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Oct 30, 2012


Iím thinking about converting my five year old Sony MDR-7506 studio headphones into both removable cable and bluetooth wireless instead of the original cord design. I have already removed the cable and replaced it with a jack, but Iím not familiar enough with the wireless components to make a decision without looking for advice, first.

First, some preface:
About three months ago I was on public transit and my cable fell apart. Instead of buying a new set of headphones I pulled out my soldering iron, bought a 2.5mm panel mount and a 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable. I figured this would be nice, because I could put my cable in my pocket and hang my headphones, now cordless, around my neck. I could also unplug and plug it back in without taking my phone out of my bag/pocket/whatever. Itís been working out great, but Iíve been considering adding the option to take it a step further and give myself the option to operate it entirely wirelessly.

Hereís the current setup:

The weird circular thing is a magnet mount for my microphone, no designer nonsense or unexpected modifications there.

I have a few requirements before I start looking at parts:
At least 3 hours of battery life without signal break up
Small form factoró I donít want to have to rewire the headphones between the left and right cups. If I canít fit everything into the left cup I canít reasonably complete this project.
Between 10-20 feet of range. Iíd like to be able to walk a little bit away from my phone/laptop to grab something when Iím at the student union or whatever.
It has to actually be cheaper than buying good bluetooth headphones. This project is basically for fun but itís not for being stupid.

Now that the foreplay is over, I guess I can finally get to my questions
What are my options for rechargeable batteries? Space is incredibly limited here, and Iím not even sure where I could mount a jack yet.
Can I buy Bluetooth parts, or do I have to buy a car adapter or something and dismantle it?
How would I set up the switches in a way that made sense?
Do I switch bluetooth on/off?
Do I switch between bluetooth source and direct input?
Can I do both at the same time?
Could I even set up the jack as a pass-through with the bluetooth, and switch from battery power to jack DC input without some crazy stupid modifications and throwing away what Iíve worked on previously?


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