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Fender Anarchist
May 20, 2009

Fender Anarchist

Enourmo posted:

in unrelated news

loving poo poo eating cocksuckers* at my school don't recognize my loving ap calc credit from high school

even though ive taken calc 2. and 3. and physics 1 and 2 with calc, and Statics and differential equations

because I didn't pay the very special $25 to have college board send my OFFICIAL AP TEST SCORES (a piece of paper w/ a 3 printed in it) to them and having it in both my hs and community college official transcripts isn't loving enough

which A theres no reason I shouldn't have known this before now except apparently while THEY can run a degree audit while im still in the mech eng "pending" track, I can't because gently caress me I guess, otherwise this thing (which takes up to 15 BUSINESS DAYS ) could have been taken care of in the 15 BUSINESS DAYS between me being accepted/registering for orientation and today

and B even though I got overrides from department people to help me get into classes (one of which filed up while I was sorting this poo poo out so now I'm on two wait lists instead of one that's been full for a month and isn't semester critical), calc 1 is also a hard pre req to transfer from mech.eng pending to mech.eng active, which in turn is required for 3 of my 4 classes. meaning if that major transfer request gets rejected before the ap scores get there I'll be kicked out of those 3 classes, meaning I'll be even further back on the two wait lists, and possibly on a third

all because they couldn't be bothered to say "yo if you took ap credits we need official records if that too, go here to send them"

boy my university careers if to a great loving start huh

*no offense to actual cocksuckers or scat lovers

anyway I've been up like 3fucking6 hours at this point so im sleep

SO non-sleep deprived followup (I slept twice from 7 pm to midnight and 7 am to 1-ish, god I was loving tired yesterday)

Those official AP scores? Since I took the test back in 2006 I don't get to use the online order form, nor do I get an option for expedited shipping. I had to fax my request form in and they won't let me talk to anyone in the office to make sure they physically received it in the fax tray, so I won't even know if it made it through until I call back Monday afternoon and get confirmation that it's been processed into the system. Meaning that 15 business days won't start til Monday, and it could be Friday the 21st before the school gets the scores. And classes start Monday the 24th.

So basically gently caress me for taking the long route through school, and gently caress the college for not letting me audit my degree a loving month ago so I could have taken care of this beforehand.

I got into the class with the short waitlist btw, but if the AP scores dont get there in time and they process and deny my major change before then, I'll get dropped back to "pending" and kicked out of three of the classes, two of which are at the beginning of a core class chain leading all the way to my senior Design II class needed to graduate. Meaning if I can't take them this semester, that's already delaying my graduation 2.5 years down the road, before I even get into the classes themselves. And the longer this all takes and the closer it gets to start of classes, the longer the waitlists will be and the less likely more people will drop out to make room.

I'm already dealing with a lovely depression/anxiety hypercombo dealing with finding apartments near the school so I don't have a 30 minute commute/45 minute parking spot hunt (by all accounts that's how bad parking is), i don't need this bureaucratic horseshit on top of that. I've taken Calc 2/3, Physics 1/2, Statics, Statistics and Differential Equations, that's SEVEN loving CLASSES, that have Calc 1 as a pre-req. Anyone with 2 loving brain cells to rub together could surmise that I must have passed the class to take the rest of those, but nope, I get to play the waiting game and basically constantly hyperventilate until it's done with, because THE SYSTEM doesn't work that way.

Oh and my mom is mad at me for being stressed out over this and daring to be mad about the stupidity of the situation, so gently caress me for being a human too I guess.


Apr 23, 2007

Had my last day of work today and I feel pretty good. I spent about $700 on tools with my employee discount while I still could, DeWalt/Stanley/Black & Decker isn't the best but it's great when you're getting it for ~50% off the cheapest it is anywhere else. Now I have a bit over a month to find an apartment and move. I'm really excited and nervous.

Applebees Appetizer
Jan 23, 2006

nm posted:

Define fast. If at quasi-road legal speeds, the answer is yes. Even with poo poo stock tires, it loves to carve a curvy road.
Basically, it has amazing steering feel, a great chassis, a great shifter, a weird clutch, and 100hp of fury. It is also 2300lbs, so it is a little quicker than 100hp would indicate (still slow). Basically think fwd miata hatch with 4 doors that can hold 3 people and 2 children with no legs.
Note that a automatic would kill this car.

Sounds perfect

Timmy Cruise
Jun 9, 2007

I have just over 20k km on my 2 and agree with nm. It is pretty fun to autocross as well.

Utility wise I took myself and 2 friends skiing in Fernie (10 hours away), with a roof rack and box for skis and it wasnt terrible.

I am also getting 7-7.5 l/100 km in the city, fuel mileage wise.

piss boner
May 17, 2003

If I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die historic on the fury road!

Fun Shoe

88h88 posted:

I own a hairdryer because I have a beard and airdrying it just feels wrong. I also use it to dry myself because who doesn't want to be dry in like 30 seconds flat?

If you are using it on heated dry, you're doing it wrong.

Quite A Tool posted:

If you're not standing in front of a fan near a window blowing cool morning breeze onto your junk you're doing it wrong.

I live near a school, no way I can do that without risking some kinda list.

Astonishing Wang posted:

Just went poop. Think I am all done with the wiping. Start my new movement next week.

Sucks man

I work in IT, my main building has 30 users and I have a dozen or so locations. So I get to work today, busy as hell right out the gate. With no announcement of their arrival, hardware installation support arrives to suck five minutes from my day and install a Steelhead WAN Optimizer. These fuckers are told to coordinate or at least announce their arrival prior to arriving but they never do. Anyway, the man has greasy hair and a earring, in his mid-50's and a beer gut & the woman is shaped the same with big tits and poofy hair and a built in confused look. Of all the hardware teams sent by this contracting group never send 2 people so this has to be a husband & wife dynamic. I check identification that only lists him and let them in the "server room", ask them if they need anything and get back to it. Better send an email.

To: All <site> users
Subject: Hardware upgrade
All, the team has arrived unexpectedly to upgrade hardware, in 10 minutes we will lose connectivity for 30 minutes. You do not need to log out but be aware that because we will be offline that you may lose anything that you were working on that requires a connection.

CTRL+Enter. Done. Sent. 5 minutes lost from my day.

Back to it. Back to the finish the spreadsheet that my boss sent with a "this needs to be done yesterday" priority.

we need to log off, okay? thanks.
because that lady here for the install said so
she's wrong, stop telling people that, go back and tell people the opposite of that
okay, got it
you saw my email right?
then lets just go with that, please

2 minutes later

they said we need to log off...
ignore them, okay?

Yeah, I'm going to have 30+ users log off and sit on their hands for a half hour while you install a loving WAN optimizer.

Beverly Cleavage
Jun 22, 2004

I am a pretty pretty princess, watch me do my pretty princess dance....

In other news...Hit 35 today (happy birthday to me!). It was a long and not entirely awesome day, but gently caress it. Mrs. took me out to an awesome dinner, now I'm going to fart around on the 360 for a little bit then go to bed. I could imagine worse.


Mar 17, 2008

After I drop the kids off with my ex in the morning, I'm running off to the mountains with my girlfriend and rafting the Ocoee river. Yay impulsive, thrill-seeking behavior!

Aug 22, 2006

If Godzilla can do it, you know I can deliver!


I'm the crazy bastard that filled my AC system with Air Duster. It worked.

Mar 22, 2003

Google Image Results for
"Sexy Guy Gardner"

Nnnnng meat coma

Apr 22, 2008

by zen death robot

CommieGIR posted:

I'm the crazy bastard that filled my AC system with Air Duster. It worked.

Trip report please.

May 12, 2006

I thought I was a nice jester

New battery made a world of difference on my phone.

Old battery, with about an hour of screen-on time

New battery, with about 2 hours of screen-on time and heavier GPS use.

MrChips posted:

Oddly enough, I got the go-ahead to upgrade overnight. It's like they heard me whining!

I found a link to an official downloader on Microsoft's website. It went pretty painless on the laptop.

Takes a little longer to boot up now, but overall it seems more responsive.

NitroSpazzz posted:

I might have to toss Win 10 on my unused media PC

If you use that PC for TV tuner or DVR duty (a'la Windows Media Center), you're going to be very disappointed.

Geoj posted:

Why not just get one of the TWC techs to run you a new drop from the outside box into a more convenient place for your modem? It's really not much work for them and would beat dragging nearly 100' of cable in a hot attic.

That's what I'm going to have to do. I connected the new cable to the old one with a coupler and started trying to pull it across the attic. Heard a snap and the cable went slack. Snagged on a beam and ripped the plug off, in an area that's tighter than a midget's rear end in a top hat. I've been in that part of the attic ONCE, and it was one of the biggest pain in the rear end things I've done in my life - it took over an hour to get there, and that section is a whole 20-30 ft from the entrance.

There is no convenient place except the attic - that's where all of the cable distribution is. But if they could run it along the outside of the house and up into an eve by the den (which is one wall away from the dmarc), that would be . Problem is there's really no easy attic access over there, but it would be the closest they could get to the splitters without going around to the front of the house (dmarc is in the back).

Only other real option would be to get a fish tape, but I'd need at least 100 ft, and it'd have to be steel or something similarly rigid. That's $50 I don't want to spend.

cakesmith handyman
Jul 22, 2007

Pip-Pip old chap! Last one in is a rotten egg what what.

ssjonizuka posted:

In other news...Hit 35 today (happy birthday to me!). It was a long and not entirely awesome day, but gently caress it. Mrs. took me out to an awesome dinner, now I'm going to fart around on the 360 for a little bit then go to bed. I could imagine worse.


July chat thread: 35 and aging


The Locator
Sep 12, 2004

Out here, everything hurts.

Hair Elf

Super Aggro Crag posted:

Just got fired. Think I am all done with the union. Start my new job next week.

Did you splash your boss?

Goober Peas
Jun 30, 2007

Check out my 'Vette, bro

The Locator posted:

Did you splash your boss?

With verbal diarrhea

Pham Nuwen
Oct 30, 2010

August posting motherfuckers!

Aug 16, 2012
Tell your mum I said hi lol

I was going to make the new thread earlier but then I realized I'm terrible at making funny titles/posts

May 9, 2004


Toilet Rascal

I am very powerful

Nov 18, 2007

What have you assholes done now?

Postin in a closed thread.

Jan 15, 2011


Fender Anarchist
May 20, 2009

Fender Anarchist

happy july 2016 futurekind

actually that would be a trip, just have 12 chat threads that only open for their respective month

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