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Jan 12, 2010

My girlfriend and I are going on a 4 month tour of South America this fall, and are starting to look into more specific areas to visit... Most of it's pretty nailed down by now (Cuzco, Cartagena, etc) but one big question of ours is whether the Galapagos are really worth it. The cost is not prohibitive, but if we're going to spend $3k+ on a week there, we're wondering if it's really unique enough, or if the money (and time) could have been better spent elsewhere, like Iquitos or something.

I have a feeling it might be one of those things people like to check off a list and that it might not really be that much more unique than any other archipelago (e.g. we've been around Greece and Hawaii). We both like animals, scenery, and hiking, but you can do that on a lot less than $200pp/day elsewhere.

We live in Europe, so it's a really long way to the Galapagos, so I doubt we'll get another chance to go, at least not in the next 10-20 years. Basically, would this be one of those "omfg you missed the Galapagos" things?

Edit: We'd visit sometime between late October and late November.

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Aug 28, 2007

Short post since I am on my phone and traveling but if you like more adventure travel style contact G Adventures (formerly gap) and specifically see if Pablo is running a tour group whole you are there.

Goon approved and you see and do a ton. Moderate fitness level and swimming ability recommended.

Jul 8, 2004

I visited last fall and thought it was completely unlike anywhere else I've been. The trip itineraries usually don't allow for any good hiking, the geology is pretty interesting but the real reason to go is for the animals. They just don't care that you're there. If you're into photography, this is wildlife photography on easy mode. I loved it. If you do decide to go, I'd recommend an 8d cruise with a western itinerary. Know that most groups will skew older, but this is mostly up to chance. If you have some flexibility, it's cheapest to book last minute. Here's an idea of what last minute prices might look like, but also get in touch with ship operators directly and some travel agents in Quito to see where you can get the best rate. You'll probably need to pay cash in Quito, or pay a 6-8% credit card surcharge.

peak debt
Mar 10, 2001
b& :(

Nap Ghost

I once talked to an underwater photographer with 2000+ scuba dives who said his favorite diving spot was the Galapagos so there's that.

Feb 23, 2004

The Galapagos is unreal. It's definitely worth the effort to see it.

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