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Gaius Marius
Oct 9, 2012

Umineko 8

I do not like this Berkenkastel plan she's got

Man Berk isn't gonna do the fake dead Kyrie Rudolf again, calling it out as makeup is weak.

Purple!? Jesus what is this poo poo

Let's do this Ryukushi

That was actually not that hard, saying the culprit from the first twilight killed 6 people but not saying he did it on said twilight is way too big of a giveaway. Combined with the makeup comment from ange when she see's rudolf and Kyrie. Tipped your hand a bit much, that said this game isn't for battleman and Beato is it? Berk you bitch, you know Ange existing outside the box is the only one who can deny the golden land they've found themselves in. You want her to deny that her family could be the killers and kill Meta Battler and Beato

loving Sherlock Maria over here

EvilBattler.png is something

Metatextually this is Ange falling so far into her delusions about the massacre that she even rejects her Oniichan I guess?

The goats are the witch hunters/Media that are speculating without concern for the people left after the massacer

No wonder Ange latched onto the Eva Culprit theory

OJ SJOT IS TJAT <Y bou Eirika?

Everyone is here I guess. Hopefu;;y not Sakutaor

Ange is dumb as all gently caress, everyone Even Featherine is implying heavily that your a dumbass going after the wrong thing, and yet you persist

Should I trust the evil witch or my precious Onii chan trying to make me happy? Guess I gotta go with the witch YOLO

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Rockman Reserve
Oct 2, 2007

"Carbons? Purge? What are you talking about?!"

The PS3 sprites are so much better than the Pachinko/MG sprites it is actually kind of stunning, like I feel like I could actually recommend someone read this without an insanely huge asterisk looming over the recommendation if these were the default sprites.

e: two asterisks. the asterisks are huge insane boobs on almost every female character. they're gross and the PS3 sprites don't seem to go that direction while still looking cool as hell. what the gently caress, MG?

Ibram Gaunt
Jul 22, 2009

Remember, children... You brought this upon yourselves!

I doubt MG chose the pachinko sprites out of preference, most likely the only ones they could get the rights to use.

Gaius Marius
Oct 9, 2012

They were for a pachinko game originally I guess, sex and casino's goes together like chocolate and Peanut butter I guess.

I don't like the new backgrounds I miss the weird out of focus pictures

The 7th Guest
Dec 17, 2003

root letter is definitely mediocre but having live actors/FMV definitely helps the entertainment factor far more than the original drawings

despite the interface though it's barely more than a kinetic novel, to the point where the hint button is REQUIRED to be pressed at times in order to be allowed to progress, and you can't leave areas while there are things to do

Aug 30, 2007

I binged Gnosia over the last week and didn't think I'd end up liking it as much as I did. Really cool game that I vastly enjoyed more than Raging loop. Although I wouldn't say they're comparable outside of the werewolf/mafia game integrated into the story.

Cool use of scifi in a unique setting I haven't seen before. Almost every character is a lovable scamp; except maybe a couple that are the worst.

Is there anything else out there remotely like it?

Apr 14, 2003

"...creating a vision of the sort of society you want to have in miniature"

Also for those like me who played through the incomplete Apple Arcade version

Nov 11, 2012

Demo saves also transfer to the full release

Irony Be My Shield
Jul 29, 2012


The demo was fun, I'm looking forward to the full game. Curious what the actual format will be because it's left pretty open.

Tired Moritz
Mar 25, 2012

wish Lowtax would get tired of YOUR POSTS

(n o i c e)

Isn't it just the platforming part in DRV3 but more?

The 7th Guest
Dec 17, 2003

having finished root letter i feel like the core story of it is actually deserving of a better localization (or script in general) than it got. the story and dialog are told almost as dryly as the original NDS localization of Jake Hunter

"I go to the restaraunt. Boy am I hungry. The waiter greets me." "Helloooo!" "I looked at the menu. The menu was full of many tasty looking foods. i decided to order one."

Gaius Marius
Oct 9, 2012

Fun little Baking Excursion sponsored by Umineko

Nov 11, 2012

The 7th Guest posted:

having finished root letter i feel like the core story of it is actually deserving of a better localization (or script in general) than it got. the story and dialog are told almost as dryly as the original NDS localization of Jake Hunter

"I go to the restaraunt. Boy am I hungry. The waiter greets me." "Helloooo!" "I looked at the menu. The menu was full of many tasty looking foods. i decided to order one."

I'm guessing it doesn't have the benefit of "This is my assistant, Julia Marks. She's very smart, fluent in several languages and filled with DELICIOUS NOUGAT" like Jake Hunter had, either.

Jan 14, 2010

But what about Root Film, which I think is out...somewhere, japan, probably?

so I'd imagine orenronen might be the only guy's who has played it

Jan 24, 2004


I bought it but like all VNs it just sits on my HD unread.

Oct 9, 2012

I started reading tokyo zodiac murders after it was discussed in here and i like it so far but big lol at the bit where the detective spends several pages disparaging sherlock holmes only to conclude that he's better because he's an astrologer.

Gaius Marius
Oct 9, 2012

It's actually some of the best writing in the book. I can't find the quote but from what I remember what Kiyoshi is talking about regards the implicit faith that we put in the detective to have come to correct conclusions, even if they taken outside the medium would be absurd. Like hiding a snake in a safe to kill someone, something that is completely insane but seems rational coming from a detective whose solving the case.

It's also a joke, Sherlock didn't know the Earth revolved around the sun in the first Holmes novel.

Stefan Prodan
Jan 7, 2002

I deeply respect you as a human being... Some day I'm gonna make you *Mrs* Buck Turgidson!

Grimey Drawer

that was my favorite part of the book lol

just the image of everyone going "oh there's sherlock holmes pretending we can't tell it's him in the old woman suit again" made me laugh

May 30, 2011

cats can have little a sunglasses, as a treat

Gaius Marius posted:

Fun little Baking Excursion sponsored by Umineko

Well, that looks amazing. How did it taste?

Gaius Marius
Oct 9, 2012

Pretty good, I really underestimated how much the Rose Sauce would add to the Dish, If I did it again I'd use way less Strawberries and more Rose.

As a bonus It's easy as gently caress to make

Umineko 8

Wait the Cheisters are the Maria dolls? I thought they were the Guns

I don't think I said it But ANGE's witch outfit is dope. I really like how I got the setup for this EP exactly wrong, I thought it would be Berk or Feathrine Vs Ange when it was actually Berk and Ange Vs Battler

Eirika you better make this appearance good, you've done nothing but disappoint so far

I should expect it being the last episode but the game really lays on the theme that the whole closed room scenarios were just a fun game for Battler and Sayo that have been weaponized by both Sayo in her would be murderous form and the Wtichhunters.

Since I'm reading some of his or their work at the moment I should mention that the contest that Hachiko won is similar to one won by Ellery Queen. It's worth noting because "Ellery Queen" is actually two people working in tandem to write the novels, just a nice clue for people if they didn't realize Hachiko is Sayo and the "Assisstant" she had at the book signing is Battler

Now I have to speculate about Berkanstel. It's weird that she seems like a witch, I had assumed she was in some sort of horrible accident or tradgedy like getting cancer as a child or something and this elevated her into the next level of the Board, but then she's also depicted as catlike. And Willard and Hachiko both have cats. Is Berkanstel another creations of Sayo's to challenge Ange to see if she can handle the truth of the Rokkenjima incident? Is berk also designed to test Battler. Or is Berk supposed to be Will's cat that somehow Ascended? I have no idea.

Lambda and Berk are both sort of beyond my grasp in terms of understanding them, likewise why was Lambda in the Theatre for one scene

Well I coulda went forward one scene and confirmed Berk is Hachiko's cat

Yeah I'm ninety percent sure I'm never gonna get the whole truth, And I'm okay with that. Story wise keeping the Catbox closed is far more resonant than knowing how the actual murders went down

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Dec 11, 2013

"I'm Jack Frost, ho! Nice to meet ya, hee ho!"

Gaius Marius posted:

Eirika you better make this appearance good, you've done nothing but disappoint so far

Is there a way to cancel people on SA for having bad opinions?


Gaius Marius
Oct 9, 2012

MegaZeroX posted:

Is there a way to cancel people on SA for having bad opinions?

I think people got me too hyped for her, Like she was fine but if you give me the option to hang out with My wife Beatrice, and all her cool Magic friends, or the packing tape wielding killjoy Eirika. My heart is always going with Beato.

She did add a ton to the game though, another pure Beato game probably would be untenable. Eirika showing up really tossed up the conventions. I don't know which of the Arc's I prefer but mixing them up right at the start of 5 was a hell of a good choice

Although she does lose some points for falling into Battler's trap with the closed room in Six. I wonder if now she understands that he set her up to entomb him

Umineko 8 Speculation

Isn't Tohya her first name? Or is the name order reversed in the patch

Ange is gonna feel like an idiot when the battleman finally shows his face again to real her

Gaius Marius fucked around with this message at 02:25 on May 10, 2021

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