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Illinois Smith
Nov 15, 2003

Ninety-one? There are ninety other "Tiger Drivers"? Do any involve actual tigers, or driving?
Nah, in the interview where he talks about how season 5 is shorter because he hosed up when he got high he also said he'll start working on season 6 later this year. There'll definitely be less of a break this time.

IMDB also says he's working on a movie written with and starring Pamela Adlon, don't know if that's the movie he wants to do next year or something different.


Dejan Bimble
Mar 24, 2008

we're all black friends
Plaster Town Cop
I would take an entire show of child Louie. In fact I would take it over the adult Louie show!! Like everybody hates Chris, except everybody hated Louie. Let's green light this thing.

Sep 4, 2014

Meowbot posted:

my fuckin god I love season 5 of louie ... the part about the hot pour in episode 7 had me laughin for fuckin hours

how was season 4 3 2 and 1? if someone is liking season 5 should go back and watch the rest of the seasons?

Dear Lord, yes. The show didn't really hit its stride until season 2, but seasons 2-5 of Louie are IMO among the greatest masterpieces of television. The show is just completely original, experimental genius.

BTW I think the first nightmare in "Untitled" (where Louie wakes up in his apartment and goes to answer the door) might be the best, most authentic dream sequence I've ever seen in film. From the absurd dialog ("Oh no" when there's a knock at the door, as if he knows it's something bad), the eerie silence/stillness, the incredible make-up work on the monster and the motion speed up when it attacks, everything about it is the closest I've seen to capturing the feeling of having a nightmare. The dream sequences after this one were a bit more flawed.

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get that OUT of my face
Feb 10, 2007

I've only seen bits and pieces of the first three seasons, but the episodes I saw were pretty drat good. The late-night trilogy in Season 3 is still one of my favorite episodes of the show as a whole.

Season 4 was the first season I watched all of as it aired, and I didn't like it. That one scene with Pam has been discussed to death, but I also wasn't a fan of the "give a fat girl a chance" speech at the end of "So Did the Fat Lady." It was agreeable, but it had all the subtlety and preachiness of the end of your average after-school special. I think the reason why people gave it such praise was because that topic hadn't really been talked on TV before that episode, so there wasn't any competition to defer to. The rest of the season just wasn't all that great either, barring the smartass doctor and certain moments with Jane.

Season 5 was a nice return to form, though.

I'd go so far as to say watch the first three seasons and the fifth season. The fourth season is optional, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Illinois Smith
Nov 15, 2003

Ninety-one? There are ninety other "Tiger Drivers"? Do any involve actual tigers, or driving?
Even if the relationship arcs in season 4 aren't your bag there's still multiple Charles Grodin scenes and the episode where he opens for Seinfeld and punches an astronaut's daughter's eye out. And Hurricane Jasmine Forsythe.

Jun 18, 2004

Grimey Drawer
Counter-point: season 4, while slightly pretentious and over-obvious at times, makes a strong case for being the best season. Of course I'm not one who cares if this show is constantly laugh-out-loud funny or not so I don't expect that to be a common opinion.


Nov 11, 2003

by VideoGames
One of my favorite sight gags in the entire series is in early season 2 when Pam takes him apartment hunting. Louie looks out the window to see an old homeless man standing on the sidewalk, then a black car pulls up and two men in black suits abduct him and replace him with an identical old homeless man. It's the perfect example of how surreal this show is.

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