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Jul 1, 2013
Awakening is a game that i'm glad exists... It's just that I personally found it a massive letdown as a long time fan of the series. I'm happy that it's an entry game that introduced alot of new players to the series, not to mention saving the series to begin with.

The problems I have were touched upon by Artix. You look at 7's level design, as Melth has been showing. Very intricate, smartly laid out levels where almost every chapter has their own objectives and quirks. They start to feel like puzzles at times, especially ones like Whereabouts Unknown and Battle Before Dawn, where you need to think carefully about your unit setups and positions. Awakening devolves into "Here's a big sprawling map where you smash the bad people".

There's also the characterisation, and the sad thing is, i'd actually enjoy alot of the characters, if not for how they are presented. I do think that there is quite a bit of depth in the Supports (And to another extent the Future Past DLC), but the problem is, almost every character has their ~Wacky Gimmick~ pushed front and center. I'm fine with IS taking a more comical and snarky approach to their scripts, it helped Days of Ruin a bunch, but they went completely overboard in Awakening. Every character is a wacky gimmick first and foremost. It's a massive oversaturation of comic relief traits. It got to the point where when I recruited Henry, I immediately hated him. Because I had about half a dozen characters with wacky comedy gimmicks, and I didn't want another. It's why Lucina was one of my favourite characters. Because she had a straightforward personality that was used for a basis with the weirder traits used for comedy. It's something that I liked in the older games, where characters with their own traits made humor by bouncing off others and showing more of themselves, like Reyson talking about how he tried to imitate Tibarn.

Also, fantastic work on this LP Melth. I love your analysis on one of my favourite games of all time.


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