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Dec 30, 2004
Pure insanity

I'm looking for windows based synchronization software that can store a database of checksums / hashes so that it doesn't have to reparse everything every time I run it.

What I currently have set up for backup is
System drive -> regular images ( macrium )
Important data / photos / code -> mirrored to NAS, and occasionally USB drives which I store in the office / parents / etc. Most of these folders are also shared read only on my network so I can access them from other PCs.
unimportant data -> mirror to NAS. Also read only access

However right now I usually manually sync the folders. I would like use some software which can store a database of checksums on the target drive of the drive's current state. Then worst case it needs to rehash the local content, ideally this would only be done if modify time / filesize changed. Keeping removed / changes files in a dedicated folder for X days would be cool, but isn't necessary if I can see a preview of what actions will be taken.

I tried synctoy but it always froze. I am thinking about trying freefilesync but a review said it tries to install spyware which is a big red flag, and I can't tell whether it can store a version DB from the website. There is also DirSync Pro but it lists as a feature Uses no local database, so no overhead which is pretty much the opposite of what I want.

So, any suggestions?

E: The nas is a basic synology unit, I have tried using the cloudsync but for some reason that ended up not working properly.

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Dec 30, 2004
Pure insanity

Flipperwaldt posted:

I don't know what SyncBack Free does in the background and whether it keeps a database of hashes or whatever. I know it compares tens of thousands of files in tens of seconds, which is probably all anyone should care about.

It'll do pretty much anything you could require from a syncing program and should IMO be the default recommendation where SyncToy is too simple and a specific need for a command line tool isn't present.

I'll take a look at that, I hadn't hear of it before. The help file does list a "fast backup" feature which uses a database, but that's disabled in the free version, and the free version's options by default don't do file hashing. If it ends up doing what I want then I may just buy it, a couple of dollars is a lot cheaper than adding a database to one of the opensource projects. Or maybe I can get it to do hashing of files under 50mb in size and skip hashing for larger files.

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