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Watson Your Back, Holmes
Jan 5, 2005

To the general music consumer, life has never been better. Millions of songs are available to be streamed at any time and while mediums like Bittorrent and P2P sharing still thrive, the days of hoarding 100GB of music on your iPod are gone. Personally, I use a mixture of things like TPB, YouTube and SoundCloud to engage with music. This allows me to keep a library of music I listen to often, stream songs I want to hear but don't need to 'own' and find new artists and bands through mixes and playlists.

On the other hand, digital music has been a headache for musicians like myself to understand. Do I give my music away for free and hope a song of mine goes viral? Should I bend over and accept a recording deal from a major or independent label? How can I embrace a tech-enabled music industry when all of the services available still have roots in the old leverage-you-out-of-your-life's-work model?

If the industry is so diseased, why not take it out back behind the barn and get it over with..

This thread is open to anyone with ideas about a new digital music industry. How would you build it? What is lacking from your experience with Spotify, Pandora or Apple Music?

There are some great new ideas being thrown around by the tech community, often without the input of artists and listeners, sadly. I've included one below that looks at the future of blockchain technology. Although I was researching something like this back in the fall of 2014, it's inspired me to take it seriously.

Musicians + Bits + Blocks via IDEO

Matt Weiss, IDEO posted:

What if these services and interactions were powered by block chains? A music block chain could offer a public, decentralized warehouse for artists to register ownership of songs, group them into albums, set distribution terms, and collect payment for distribution. It wouldn’t be a huge stretch for any of the major players to try this, but they haven’t.

About OP: I studied audio engineering in college and started a band that toured twice around the U.S. playing with bands like Thee Oh Sees, Acid Mothers Temple, and Jack Oblivion. In the last six months I've been hopefully researching and designing a new music platform that can realistically serve the digital generation. I also used to frequent the forums way more back in high school but I've been lurking recently and felt guilty so yea welcome back, Holmes ;)


Edward Mass
Sep 14, 2011

*dubstep intensifies*

One of the things I don't like about digital music distribution is the focus on singles, as opposed to albums. Singles can still exist, but would be their own download. My ideal digital music platform would require you to download the whole album in order to hear all non-singles.

Of course, I still buy CDs, so what do I know?

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