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Dec 26, 2005

So I'm going to be in Auckland (and other places) at the end of the month for a while. I've already spent a few weeks in Queenstown, but this will be my first trip to Auckland, and I have a couple questions:

1) Am I better off getting a hotel right downtown and walking to most places, or should I get a bach or something further out with free parking? Looking at the list of things to do in Auckland, most of the ones that interest me are going to be outside the CBD (I want to see the Matakana Farmers market, my husband wants to see the Sea Eagles play the Warriors, I also want to go to the French market in Parnell and maybe Tiritiri Matangi Island or something) so I kind of figure maybe the second one but wanted to be sure?

2) My plane lands at five am, any idea if the car rental places will be open that early or if we get to hang out in the airport for four hours?

That's it for now, thanks. We'll be in Auckland for about four days, Queenstown for two weeks, then doing the south coast for about 5 days before going to Rotorua for a few days then heading to Australia, only the Auckland/Queenstown part is actually booked at all yet though.


Brand New Malaysian Wife
Apr 4, 2007
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Matakana is really small, it's a long way from the city so not worth it unless you're headed up that way. Rich Aucklanders move up there to get away from the rat race so it's kind of the same but there's better stuff in the city. My Mum just moved away from near Matakana and it's boring as hell. Matakana Country Kitchen restaurant is nice though. French market in Parnell is also small and kind of lovely/overpriced. I'd recommend getting an Air BnB in the city and going over to Waiheke Island, it's only a ferry ride away and lovely- beaches, vineyards etc. There is nothing on Tiri. My favourite beaches are Te Arai and Langs Beach, both about 2 hours north of Auckland.

There should be a car rental place open at that time or if not, soon after.

Make sure you get an ice cream at Giapo, it's incredible. Auckland is a great city despite how small it feels, lots of good restaurants and places to drink, especially around the harbour. Check out the west coast beaches like Muriwai and Piha.

Dec 26, 2005

Cool, thanks!

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