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Jan 9, 2007

Han Solo, ha! If I'm around, you don't need that guy.

Words cannot adequately describe how impressive this movie is. It's incredible that George Miller came back to the franchise after such an extended period of time and made a film that is as exhilarating and imaginative as The Road Warrior. This is a movie that you should absolutely see in theatres. The editing, the visuals, the sound design, the music, the action--everything works so well together. It is hard to believe that this movie actually exists, but I'm so glad it does and I hope it challenges other modern filmmakers to up their game, especially considering they've been schooled by a 70-year-old man.

Fury Road is

Witness it!

5 stars.


Apr 14, 2006


fun but nothin happened

Sep 17, 2009


gently caress.

Weaponized Autism
Mar 26, 2006

All aboard the Gravy train!

Hair Elf

A lot of heart-pounding action, a thin plot but really not needed in a movie like this (barely any dialog). Charlize Theron is great in this movie.

Editing, visuals, camerawork are all fantastic. Probably the best action film I have seen in a while.



Feb 21, 2002


The best action movie of all time. GO SEE IT. NOW. IN THE THEATER.

It starts off fast and hardly gives you a chance to catch your breath. The cars and stunts are amazing, the special effects immaculate. The cars and characters are a touch cartoonish but it doesn't distract or detract from a masterpiece of action.

Overall I would say The Road Warrior is a better movie, but Fury Road is a better action movie. Don't watch any behind-the-scenes footage beforehand. Best to go in unspoiled, sit back, and have your mind blown.

Jul 21, 2007

I was really impressed. This movie is pure Mad Max 100% to the core. This isn't some lame-decades-later-update with an over-explained plot and nifty effects like Prometheus turned out to be. This movie perfectly maintains the otherworldly atmosphere, lunatic obsessiveness, and buzzing energy that I loved in the previous three titles.

Here's hoping the sequel released in the next couple years.


Jul 27, 2004

Don't Blink

Nothing in the movie is gratuitous. Everything in it serves a purpose, narrative or otherwise. It is the most meaningful movie I've watching in a theater in several years.


Quiet Feet
Dec 14, 2009


Movie good. Movie smash.

This is the most metal thing I've seen in a decade, and I was once impaled on a wrought iron fence with a most of a bicycle and part of an '87 Crown Vic wrapped around me for a few hours.


Aug 24, 2006

Keeping the American Imperialists at bay since 1948

One thing I didn't like about this movie is when they sped up the footage and made things look kinda cartoony. I didn't like it when they did it in the original Mad Max and I don't like it now.

The only other thing I don't like is how some people will say that it has a dumb and simplistic storyline and I immediately have to suppress the urge to punch them in the face. If you can't see any symbolism in a group of sex slaves being pursued by a group of religious zealots, oil barons and arms manufacturers across a post-apocalyptic wasteland then you have no right reviewing any movie.

Best movie of 2015.

Best action movie of the decade.

If you don't love this movie then I don't want anything to do with you.


S w a y z e
Mar 19, 2007

f l a p

Best action movie. Period. Better than Die Hard and Dredd. Witness it.


Mar 7, 2010

College Slice

God drat amazing. It was loving art on film.

Dec 13, 2003
I thought Mad Max: Fury Road was

so you should probably ignore anything else I say

I guess you have to 'get it' to enjoy it. I gave this movie 45 minutes of my life before I quit, and I wish that I could take them back. At least taking a poo poo feels somewhat rewarding- this movie is an incoherent mess of a disappointment if you aren't familiar with the series.

No, there's nothing redeeming about the filming technique (it's just a big garbled mess of nothingness)
No, there's nothing redeeming about having constant action at every single second unless you have ADD or you're on meth
No, there's nothing redeeming about any of the characters whatsoever since it's really impossible to like anyone, even the women, because there's no build up to their story or no personal exposure
No, this movie is not awesome

I'm hoping that if you're familiar with the series it all 'makes sense' otherwise everyone espousing the beauty and amazingness of this movie are on some seriously good drugs and I'd like some please.

TheKevman fucked around with this message at 08:53 on Jan 7, 2016

A White Guy
Dec 19, 2012

Never fear!
Japan is here!

The longest chase scene I ever watched.

4/5. Messy but enjoyable

Jan 30, 2005

I really did not enjoy this movie. I gave it nearly an hour before I quit. I did not find the action to be very exciting. I did admire the engineering it took to make some the vehicles. I found it hard to care about any of the characters.

Dec 13, 2003
I thought Mad Max: Fury Road was

so you should probably ignore anything else I say

joebuddah posted:

I really did not enjoy this movie. I gave it nearly an hour before I quit. I did not find the action to be very exciting. I did admire the engineering it took to make some the vehicles. I found it hard to care about any of the characters.

You're right on all accounts. Every single one. But please, easy on the criticism, you're only allowed to give this mess of a movie 5's or else you get a red custom title!!!

TheKevman fucked around with this message at 06:06 on Mar 24, 2016

Dec 14, 2004

I'm not a fan of car chases, I'm not a fan of action movies, I'm not the biggest fan of Mad Max (although I admire it for what it is on a conceptual level, the movies don't appeal to me much).

While watching this movie all I could think was George Miller nearing his 70s going "These new movies are just braindead action sequences with no content in them..."

"...but back in my day, we did those and they were good. I'll show these young folks how it is done."

To say I loved this movie would be an understatement. I had no idea I could enjoy a movie that's just a long car chase, and so I put this movie on hiatus for a while. And yet I did, and every single minute of it was mesmerizing.



Mar 3, 2006

long great car chase. 6/6

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