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Jan 1, 2010

~Neck Angels~

Oh, that's a bummer but totally understandable. For what it's worth, the Classic Lineup casts of late have been pretty great!


Captain Invictus
Apr 5, 2005

Try reading some manga!

I buy Steam inventories, add me if interested!

Clever Betty

Didja get that thing I sentcha

Apr 28, 2010

Captain Invictus posted:

Didja get that thing I sentcha

Dammit Invictus, people don't want your inflatable donkeys!

Dr. Stab
Sep 12, 2010

Just get James, Sean, Danielle and Steve to make their own weekly podcast of idle thumbs rejects.

Lone Goat
Apr 16, 2003

When life gives you lemons, suplex those lemons.

Idle Fingers

Captain Invictus
Apr 5, 2005

Try reading some manga!

I buy Steam inventories, add me if interested!

Clever Betty

Mierenneuker posted:

Dammit Invictus, people don't want your inflatable donkeys!
No...the challenge!!

Thirsty Dog
May 31, 2007

Chris Remo posted:

Sean was also just on the podcast less for work/life/etc reasons, and everyone was just kind of less consistently committed to showing up because when there are half a dozen people who CAN be there, and one individual person doesn't feel that personal individual responsibility to be there. So scheduling it was kind of becoming crappy for me since I had to cajole an arbitrary crew from a rotating cast each week, and it really made sense to try and say "Okay who is actually going to decide to commit to this thing every week?" Obviously Sean or others like Spaff are still around and no doubt will pop in but the musical chairs thing was becoming a real detriment to the sustainability of the show.

That sort of host ennui can really kill the quality of a podcast in no time. Glad you decided to do that.

Mar 20, 2010

Soiled Meat

That NBA 2k16 multiplayer sounds rad, what a cool concept. Can you just stand in the "lobby" and walk between games to watch them, or do the other MP games only load when you yourself are in a match?

Jonny Nox
Apr 25, 2008

So the WOFF on Warcraft 3 was really good but I don't think they mentioned that the game grew out of a cancelled point and click adventure. I'm serious

What I'm saying is that Thrall is a boring character that has been kicking around Blizzard for a loooong time.

second, the WC3 trailer may be the first movie I ever downloaded from the internet.

Jul 30, 2005


I didn't submit my Cool WC3 Story due to not being able to pare it down and make it concise and interesting; instead I'll share it here!

I played a shitload of Frozen Throne around 2005-2008, and the game transformed when I started playing with goons and breaking the online meta. Basically we would turn a normal multiplayer ladder match into a completely different game by completely breaking the metagame. We would force tech switches on the opponent by aggressively and defensively towering, using our heroes as super units to pick off individual units at a time via windwalk, and using aerial siege units to take pot shots at the opponents' supply line. It would turn a ~30 minute game into a 90 minute or 2 hour affair, I think the record was like 20 hours or something.

Exhibit A: Highperch

One of the maps in particular was ripe for abuse because there were only two lanes of travel between the bases and there were some serious mountains on the sides with a healing fountain on top. We would run with Human, Orc, and Night Elf on Highperch. The Human and Orc would wall off the two lanes of travel with towers and counter siege units and the Night Elf would tech as fast as they could into Chimeras. Humans would use the Arch Mage, Orcs had the Blademaster, and Night Elf used the Warden. When the enemy discovers our wall of towers, they usually had to switch to siege units after losing dozens of units to the Great Wall of Highperch, and this bought us valuable time. The Orc player would get their Tier 3 Town Hall, and this unlocked the Mini Town Hall item in the Orc shop. The Warden would then take the Mini Town Hall and blink up the side of the mountain to where the healing fountain was and plant their town hall, which can unroot itself and eat all of the trees up there. The Arch Mage would then grab however many peasants they could muster and Mass Teleport to a "friendly town hall" that just so happened to be at the top of the mountain, and would start covering the perimeter with as many towers as they could afford.

Because we invested heavily in towers it took a while to bust down the wall of towers, but once it was down, our natural bases were completely boned.The opponents would destroy the last building where our naturals were located and then just be confused because... there are no more buildings... what's going on? A weasel-esque tactic was to build a cheap building such as a farm as a "gently caress you" when you're losing, so the hunt for that dumb farm was on... but they would never find it. Meanwhile, we're teleporting up and down the mountain with our heroes picking off as many units as we can while laughing our asses off in Ventrilo. It took people on average about 10 minutes to find the super secret base, and because it was on the highest point of the map we had the vision advantage. They were usually not happy with their discovery and made it readily apparent to us.

That's my neat-o WC3 story and is probably why I've been chasing this dumb mutliplayer dragon for the past decade.

e: oh wow, I found old, literal battle reports from back in the day. This one chronicles 2 Humans and 1 Orc pulling it off:

Phone fucked around with this message at 05:06 on Apr 22, 2016


Mar 27, 2007

Like, I shoulda known the dog would smell it, man. I was way too high to bury him deep enough! I guess we gotta do this, huh? Alright, Scoob, get ready for my full power! DON'T HOLD BACK, PAL!


The Milkman posted:

Please destroy this thread


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