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Jan 3, 2014

Oh, whoa! Check out the Viewing Globe, shorty!

Thank you for purchasing one(1) "Unofficial All Purpose Guide to Side-Scrolling Beat Em Ups" for the price of $0.00. Contained herein, you will find the largest collection of knowledge on the subject anywhere. Probably. Highlights include "the origin of 3d gameplay", and "why can't I get past this loving boss fight". Information will not be presented in chronological order of release, or even by platform. But do not fret, this thorough digital compilation will take any willing participant though nearly every side-scrolling 2.5D beat 'em up ever made*. This includes arcade titles as well. Let's get cracking.

*Exclusions are dependent on whether I realize a certain game exists, and its relevance to the genre, but I think I have a pretty good grasp. Any games that aren't relevant or unique will most likely be uploaded as extras. Still, suggestions are more than welcome!

Important Notes: This thread pertains mostly to traditional 2.5D beat 'em ups and games directly inspired by them. Some strictly 2D or strictly 3D beat em ups may not be covered. Oh, and anyone else is obviously free to contribute, if they like!


1. Final Fight

1.1: The Slums

1.2: Subway Park

1.3: West Side

1.4: Bay Area

1.5: Uptown

2. Rival Turf!

3. Urban Brawl

3.1: Streets of Discontent

3.2: Bathroom Brawl

3.3: Rip and Tear

3.4: Big Murder Tower

4. Golden Axe

4.1: Road to Glory

4.2: Pet Dragons

4.3: Roughin' It

4.4: Scorched Earth

4.5: Death Multiplier

4.6: Death Usher

5. Golden Axe III

6. Golden Axe Myth

6.1: Road to Glory Redux

6.2: Downtown Slaughter

6.3: Dwarven Durability

6.4: Big Flying Thing

6.5: Mud Demon

6.6: The Beginning

7. Arson and Plunder: Unleashed

8. Fist of Jesus

9. Lucifer Ring

9.1: Valley~Forest

9.2: Remains

9.3: Cave

9.4: Hell's Gate

10. Renegade

10.1: My Way or The Sub Way

10.2: Bike Battle

10.3: Burger

10.4: Blowed Up

11. The Punisher

11.1: Scully

11.2: Compact Castle

11.3: Blood Puddle

11.4: Death Express

11.5: Sewage Time

11.6: Say Your Prayers

12. Tekken Force

13. Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker

14. UFO Kamen Yakisoban

14.1: Stage One

14.2: Stage Two

14.3: Stage Three

14.4: Stage Four

14.5: Stage Five

15. Iron Commando

16. Captain America and The Avengers

Scene 1: The Avengers

Scene 2: Target Town

Scene 3: Challenge from The Bottom of The Sea

Scene 4: The Giant Laser Cannon

Scene 5: The End of Red Skull

Extra Scene: The Super Nintendo

17. Streets of Rage

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

Stage 6

Stage 7

Stage 8


18. The Shadow


DeathChicken's no-death run of Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage!
dscruffy1's playthrough of the arcade-inspired "ARMIES OF THE NIGHT" mode from "The Warriors".
Fiendly's let's play of Splatterhouse 3, the second black sheep of the series.
Mateo360's let's play of the 16-bit Power Rangers titles.
Village Monk's playthrough of the Atari ST port of Golden Axe!
Village Monk's playthrough of the Atari ST version of Double Dragon.


A quick look at "Kavinsky", a beat em up made to promote one of the artist's albums.
A TMNT game based on the 2012 TV series.
An old video of a very bad Mucha Lucha game.
A 3d hack n slash heavily inspired by God of War.
A 3d hack n slash with many anime girls.
A bizarre doujin beat 'em up featuring many strange characters. Hope you like animemes.
A top-down beat 'em up based on the Utawarerumono series.
A 3d platformer/beat 'em up from a game series about neither of those genres.
The demo for a beat 'em up on Steam Greenlight.
The demo for a beat 'em up on XBLIG.
A 3d hack n slash where you ruthlessly slaughter puppet people.
A 3d hack n slash where you play as a woman with very little clothing.
The entire Saint Seiya beat 'em up for the PS3
A fan-made Streets of Rage 4
A Disney Infinity 3.0 level fashioned after old beat 'em ups.

Art Contributions

PBnJamo shows us Final Fight's experimental gravity reversal mechanics.

SelenicMartian watches Kettler plot his next move.

Miacis illustrates Adam's alternative to rocket propulsion.

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