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Jan 17, 2010

I work in a room with a desk and a bunch of bookshelves, i move around a lot and can't wear headphones that are more visible then earplugs. I want to listen to music while working, but i cannot for the life of me solve this. I have a laptop on my desk with an ethernet internet connection. I have an iPhone 4s with earplugs. How do i either:

A. Stream music from the laptop to the phone (via bluetooth) OR

B. Give internet to the phone from the laptop (to stream directly from the internet)

Either of these is apparently impossible. I need some help!

Laptop has bluetooth and wireless, phone is not jailbroken. Phone does not have a dataplan that allows me to stream music over 3G for more then like 30min per month.


Sep 1, 2006

Dinosaur Gum

Killstick posted:

B. Give internet to the phone from the laptop (to stream directly from the internet)
Generally you can use your laptop as a wireless access point which bridges to the Ethernet. The particular software I've used is no longer free but this seems to do what you wish for windows.

Jan 17, 2010

I'll give it a try, thanks!


It works, you're a hero!

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Jan 17, 2010

Well poo poo, the connection is constantly disconnecting and reconnecting between the computer and the phone, when when i'm sitting right next to it. Don't really know where to go with that problem.

VVVV Alright, round 2. Let's see if this works better.

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Variable 5
Apr 17, 2007

Grimey Drawer

I've used a combination of butt and Icecast to stream audio from a PC to iPhones/iPads before. (Friend of mine wanted to broadcast live audio for a marathon over the Internet to a bunch of devices connected via wifi at various businesses along the route, and said devices were then connected to powered loudspeakers.)

It should work in your case, assuming that your connection problems aren't related to dodgy wifi.

Nov 10, 2007

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e. Turns out I am missing something

Jan 17, 2010

Ok i've discarded all my ideas and decided to forget the phone. Anyone have any suggestion on a good pair of bluetooth earplugs (the smaller / less visible the better i.e no headsets).

Aug 1, 2003

Have you checked out Plex? It sounds like it solves exactly your problem.

Sep 1, 2006

Does emu4iOS and Airfloat still work on iOS 8? I haven't tried recently, but that used to work for making an iPhone into an airplay target for iTunes on a PC.

Jan 17, 2010

My laptop is kinda old and lovely i guess or something because wireless is spotty with several different apps so streaming internet or just stored media from it to the phone constantly cuts out. I'm going to buy some bluetooth earbuds and try that out, luckily there's a store that sells them a few hundred meters from my office on campus. Thanks for all the suggestions though, Plex is actually going to be handy at home it turns out!

Sep 18, 2004

Are your phone and laptop on the same network? Then open iTunes on your laptop and leave it open. Setup Home Sharing on your laptop and then you can open up your iTunes library on your phone:

Jun 14, 2006

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Ramrod XTreme

CuddleChunks posted:

Are your phone and laptop on the same network?

Killstick posted:

I have a laptop on my desk with an ethernet internet connection.

So no go on the itunes sharing. I'd just probably get a data plan to the phone or move your music library to the phone beforehand.


Nov 2, 2001
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Taco Defender

I'd suggest getting a Bluetooth headphone adapter that you can plug your own headphones into instead of all-in-one Bluetooth headphones. I've been using a SonyEricsson unit for years and I love it. I can plug in whatever headphones I want without being limited to what comes with the device. Back when I got it that was the only device I could find on the market but it looks like there are newer versions from different manufacturers now.

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