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Jul 23, 2004

For the men
to my left and right!

Chances are, everyone here has done one or many super awesome things that they are really proud of. Weather it's running a marathon, making a massive bonfire, making your favourite piece of art, starting a family. finishing a university degree or just whatever you happen to thinks is cool (or took a lot of hard work).

Recently I've been looking back on a bunch of things that I've done and I realized I'm really lucky to have had the chance to do some really awesome stuff. I also realized I tend to get bogged down by day to day life stuff and lose track of the fact that every now and then, I get to do said really awesome things. This made me realize, I should probably make a list or something. From there I came up with a project. Do a thing that somehow represents all the things I'm proud of in life, that I can see on a daily basis that reminds me that I'm a pretty lucky person for doing those things, and I'd like to add to it every time I do something new. That being said, I'm stuck on how I can go about do such a thing. I thought of getting a tattoo done, maybe some type of "wall of me" photo arrangement, maybe a poster with stick figures on it doing various things... I don't know. All these ideas seem pretty terrible, or at the very least, don't really fill me with excitement.

I figured out of all the places to maybe get some off the wall ideas, obviously this seemed the best place to get some, or at least get flamed into oblivion for having such a potential terrible idea.

So the question is, if you had to make an art that represented all the things you're most proud of in life, what would you make/do?


real nap shit
Feb 2, 2008

I'd keep doing my thing and refining my craft and let my pride and other such juices flow through there

Something Else
Dec 27, 2004

I'd ask my friends and family to constantly fawn over me for all the great stuff I'm doing, so I don't take time away from doing great stuff. Delegation is the soul of art just ask Michelangelo

Chalets the Baka
Jan 25, 2013


I would make an art of all the accomplishments I've achieved in life. It's going to be a very large painting that will ideally be installed in the MoMA and will feature some of the greatest moments of my life. It will include depictions of when I jumped first - before anyone else, when i built a replica of the memroy implant machine from Total Recall and sat in it screaming for 8 hours at Otakon, and my best attempt at what i remember the VHS cover of "DUnston Checks In" looked like

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