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Oct 10, 2012

We're your first, last, and only line of defense. We live in secret. We exist in shadow.

And we dress in black.

Letter from Hogwarts posted:


Dear ,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for your NEWT level studies. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Applications begin on 3 April. We await your owl by no later than 9 April.

Yours sincerely,



Enclosed List posted:



Sixth-year students will require:

1. One character sheet, filled out, chosen from the booklist
2. One backstory or introductory piece about themself
3. One secret they have discovered during their time at Hogwarts
4. Information on one teacher or student, including what everyone "knows" about them
5. One suggestion for a game thread title

Please note that all pupil's posts should carry name tags.


All students should have a Skin chosen from the following:

The Standard Book of Skins (Grade 6)
by Avery McDaldno

The Angel
by Avery McDaldno

The Hollow
by Avery McDaldno

The Selkie
by Jackson Tegu

The Serpentine
by Christopher Murray

A Guide to Advanced Skins (Second Skins, available to backers only at the moment)
by Jackson Tegu


The Anansi
by Renee Knipe

The Djinni
by GodFish

The Shadow
by Jeremy Kostiew

The Gorgon, Deep One, Banshee and Mad Scientist
by neonchameleon

Any other Skins should be run by a teacher before being used.

1 wand
1 cauldron (pewter, standard size 2)
1 set glass or crystal phials
1 telescope
1 set brass scales
1 reference sheet of basic moves
Endless shameless teen melodrama, sex, confusion and terrible life decisions

Students may also bring, if they desire, a picture. This is not nessesary, but will help me have an image to associate your character with.


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft Teenage Angst and Wizardry Drama

In the Harry Potter books, Hogwarts is a school of magic, mystery, petty rivalries, bullying, discrimination and at least the sixth book stupid hormone driven decisions and pent up sexuality, making it the perfect setting for the game of Monsterhearts. If you aren't familiar with the game, essentially you pick a skin (class), and act out some shameless teen melodrama full of sex and confusion and terrible life decisions, plus you’re a monster so you might also need to eat people or something. It’s pretty easy to pick up if you’ve played Dungeon World or Apocalypse World, or even if you haven’t -- all you need is your skin and the reference sheet, though in this case you really should probably have read the Harry Potter books (or at least seen the movies). Actually you should read the books anyway, because they rock.

After picks are made we can work out specific details of how the setting (time wise) and how it differs from the book world, though I'm assuming a fresh cast of teachers to keep things from being tied down too tightly by existing canon. Houses can either be included with the character application, or worked out afterwards, depending on if you feel the house is an important aspect of your character idea.

You can theme your Skin to be existing Harry Potter stuff, such as a Werewolf being, well, a werewolf or an animagus, a Witch being a practitioner of dark or forgotten magic, the Cuckoo as a metamorphmagus, someone using the Imperius Curse as a Queen, and so on, and that's awesome, but if you want to be a mind controlling parasite or a classic vampire at Hogwarts, go right ahead. I'm looking for cool ideas, not rigid adherence to the books.

As for magic, it works here exactly the same as anything else does in Monsterhearts, to do it do it, and roll when it triggers a move. A love potion could be a Turn Someone On roll or a string offered as experience, you could Shut Someone Down with a Jellylegs Jinx or use a Reductor Curse to Lash Out Physically. Gaze into the Abyss with a Pensieve or magic mirror, why not? Hold Steady to cast a Patronus, or use it to cover your back as you Run Away.

I'm planning on taking just four PCs, a bit less than usual, but I want to try running with a smaller number of people, and the setting is a bit experimental. That said, applications to these games tend to be amazing, so I might end up going for more players than that anyway. I'll be providing two questions for everyone who applies before making the picks.

If you need to get a hold of me, you can contact me here, via Owl Post (PMs) or I’m also frequently accessible via Floo Powder (irc) in #swampthings on Synirc. Even when I'm not there lots of cool people hang out in that channel too and will probably love to help with any Monsterhearts related questions you have.


Disclaimer: Monsterhearts is a game that frequently involves tricky subject matter (teen sexuality, homophobia and other forms of shittiness, physical/emotional abuse), just kind of by definition. If any of you get freaked out during play, please talk to me about it. It’s important people feel safe here -- I care more about your emotional well-being than I do about this storygame topic.


Dec 29, 2009

i say~
hey start:nya-sh

I can't say I really cared about the weird Wizard World War direction or whatever happened in the later books, but if we're just gonna be witches in witch school then I'm down for that and might bust out a Wyrm.

Aug 14, 2005

we aaaaare
not your kind of pearls
you seem kind of pho~ny
everything's a liiiiie

we aaaare
not your kind of pearls
something in your make~up
don't see eye to e~y~e

omgggggggggg i can't not app to this help

Thinking of apping a Fae or another Cuckoo.

also yes can we forget that Wizard War with Wizard Hitler or w/e was a thing gay witch adventures in gay witch school are p. okay on their own

Nov 8, 2010

Notorious J.A.M

Georgina McPhail

I don't remember my accident much thankfully. They tell me it was a million to one chance there's no way the bludger should have hit me that hard and I was lucky I didn't break my neck when I hit the ground with that kind of force. All I remember though is the agonizing pain. Laying there for days? weeks? (time got a little hazy after a while.) The first clear memory I have is dad talking to me. Saying he had a potion that would make it all better. They had to force it down my throat I was that weak. I remember it glistened like silver...

After that I started to get better. Well sort of... I can walk and talk again and I can still do magic. But you can drat well bet I won't be going on a Quidditch pitch any time soon. It's just.... I dunno the sun didn't seem as bright, food just seems to turn to ashes in my mouth. I can't be bothered with the other students pathetic wittering about this or that boy being cute anymore. You know what the only time I really feel alive these days is when I'm digging through a stack of dusty tomes looking for answers. I had to do a lot of that to catch up to where everyone else is ready for the start of the new year. But the hat didn't sort me into Ravenclaw because I'm stupid (even though it did dither between them and Slytherin) so I decided to do some digging tried to get the bottom of it all.

Father really needs to update the charms on his study. You can walk right through them if you know what your doing. I started rummaging around in his desk and that's when I found it. A mostly empty vial just a few silvery drops in the bottom of a clear glass bottle. I knew what it was of course Potions was always my best subject. poo poo but my parents wouldn't have? couldn't have? I don't really want to think about it. But all the symptoms fit. Unicorn blood they gave me unicorn blood. Still there has to be a cure right something that can get me back to normal and there's only one place where the information exists to find it. Hogwarts.

I like the idea of a post-book setting yeah. Let's just be hosed up wizard teenagers rather hosed up wizard teenagers fighting world war 3


Name: Georgina McPhail
House: Ravenclaw
Wand: Chestnut, Unicorn Hair
Look: Thin, Calculating Eyes
Skin: The Ghoul
Origin: Resurrected Kept alive by unicorn blood.


Hot: -1
Cold: 2
Dark: -1

Darkest Self:

You will maim, kill and destroy anything in between
you and the nearest object of your hunger. You will feed
relentlessly. You escape your Darkest Self when someone
restrains you or fends you off for long enough for you to
regain your composure – at least thirty or forty minutes

Sex Move:

When you have sex with someone, add “having sex with
[this person]” as an additional Hunger. If you already have
this Hunger, mark experience


The Hunger

You have a Hunger for : Power, Knowledge
When you heedlessly pursue a Hunger, add 1 to rolls.
When you ignore a feeding opportunity, roll to hold steady.

What the Right Hand Wants

Your body was stitched together in parts and pieces. And
those parts and pieces echo different histories, want
different things. Create another Hunger: Knowledge.


When you satiate a Hunger, choose one:
  • heal one harm;
  • remove a Condition;
  • mark experience;
  • carry 1 forward
Your Backstory:

Someone reminded you what love was, when you thought
that death had stolen it away from you forever. Give them
2 Strings.

Did anyone watch you die, or watch you come back to
life? If so, you both gain 2 Strings on each other

One secret they have discovered during their time at Hogwarts:
There's a hallway on the fourth floor. If you knock on the wall four times at midnight and answer the riddle a passage opens that leads straight to the restricted stacks in the library. Handy when you want to do a little midnight digging into the topics the teachers don't want to talk about. Don't spread it around though otherwise my late night research sessions will be ruined.

Information on one teacher or student, including what everyone "knows" about them
Everyone says that the Care of Magical Creatures Professor Elaine Crowdy is lovely. But she's not. She pulled me to one side after a lesson and asked me what I thought about Mudbloods. I told her that I liked Muggleborns some of them were almost as good at their jobs as the rest of us "old families." She just looked disappointed and said that she expected better of someone of my parentage and said something cryptic about "considering how my parents were during the war, she was surprised I didn't share their opinions." As far as I know Mom and Dad were minor bureaucrats for the Ministry back then and mostly kept their heads down so I have no idea what she was talking about.

Suggestion for a game thread title
Witches ain't nothing but Wands and Tricks

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Dec 21, 2012


I can't understand these kinds of games, and not getting it bugs me almost as much as me being weird

Harry Potter? Worth a shot.
Gotta try for a Chosen: the Skin Who Lived.

Or a Serpentine, if you don't think Chosen are appropriate.

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Apr 6, 2012

No Boots on the Ground,
Puny Mortals!

Fae witch sure seems like it could be fun...

Davin Valkri
Apr 8, 2011

Maybe you're weighing the moral pros and cons but let me assure you that OH MY GOD

Hmm...I don't know which skin I'm going to be...maybe a Mortal, maybe a Witch (Warlock?)...but I know which theme I want to use!

Lurks With Wolves
Jan 14, 2013

At least I don't dance with them, right?

Ningyou posted:

also yes can we forget that Wizard War with Wizard Hitler or w/e was a thing gay witch adventures in gay witch school are p. okay on their own

Fun fact: Since the seventh book takes place in 1998 and all our characters are probably going to be around 16-17, we all grew up in a distinctly post-war era. Hopefully it's more of a 1920s kind of post-war era than the 1950s.

Also, probably going to make something for this. What, I'm not sure yet, but I'll figure it out.

Lurks With Wolves fucked around with this message at Apr 3, 2015 around 15:11

Jan 13, 2008

Not certain on skin, but I'm definitely interested so will come up with something.

EDIT: Queen incoming.

Rauri fucked around with this message at Apr 3, 2015 around 16:13

Dec 21, 2012


I can't understand these kinds of games, and not getting it bugs me almost as much as me being weird

The 1920s were stylin' and the 1950s had the NHS, but neither of those is really great . Post war periods rarely are. The books were kinda one post-war period after another imploding and having to be fixed.

Do you want it to play a part in the game? Ningyou doesn't, so...
It'd kinda affect what I submit.

Lurks With Wolves
Jan 14, 2013

At least I don't dance with them, right?

Rockopolis posted:

The 1920s were stylin' and the 1950s had the NHS, but neither of those is really great . Post war periods rarely are. The books were kinda one post-war period after another imploding and having to be fixed.

Do you want it to play a part in the game? Ningyou doesn't, so...
It'd kinda affect what I submit.

Okay, fine, here's hoping this post-war period has more of the relatively free spirits of the 1920s and less of the stifling paranoia and conservative family values of the 1950s. I mean, I was just saying that it's totally justified to move past the stuff that happened in the books even though the last movie came out four years ago, I didn't want to get into an actual discussion of post-war societies.

Anyway, I'm with ningyou. Harry Potter has enough war stories against dark wizards as it is.

May 2, 2011

Apping either a Ghoul or a Shadow not sure.

Dec 21, 2012


I can't understand these kinds of games, and not getting it bugs me almost as much as me being weird

Sure. Sounds good.
I kinda get your point with that view of the 1920s.

I'm just really disappointed that I'm not going to be able to learn Expecto Proletariat in Defense Against Dark Arts.

Too old for a student, but he'd make for a smokin' professor.

The Deleter
May 22, 2010

Posting interest! Gonna be an Anansiiiii.

May 19, 2011

Everything by design.

So our very own Ningyou and KPrime made a Monsterhearts skin! It's called the Gentry and it's pretty great. Would it be okay to app one? It still needs playtesting, and this would be the inaugural game, but it's designed fairly sensibly.

Unknown Quantity
Sep 2, 2011

Steven? Steven?!

Gonna make a Mad Scientist of some kind maybe? I don't know? I just wanna try this system out in earnest!

Oct 10, 2012

We're your first, last, and only line of defense. We live in secret. We exist in shadow.

And we dress in black.

Wahad posted:

So our very own Ningyou and KPrime made a Monsterhearts skin! It's called the Gentry and it's pretty great. Would it be okay to app one? It still needs playtesting, and this would be the inaugural game, but it's designed fairly sensibly.

Go right ahead! Only thing that might be problematic is that parents aren't really around at Hogwarts, but they only seem to need to be actively there for one move so it should work out.

Apr 16, 2005

The product of hundreds of hours of scientific investigation and research.

The perfect meatball.

Clapping Larry

Thinking of apping for this is not too much objection. Just got to get a good skin I suppose... Hmmm

Apr 14, 2009


I've actually been watching through the movies again recently, I think I'll give this a try. The Gorgon looks interesting.

Apr 16, 2005

The product of hundreds of hours of scientific investigation and research.

The perfect meatball.

Clapping Larry

Ergonomix posted:

I've actually been watching through the movies again recently, I think I'll give this a try. The Gorgon looks interesting.

Ergo! We should be bros!

Mr. Fowl
Mar 8, 2008


Ugh, you made me break down and buy the book. You monster.

Hufflepuff for lyfe.

EDIT: Might go with a Witch/Warlock. Given the time period, making the child of Death Eaters who has spent their childhood in foster care might make a good story.

Done and down there.

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someone awful.
Sep 7, 2007

It's a fact of life that some people are just born better than others. Call it genetics. Or fate. Or a bad joke. Mum says we've got a bit of Veela in us, so you can blame that if you'd like? It doesn't really matter to me; there's nothing that can change the fact that I'm a cat, and the rest of you are either mice or fleas.

So I had a nice thing going for me, with the whole 'being so beautiful people fall all over themselves' bit working in my favor. But that doesn't mean I can't be a victim. Just as some of us are a cut above, there's also going to be someone better even than that. It's a lesson hard learned, like so many others. Like 'don't follow charming, pale older boys into the Forbidden Forest', that was another one. Of course, I was so embarrassed to fall for my own kind of tricks that I didn't tell anyone he'd bitten me. Can you imagine the shame? Ick. And they'd have to drag me to St. Mungo's, where I'd be kept with people who thought they were teapots and stuff. No thank you.

And it's not really so bad, either! I mean, once you get past the taste of iron. I don't think anyone's noticed a difference; it helps that I'm naturally pale and sometimes snuck off with boys before all this, too. Sure, there are rumors, but that's nothing new. The whispers of the envious have always been a constant thorn in my side, but every gift has its curse, right?

I'll just have to take their jealousy and make them choke on it.


Deirdre Monaghan, the Vampire Veelampire
Intense; hungry eyes
Newly 'reborn'
Wand: Black walnut and chimaera mane; 11¼ inches, slightly pliable
House: Ravenclaw (or maybe Slytherin? I dunnoooo)

Hot 2, Cold 1, Volatile -1, Dark -1

Vampire Moves

You can hypnotize people who have no Strings on you. Roll with hot. On a 10 up, they do exactly what you wish and have no idea that anything is wrong.
- On a 7-9, the hypnosis works, but choose one:
~ they realize you hypnotized them;
~ they gently caress up your commands;
~ their sanity is unhinged.

The Feeding
You feed on hot blood. If this is the first time they’ve ever been fed upon, you both mark experience. When you feed, choose two:
~ you heal 1 harm previously suffered,
~ you carry 1 forward,
~ they don’t die.

Sex move
When you deny someone sexually, gain a String on them. When you have sex with someone, lose all Strings on that person.

Darkest Self
Everyone is your pawn, your plaything. You hurt them and make them vulnerable, for sport, like a cat does with a mouse. You feed to the point of death whenever you’re alone with someone, though you take your time. You escape your Darkest Self when you’re put in your rightful place, by someone more powerful than you.

One secret they have discovered during their time at Hogwarts:
This school's bigger than it looks, you know. They say there are still rooms that haven't been discovered by anyone, just waiting to be stumbled upon. I think I found one of these, once, trying to sneak back to the common room after a clandestine meeting with a charming girl up one of the towers. Took a left turn instead of a right, and found myself in a seemingly endless hallway, lined with mirrors. Magical and mundane both. Some reflected who you truly were; some who you believed yourself to be. Or the opposite of who you are, or any number of funhouse-mirror distorted visions... it's not like I had time to look through them all, if there was even an end to the place. Strangely the exit was still only a few meters away even after walking for minutes; I wonder if the end of the hall was a mirror, as well?

Information on one teacher or student, including what everyone "knows" about them
Oh, Professor Delphi, the Divinations teacher! He's so charming that you'd think he's teaching the wrong class, ha ha ha yes, that was a terrible joke. And it's not like I'm immune to it, I have as big of a crush on him as any of the other girls (or boys, I suppose). There's rumors that he's a real oracle -- like, a real one, and I'm inclined to believe them. Most of the fortunes he's read in tea-leaves or whatever for class demonstrations haven't been too far off the mark. I guess anything's possible.

Suggestion for a game thread title
If you don't mind sticking with the school name puns, Hogwarts School of Bitchcraft and Misery Other than that I got nothin'.

someone awful. fucked around with this message at Apr 8, 2015 around 06:07

K Prime
Nov 4, 2009




Julius Sinactio

Ah! Good to see you. Welcome to the Private Dueling Society. Who referred you? Regina, yes? Excellent. It's good to have you. Here at the Society we're always looking for talented people.

It's good to see wizards finally moving beyond that "pureblood" "mudblood" nonsense. It was ridiculous to start with. Everyone knows what really matters for a wizard is how good you are at being a wizard. What does it matter who your grandfather is? That is the reason for the founding of this society- to provide further resources for those with talent and the desire to use it to develop outside the confines of the classroom. I built it up over the last few years after discovering how slowly certain aspects of our education were moving.

Obviously I had to get teacher backing, but Professor Shewsbury was happy to help. They had to place someone in the DADA position after that ongoing fiasco and she was the first one st-enthusiastic enough to sign up. She always wanted to repair all the damage done from years of inconsistent, shoddy DADA teaching and she was extremely happy to help get us going. She'd been chafing a bit under the slow curriculum she was having to work with to catch people up. Sometimes she still drops in for a duel lesson or two- watch out for her rebound spells, they're doozies.

But I digress. Welcome, welcome to the club! I'll be sure to introduce you to Thomas, and Alora. They practically run the place, you know- I just sit here and work on being the best! And if you have any friends who might be interested- do invite them by. I do so love meeting talented people. So many of the would-be wizards in this school are just in it to get their barely-passing degree so they can go work as clerks or what have you for the rest of their lives... Here, we strive for something a little greater. You don't join the PDS unless you want to be the real top of the heap. We're not going to leave this place unmarked, oh no.

You're in with the best people now, my friend. Let's work on making this school year a great one for us. Just sign right here on this oath...

A name invoking leadership, stunning, captivating eyes

Hot 2 Cold 1 Vol -1 Dark -1

 The Clique
You’re at the head of the toughest, coolest, most powerful
clique around. They count as a gang. Choose one of the
following strengths for your gang:
-They're talented (Defense Against the Dark Arts)

 And Your Enemies Closer
When someone betrays you, gain a String on them.

Secret: Everyone knows the Great Hall reflects the sky outside. What they don't know is that it doesn't have to. Up on the floor above there is in fact a podium that can be used to.. adjust the ceiling. Of course, it's behind a locked door or two, but that's just a little effort.


Julius Notes: Ravenclaw, but only barely- would be Slytherin if she didn't like reading so much. Tends toward physical aggression if crossed- getting hit with Historie of Magick hurts. Fell for me hard- usable.


Julius Notes: Hufflepuff, because you can't switch houses (a flaw in the system, in my opinion.) Embodies the "Hard Work" bit of their creed and increasingly angry that it wasn't resulting in any recognition. Made him easy to pick up.


Julius Notes: Slytherin. 100% obviously out to usurp me. Ironically, this makes her the easiest of all to handle, since it means I always know what she's trying.

Title Proposal: Harry Potter and the Nocturnal Emission

K Prime fucked around with this message at Apr 4, 2015 around 17:22

Oct 10, 2012

We're your first, last, and only line of defense. We live in secret. We exist in shadow.

And we dress in black.

Unless the group that gets in really wants to do otherwise, I'm picturing it being set current day, so awhile after any Wizard Hitler battles.

Rather Watch Them
Mar 28, 2012

Don't worry loves! NEED A CAVALRY HERE!

I'm interested in spite of myself. Probably a GhooooOOOoooost.

Apr 6, 2012

No Boots on the Ground,
Puny Mortals!

For as long as she can remember, Jessica Gail has been known as a hard worker. She's never felt particularly good at anything, and magic was no exception. Her younger sister and older sister were always so proud of how much she was working. They thought she was a great example for the rest of the school. So what if she only had a few friends. Or never kissed a guy. Or even been on a date. She was a hard worker, willing to put all that stuff off until later. And later and later and later...

Which meant that when Jessica Gail borrowed a sweatshirt from Donald, a friend of hers, and started changing into him when she put it on, her thoughts weren't ones of shock or of fear. Instead, as soon as she figured out what happened, she loved it.

She loved being someone else. Especially a slacker like Donald. No sisters expecting her to keep her nose to the grindstone, no jackass guys leering after her, no bullies looking for an nerd to pick on. She could, for the first time while she was at Hogwarts, just relax and take things as they came.

So, it's no surprise that she happened to "lose" Donald's sweatshirt. He was a little peeved, but when she got him a new one, he dropped it.

Now, the only question on her mind is, "Who am I going to be next?"


Jessica Gail, the Cuckoo

Hot 2, Cold 1, Volatile -1, Dark -1
Look: eclectic; innocent eyes
Source: left in a basket
House: Hufflepuff

Cuckoo Moves
Your magic lets you pass as the person whose clothes you're wearing. When you're seen wearing someone else's clothes, but aren't yet passing, roll with hot.
On a 10 up, you're passing as them - you'd fool their mother and their favorite hookup. Mark the outfit you're wearing below.
On a 7-9, same as above, but choose one:
The magic will dissipate if you kiss or get kissed.
The magic will dissipate if you lash out at anyone.
While you're passing as someone, give social Conditions you receive to them instead. This won't let you avoid physical Conditions, though.

Shredding the Looking Glass
When someone suspects you're not who you appear to be, read them this:
"If the enchantment were to be broken, the edges would be very sharp. You momentarily notice a gap in my magic.
Choose one:
Tear my magic away - my identity is revealed and the clothes are in tatters, but you get scratched up in the process and take 1 harm.
Shake your head to clear it - it was nothing."

That Good
While you're passing as someone, if anyone would gain a String on you, they instead gain it on the person you're passing as.

Sex Move
Once you've had sex with someone, add 1 to your rolls for passing as them.

Darkest Self
Somebody is a hack at playing themselves in their own life. It grates on you. It's time for you, the understudy, to take that place in the spotlight; you portray them so much better than they do. It's time to take them out of the picture, using whatever means necessary. Replace them. You escape your Darkest Self when something they do surprises you, or someone shows a genuine care for them, or you succeed.

One secret they have discovered during their time at Hogwarts:
So, everyone knows that the characters in the paintings can move between frames, right? Well, an artistic witch has started to sell very, very small portraits. Takes about ten minutes, and when you're done, you can just plop it on the wall if you're sneaking out at night. Then it can go run ahead for you and make sure no one's paroling ahead of you.

Of course, you need to treat your portrait right, or else it'll go making trouble for you.

Information on one teacher or student, including what everyone "knows" about them:
Cynthia Gail, Jessica's younger sister by a year, is a the oddest Ravenclaw in the school. For one, she hates reading. Instead, she just never forgets anything she hears about in class. Which seems completely unfair to Jessica (and most of her classmates). Since she has so much free time, Cynthia uses it to be a shameless flirt. All that aside, Cynthia and Jessica still get along well enough. They're sisters, after all.

...Jessica really wants to get some of her younger sister's clothing, though.

Suggestion for a game thread title:
I got 99 problems, but a Snitch ain't one.

Capfalcon fucked around with this message at Apr 4, 2015 around 21:30

Lurks With Wolves
Jan 14, 2013

At least I don't dance with them, right?

A Conversation Held In A Wizard’s Tower In Rural France posted:

“This really is your best work, Jean. Almost lifelike.”
“Oh, she’s more than almost lifelike. Or she will be once I’ve finished animating her.”
“Please. A homunculus is a homunculus, no matter how skillfully it’s crafted.”
“We have been together for twenty two years and you doubt my skill now? Bernadette, you wound me.”
“You’ll get over it. But, if you’re that certain about it, perhaps a bet is in order?”
“Let your little golem parade around in public for one year. If it’s secret is revealed, I win. If it doesn’t, then you were right and I was wrong and you will get the usual reward.”
“Hmm. Two terms, if I may.”
“Go ahead.”
“One, you give me time to prepare. Falsify all the necessary paperwork, set up the proper animus, all that.”
“Two, you take her.”
“But my-”
“But your reputation will only be marred if she passes for your daughter, and a homunculus is a homunculus, right? Now, Ms Collingwood, do we have a bet?”
“Fine. We have a bet, Mr Vocaine.”

I know why I’m attending Hogwarts this year. I know about the Pensieve accident, and that I need to stay away from familiar grounds to give my memory time to recover. I know that Hogwarts is the most reasonable place I could transfer to to continue my education while I recover, and I know that this will give me a chance to catch up with Mother. I know that, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

And you know what? There’s no reason for me to like it. I’m being thrust into the Hogwarts social circles six years in with nothing to show for myself besides being Professor Collingwood’s kid. I didn’t even get sorted into a house of like-minded students, I just got shoved into Slytherin because Mother’s friends with their Head of House. It’s just not fair, you understand. Not fair at all.


Maxine Collingwood-Vocaine
Immaculate, Soulless Eyes

Hot -1, Cold -1, Volatile +1, Dark +2

Metamorphosis: When you gaze into the abyss, add this option to the 10 up list: the visions show what you must become, and you can permanently switch two of your stats.

Inhuman Gaze: When you shut someone down, roll with Dark

Sex Move: After having sex with someone, replace your current sex move with theirs, adding this sentence to the end of it.

Darkest Self: Your body is a prison. You don’t belong inside of it. You need to put it in harm’s way, and make it suffer, just like it’s made you suffer. There’s got to be a way to cut yourself out of it. You need to meet your makers, and hold them accountable for what they’ve done to you. To escape your Darkest Self, you must come face to face with someone who feels more trapped than you do.

Your Backstory:
You’ve been taking your social cues from someone, and doing so has taught you a lot about them. Gain 2 Strings on them

Someone has seen through your invented past, and realized it’s all lies. Give them 2 Strings on you.

One secret they have discovered during their time at Hogwarts
You know how each house’s common room has an emergency back entrance in case of emergency? Well, I’m not saying I know where they are or how to open them, but if a professor left this year’s list of passwords and locations out while her daughter was visiting and she happened to memorize those passwords in particular while she wasn’t looking, well, that would be a lovely coincidence.

Information on one teacher or student, including what everyone "knows" about them
People say many things about Professor Collingwood. Some say she is a former auror that went rogue. (If she is she hasn’t told me, but then I wouldn’t exactly remember if she did.) Some say that she never has never travelled further than Dorset and simply made all of her books up whole cloth. Some of the boys even say that she… Well, I’m not going to say what some of the boys say, because she is my mother you cretins. *ahem* In any case, there are three things that we all know for sure about Professor Collingwood: Her magical theses are minor but respectable, her travelogues are bestsellers, and in the year and a half she has served as Hogwarts’ Charms professor she has succeeded in capturing the students’ imagination quite well. Imagine how thrilled I am to be her daughter.

(There are two reasons I’m establishing Maxine’s ‘mother’ as the cool and mysterious teacher. One, it gives her more things to glare at people about. Two, it cements her mother as someone who’s enough of a reckless idiot to bring some golem her boyfriend made to school and pass it off as her daughter so it can take classes over a bet, but the charming kind of reckless idiot.)

Suggestion for a game thread title
Potter? I hardly know ‘er! (Listen, I didn’t promise you a good joke.)

Dec 29, 2009

i say~
hey start:nya-sh

Alicia Elston, Fashion Designer, 'Outstanding' Ravenclaw, Wyrm

Alicia in uniform, suffering the drab outfit for only as long as strictly required to attend classes

If my father, grandfather, and the Sorting Hat have their way I'll be cooped up in a cubicle in some office of the Ministry pushing papers and issuing fines to people floating cars about by the end of my last year here. To think, a lineage of Slytherin wanting nothing more than a desk job for their kin. What would I rather do? Fashion, simple as that. Not as if there's anything simple about that.

See, fashion in the wizarding world isn't just wearing a giant witch's hat with a hole in the middle where an owl perches, with the whole thing set on perpetual flame. Not that Igni Perpetuo can't be used for a few striking accents, tastefully. Really, the important part is that muggle fashion and wizard fashion just aren't that different at all. I know it might come as a surprise, but that Lady Gaga woman is not a witch, nor are her designers involved with magic at all. Aside from the people in the industry commonly known to most definitely not be magic amongst the magic side of things, the whole thing mingles together so much that you really wouldn't know what's what if you weren't pretty deep in the know.

But that's the kicker. A witch, preparing to take the wizarding equivalent of some interminable number of years in a muggle college, and yet my interests lie in something so 'bland' and 'unrewarding' that it seems almost pointless for me to have attended Hogwarts since I was eleven. The kind of 'odd' passion one might pin on a Hufflepuff, being amongst the elite of the Ravenclaw. An unending amount of poo poo from my parents for not pursuing something 'worthwhile'...

Hmph. Forget all of that. Your outfit is horribly drab and you don't even have the excuse of being cooped up in classes. Let's fix that, shall we?

All this gorgeous hair and you just let it tangle up like this, now that's a real waste of talent. Like Professor Morgenstern. Trapped here in this ridiculous castle teaching nearly every Potions class, you'd think he would go mad. But he's been dedicated to the end, and quite helpful with my experiments in cosmetics. Strict and to the point but kind to a fault, you agree? Of course you do.

So go figure those stupid fourth year girls start accusing him of rigging test scores for favors with his students. The dumbest, most overused nonsense, but the administration has to humor them and now he's being strung through hell, all for failing students who he'd constantly offered help to. If it were up to me to deal with those girls, I'd- grrrgh! Oh, shoot, I didn't mean to cut that bit. Well, I can fix it. No, trust me, I couldn't mess up your hair if I tried, no need for the mirror.

Yes, yes, the dress should feel a bit constricting, else you'd be likely to escape from it on accident just walking about. It should be as well-fit as the Old Wing: locked up tight, irresistible to nigh everyone's curiosity, and most importantly, immune to magic. Okay, so the dress isn't actually immune to magic, but you get my point! It'll turn heads, but anyone who finds their way inside will likely come to regret it. I'm saying you look cute in the dress, okay? Maybe the Old Wing wasn't the best metaphor, whatever. That Quidditch game's just about to end, hurry up and get out there before your loverboy gets swooped up in the crowd. You don't need to get the drat mirror, just go!

One of Alicia's many odd designs from her self-published 'Black Cat-alogue', worn by herself


Name: Alicia Elston
House: Ravenclaw
Familiar: Black Cat
Wand: Dragon Heartstring and Cherry
Other Equipment: Needlessly Expensive, Designer

Skin: Wyrm
Look: Expensive, Bored Eyes
Origin: Enamored with Objects

Stats: Hot -1, Cold 2, Volatile -1, Dark 1

 Bargaining Ceremony
Drinking tea, sharing a cigarette, playing chess, sitting back to back, or attempting to salvage someone's horrible fashion sense are all ceremonies. When negotiating a bargain during a ceremony, both of you can offer Strings as part of that bargain. This can include Strings you have on others, or new Strings that you generate on yourselves. When you're both satisfied, the exchange occurs.

 The Bait
You have a collection of beautiful things – clothing. When you show it to someone, they inevitably find something they fancy. They will mark experience when it becomes theirs and is no longer yours. Also, choose one:
>they see something someone else would like, and when you show that someone the something, carry one forward against them
>the time has flown by and it's hours later than you thought.

*I'd like to take Broker for my chosen move, but I don't want to commit to it now and have it end up being useless due to the skins in play. If Broker won't play well with the other characters, I'll probably go with Wingman.

Sex Move

When you have sex with someone, read them this: "Choose at least one thing from this list, and for each that you choose, describe something I learn about you from our intimacy:
>Give me a String on you, and take something from my collection.
>Give me a String on you, and take a String on me as well.
>Give me a String on you, and I'll promise you anything you'd like.
>Give me a String on you, and then give me a Condition."

Darkest Self

You've become too heady, too lax, too vague. You need to dominate one of the people-things that you treasure, let it know that it's yours, that it doesn't get to choose who owns it – you do. You escape your Darkest Self when your treasured thing proves that you don't own it entirely, or when you see the difference between objects and people.

Title: 7 Minutes in the Chamber of Secrets

Mr. Fowl
Mar 8, 2008


Catherine Crowther

Seen lounging in her Sanctuary, with Friends
Skin: Witch
House: Hufflepuff
Look: Brooding, deep eyes
Origin: Gifted
Stats: Hot -1, Cold 1, Volatile -1, Dark 2

They might as well be dead. My parents, I mean. Probably be better that way. I only know them from pictures. When I was little, I wanted to go there, to talk to them, to ask them, I don’t know, kid stuff that kids ask their parents. But I never had a foster parent crazy enough to take me on a trip to Azkaban and since my folks lost their rights, they had no reason to take me. I don’t want to go anymore, anyway. I understand what they did. I’ll never understand why.

When I came to Hogwarts, I couldn’t have been happier to get sorted into Hufflepuff. Based on the junk my parents left behind in Gringotts, I’m the first, like, ever, not to be a Slytherin. I should probably mention that my parents were both from old families. Most of them were, back then. The Death Eaters, I mean. Now there’s just me and the bits and pieces they left me.

It’s those bits and pieces in that old vault deep in Gringotts that’s put me where I find myself now. Aurors picked over it long ago for anything overtly dangerous, leaving behind hundreds of years of nicnacs. Oh, and gold. Plenty of that. But that’s not the problem. It’s the papers. When I was still little, I went through my parents’ old books, to try to get to know them better. Instead I found…these notes. Spells, rituals—hexes, it turned out. The sort that no decent witch or wizard would be involved with. But…I had to try. Just once. And maybe I would understand.

I am not like them. They’re monsters that deserve to be where they are. But every day I wonder…did they start like this? With a spell a shade darker than the norm? Each day, their heart turning a shade darker until…Until they ended up in that hell, with faceless monsters guarding them, day and night.


Witch Moves
Sympathetic Tokens
You gain power from sympathetic tokens - items of personal signifiance that you take from others. Each sympathetic token counts as a String.

You can cast Hexes. Choose two that you know. To cast them, either expend a sympathetic token during a secret ritual, or meet the target’s gaze and chant at them in tongues. Then roll with dark. On a 10 up, the Hex works, and can easily be reversed. On a 7-9, it works but choose one:
--the casting does you 1 harm;
--the Hex has unexpected side effects;
--trigger your Darkest Self.

You have a secret place for practising witchcraft. Add 1 to all rolls you make within this space.

The person cannot physically harm others.

Pick one: snakes and bugs, demonic visages, false prophecies, non-existent subtext. The hexed sees that thing everywhere. You have no control over the exact images or manifestations.

A Secret: There is a secret room near the lavatory by the Library that can only be accessed by whispering the right words into the ear of the bust of Sir Samuel. Behind the wall is a room stacked from floor to ceiling with books of magic; some common, some rare, some…forbidden. The door is engraved with the names of those who have studied there; they were illustrious names, once, but now most of them are living out their days in Azkaban. Catherine’s own parents are among them. But the weirdest thing is, when she's deep in the stacks, she hears whispers. And sometimes, she is certain, that things are not the way she left it. Like someone else has been using the room. Or something is living there...

Everyone Knows: Everyone knows that Professor Sutcliff is a Death Eater. Half his family went to Azkaban after Potter put down Voldemort the last time. However, the Crowther family notes tell a different story. As far as Catherine knows, he's the straight-arrow of the family. She views him as a possible ally in her trials--if only she could figure out how to ask for his help.

Suggested Title: Harry Potter & the LGBT Metaphor

Edited the Secret a bit.

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Rather Watch Them
Mar 28, 2012

Don't worry loves! NEED A CAVALRY HERE!

Skin: The Ghost
House: Gryffindor
Familiar: Orange tabby cat
Look: Forlorn, piercing eyes
Origin: A confused death

I never knew what purpose I had at Hogwarts. My mum's a muggle, and though I admire her dearly, her blood taints me even now. Some days it took all I had not to hex those awful girls, turn 'em to toads and stamp on their warty heads. It affected my learning more than anything; I was almost expelled just for my grades alone.

The worst of them was Secilia Gobant, another sixth-year in Slytherin (with all her ilk). She would spend her time in Magic History using magic to tug at my ear. I was sent to be disciplined at least twice for my "unwarranted outbursts." When I returned she would corner me and say the most vile words, tearing into me with her venomous threats. I'd be dead if anyone knew she was harassing me. She swore she'd end me herself.

(Minor trigger warning.)
Why should I let her have the last word?

Did you know there's a hidden passage in the hall near the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom that slips up to the roof? There's a little window you can crawl out of, onto the tile. You can get the most breath-taking view...

Well, for a few seconds.

Shows them for calling me mudblood. My blood's as red as everyone else's.

I don't know what purpose I still have here. The bitter snakes that tormented have all been gone... how long? Only "Professor" Gobant remains, the hag. The only thing worse than seeing Secilia grow old is the song someone coined for my new form. "Blood Red Meddie hit the stones, Blood Red Meddie broke her bones"? Is that all I am to them: a child's rhyme? Whenever I wander the halls, that's what they start singing. It's almost worse than my time alive.

There has to be someone who understands how I feel... I think I need to retake some classes.


Alastrina Lunete Medrod, aka "Blood Red Meddie"

Stats: Hot 0, Cold 1, Volatile -1, Dark 1

Unresolved Trauma
Whenever you project the blame and trauma of your death onto your current situation, roll with dark. On a 10 up, give two people the blamed condition. On a 7-9, give up to two people the blamed condition, but for each, choose one:
- You gain the delusional condition,
- You can’t speak during this scene,
- You suffer one harm,
- You start re-enacting the scene of your death.

Hungry Ghost
You find sustenance in sadness. When others dump their emotional problems on you, roll with dark. On a 10 up, they lose all their conditions, and you choose one:
- Mark experience,
- Carry one forward,
- Gain a String on them
On a 7-9, they choose one:
- They lose all their conditions,
- They gain a String on you.

Sex Move
When you have sex with someone, you both get to ask a question of one another’s characters. This can be spoken by your character, or simply asked player-to-player. The other person must answer honestly and directly.

Darkest Self
You become invisible. No one can see you, feel you, or hear your voice. You can still affect inanimate objects, but this is your only avenue of communication. You escape your Darkest Self when someone acknowledges your presence, and demonstrates how much they want you around.

Professor Secilia Gobant
A former student at Hogwarts some thirty years ago, she now instructs the Magic History class with its new post-Voldemort curriculum. She's still as charismatic and charming as she was all those years ago, though rumors abound as to whether she still has her bite. She's sometimes seen skating through the halls with her Slither Slippers, enchanted low-friction flats.

The Lonely Loft
Tracing the right pattern along the stone in the hall leading to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom grants passage to a narrow stairway that leads into a small barren attic. The only light comes from a disguised door that opens directly to the roof. Students sometimes used to bring first-years to the loft with a looking glass to play Bloody Mary, but that lost its appeal after the incident with Meddie.

Suggested Title: [MH] Witches And Ho-cruxes

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Oct 24, 2012

I'm in the business of...

So my dad's a witch. Wizard. Whatever. I guess I am too, but I've never felt like it. I didn't even know about all this stuff until I was ten, when the rear end in a top hat decided that the world he'd apparently left behind was definitely the right place to stick me. I've been here ever since - minus the holidays, of course. Call me heartless, but I've turned down all the offers to stay with various new "cousins" and "uncles" I never knew I had in some kind of "whimsical" hellhole without wireless internet.

But time's got this way of making you care less and less about that sort of thing. I've gotten used to it, I guess. Learn what spells not to cast instead of what finger not to stick in a light socket. Remember which Aunt to send christmas e-mails, and which one needs an owl with a red and green ribbon tied to it. And I'll admit that it's refreshing to live in a world where everyone's eyes aren't glued to a smartphone. But I don't feel like I belong here. Especially in this "Gryffindor" dorm, which is... I'm not going to rant, because we'll be here forever, but suffice to say, they've got something of an attitude problem.

...but there's something keeping me on this side of things. Maybe I'll tell you about it later.


Robin Brickman, the Mortal
Quiet look, Sad eyes
New Kid in Town


Mortal Moves:

• True Love:
You always have exactly one lover. The first is chosen during your backstory.
If you ever fall in love with someone else instead, give them a String and they become your new lover.
You always carry 1 forward to earning your lover’s heart or fancy.
• Excuses are my Armor:
When you ignore some blatant problem with your lover or how they treat you, mark experience.
• Entrenched
If you and another character have a total of 5 or more Strings on one another, gain 1 to all rolls against them.

Sex move
When you have sex with someone, trigger their Darkest Self

Darkest Self
Nobody understands you, or even wants to. They’d rather you disappear.
Well, you’re not going to disappear. You’re going to make life a living hell for them.
You’ll betray the wicked to the judges, the weak to the executioners.
You’ll pit humans and supernaturals against one another, until everyone looks like monsters.

Only seeing the pain that you’re causing your lover will let you escape your Darkest Self.

One secret they have discovered during their time at Hogwarts:
I was doing a report on something else entirely, but there's this book about the Houses that has a paragraph that offhandedly mentions inter-House passages used for meetings of the prefects or something. It moved on to something else before spilling the details, and it doesn't appear to make architectural sense, but when has that ever stopped you folks?

Information on one teacher or student, including what everyone "knows" about them:
So Magical History's been somewhat of a difficult subject, as you might imagine. But y'all used to be all hyped about that "blood purity" thing, right? Oh - touchy subject? Anyway, one of the Herbology professors, Theo Barrington, was one of the guys who tried to publish papers about it when that apparently wasn't something you did. He still has a limp from a curse some "heroic" inbred type threw at him. Sweet cane, though.

Suggestion for a game thread title
I'm sitting here trying to come up with something clever involving "Wizarding World Problems" (like "First World Problems"), but I'm at a loss.

Aug 14, 2005

we aaaaare
not your kind of pearls
you seem kind of pho~ny
everything's a liiiiie

we aaaare
not your kind of pearls
something in your make~up
don't see eye to e~y~e

Juniper, the Fae

A bolt of dryad-bark, freely given.
A plain harpstring, five pounds twenty at Dover Discount Musical Supply.
A pixie's heart, promised for a year and a day. Long enough to leave an impression.

I don't know if I'll ever get used to this place. It's's so strange! The smells (too much owl, too much newt, too much iron, too much boy), the sights (too much brick), the sounds (too much chatter), the students so fretful about all the wrong things....everything's backwards! Offwards! It's like they've spent their lives swimming in schoolbooks but they learned their letters widdershins!

They're not even studying the right things, the right way! At home, in the place where I was to attend, we don't waste time filling our heads with facts and fluff and fancy incantations and learning how to fiddle with magic! We simply accept that we are magic, and that it's a much better use of your energies to learn how to be and let things happen than to worry yourself silly over whether it's wingardium leviosa or wheatgardium leavenosa! Maybe if they understood that, maybe if they understood that just the teeeniest tiniest bit, they'd take their promises more seriously.

I don't think they'll ever get used to me, either. I know they can tell. I hear the looks and see the snickers and I can smell those snotty little thoughts of theirs and sometimes I wish I could just vanish in a puff of smoke and go back to my friends in The Home-Away-From-Home Beneath The Moon's Light Upon Water, but....Headmistress Selain didn't say I had to go to Hogwarts, she said I had to go to Hogwarts and stay. She said a lot of things, really, a mess of pretty words about student exchanges and promoting cultural understanding and oh, sweetling, wouldn't you love to meet some humanfolk, like those faerie queens and knights and sirens of legend? (NO i DON'T ugh they're so dull and unimaginative and the lot of them talk entirely too much about boys and they're just! Especially these humans. Hmph, I think they only sorted me into Ravenclaw because they expect fae to be good at riddles and didn't know what to do with me otherwise...)

Hmph. She said I had to stay, but she didn't say I couldn't carve out a little slice of home here~

After all, a promise and a pinch of cleverness goes a long way. ♥

Juniper, the Fae
A  name taken from nature
quick eyes
fae born

Hot 2, Cold -1, Volatile -1, Dark 1


Faery Contract
If someone breaks a promise or contract made to you,
take a String on them. When spending a String to even
out the score and get justice on a broken promise, add
these options:
-they gently caress up something simple at a crucial moment;
-add 2 to your roll on an act of vengeance;
-they suffer 1 harm, whether the cause is obvious or not.

Whenever someone makes a promise to you, they mark
experience. Whenever someone breaks a promise to you
and you seek vengeance, mark experience.

Sex Move
When you lie naked with another, you can ask them for a
promise. If they refuse, take 2 Strings on them.

Darkest Self
Everything you say is a promise. Everything you hear is a
promise. If a promise is broken, justice must be wrought
in blood. To escape your Darkest Self, you must in some
way re-balance the scales of justice.
Everyone knows that the librarian, Ms. Beloupe, is a werewolf.
....okay, that's not entirely accurate. She's more of a...werehuman? The closer we get to a full moon, the less scary and growly and feral she is, and everyone says she was a wolf one of the teachers accidentally turned human and kind of...adopted?
Nobody's ever seen her at night in a full moon. Looooooots of howling.

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May 24, 2011

I've got to say that this "Harry Potter and the Cruel Intentions" game sounds strangely compelling to me.

As a Skin, I'm liking the Infernal in particular, but I have one question: can the "dark power that I owe a debt to" be a Hogwarts Professor? Someone who, say, helps me out with private tutoring every now and then, in exchange for…some unspecified future payment? Yes, that means bringing a creepy-as-gently caress adult into the mix (at least off-screen), but I am happy to steer clear of any "good god, why would you even want to roleplay that?!?" territory whenever necessary.

May 19, 2011

Everything by design.

Even now that the war has passed, and things are much less hateful nowadays, the families known as the Sacred Twenty-Eight still are a force to be reckoned with in the wizarding world of the British Isles. Pure wizarding blood still holds sway in the right circles - and those raised by in such circles have a hard time letting go of tradition. But then, even for some of the 28, things have become a bit more...relaxed. When the only thing you need is to avoid Muggle blood, it becomes easier to see how some wizards are less inclined to interbreed over and over, and thus branch out to other avenues.

Like my mother. Not a wizard, not a muggle, but a Veela. Whether or not my father fell for her like so many hapless men have for Veela before or she was truly fond of him I shall never know. They certainly don't talk about such things with me. It does not concern me - but what does is that I adhere to the Rules. The Rules, do-this-say-that-never-diverge-from the Rules. Static, ageless, unchanging. Just like my mother. Who knew non-wizards could fit in to the old prison of tradition so well?

But you must forgive my transgression. I mustn't speak bad of the family. You won't tell, will you? Good. Listen, do you want to come to Hogsmeade with me? I'll buy you a new robe! You'll look just fabulous. The one you've got right now's a bit frumpy, isn't it? That's okay, though. Nobody's perfect.

Except me.


Name; Diana Clementia Selwyn
House; Ravenclaw
Wand; Aspen wood, Veela hair core - Powerful, temperamental, unpredictable.
Familiar; White Raven - Megaera
Look; Enthralling, sleepy eyes
Origin; Family Scion
Family Origin; Old money Blood.

Hot; +1
Cold; +1
Volatile; 0
Dark; -1


Sex Move
When you and another character have sex, choose if you believe it to be True or False love. If it is True, your parents are now upset at you unless it was the specific partner they had in hand, and everyone else you have Yours Truly on is healed of that condition. If it is False, your partner is healed of Yours Truly and gets +1 forward on their next action against you.

Darkest Self
Your parents were right. This is how they repay your kindness? This is how they repay you for the honor of your presence? The only thing left is to make them pay for every gift they took without deserving it. Systematically, you’re going to go down the list and get back what is yours.

Faerie Boon
You may offer someone else a faery boon, allowing them to:
- Open 1 passage they otherwise would have been barred from
- Take 1 forward on 1 goal for the rest of the scene
- Get an honest answer to 1 question
In exchange, they take the condition Yours Truly [you feel like you should be thankful, but also resent it a little, and it's definitely not completely above board]. If they spurn your kindness, give them a string.

Leanan Sidhe
When you Turn Someone On, on a 10+, you can give them Yours Truly instead of taking a string. If they already have Yours Truly, on a 7-9 you can remove one of the options.

Sans Merci
When you Shut Down someone with the Yours Truly condition, on a 7+ they take 1 harm at your discretion.

You sort those you are fond of into two piles, Friends and Possessions. They are both valuable, of course, but….different kinds of value.



Someone has resisted all your attempts to make a friend of them so far. Give them two strings.

Someone would be happier as your possession than your friend. Take two strings on them.

A secret? Well, I can hardly tell you all my secrets just like that, can I? Tell you what. If you're good enough to avoid curfew detection and meet me in that little cubby in the Rookery, two floors below the Ravenclaw Portrait - I'll show you something I've stashed there. Don't try finding it on your own, by the way. I'll know - and you won't be my friend anymore. Or anyone's, for that matter. Professor Seacrest always did say I had a talent for Charms. I don't think he expected me to successfully layer a Confundus and Banishing Charm to leave you lost in the deepest bowels of Hogwarts with no idea where you are, though... He's clever, but he always seems to be a bit of an idiot when it comes to pretty students. Cassie Mulgrew- you know, that seventh-year Gryffindor girl - didn't get that A in Charms because she was such a hard worker, or because the Professor was such a great teacher.

Game title: Harry Potter and the Confusing Mess That Is Teenagers

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Oct 10, 2012

We're your first, last, and only line of defense. We live in secret. We exist in shadow.

And we dress in black.

TychoBrahesNose posted:

I've got to say that this "Harry Potter and the Cruel Intentions" game sounds strangely compelling to me.

As a Skin, I'm liking the Infernal in particular, but I have one question: can the "dark power that I owe a debt to" be a Hogwarts Professor? Someone who, say, helps me out with private tutoring every now and then, in exchange for…some unspecified future payment? Yes, that means bringing a creepy-as-gently caress adult into the mix (at least off-screen), but I am happy to steer clear of any "good god, why would you even want to roleplay that?!?" territory whenever necessary.

I don't think I've seen someone go that way in a game I've been in, but that would definitely work for a dark power, yeah! They wouldn't be able to directly do some of the bargains, but for what they can't provide from abusing teacher information power could be done with enchantments or illicit potions and that sort of thing.

May 24, 2011

GodFish posted:

I don't think I've seen someone go that way in a game I've been in, but that would definitely work for a dark power, yeah! They wouldn't be able to directly do some of the bargains, but for what they can't provide from abusing teacher information power could be done with enchantments or illicit potions and that sort of thing.

Sweet. I kind of imagined the Bargains operating retroactively, in the sense that I already owe the Professor for letting me look at their private spellbook/rifle through their stock of potions/whatever gives me the mechanical benefit of the chosen Bargains. I'm definitely going to write this character up in the next few days.

The Deleter
May 22, 2010

When you think about it - I mean, really think about it - the wizarding world is a mess. There's about, what, two million wizards and witches in the entire world? You don't need to be good at math to figure the problem there. Then there's the fact that magic users tend to be poo poo at anything that isn't to do with magic. They don't bother to understand anything and they make up rules just because it's how they've always done stuff. Like familiars. Nobody past third year gives a poo poo about their familiar. Pet mortality rates at Hogwarts are ridiculous. And have you tried to explain football to them, or cars?

And then there's the Sorting Hat.

Hufflepuff. The house of the extras. We're famous because our best student died. People describe our house with the stuff you use when you're trying to be nice, like "hard-working" and "punctual" and poo poo like that. We have a badger as a mascot. And here's me, with all my hopes and ambitions, just wanting to make my muggle parents proud (they're not really my parents but I don't wanna talk about that), and I'm in Hufflepuff.

You know what? That's just fine. Nobody pays attention to us. We haven't won the House Cup in loving forever.That''s how I like it. Because I've got plans. I'm gonna be hard-working, all right. But not for a loving badger logo, not for a lovely cup, and not for the sake of wizards.

Here's a wizard fact. The Acromantula population has halved in the past ten years. Apparently people enjoy pulling organs out of thinking beings to put in potions.

Makes you think. Well, makes me think, anyway. I think the other students want me to shut the gently caress up about it. It's not as if I've eaten any of them yet!


Name: Troy Buckworth
House: Hufflepuff
Familiar: Barn Owl
Look: Thoughtful, Gleaming eyes
Skin: The Anansi
Origin: Adopted
True Form: Spider limbs, fangs

Hot -1, Cold 2, Volatile -1, Dark 1

Hidden Agenda
You have a Hidden Agenda; sometime during the first session, choose one:
- to see __________destroyed;
- to win __________'s love;
- to gain possession of _________;
- to learn the secret of __________.

When your Hidden Agenda is achieved, mark experience and choose a new one. When your Hidden Agenda is no longer hidden from the other PCs or can no longer be achieved, become your Darkest Self. Whenever you escape your Darkest Self, you may replace your old Hidden Agenda with a new one.

Death Can't Climb
You can scurry up walls and over ceilings. When you run away upwards, add 2 to your roll.

Shame on Me
When you betray the hopes and expectations of others, you gain a String on the person you most disappointed and they mark experience (if they're an NPC, they act at an Advantage).

Sex Move: When you have sex with someone, they gain the Condition entangled with you. You decide if this means physically, socially, emotionally, as part of your schemes, or any combination of those. This counts as entangled, for purposes of other moves.

Darkest Self
Your spider nature asserts itself and you assume your true form. All the games are over will seek your (possibly not-so) Hidden Agenda to the exclusion of all other pursuits, even if it is beyond your reach, and everyone who gets in your way will find themselves entombed in silken sarcophagi. To escape your Darkest Self someone must stand in your way and make you laugh, or make you think.

One or more others have been in your web before. Take two Strings on someone, or one String on two someones.

Your bizarre antics are well known. Everyone gains a String on you.

Secret of Hogwarts
They built a new wing for Potions classes - guess the teachers finally figured out that having lots of noxious chemicals in a poorly-ventilated dungeon was a bad idea - and locked up the old ones. But one or two of the secret passages still go there, and they left some stuff lying around. Some dark stuff, some regular off-limits-to-students stuff, and some just plain weird stuff. Whenever a student manages to procure some ingredients they shouldn't have, we say they've been on the Snape Memorial Trail.

Professor Felicity is our new Care of Magical Creatures teacher, after the old one retired. She knows her poo poo. She's from Siberia or something and she's built like a troll. poo poo does NOT mess with her. I've asked her some stuff about acromantulas and stuff, but she won't tell me much. Apparently she's in charge of the thestrals that pull the carriages around Hogwarts. I don't envy that job.

Title: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stoner

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Jan 13, 2008

Natalie Saul, the Self Chosen One

Quick, who's the most famous wizard of all time?

No, not Merlin. Stop being a prat and actually guess.

Yeah that's right, Harry Potter. Did you know when he stopped eating Chocolate Frogs, they had to let go over half their workforce? That the Firebolt: Elder Broom Limited Edition Model sold for twenty times regular price, and that was years after the Firebolt was top of the line? If he wanted to be, he could probably be the richest wizard of all time. He stumbled across a Philosopher's Stone in his first year! The man clearly knew what he was doing - everybody loves a hero.

I'm going to be the next HP. No, not just the next Harry - bigger than Harry. I've got it all figured out. Just gotta copy what Harry did. Didn't get lucky with a scar (I've tried, but a spider-bite to the elbow and a nasty cut on my shin from when I tripped that I told everyone was a sphinx's claw haven't been enough) - or with an archenemy. I'd thought Simon Sewett was using Horcruxes for a while, but it just turned out to be a skin condition. And I've still got my parents... also, no invisibility cloak.

Not having those things hasn't stopped me, though. I made sure to make some good friends I can trust over the years - my Ron and Hermione, basically. Nothing like having a friend looking out for you, especially when you're pinching a book from the Restricted Section or investigating an infestation of imperio'd House Elves. My wand's twelve inches long, Holly, Phoenix core. That's the same as his, just bigger than his. Pretty easy symbolism, right? And I've mastered the Patronus, since Harry was good with it. Mine's a Fox, which certainly makes sense. I'm even on the Quidditch team, though as a Beater and not a Seeker. Trust me, I tried. Going to setup my own version of Dumbeldore's Army this year - just gotta give it a better name, which can't be too hard.

I've got some advantages he didn't have, though. For one, I'm cute. Have you seen Harry? He's famous in SPITE of those spectacles, not because of them. Second, I'm a Slytherin. There's a novelty angle I can work. The house most famous for producing dark wizards, producing the most dedicated Auror? People will eat it up. Plus I'm already connected in the magical world. My dad's an editor at The Daily Prophet, and mum's an undersecretary at the Ministry. They've even got a ghostwriter (Tolkien, I think) on retainer for when I manage to defeat something cool enough to start selling books.

Lookout world - there's a new Chosen One in town, and this one actually knows what she's doing!


Name: Natalie Saul
Skin: The Chosen
Look: Stubborn, Unwavering Eyes
Origin: Doing What's Necessary

House: Slytherin
Wand: Holly, 12", Phoenix Core
Patronus: Fox
Broom: Firebolt: Elder Broom Limited Edition

Hot: 1
Cold: -1
Volatile: 2
Dark: -1


Take the Blow aka Protego Mastery
When you leap into the way and take the blow instead of someone else, roll with Volatile. On a 10 up, you take the harm instead of them, but reduce it by 1. • On a 7-9, you take the harm instead of them.

Come Prepared aka Gifts and Favoritism
You have an outlandishly large armory, complete with ancient artifacts. Just in case the need arises.

Sex Move
When you have sex, heal all of your wounds, and cure all of your Conditions. If they disgust you, give them a String. If you disgust yourself, give them a String.

Darkest Self
None of your friends can help. They’re not strong like you are. You need to chase down the biggest threat imaginable, immediately and alone. Any challenges or dangers that you encounter must be faced head on, even if they might kill you. You escape your Darkest Self when someone comes to your rescue or you wake up in the hospital, whichever comes first.

One secret they have discovered during their time at Hogwarts:
Ok, so this is just between you and me... someone's been using the Imperius curse on students. I found three, all last year - Anna Stewart kept trying to break into the potion master's cupboards each night (which I discovered because I was doing the same thing), Herbert Strong into the Defense Against the Dark Arts office, and Talia Barker was actually being forced to keep watch on Peeves' position at all times, even though it was wrecking her studies. Eventually managed to get them to the Infirmary, but whoever has them looking around did not want anyone discovering it; Herbet even tried a Crucio when I went to Stun him. Never managed to figure out who was doing it - none of them remembered a thing about being Imperio'd. Whoever it was though, I gotta catch him. That'd definitely be at least a front page Prophet article!

Information on one teacher or student, including what everyone "knows" about them:
Defense Against the Dark Arts is the best class, and most of that's because Professor Angle is a genius. He's kinda young for a Professor - also, easily Hogwarts most attractive professor - and he knows sooo much about magical dueling! He even restarted the Dueling Club last year, and gave and took points to Houses based on official wins and loses during matches. Really made things more exciting, plus we learned a lot! I don't think he went to Hogwarts, originally - certainly has never talked about it. But he's really photogenic, so I can't understand why he won't let me took a photograph of him - my biography's going to need pictures of my mentor, right? It's actually kinda weird...

Suggestion for a game thread title:
Potterhearts: Roll +Hot to Rub Your Wand

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Oct 10, 2012

We're your first, last, and only line of defense. We live in secret. We exist in shadow.

And we dress in black.

Questions, Round 1
Georgina McPhail - The Ghoul
Everyone knows that Ravenclaw's consider knowledge more important than politeness, but everyone draws a line somewhere. What's the most dangerous or powerful thing you've learned since your accident, and what did you do to acquire it that alienated some of your old friends? Who still has your back, even with all the changes you've gone through?

Deirdre Monaghan - The Veelampire
How much of what you learned in Defense Against the Dark Arts about Vampires are you finding to be true, and how much isn't? This charming boy now, do you know who they are? Did you see him before, or have you seen him since, and if you do happen to say, run across him in a dark, deserted hallway late one night, what do you have in mind for him?

Julius Sinactio - The Queen
Moving past labels like Pureblood and Mudblood is good, very admirable and all, but, well... You are a pureblood, aren't you? And the members of your ga-club, what about them? Well, I believe you when you say you want to move past those labels, but some people are so untrusting aren't they. Who was the last person to accuse you of less than pure motives, and what happened with that?

Jessica Gail - The Cuckoo
The freedom from being someone else is nice, but don't you still have to worry about keeping your grades up for your real self? But lets talk about more interesting things. Have you tried turning into anyone besides Donald? How often do you slip into a skin other than yours, and what have you done as someone else that you regret?

Maxine Collingwood-Vocaine - The Hollow
Stuck in Slytherin, you have my sympathy. What house do you feel like you would belong in, if you could pick for yourself? Being stuck fresh this late into a class would be bad enough, but not having any memories to help you along must make it even worse. What's the first hard social lesson you learned since you arrived at school, and who tried to warn you?

Alicia Elston - The Wyrm
Outfits are one thing, but why help out the less talented students? And while you certainly have a knack for fashion design, some of your outfits, the Black Cat-alogue ones particularly, seem, well I wouldn't call them amusing, but someone people do. Who was the last person who mocked one of your designs to your face, and what did you do to them?

Catherine Crowther - The Witch
Magic is only ask dark as the one who casts it, right? These spells are just older, subtler. Who was the first person you tried this old magic on, and what did you do to them? Who was the latest person you used it on, and what did they do you earn your ire?

Alastrina Lunete Medrod - The Ghost
What should I call you, Meddie? Alastrina? Have you ever tried to leave the halls of this castle, and go out into the world? Can you pass as alive when you want, and in the years that have gone by, did you ever make friends with some of the students? What do you do to pass the time?

Robin Brickman - The Mortal
Why don't you get along with your fellow Gryffindors? And for all your complaining, isn't doing magic what everyone wants growing up? Even without wireless internet, what was the best moment you've had in the magical world?

Juniper - The Fae
Knowing the difference between Petrificus Totalus and Petridish Toetalons is important for wand magic though. What damage have you caused because of a mistake trying to bind your magic and force it out through a narrow strip of wood? On the other side, what went wrong when the humans failed to understand your magic?

Diana Clementia Selwyn - The Gentry
Did you ever hope to escape out from the constant scrutiny of your parents when you left for Hogwarts? Sorry, stupid question, someone as perfect as you wouldn't want that. But anyway, it would have been hopeless. How have they managed to keep watch over and on you while you've been here for the last six years?

Troy Buckworth - The Anansi
You've got plans you said. Well, you've been here for a few years now, you must have put a few of them into action by now. Tell me about one of your plans that worked, and one that.... well, to say went badly would be an understatement, wouldn't it?

Natalie Saul - The Chosen
I. Well. That's uh. Ambitious! You definitely belong in Slytherin, no question there. And I see you bought one of those Firebolts too. You might be a little obsessedDestined for greatness! Anyway, it might not be Voldemort, or a Basilisk, or the Tri-Wizard Tournament, or a horde of Death Eaters, or a Horcrux, or Voldemort, but with all the work you've spent searching for something important enough to stop that it'd make you famous, you've run into a few smaller problems that you've solved. No recognition, yet, but at least it's practice. What are some of the things you've managed to stop so far?

If I missed you, let me know! Also if you edit in a profile into a post after this point, please make a post letting me know you did so I know to look for it.


Rather Watch Them
Mar 28, 2012

Don't worry loves! NEED A CAVALRY HERE!

GodFish posted:

Questions, Round 1
Alastrina Lunete Medrod - The Ghost
What should I call you, Meddie? Alastrina?

You can call me Trina for short. I'm taking my middle name, Lunete, as a surname to distance myself from "Meddie." Lunete is a handmaid to Laudine in Arthurian legend, whereas Medrod is a bastard child. So please, don't call me Meddie.


Have you ever tried to leave the halls of this castle, and go out into the world?

I tend to haunt the first floor courtyard and the Lonely Loft. I feel attached to these spots since... well, you can see one from the other. You know what I mean. I checked in with that Myrtle girl who explained how we can get bound to certain spots by the Ministry of Magic, but I still had to know for sure. I tried to tail the Hogwarts Express when Secilia left that first year I was dead, but even under cover of the smoke I was found out. I don't think anyone knew who I was trying to haunt, or even who I was except for the Ministry. Ever since then I've been bound to Hogwarts. They couldn't pinpoint a specific location because of how much space I managed to take up, but I usually end up spending most of my time where I just said.


Can you pass as alive when you want...?

Funny story... An unsuspecting fifth-year by the name of Dan Fiefis was snooping around the Loft one evening when I decided to appear to him. I may have enticed him by mentioning how my hair used to dance like fire and my eyes shimmered like candlelight. He spent a good week in the library finding me a Charm that changes something's color and tone. With that and a picture I was looking a lot like my old self. It fades away every few hours, so in this coming year he'll have to help me keep up appearances. I could consider him my confidant.

I do have immaterial versions of my possessions, like my wand, but they're about as effective as a stiff breeze.


...and in the years that have gone by, did you ever make friends with some of the students?

I met a nice girl a few years ago when she was just starting out. This little first year, wide-eyed at the sight of me, mentioned she'd seen me flying outside Gryffindor house. Her name's Melodie Swiftlock. She would come to the courtyard at night to talk to me about what school was like in the Eighties. I mentioned how at one point Professor Trelawney had bright green hair, and Melodie laughed and replied "Who?" I thought this was just the first-year talking, but she really is that uninformed! Granted Trelawney was a recluse and retired before Melodie's time... Regardless. Even now as a fourth-year she has no idea what the object of Quidditch is, even as it flies at her face. Either she's forgetful, ignorant, or a remarkable actress.

There's also Hollow Bart, or Lieutenant Bartholomew Morse as he'd like to be called. He was ventilated by cannon fire, as one could tell by the gaping hole in his abdomen. He roams around the school, displaced from his point of death due to it sinking in the Caribbean Seas. He used to be a wizard serving in the British navy, who apparently had the power to shape the seas where he steered. At least that's what he tells me. He always greets me in passing, and we share tales of what used to be. He looks about 19, but he must be hundreds of years wise by now. He's still handsome, roguish, and likes making a show for the students, but they say us ghosts only rise up if we fear death, which says something of him...


What do you do to pass the time?

Seeing as I'm stuck in the castle for all eternity, I get to hear an age's worth of gossip. "Ooh, dude and that chick are totally dating!" "Ooh, she stole my Potions book! Ooh!" I try to get to the bottom of every little secret and see what's true. I might even console the poor girls who hide away when they feel like they've been pushed into a corner. Being able to talk to someone about their pain, it helps me to...

Uh, sometimes I also like to peek around where I was always too afraid to look. Did you know there's a whole series of chambers under the third floor? It took them years to find a use for it all. Being able to see all the things I could have done, it...

Alright, look. I didn't think I feared death. Obviously I did, but when I was up there I forgot what it's capable of. Being a ghost helps me see what I could be doing. Feeling. Being.

I hate this. I can't believe I'm stuck here while all my friends are... grown up, growing old. I used to know a girl, Stephanie Swiftlock. And that look in Melodie's eyes... They're just alike. Every time I see a face it points back to the people I knew. But even now when I have nothing left to lose, I still put on a happy face for the future of witchcraft to marvel at my death, make small talk, and sing that song. Nothing's changed at all. Why?

It's all that damned Secilia's fault I'm like this. That's why I've been trying to mess with her head. I'm not capable of much, but when I really feel the flurry inside me I can make her classroom fight back during a lecture. I embarrass her in front of the students, make her think they're pulling pranks. That'll teach you to pick the most boring wizarding subject in existence, Sessy.

That's what I do. I take pleasure in people's pain. I haunt.

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