.

[Best GM 2013-2015]

Interest post. I'll submit something today/tonight.
Change of heart, but this looks cool. Something to follow at least.

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Oct 9, 2012

This is my post. It denotes interest. Not sure what to go with, but fighter (is vanguard OK?) or monk seems most interesting at the moment.

Captain Walker
Apr 7, 2009

Mother knows best
Listen to your mother
It's a scary world out there

Edited to reflect new app, forthcoming.

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Mar 27, 2010

Stop it.
Stop all this nonsense.

Nap Ghost

Ryven's stuff is a-ok with me. So Flame112, the Dilettante is cool, as is the Vanguard for Selachiam

Krysmpheonix, icon dice generally are all positive/negative/conflicted, with the number of dice reflecting how useful the relationship is. Your idea pretty much is perfect for a 2 dice conflicted relationship with the GGW, so no need to change much.

Edit: stalwart is by Ryven, isn't it? Regardless, yes, I really love what the stalwart has going for it.
Edit2: No, its by some guy named Paul, but that doesn't stop it being a good thing I encourage people to try.

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Captain Walker
Apr 7, 2009

Mother knows best
Listen to your mother
It's a scary world out there

M.c.P posted:

Ryven's stuff is a-ok with me. So Flame112, the Dilettante is cool, as is the Vanguard for Selachiam

You mentioned Stalwart by name, I assume that's ok as well?

Josef bugman
Nov 17, 2011

brexit means brexit

Blessed Skoll (Full name, Blessed-Be-He-Who-Walks-In-The-Sight-Of-The-Three)

Dwarven Priest
OUT: I escaped from the dragon worshiping cult I was born into. They are still angry about it.

"Blessed are The Three that give us power and Strength. Blessed is the Black for Her Cunning. Blessed is the Blue for Her Mysteries. Blessed is the Red for Her Rage."
This is the catechism I was raised on for 20 years. These were the words before every meal, before every hunt, before every funeral. We were tools, the first of the "true Dwarves" who chose to serve the new masters of the world. For 20 years I worshiped at the side of my parents as they prepared me for the priesthood of Dragons. They told me stories of how we would be the cleansing fire to which all would be essayed into either usefulness or destruction.

And then came the last rite. All I had to do was butcher a captured servant of the Golden Wyrm, prove my blood lines potency, loyalty and power and anything would be mine. But I could not do it. The man did not struggle did not call us blasphemers or even say all that much, he looked out through his one unspoilt eye and said "I am so sorry you must do this". This crature was no threat to us, no threat to the power of the three, why in their name would I want to kill it?

When I asked my father this he struck me and made to take the knife from me. At that moment I realised I did not want the power the Three were offering and I struck out. Divinity guided my arm as I crashed into my father. In the chaos that followed myself and the captive (who I later learned was called Uthred) made an escape. I have been running ever since. But now I hear of an opportunity to take the fight back to the evil dragons, and I am more than happy to oblige.

"Wretched are the Three that take from us Compassion and Mercy. Cursed is the Black for her Lies. Cursed is the Blue for her Thefts. Cursed is the Red for her Rage"
. The new catechism fits better I feel, and if it does not fit now, then I will make it so.

Icon relationships
The Three: Negative 2 They really are not pleased by me busting up their little ritual, the fact that I was inducted into one of their cults and know some of it's mysteries makes this even worse.
The Great Gold Wyrm: Positive 1 The Wyrm saw my devotion and recognised that I could be useful as a friend and Ally. I am still grateful for him vouching for me to the Priestesses servants. I am aware of the irony of serving a second dragon, but at least this one doesn't require blood sacrifice.

Raised by Dragon Cultists[+5]
Friends at the Cathedral [+3]
Ancient Lore of Dragonkind [+2]
Knowledge of the Gold Wyrm's mysteries [+2]

Level 1 Dwarf Cleric

STR  16       	(+3) 		Max Hit Points: 21
CON   10		(+0)		        Max Recoveries: 8
DEX  12		(+1)	        	Recovery value: 
INT  12		(+1)	        	Armour Class: 16 (Base 14, Level 1, Mid Modifier of 2)
WIS  16		(+3) 		PD: 14	MD: 15
CHA  14		(+2)	        	Initiative: +2

+2 Wisdom from race, +2 Strength from class.

Race Features
That’s Your Best Shot? 
Once per battle as a free action after you have been hit by an
enemy attack, you can heal using a recovery. If the escalation
die is less than 2, you only get half the usual healing from the
Javelin of Faith- Adventure Tier

Class Features
Close-quarters spell
Special: You can use this spell twice per battle.
Quick action to cast (1/round)
Target: You or one ally you are next to
Effect: The target can heal using a recovery.

Knowledge of Tiamets Mind Domain: Lore
 (Invocation of Lore): You must use this invocation
during your first round of a battle. When you do, you get a quick
glimpse of the battle’s future. Roll a d6; as a free action at any
point after the escalation die equals the number you rolled, you
can allow one of your allies to reroll a single attack roll with a +2
bonus thanks to your vision of this future.

The Shielding of the BehemothDomain: Protection
Once per battle, you can affect two additional allies when you
cast a spell for broad effect.
Invocation of Protection/Community: This battle, critical hits
against you and your nearby allies deal normal damage instead of
critical damage.

Spirits of the Righteous
Ranged spell
Once per battle
Target: One nearby enemy
Attack: Wisdom + Level vs. MD
Hit: 4d6 + Wisdom holy damage, and your nearby ally with the
fewest hit points gains a +4 bonus to AC until the end of your
next turn.
Miss: Your nearby ally with the fewest hit points gains a +2 bonus
to AC until the end of your next turn.

Javelin of Faith
Ranged spell
Target: One nearby enemy
Attack: Wisdom + Level vs. PD
Hit: 1d6 + Wisdom holy damage.
Miss: Damage equal to your level. 
Adventurer Feat: The spell also deals +1d6 damage against
an undamaged target. At 5th level that increases to +2d6
damage; at 8th level it increases to +4d6 damage.

Hammer of Faith
Close-quarters spell
Effect: Until the end of the battle, your basic melee attacks use
d12s as their base weapon damage dice.

Ranged spell
Quick action to cast
Effect: You can cast this spell for power or for broad effect.
Cast for power: One nearby ally gains a +2 attack bonus until
the end of the battle.
Cast for broad effect: Choose up to three nearby creatures
(including you); each target gains a +1 attack bonus until the
end of the battle.

         Short-Staff (Mace)- For pointing as well as striking.
         Metal-Weave Cloak-Sturdier than it looks
This is the first ever full app I have done for a game I have a book for. Hope it is okay and if you think I can improve it please say!

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Dick Burglar
Mar 6, 2006
Check out my hot takes because I'm a straight white male

Will post a dude later.

Nov 4, 2007

zamtrios so lonely

Grimey Drawer

I'm kind of intrigued by the idea of playing a Chaos Mage as sort of an Imperial Psyker--though the Emperor specifically doesn't really like those in 13A so more GGW or Archmage or something. I've just never played 13A before despite having the books, the randomness seems to minimize spellhacking but is it too much, or the class overall too disruptive?

Mar 27, 2010

Stop it.
Stop all this nonsense.

Nap Ghost

occamsnailfile posted:

I'm kind of intrigued by the idea of playing a Chaos Mage as sort of an Imperial Psyker--though the Emperor specifically doesn't really like those in 13A so more GGW or Archmage or something. I've just never played 13A before despite having the books, the randomness seems to minimize spellhacking but is it too much, or the class overall too disruptive?

I'm... not quite certain what you mean by spellhacking, but sorcerors have plenty of spells and junk that rely on random effects. I regret to say I don't have 13 Ways yet, so I can't make many recommendations outside the core books.

Green Intern
Dec 29, 2008

Secret Art: Toxic Crotch Whirlwind!

Yeah prob not getting my guy finished for a couple days. Busy with work and life.

Jul 29, 2010

Do not let the hero in your soul perish, in lonely frustration for the life you deserved, but have never been able to reach.

Grimey Drawer

M.c.P posted:

Krysmpheonix, icon dice generally are all positive/negative/conflicted, with the number of dice reflecting how useful the relationship is. Your idea pretty much is perfect for a 2 dice conflicted relationship with the GGW, so no need to change much.
Alright, tweaked that. Thank you.

Jul 29, 2007

Smooth soft red velvety lungs.

"I am in control, I am balanced, I am in control, I am starlight"

Twelve Serene-Star
Human Barbarian

One Unique Thing: By freeing the spirit of the previous Orc Lord, I become a monstrous nine foot tall orc and can usually control myself.

For centuries the monks of Serene Star Pass observed the world from their mountain monastery. They claimed to remain neutral in all worldly conflicts, but it was an open secret that they often took sides. They had sided against The Lich King when he was simply The Wizard King. They had sided with The High Druid against the elves in an ancient conflict. Centuries later, they sided with the elves in their skirmish against the dwarves. They spoke to the stars, and throughout the ages, their wisdom and aid was sought by many leaders and even icons.

And then the doors of the monastery were closed and sealed. This was prompted by two divine prophecies, revealed to the monks via the stars. Firstly, that if left unchecked, a 'flood' of dragons would one day consume everything from the overworld to the underworld. Secondly, that a 'star child' would be born, according to the alignment of twelve stars, who would play a crucial role in stopping them. Little did the monks know that on the other side of The Great North Wall, orc mystics claimed the previous Orc Lord would one day be reincarnated - according to the alignment of twelve stars.

When the star child was born, he contained the being of violent chaos. The highest ranking monks saw the spirit within, and knew that only though deep training and harmony of soul would he ever survive. Others within the order were secretly pleased. They viewed the star child purely as a weapon to defeat the dragons, and the ability to transform into an angry behemoth was going to be a weapon more powerful than any sword.

They named the boy Twelve after the sacred stars. His discipline was extraordinary, and though the orc spirit was draining (physically, mentally, and spiritually), the monks trained him to focus his spirit, allowing him to draw the monstrous beast as other men drew swords from their sheaths. In his final trial, Twelve was locked within the depths of the monastery and via cruel magics, forced to fully unleash the spirit. He was reluctant, sure that doing so would kill him. In a fairy tale, the orc would have escaped and slaughtered the monks for their hubris. In reality, they knew the power they were dealing with, and insured the star child would not escape the chamber. Nobody knows what happened in that room, but when the screams and roars of the Orc Lord faded, Twelve was different. He had experienced utter chaos, and from it, derived utter balance.

Though Twelve no longer fully trusts the monks any longer, he decides to join a band of dragon slayers as they wish. His reasons for this are three-fold. Firstly, it places him in direct contact with the creatures he is supposedly destined to thwart, perhaps his role in their downfall will become clearer. Secondly, his entire life has been spent in training for this task and he believes he will be good at it. Thirdly, the dragons provide a suitably tough enemy for him to vent the orc spirit against.

And venting the orc spirit can only be a good thing. Because when he doesn't allow the spirit to assume control for a while, it becomes harder to control. It also starts whispering to him, and the things it says are starting to make sense...


MetamORCphosis (+4): Twelve's gift, and his curse. The ability to shift in form from a balanced human, to a red storm of destruction. Orcs posses superior strength, stamina, and senses. The transformation itself also tends to cause people to lose their train of thought.

Naturally Balanced (+2): As a monk of Serene Star Pass, Twelve has undergone the full spiritual training one might expect of a divine warrior, leaving his soul perfectly balanced. This grants him an affinity with the natural world that is rarely seen outside of druids, as well as surprising lightness of foot.

Star Child (+2): Prophecies are a dime-a-dozen, but being born beneath a legendary constellation grants Twelve an affinity with the stars. Navigation by the night sky is one obvious benefit, but The Twelve Stars see things and sometimes they are willing to tell their son.

Icon Relationships

The Orc Lord, Conflicted 1: At various times throughout his life, agents of The Orc Lord have shown an interest. What purpose, if any, they have with him is still a mystery, but there is no doubt that they will be eager to test the limits of their Lord.

The High Druid, Conflicted 1: As a being of balance and harmony of nature, Twelve has the blessing of The High Druid. As an abomination of the natural order, he also draws her ire.

The Three, Negative 1: It was not just the monks of the pass who noted Twelve's prophecy. Agents of The Three are very well aware of the role he might play in slaying their kin and cultists, agents and dragons themselves know to look out for the star child.

Level 2 Human Barbarian

STR 16		(+3)		Max Hit Points: 40
CON 16		(+3)		Max Recoveries: 8
DEX  14		(+2)		Recovery value: 2d10 + 3
INT  11		(0)		Armour Class: 16 
WIS 12	        (+1)		PD: 16	MD: 12
CHA 11          (0)		Initiative: +3

Race Features
		Once per battle, reroll a melee attack
                and use the roll you prefer as the result.

Class Features
         Melee Basic Attack
               Attack: Strength + Level vs. AC
               Hit: WEAPON + Strength damage
               Miss: Damage equal to your level

	Barbarian Rage
         Fully Unleash The Orc Lord Spirit
	       Once per day, use a quick action to start raging. 
               While raging, you roll 2d20 to hit with your barbarian melee
               and thrown weapon attacks instead of 1d20. Use the higher roll
               for the attack. If you roll a natural 11+ with both dice and your
               highest attack roll is a hit, the attack is a critical hit!
               Recharge 16+: After a battle in which you rage, roll a d20 and
               add your Constitution modifier; on a 16+, you can use 
               Rage again later in the day.

	Barbaric Cleave
        Blood Lust
                Once per battle as a free action, make another barbarian melee
                attack after you have dropped a non-mook foe to 0 hp with a
                barbarian melee attack. (Dropping the last mook of a mook mob
                also qualifies you to use Barbaric Cleave.)

	Building Frenzy
		One battle per day, as a free action after you have missed with an
                attack, deal +1d6 damage with your melee attacks until the end
                of the battle. Deal +1d6 additional damage each time one of your
                attacks misses, up to a maximum of +4d6 damage.
                Adventurer Feat: Bonus damage dice are now d6s.

        Red Mist
                During your turn, when you attack a staggered enemy you were
                not engaged with at the start of your turn, deal +1d6+2 damage per
                level to that creature if you hit.
                Adventurer Feat: You gain a +2 bonus to Slayer attacks.    

	Serene Star Robes
	2d10 Orc Claws 

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Jul 1, 2013

Interested in this. Expect a tiefling occultist later.

Mar 27, 2010

Stop it.
Stop all this nonsense.

Nap Ghost

Hey, MelvinBison, can you tidy up your sheet a bit? You're breaking tables pretty hard.

So I'm not just calling people out, lets throw some slightly gleaned, slightly made up info on the lesser two dragon colors!

White Dragons are a mere shadow of their former glory, nowadays regarded as nuisances and weaklings, only capable of harassing small farming towns and frontier towns. Stories and Legends tell of a long gone time when The White, the Matriarch of all dragons, stood against the Lich King in an endless and terrible war that tore apart the humans and dwarves caught between them. But the Lich King eventually claimed victory, slaying The White in combat and casting down her armies. With their Icon destroyed, it is said, the white dragon brood were diminished, never to recover. The Lich King hunts them to this day, as they make excellent fodder to raise into powerful servants.

Green Dragons, in contrast, are more dangerous for their unpredictability. It is something of an open secret, though neither side will admit it, that The Green is held in captivity by the Elf Queen. Without his guidance or rule, the rest of the green brood has drifted steadily from their roots hunting the jungles and forests they called home. Many of them have rejected the other dragon broods, seeking power in avenues previously thought beneath draconic kind. A green dragon may not necessarily poison you and feast on you as a matter of course, but that may be because he is planning to sacrifice you to dark gods later.

Oct 16, 2013

Any thoughts on the Thaumaturge?

Mar 27, 2010

Stop it.
Stop all this nonsense.

Nap Ghost

Is that 13 Ways? I still need to pick that up. If not, can you link it? I can't seem to find Thaumaturge anywhere

Apr 1, 2010

"Your face is a bad joke, and I'm the punchline."

One Unique Thing: When I was given life, my masters wove a single command into my soul: "Thou shalt not take up arms against The Three or their minions."

Jawbreaker was given life as a cruelty. Its body was etched with crude symbols and slurs that are meant to shock or frighten in Dwarven runes. Created as an insult to the Dwarven peoples whom servants of The Black drove from their home, it was tasked with tracking and killing those Dwarfs fortunate enough to survive the purge of the Northern Mountainhome. With sword, axe, and spear it hunted the refugees who fled deeper and deeper into the dark. For years it bore no name, knew only violence, and believed itself to truly be without will.

Last summer, before a twisted carnival of monsters, cultists, and cutthroats, Jawbreaker was ordered to destroy itself. This act was to prove the innate weakness in the dwarf's creations, to prove the superiority of the those loyal to The Three. Instead, it cast down its blade, and struck its master, breaking his jaw and pulping the man's face. For one whole week, he fought his way through former allies in the dark without rest, beating a path clear to the surface. From this act, he took his freedom and his name.

Now Jawbreaker seeks to atone for the sins he needed not commit. With his bare hands, he intends to pummel the Dragons and their minions until there is not one left in the world that draws breath.


Dwarf Hunter (+5) - Jawbreaker spent years in lightless caverns tracking a tireless prey who knew no better refuge. It is experienced at all manner of spelunking, geography, and surviving off the land that months in the Underdark can teach. It is also familiar with a number of creatures that favor inky depths and dank caverns. It understands and respects those who ply his violent trade, and excels at communicating through threats of violence and thuggery.

Porter of EVIL (+3) - Every waking moment not spent hunting was to be bandied about as a prized toy to his Masters' whims. Although it lacks any natural talent, years of watching The Black's minions convulse in a mockery of courtly intrigue has given it a number of insights into the mechanisms of politics, organization, and persuasion.

Icon Relationships:

The Three, Negative - 2 points: Jawbreaker represents a failure of The Three's machinations, a constant thorn in their side, and a very uppity sense of free-will given that Jawbreaker owes its life to the Three. They would derive pleasure in the opportunity to use Jawbreaker as an example to those who betray their orders.

Dwarf King, Conflicted - 1 point: To some dwarves, Jawbreaker represents a boogeyman; to others, an example of the true spirit of the Dwarf-forged. To the Dwarf King, he represents a political nightmare. He'd prefer if Jawbreaker never set foot near his people again, but is not afraid to call upon Jawbreaker for the debt he owes to the dwarven people.

Level 1 Dwarf-Forged Fighter

STR 18		(+4)		Max Hit Points: 36
DEX 14		(+2)		Max Recoveries: 9
CON 18  	(+4)		Recovery value: 1d10 + 4
INT  8		(-1)		Armor Class: 18
WIS 8           (-1)		PD: 13	MD: 10
CHA 10          (0)		Initiative: +2

Race Features
	Never Say Die:
		Whenever you drop to 0 hp or below, roll a normal save if you have a recovery available.
                On an 11+, instead of falling unconscious, you stay on your feet and can heal using a recovery.
                 Add the recovery hit points to 0 hp to determine your hp total.
Class Features
	Extra Tough
	       You start with nine recoveries instead of the usual eight.
                Whenever an enemy attempts to disengage from you, it takes a penalty to its check equal to your
                Dexterity or Constitution modifier, whichever is higher. The penalty doesn’t apply if you are stunned,
                grabbed, or otherwise incapable of making an opportunity attack.

	Heavy Warrior
                Once per battle while wearing heavy armor, when you are hit by an attack that targets AC,
                as a free action, you can take half damage from that attack instead.

	Power Attack
		Once per battle before you roll an attack, you can declare you’re using Power Attack to deal
                additional damage with that attack roll. If the attack hits, you deal the following additional damage:
                   Deal 1d4 additional damage per level if you are using a one- handed weapon.
                   Deal 1d6 additional damage per level if you are using a two- handed weapon.

	Tough as Iron
                Once per battle, you can rally using a quick action instead of a standard action.

1st Level Maneuvers
        Carve an Opening
                Triggering Roll: Any natural odd roll
                Effect: Your crit range with melee attacks expands by a cumulative +1 this battle until you
                score a melee critical hit. When you score a melee critical hit, your crit range drops back to normal.

         Grim Intent
                 Triggering Roll: Any natural even miss
              Effect: The next time you would deal miss damage with a melee attack, add a WEAPON die to that damage.
              At 5th level, instead add 2 total WEAPON dice; at 8th level, instead add 3 total WEAPON dice.

         Deadly Assault
                 Triggering Roll: Any natural even hit
                 Effect: Reroll any 1s from your damage roll. You’re stuck with the rerolls.
                 Adventurer Feat: Now you can reroll both 1s and 2s with Deadly Assault.

	Thick Plated Skin (Heavy Armor)
	Fists/Body/Head (2HD-Heavy Weapon d10)
        Spelunking Equipment
        25 gold

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Nov 17, 2012

An occurrence!
Your 'Inadvisably Big Dog' Quality is now 1!


M.c.P posted:

Hey, MelvinBison, can you tidy up your sheet a bit? You're breaking tables pretty hard.

Sorry about that. Should be fixed now.

Oct 16, 2013

M.c.P posted:

Is that 13 Ways? I still need to pick that up. If not, can you link it? I can't seem to find Thaumaturge anywhere

I'm a moron who actually meant Theurge.

Mar 27, 2010

Stop it.
Stop all this nonsense.

Nap Ghost

Whycalibur posted:

I'm a moron who actually meant Theurge.

Ah, then yes, the Theurge is cool. I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

Speaking of that, recruitment will close on Wednesday, January 28 probably sometime in the morning EST. I have 24 hours of flying the next day, so it seems like a good time for the participants to hash out how their PCs interact.

Edit: of course dragonspawn fit this. Failed experiments and jilted servants are a time honored dragon killing tradition.

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Feb 13, 2012

We'll start,
like many good things,
with a bear.

Doctor Rope

Dragonborn are okay, yes? I had a PC I made for something else who might fit, a dragonborn naturalist wizard making a catalog of fantastic beasts. I think Bogdan could be adapted to this concept pretty well.

Oct 16, 2013

Moju, the Living Junk Pile

Updated using the newest version of Theurge.

Moju was created, largely by accident, when a gnomish tinkerer grew frustrated with a mysterious artifact he couldn't figure out and tossed it into a pile of other useless junk.

The artifact was activated by the precise manner of its landing inside of a barrel, and proceeded to gather the nearest bits of junk into an ad hoc body. The tinkerer, needless to say, was astonished. He quickly claimed that he had created this being on purpose, and the newly-sapient (if rather simple-minded) junkpile wasn't in any position to contradict him. And so Moju was born, and immediately put to work carrying out menial tasks for the gnome. This was about all Moju was good for.

Two years later, the tinkerer brought home a fossilized dragon toe to study. Moju was powerfully drawn to this artifact, and stole it in the night, stuffing it into its barrel. As soon as it did, it grew smarter and more powerful, gaining a new awareness of the world and awakening to the beginnings of inexplicable magical power. Somehow, dragon bits fed the artifact at its core and unlocked its potential.

When the gnome found his precious toe stolen, he immediately blamed Moju and kicked the construct out. Now (just barely) intelligent enough to fend for itself, Moju decided to embark on a journey to find more dragon parts and unlock more of its mind-- and power. Moju learned that it could use the junk which made up its body to fuel potent magical effects, despite knowing nothing of magic. This puzzled Moju, who figured that the best way to learn more about this power was to get smarter.

Over the next three years, Moju tracked down and consumed several minor pieces of dragons, becoming more and more intelligent and powerful with each claw, tooth or scale consumed. Moju also learned that gold could be used to purchase such things, and so began hiring out its services (now rather more impressive) as a burglar or bodyguard, tracking down and unearthing dragon bones from past ages. If the occasional corner of a scale went missing before it got back to the client, well, accidents happen. In this way, he became acquainted with agents of the Dwarf King and began working for them regularly. Doing this, Moju learned to crudely disguise himself as a deformed dwarf; should the dwarf king learn Moju's true nature, he would no doubt try to steal the construct for his own collection.

Moju also began taking odd jobs for a sketchy figure made all of cloaks and shadows. These kinds were without fail bizarre, and Moju found it difficult to remember the exact details of the task once it was complete.

More recently, Moju has learned that the boosts he gains from consuming dragon relics are temporary. If it does not fuel up regularly, it will devolve to its original state of stupidity... and perhaps even revert to a simple pile of garbage. Theorizing that fresh dragon parts might provide a stronger, longer-lasting boost, Moju went off to find the only group of people dumb enough to go out and take shots at the beasts on a regular basis: the Dragon Slayers. As far as Moju is concerned, there are two options: slowly turn into a moron and die, or risk dying at the claws of a dragon for the chance at ultimate power. The choice was not too difficult to make.

And hey, hopefully Moju's artifact doesn't have any bad reactions with all that fresh dragon blood. That would be just terrible, wouldn't it.

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Mar 27, 2010

Stop it.
Stop all this nonsense.

Nap Ghost

Ah, noticed something.

- I'm going to ignore that weird rule about firing into melee having a 1/20 chance of hitting an ally. If you took Precise shot as a feat, you can pick up something more interesting

Captain Walker
Apr 7, 2009

Mother knows best
Listen to your mother
It's a scary world out there

Hey I realized my guy is kind of generic and boring. I have a better idea and if I can get it hashed out by the 28th I'll use that instead.

Oct 16, 2013

Moju updated as we discussed.

Green Intern
Dec 29, 2008

Secret Art: Toxic Crotch Whirlwind!

I probably won't be getting a guy together before the deadline, but maybe a miracle will happen.


z0glin Warchief
May 16, 2007

Rudy Brewer

The streets of Drakkenhall are not the most welcoming for humans—the ones brave enough to make a living there, anyway. Or, even, the ones unlucky enough to be born there.

Rudy Brewer was born to the happenstance meeting of a half-elven barmaster and human sailor. As a child, he would help around the bar, but as he got older he was drawn more and more into the wheelings and dealings of the Black Fang, the Black's gang-but-not-quite that shares (unofficially) authority with the Blue's Ministry of Order in the city.

Rudy, bless his heart, had never been quite all there in the head—much to his mother's chagrin—and so as a member was relegated mostly to tasks tedious and mundane. Over time he built up a minor reputation for his earnestness, a trait in scarce supply in the City of Monsters. Of course, such a reputation is rarely beneficial, and Rudy found himself given increasingly difficult and dangerous work. Fortunately, he'd always had a knack for getting out of sticky situations unhurt.

This culminated in a rather unusual job. See, the Black Fang, criminal though it may be, rarely deals in uncultured crime, like breaking and entering. But that was exactly the order this time, having been delegated down the chain (for reasons that will become clear) from the Black herself: "Maalik has been uncooperative lately. Take something from his hoard as punishment." Maalik, understand, is a red dragon.

Of course, it was originally intended as a suicide mission; the point wasn't to actually steal anything, but for Maalik to find an agent of the Black in his lair, as a sort of reminder. Unfortunately (or fortunately, if your name is Rudy Brewer), he actually got in and made it back out alive, golden chalice in hand.

This caused all sorts of trouble, as you can well imagine. For Rudy, it meant being placed on indefinite leave—far away from the city—until things (Maalik) cool down.

And now? Well, word has spread, and when you need Object A removed from Terrible Monster Lair B, Rudy is your man. Lately he's been traveling and making a name for himself that way. He remains something a rube though.

OUT: World's Foremost Hoard Robber

~2 The Three: As a member of the Black Fang, he has some "positive" connection with the Black, despite the kerfuffle with Maalik. The Blue is a little more indifferent, though wary of a potential thief, while the Red gives no shits; most red dragons though, hoard-obsessed as they are, hate his guts.
+1 Archmage: When a client comes asking for some artifact or another to be "retrieved", odds are they are working for the Archmage.

+5 Hoard Robber
+4 Black Fang Grunt
+4 City Of Monsters Bartender

Rudy Brewer, Human Rogue 1

Str  10  HP: 30/30
Con  18  AC: 17
Dex  18  PD: 17
Int   8  MD: 10
Wis   8  REC: 8/8
Cha  14  REC DICE: 1d8 + 4

Class Features:
Sneak Attack +1d4
Trap Sense

Thievery (Hoard Robber)

Roll with it - Interrupt, At-Will, Momentum; melee attack hits my AC or PD->take 1/2 damage.
Tumbling Strike - At-Will Melee attack; Effect: +5 to all disengage checks, 
can disengage as a quick action.  Normal basic attack otherwise.
Sure Cut - At-Will, Momentum, can Sneak Attack the target; On a miss, deal Sneak Attack damage.
Flying Blade - Ranged; If an ally is engaged with the target, 
can deal sneak attack damage on a natural even roll.

Roll With It - Allows use on PD-targeting attacks
Reach Tricks* (Surprise!)

Racial Power:
Quick to Fight - roll twice for initiative, keep higher

Singed, acid-burned, scarred, and otherwise just beat up leather armor
Disassemblable long spear (think pool cue)
Several knives of various sizes and shapes
Largish Satchel full of tools of the trade
1d6x10 gold
*A spear-wielding rogue? What is that nonsense, you might ask. Well, it's half weapon half tool; a good sturdy pole is invaluable in a dungeon dive, and when you need to poke holes in some big ole monster, your average dagger might leave you too close for comfort. And besides, what's a spear but a dagger on a stick?

Some extra folks:

Rena Brewer: Half-elf mother of Rudy and owner/operator of the Melting Pot, a bar and inn near the bay with the most diverse clientele this side of, well, anywhere. While they wouldn't admit it in polite company, a fair number of important people in the city are regulars. Does not actually brew her own drinks.

Maalik: A powerful, arrogant Red that makes it's lair a ways outside Drakkenhall. Somewhat known for his uncooperative attitude toward the Three.

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