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Mar 6, 2004

Hey guys, it's me

So I posted about this issue a few months back. For awhile it seemed like it had died down, but it was never fully resolved apparently.

Unfortunately, the issue was never truly fixed. Since that post, we've replaced the router at the head of our network with a Peplink Balance One, mainly because we wanted to be able to use our Time Warner cable as backup in case the Verizon FIOS ever has issues. After running some ping tests on the network, I noticed that we're experiencing (very) intermittent ping spikes even within the LAN itself. At first, I thought it might be the switch that sits in between the router and my PC, but this issue also happens on a laptop which is directly plugged into the router via Ethernet.

Here's an example of the ping spikes in action .

Bear in mind that these ping spikes are EXTREMELY intermittent (I only noticed a handful of spikes like this over a 24 hour period, probably no more than 0.1-1% of the total uptime being affected by this problem).

How can I fix this issue? What could the culprit be? I've tried 4 devices as our main router already (two different Verizon FIOS MI242WR Rev I. routers, RT-AC68U, Peplink Balance One). It can't be the switch, because the issue still happens when I bypass it. It can't be the ethernet cables that go from the PCs to the router, because the issue happened just now with a fresh one used for the laptop bypass test. I'm going to try replacing the ethernet cable that runs from the ONT to the router, but then again that shouldn't affect anything since the issue seems to originate within the network.

If anybody's based in the LA area and interested in coming out for a consult, we'd be happy to pay for your time / services. Seriously at our wit's end with this problem at this point!

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Jul 29, 2003

chronofx posted:

...I thought it might be the switch that sits in between the router and my PC, but this issue also happens on a laptop which is directly plugged into the router via Ethernet.

How many devices are connected to the network and how much use are they getting? It is possible the connection is saturated in some way.

Another possibility:

It is possible that a switch, a NIC (really any network component) could be causing sporadic issues. The malfunctioning device just has to be connected to the network in some way. It's not common but I have seen a single NIC on a computer take down a whole business network by sending out bad information.

If I were you I'd disconnect every device from first network point (I don't know your exact structure of course) and plug a laptop into that overnight running pings and see if it still gets spikes. You might have to do a slow and logical trial by error troubleshoot to get to the bottom of this.

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