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Dec 11, 2013

by FactsAreUseless

Despite what those elitists on either coast might think, the Great Lakes region is a hub of talent and culture in the United States. The fact that we lack a major film industry presence has made it difficult for the creators of the region to find work and develop their talents.

This collective aims to remedy that.

Are You a Writer?
Rad, let's work on pitches and writing together.

Are You an Actor?
Cool, we'll help you put together a reel.

Makeup Artist?
Have you ever done a live cast before?

It's exceedingly rare to find animators, and it's even harder to be one in this region.

Are You a Director?
We can help you get those credentials, Scorsese

Oh You Sew?
Well Seamster/stress/ist get your bobbin and start weavin...we'll eventually need costumes, and we will need people to make those costumes.

Build poo poo/Great With Model Making and Kit Bashing?
HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO DESIGN A GODDAMN SPACESHIP? Cause that's on my agenda. Carpentry Skills are greatly appreciated, and good props don't just fall out of the sky.

Do I Have A Point To Make?
The Entertainment Industry is a cold and ruthless machine that all creative types secretly aspire to become a part of. Due to the pioneers of modern film, cinema, and music generally being treated as slave labor the Guilds of Hollywood, and their Foreign Knockoffs Unionized (which is cool) and Closed Shop (lovely). Basically, for you young folks looking to make it big selling your Magnum Opus which you've been working on since high school...Probably not going to happen, and if it does the end product will likely turn out nothing like you have in your first draft.

Agents and Studios are many headed beasts though, and they have been known to headhunt things like staff writers/bit parts/etc from online content providers. This gets you Guild Credits, and thus gets your foot in the door.

Union Shops on the technical side can be just as hard to get into. If you're a designer/builder/costumer/digital editor it can be really hard to find industry work.

Honestly though, there's no better path to employment than a combination of documented experience and a friend in the business.

And That Is The Ultimate Goal
By working to get this collective off the ground, and putting in hours honing our craft with other like minded individuals, by helping one another achieve and improve, we are gaining an edge as creators. If even one of us manages to find industry work they have become a huge resource to the rest of the collective by mere association. In producing consistent and quality content With Your Names On It we are making ourselves a known variable, we are building , and we are developing an audience, we are networking with professionals.

The Film Industry is a Business and We Will Treat it As Such
At some point in the future the collective will need to find its legal footing. We are professionals, and want to see that we make money from these endeavors we embark on. That means we will need to register as a business. I've only done a little poking here, but art collectives and unions are generally listed as Employee Owned Corporations. I don't pretend to be an expert though, maybe one of you is more informed in this regard. (In which case you would be an awesome member.) As a member you will be a vested owner in the collective, and you are free to use collective resources for independent projects.

As stated earlier though, I do not know much about this aspect and would prefer to have the members of the collective vote on any such decisions when we are more informed as a whole.

So What Are The Advantages?
In addition to the advantages stated above, collective members will eventually come to enjoy a whole suite of benefits, including access to equipment, software, and talent.

I would also like to implement a system by which we lease our facilities/equipment and provide creative services to non members and local businesses. Members would be appointed to produce and direct these projects and would receive compensation for doing so. Our primary objective will always be finding frequent and consistent work in the Film Industry.

Immediate Goal
Development and Pre-Production of Our Flagship Web Series
When the initial group of writers has been formed, we will start a round-table discussion planning the content of our first production. Pitches will be submitted via email, and voted on anonymously by way of a Google Docs Form. From here we will take the concept of the pitch and refine it into a pilot script. The Production Schedule will be developed and shooting will start as soon as the resources are all allocated.

Short-Term Goals
==Leased Studio Space==
- Digital Audio Workstation
- 2 Video Editing Workstations
- 3 Mid-Range 3 Camera Sound Stage
- Remote Workstations with Industry Approved Software
- Small Wardrobe and Prop Department
- Workshops and Seminars hosted by Collective Members
- Miscellaneous Resources
- Audio Recording Studio

Long-Term Goals
- Studio Grade Sound Stage
- Full Fleet of Film and Audio Recording Equipment
- Affiliation With Other Organizations and Collectives (Stagehand's Unions/Makerspaces/Etc)
- Agency and Legal Representation for the Collective
- Theater Style Screening Area
- Workshops and Seminars hosted by Industry Writers/Actors/Producers/Artists

What Will Be Expected Of Members
All Members will be expected to actively contribute to the collective's mission. To produce content, ideas, and critiques for other collective members, and play an active role in the promotion and organization of our venture. Additionally: Members will be expected to attend meetings and collective functions on a semi-regular basis and work in at least 1 member project and 1 collective project per quarter. Members will also be expected to adhere to community determined rules and by-laws. When working on Collective Projects you will be expected to adhere to the production schedule and complete tasks before deadlines.

Side Note: There will be mandatory volunteer hours for all members, this service will be dedicated to set construction/strike (Collective Projects), administrative duties, as well as facilities development . These will be flexible and scheduled to be the most convenient for you.

A Note On Dues
Right now I'm just a dude on a forum posting about a big idea that I have and want you to be a part of. Dues will eventually be expected from members. This is a decent ways into the future, and is something that won't be worried about until we have elected officers and created a mission statement, and are in the process of working towards acquiring studio space.

What will they be used for? (When things get to that point?)
- Rent/Utilities
- General Upkeep
- Legal/Insurance Matters
- Web Services (Website, Ad Revenue, Etc.)
- Development of Collective Assets (Video Equipment, Studio Development, Etc.)
- Content Production Costs

I reiterate, we are far from even having this discussion., The details of this will be decided by the entire collective, not just the Board of Directors.

This Is All Just Input From One Schmuck Though
Keep in mind that this is just what I have developed for this initial recruiting drive. Right now I am the only member of this collective. I DO NOT WANT IT TO BE THAT WAY FOR LONG This is going to be a collective...which means everyone's input is regarded equally and everyone will have a say in the future of this project.

So How Do I Get In?
Being a new enterprise, there aren't firm guidelines for new members and things are fairly open. I'm not going to turn you away if you aren't the greatest writer or actor, this is about developing skills and learning from one another. If you're interested in being a part of this from day zero, and would like to help flesh out this crazy big idea I have keep reading. I will have a form letter for you use with your submission. I will attach this as a file to the OP when it is completed.

If You Live in The Great Lakes Region And Want To Be A Part Of This
Specifically The Milwaukee/Chicagoland Region (Where I am Geographically Located)
Send Me A Private Message. I'm currently working on developing social media accounts as well as securing a website for this project. (I Will Update the OP With New/Relevant Info, as well as Goon Member Announcements)
If you have any questions or input just reply to the thread and I, or potential future members will see that it is answered.

If You Live Outside of The Great Lakes Region
That may or may not suck for you, but either way, you will have to wait.
Despair not, however, barring location specific positions this collective is not geographically limited to the poisoned waters of the Central Coast. Writers, Artists, and Editors will all be able to work remotely once we get established.

You're a shining example of humanity, and I cannot believe you stuck with me that long. I honestly do appreciate it.

As Always: To the Mods and Admins - If this is a poo poo post/posted in the wrong place/breaking obscure rules let me know and I will voluntarily edit/move/delete as necessary.

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