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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

You get a call from your fixer at around 5pm on a Sunday on your burner metalink.
I have a job opportunity for you. Horizon movie star, someone called Magic Mike. The meet is at a nightclub in 2 days. Should I tell him to expect you?

You are probably partying at one of LAs posh nightclubs when your other link, the one whose commcode you give to fixers and ugly girls, starts vibrating in your pocket for a short minute. The text you got reads as such.

++Hey Darcy, I just met with a interesting client. One of those simsense action stars. I think you and him might get along, I gave him your commcode. Expect a call soonish.

Lacey Lane
You get a call from your agent Foo.
Hey chummer hows it going. Listen Magic Mike needs a crew for a thing, you ever see his movies? Yeah yeah. So he wants to meet in 2 days, you up for it?

You get a call on your commlink from Titania.
Hey, I got a job for you. You interested?

Thunder Wolf
Through your buddy Whitebird, you were able to get connected with a fixer who has a job opening for you. The meet is in 2 days, are you up for it?

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Jul 1, 2010


Felix looked at his comlink, then back again at the drink he had in one hand. It had already been a long enough night that it was technically morning again and he needed sleep. "Soonish?" He groaned, downing the rest of the fruity cocktail that the bartender had whipped up. "Ugh, I'm going to have to be sober for this, aren't I?" the elf sighed, shaking his head as he set the empty glass down and made his way out of the nightclub as he tapped out a reply

++Give me 8 hours and a hangover cure and I'm game++ "Taxi!"

Feb 17, 2011

The strongest! The smartest!
The rightest!

"Raio," Matheus Fueki

Raio has his agent go through his accounts. He was so close to making rent. All he needed was one more job. Magic Mike? That sounded familiar...

"Yeah, I'm in."

Starting nuyen: 3d6*60 960
Knowledge: Trids: 9d6t5 3

== Info == 
Street Name: Raio
Name: Matheus Fueki
Movement: 12/24
Karma: 0
Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness: 0
Human Male Age ???
Composure: 5
Judge Intentions: 7
Lift/Carry: 14 (135 kg/90 kg) 
Memory: 5
Nuyen: 1355

== Priorities == 
Metatype: E(0) - Human
Attributes: A(4) - 24 Attributes
Special: B(3) - Adept, Magician, or Technomancer
Skills: D(1) - 22 Skills/0 Skill Groups
Resources: C(2) - 140,000

== Attributes == 
BOD: 5
AGI: 6
REA: 5 (8) 
STR: 5 (9) 
CHA: 2
INT: 5
LOG: 2
WIL: 3
EDG: 3
MAG: 6

== Derived Attributes == 
Essence:                   6.00
Initiative:                13 + 4d6
Rigger Initiative:         13 + 4d6
Astral Initiative:         10 + 2d6
Matrix AR Initiative:      13 + 4d6
Matrix Cold Initiative:    5 + DP + 3d6
Matrix Hot Initiative:     5 + DP + 4d6
Physical Damage Track:     11
Stun Damage Track:         10

== Limits == 
Physical:                  11
Mental:                    4
Social:                    4
   Custom Ballistic Mask [+2] (Only for intimidation, Must be visible)
   Securetech PPP: Arms Kit [-1] (Must be visible)
   Securetech PPP: Legs Kit [-1] (Must be visible)
   Securetech PPP: Vitals Kit [-1] (Must be visible)
Astral:                    4

== Active Skills == 
Automatics                 : 6 [Submachine Guns]    Pool: 12 (14)
Blades                     : 6 [Swords]             Pool: 15 (17)
Gymnastics                 : 1                      Pool: 7
Intimidation               : 1 [Physical]           Pool: 5 (7)
Perception                 : 6                      Pool: 11
Running                    : 1                      Pool: 10
Sneaking                   : 4 [Urban]              Pool: 10 (12)
Swimming                   : 1                      Pool: 10

== Knowledge Skills == 
English                    : N                      Pool: 0
Gardening                  : 4                      Pool: 9
Mandarin                   : 4 [Speak]              Pool: 9 (11)
Sprawl Life                : 4                      Pool: 9
Trids                      : 4                      Pool: 9
Triads                     : 4                      Pool: 9

== Contacts == 
Halmeonim; Koreatown; Fixer (2, 4) 

== Qualities == 
Prototype Transhuman
Code of Honor (do not allow innocents to be killed, do not murder and assassinate, etc)
Driven (Eliminate the scientists who created him)
Emotional Attachment (Sword)
Mentor Spirit (Thunderbird)
Prejudiced (Specific, Biased) (Triad Members)
Restricted Gear (Muscle Aug)
Wanted (Roaring Tiger Triad)

== Powers == 
Attribute Boost (AGI) Rating: 2
Combat Sense Rating: 1
Critical Strike (Blades)
Critical Strike (Blades)
Improved Ability (skill) (Blades) Rating: 3
Improved Reflexes 3

== Lifestyles == 
Rooftop studio (Low)  1 months (Public Transportation, Indoor Arboretum, Grid Subscription, Difficult to Find)

== Cyberware/Bioware == 
Muscle Augmentation Rating 4

== Armor == 
Armor Jacket                        14
   +Chemical Protection 6
   +Fire Resistance 6
   +Gel Packs
   +Nonconductivity 6
   +YNT Softweave Armor
Custom Ballistic Mask               2
   +Gas Mask
   +Low Light
   +Radio Signal Scanner Rating 8
   +Ultrasound Rating 8
Forearm Guards                      1
Securetech PPP: Arms Kit            1
Securetech PPP: Legs Kit            1
Securetech PPP: Vitals Kit          1

== Weapons == 
Ingram Smartgun X
   +Concealed Quick-Draw Holster
   +Gas-Vent 3 System
   +Smartgun System, Internal
   +Sound Suppressor
   Pool: 12 (14)   Accuracy: 6   DV: 8P   AP: -   RC: 9
Unarmed Attack
   Pool: 5   Accuracy: 11   DV: 9S   AP: -   RC: 4
Vibro Sword
   +Gecko Grip
   +Personalized Grip
   Pool: 15 (17)   Accuracy: 7   DV: 15P   AP: -2   RC: 4

== Commlink == 
Nixdorf Sekretar (ATT: 0, SLZ: 0, DP: 6, FWL: 2) 
   +Agent 3 (built in)

== Gear == 
Ammo: Stick-n-Shock (Submachine Guns) x60
Contacts Rating 3
Earbuds Rating 3
   +Audio Enhancement Rating 3
Fake SIN (Jose Rodrigues) Rating 4
   +Fake License (Weapons) Rating 4
Fake SIN (Jack Riker) Rating 3
   +Fake License (Weapons) Rating 3
Goggles Rating 6
Jammer, Directional Rating 6
Slap Patch, Antidote Patch Rating 6 x2
Slap Patch, Stim Patch Rating 6 x2
Slap Patch, Trauma Patch
Weapon Focus (Bonded Foci) (Vibro Sword) Rating 1

Sep 13, 2012

#acolyte GM of 2013

Joseph "Thunder Wolf" Redwing

The shrill of the alarm wakes Joseph from what was actually a restful sleep. Reaching over Joseph slams one hand down on the alarm and hops out of bed. With a yawn and a scratch of the head, Joseph goes through the drawers of his dresser. He collects his skivvies, his work pants, his work shirt, and one of his many superhero shirts. Ever since childhood Joseph has liked comic book characters. He was never an avid collector of comics themselves, but his interest does show itself in his vast collection of Superhero T-Shirts. Even though his work uniform will be over it, Joseph always feels naked without one on. Selecting a Green Lantern shirt, he puts it on before putting on his security uniform.

Walking across the room, Joseph opens his blinds and looks out the window. The sun is just starting to rise, the sky a light gray behind the Sprawl's towers of blinking lights. Joseph leans down to a gun safe, entering in a combination. He opens the safe and pulls out his two "legally" registered firearms. He slams a magazine into his Colt America and racks the slide back. He slips the weapon into his holster, and slides it down the small of his back. He then pulls out a weapon case containing his Colt M23. Typically the M23 stayed in the safe except for when he goes to work, well his legitimate work.

Leaving his apartment, Joseph makes his way to the underground garage and hops into his Blue Hyundai, putting his M23 in the trunk. He takes the long drive down to Terminal Island for his job as a security guard down at the Docks. On his way he stops at the same coffee shop he stops at every morning. This stop serves two purposes. First, they have good bagels and Soycaf. Secondly, next to the Coffee Shop is a small shipping store with private PO boxes. It is to one of these PO boxes, registered under one of Joseph's fake SINs, that all his shadowrunning correspondence goes. Walking in with a Soycaff Latte in one hand, Joseph takes out the one envelope and opens it, finding a job offer from his Street Doc.

All it says is that there is a job in two days. Joseph goes to one of the small public computers in the shipping store and logs on with his fake SIN. He shoots off a quick message to WhiteBird indicating he'll at least meet the Mr. Johnson, and to forward the contact information and meeting place. Logging off, Joseph hops in his car and drives the rest of the way to the port, the sun half rising over the ocean. It was yet time for another day of protecting cargo containers full of cheap goods shipped from China and India. The job paid the bills, it was the other expenses he needed Running for.

Unknown Quantity
Sep 2, 2011

Steven? Steven?!

Ruby "Pollyanna" Stone

Pollyanna yawns and stretches. And she was having such a good nap, too. She looks over at who's calling her. ...Oh. If it ain't the fairy queen herself. Not actually the mythical figure, but rather, one of a few pixies she knows with enough connections to get away with a moniker like that. Likes shoving giant ice stalagmites up people if they piss her off. She picks up.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, sure thing! Oh, and tell Oberon I said hi~!"

She muted her end of the call while she waited for her partner's reply and got dressed and, well, more awake. A quick peek out of her little shack built on the "H" of Hollywood revealed...well, nothing new really. Still, it was a good enough day out. If the job was today she'd be fine with it.

Starting nuyen!: 2d6 9*40 = 360 Nuyen

Mar 8, 2013

Trust me.
I pretend to be a ninja.

Lacey Lane
Simsense Star Wanna-Be

"gently caress yeah I am. Where's he got us? Champagne room up at Twists? Loco room at pLace? Where we meeting? And is he providing that bottle service or am I going to have to sneak a flask?"

The night of the meet, Lacey went out partying. See, she had been up all night anyway. And done enough lines (not paid for by her, of course), to be rocking a solid, fun buzz. So she called an Uber, got in, and headed off to the meet spot. Sure it was in a few hours, but in the mean time she could party at the new place, right? At least that's what she told herself as Lacey, Luna, Brittan, and Gigi climbed into the privately-licensed pseudo-taxi to head to the new club. After all, how was she about to go without her entourage?

QuantumNinja posted:

The video starts with a clear shot of a large street somewhere in downtown LA at night. There are three or four burning wreckages of cars, and in front of them is a blonde, bubbling-looking girl holding a pair of machine pistols. "Hi, my name is Lacey Lane, and this is my demo reel!"

It cuts to a car chase, clearly simsense footage, and that same female form is the one being recorded. She's got one hand tight on the ohshit handle of a car, bodily leaning out of the window next to it and emptying the TMP at the large van in front of it. A few short bursts, then the tires go, then the van slams into a wall and Lacey jumps out and starts running for the back doors of the crashed vehicle. She rips open the back door of the crashed van. There are two dazed fuckers inside, and she brandishes her gun. "Get the gently caress down, give us the poo poo, nobody gets hurt."

They toss her a bag, something that feels heavy on the simrig.

It cuts to what must be a NeoNET facility of some sort, servers stacked high. Lacey leans around one row of them, emptying more bullets as she cartwheels to the next bit of cover. You see at least two corpsec guys go down, twisting and twitching from the stick-and-shock. She looks up and sees a dwarf with a shotgun, server strapped to his back as he empties his own shotgun. Lacey indicates the exit with her head and says, "Let's get out of here!"

The dwarf nods and pulls out a detonator, pushing the button. The wall next to them explodes, controlled and precise and cutting, and a large chunk of the concrete. They start running toward it and jump out into the middle of the LA skyline from a building, maybe 60 stories up. There are ropes hanging there, maybe six, and they grab two, making good time as they start rappelling down the building. Twenty meters down, security guards have started appearing at the hole they made. And so Lacey starts mag-dumping up at the hole, right up until she loses control of the descent. She starts sliding, fast, toward the ground.

The next cut is a drop-off. She sets a large cargo case of sorts on the table of a dark room, and there's a figure on the other side of it, face blurred out. "Here are the goods. Now where's the money?"

The figure across the table doesn't say anything. Instead, it pulls a gun and opens fire while the windows above shatter and some security team comes pouring in. A troll charges past the viewpoint's left, tackling two of the corpsec guys, while Lacey herself twists out of the way of the Johnson's bullets before yelling, "Now."

The room floods with smoke, instantaneous, and you can see the light of gunfire through some of it. The smartlink laid over the vision picks out a few of those shapes, and you watch as Lacey brings two TMPs to bear, emptying them into the smoke while running out into---the night sky, near the Hollywood sign. The city's burning bright, and the skyline's in perfect view. She looks back to the warehouse door, smoke billowing out.

The final shot is back to Lacey herself. "You want more, you know where to get it!"

Then there's the sound of gunfire off-screen and she runs out of frame, brandishing her weapons.


On the host, the video came with a little Bio.

"Lacey Lane grew up in Salt Lake City, where she learned to act and fire guns in the SLC public school system. When she realized she had enough talent to make it big, she blew her entire college fund on 'ware to keep her alive and moved out to Los Angeles. She's been working with Big Foo, part of the Foo-Bar-Baz Casting Agency, to establish herself as a prime simsense running star. Below are trailers for her four major productions, Hot Pots, Liquid Courage, Bridge Over Troubled Water, and Moonshine Matches. When asked in an interview why she was so interested in getting into crime-based simsense, she replied, 'You know, it's all about those Jewels and Drugs.,' a reference to a oldie by now-deceased Lady Gaga."

I might blow a little more of my cash.

Metatype: D - Human or Elf
Attributes: A - 24 Attributes
Special: E - Mundane
Skills: D extra - 22 Skills/0 Skill Groups
Resources: A extra - 450,000

 25  START

- 4  Ambidextrous 
- 8  Fame: National (Sprawl: LA, Country: Pueblo?)
- 6  Human-Looking


+ 4  Addiction (Mild): Novacoke
+ 5  Allergy (Uncommon, Mild): Tobacco
+10  Creature of Comfort (Middle)
+ 5  Distinctive Style


-10  Edge 1 => 2
- 5  Athletics Skill Group 1
- 2  Con 1
- 2  Free-fall 1
- 1  2000 Nuyen

Addiction (Mild) (Novacoke)
Allergy (Uncommon, Mild) (Citrus)
Creature of Comfort (Middle)
Distinctive Style
Fame: National
Low-Light Vision

BAS  5    7   4   1   7   5   3   3   2
AUG  -    3   2   3   -   -   1   -   -
TOT  5   10   6   4   7   5   4   3   2
Derived Attributes
Essence: 2.52
Initiative: 11 + 3d6
Physical Damage Track: 11
Stun Damage Track: 10
Movement: 20/40
Karma: 0
Composure: 9
Judge Intentions: 11
Lift/Carry: 9 (60 kg/40 kg)
Memory: 9
Nuyen: 1730
Limits (P/M/S) 7 / 8 / 6 [+1]UCAS [+1]Sleeping Tiger

Automatics 6 (Spec: Machine Pistols)
Computer 2 (Spec: Edit File)
Con 1
Negotiation 4
Perception 1
Performance 6 (Spec: Acting)
Free-fall 1

Skill Groups
Stealth 1 (Sneaking, Palming, Disguise)
Athletics (Gymnastics, Running, Swimming)

Knowledge Skills
Area Knowledge: LA 2
English N
Fashion 2 (Spec: New York Scene)
French 1
Japanese 2
Music 2
Shadow Community 2 (Spec: Safehouses)
Street Drugs 2 (Spec: BTLs)

Foo; Agent (5, 2)
Henri; Simsense Editor (2, 3)
Sonny Reed; Simsense Star (2,1)
Robbie McConnaly (4,2)

Middle (1 month)

Cerebral Booster Rating 1
Datajack Alpha
Image Link Alpha
Mnemonic Enhancer Rating 2
Muscle Augmentation Rating 3 Used
Muscle Toner Rating 3 Used
Reflex Recorder (Skill) (Automatics)
Simrig Alpha
Smartlink Alpha
Synaptic Booster Rating 2

Custom Ballistic Mask 2
Vashon Island: Sleeping Tiger 13
+Custom Fit
+Newest Model
+Ruthenium Polymer Coating 3

Ammo: APDS (Machine Pistols) x150
Ammo: Stick-n-Shock (Machine Pistols) x150
Quick-Draw Holster x2

Remington Suppressor
+Sound Suppressor
Pool: 17 (19) Accuracy: 6 DV: 7P AP: -1 RC: 2
Steyr TMP x2
+Flashlight, Standard
+Gas-Vent 3 System
+Gecko Grip
+Laser Sight
+Smartgun System, Internal
+Spare Clip
+Spare Clip
Pool: 17 (19) Accuracy: 6 DV: 7P AP: - RC: 5

Hermes Ikon (ATT: 0, SLZ: 0, DP: 5, FWL: 5)
+Sim Module, Hot
+Subvocal Mic
Contacts Rating 2
+Flare Compensation
+Vision Magnification

Fake SIN (Nancy Reagan) Rating 3
+Fake License (Automatic Weapons License) Rating 3
Fake SIN (Betty Palmer) Rating 1

Dodge Scoot
+Sensor Array Rating 2

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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

The Meet
Lacey Lane would be right about the meet being at a nightclub. But when she gets told the address she'd probably whistle. The venue is called Resonance, the new hotspot for Los Angeles. All the other runners get told of the venue and are told to make sure they dress for a night in town. If for some reason they lack the appropriately clothing, attached to the RSVP is a gift certificate for 2000 nuyen to be used at any Zo store.

I know all of you guys are loving poors. So go ahead and write a thing about picking out an outfit. This is credit specifically useful for buying clothes or acquiring any high fashion armor made by Zo. This covers Executive Suite (oh hey only 2k nuyen lmao), the Heritage line, as well as Nightshade and Moonsilver. Also I think Second Skin is also Zo but i may be wrong.

The Line
What LA Nightclub doesn't have a line that's around the block. You all notice the long line of "perfect" people standing in line, gossiping about all manner of poo poo. That one elf chick in the black dress with the neon highlights in her hair? Yeah she's pretty pissed that she got negged on P2.0 and is bitching to her friends that Steve is the reason they aren't getting booshed into VIP. Thats not your problem chummer. You got the hookup, through the side entrance where a large well dressed Troll ushers you in. He gets all your commcodes and you all receive invitations to the VIP. AR visuals will guide you to the table where Magic Mike awaits you.

Lacey Lane
If you want to show up a few hours before the meet you can absolutely. You may buy any drug that has recreational value without rolling. If you'd like you can roleplay how you entertain yourself. Oh by the way, your entourage of hangerons don't have enough P2.0 rating to get in so lol get pwned Luna, Brittan, and Gigi. Feel free to roleplay their reaction to being shown the door.

The VIP (brought to you by Magic "MOTHERFUCKING" Mike)

The man himself

"Evening people. Go on have a seat." Magic Mike says as he's puffing on a fat blunt of Deepweed. "Sorry we couldn't let your girls up Lacey but uhh, I can't be seen in their company. I got my own groupies, feel me?" As he says thats, two orks stand outside the VIP. "Place is swept, we're clean. So talk somewhat freely. Now this is what I need done. I need an extraction. I need it to be flashy and it needs to happen tonight. 18k nuyen. You do good on this and I think we can do further business."

Jul 1, 2010

Who are you calling poor? I'm just cheap.


It had been a long time, as the brunette elf strode back and forth through the isles. He had gotten the call after his morning double skinny caramel Soykaff and the location had raised more than one eyebrow. "Resonance." That was a new one, and a new one with enough publicity behind it that even in the hotly contested elite scene, it was still making waves on the P2.0 system,. Whoever this "Magic Mike" was, he was clearly well connected at the very least. 2000 zoe gift card too, with cash on hand that would be enough for something from the heritage line, maybe even a Nightshade tux. Everyone was probably just going to take the executive range, he needed at least something significant. If less practical.

"Sir it's 10 minutes to closing time."

drat, he thought, screw it. It might be a cliche but Executive Suite it was! Maybe he could get a refund and get something decent later, he had a meeting to get to.


Strolling confidently passed the normal queue of ...scene people... and into the area for important people, Felix took the time to look around. He doubted this was going to be a one-man operation, so he looked around for potential runners... which in Los Angeles meant anyone with a drone flying overhead recording their every moves. Not exactly a great way to narrow things down.

Then there was the guide and OH BOY. A FREAKING R, of course it was an AR guide to their table. just bear with it, order a stiff drink and turn it off asap he told himself, trying not to focus to hard on the arrows where glowing arrows should not be. Ugh, simsense Vertigo was a bitch in LA, it's why he'd invested in a tag eraser. Not to wipe himself off the grid but so he'd be bombarded with less assaults on his vision and other senses from every department. He was lucky enough that his father was famous enough that he could run quiet for most things and only a family name would disuade any objectors, Resonance, at least for the entrance was no such place.

So this was Mike, yup, mike. Deepweed, shades, gold or possibly faux-gold chains, LA bigshot or a wannabe one. "I assume that's per person." Felix said, switching off the AR once he got close enough to the table and blinking away the headache.

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

"18k per head yes. What kinda JOHNSTON you think I am?" Magic Mike says as this song starts playing in the club.

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Mar 8, 2013

Trust me.
I pretend to be a ninja.

Lacey Lane
Simsense Star Wanna-Be

"Flashy? Night-time grabs? You're pushing all the right buttons, I'll give you that. But 18's a weird number, and you got the famous Lacey Lane on this. Let's make it a round 20 and you call down and let my girls in. If we're gonna be in business, it's gotta look the part."

Let's get some MONEY (Negotation): 11d6t5 4 Whoops, forgot my fame! Fame Dice: 2d6t5 1, 5 hits for negotiating.

Jul 1, 2010

There was an extra two thousand on the giftcard. It would all add up to twenty k anyway. Felix thought, but kept to himself. Any extra money this group could squeeze out of mister Mike, the better. Information would be good too. "If afraid I must concur with my... colleague here. Such delicate operations generally require a significant part of preparation, especially ones that require a certain finesse or lack there of. Flash is one thing, flash and results quite another. 20 thousand Nuyen per head, on a certified credstick of course, would go a long way towards the latter."

Assisting in negotiations. 12 from the standard pool, 1 from Tailored Pheremones
negotiation: 13d6t5 3

drat, could have phrased that better, but it should give miss Lane a little more ammunition.

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

I'm gonna wait for everyone else to post but tl;dr quantum you get your girls into the hottest nightclub of this week. If they are contacts at all bump their loyalty up by 1.

edit: I'll write a thing up tommorow for that.

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Feb 17, 2011

The strongest! The smartest!
The rightest!

"Raio," Matheus Fueki

Raio fidgets; the suit he had on was chosen largely by his Agent running a quick search for popular wear for a person of his build, and he looked slightly out of place, unused to these surroundings.

"Extraction? That I can do. Flashy? That I can absolutely do."

Unknown Quantity
Sep 2, 2011

Steven? Steven?!

(Sorry had a busy week)

2000 bonus bucks for a new outfit? Well, that certainly was going to go to a good cause. That said, a pixie in a well-made suit still sticks out considering they''d rather fly around than walk. Speaking of which, knowing the faux-pas status of anyone taking a scooter to a club, she makes sure to park it /behind/ the building rather than near the front or in the parking lot. As a matter of fact, what's thet buzz about this particular club?

Nightclub Knowledge!: 13d6t5 4


"Oooh, I love flashy! But flashy how? In the "lots of explosions' way, or in the 'announcing our victory like a great thief' sorta way?" Her excitement is palpable.

Unknown Quantity fucked around with this message at Jul 30, 2015 around 14:17

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

"No I mean flashy as in you're going to do it right here, in this venue." Magic Mike says as he looks over the rail down to the dance floor where some new singer is taking the stage and performing live. "Elle Louise, hot new popstar from the UK doing a show here." Magic Mike thinks on it for a moment. "I'll tell you what, I'll make it 22k a person if you extract Miss Louise tonight and get her to sign a new deal with Pathfinder Multimedia. And for you and your girls Lacey, I'll make sure you always have a VIP table here or somewhere else in the city. If you do it right."

Viva Miriya fucked around with this message at Aug 12, 2015 around 05:43

Feb 17, 2011

The strongest! The smartest!
The rightest!

"Raio," Matheus Fueki

"Well. How's our time limit looking? She here all night or is it go time right now? I brought a weapon, but I'm afraid I had to check it at the door. Don't suppose she's already expressed an interest in joining Pathfinder, come to think of it? It'd make things easier, for sure, but we can probably work without."

Raio peeks over himself, and, using his trodes, puts a simple AR tag over their target - as well as any security he can spot, be they obvious or not so obvious - to share with the group.

Spot security: 11d6t5 5

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Im gonna make next IC update a dossier on your target but the short version is she's doing a show here, partying for a bit afterwards at a after hours club then she's going home. You have until 6-8amish before she's tucked in some AAA security luxury housing and she's nearly untouchable. Unless I'm majorly remembering my own timeline it's like 11pm to midnight at the latest.

Jul 1, 2010


Peering over the rail, Felix caught a glimpse of the singer taking the stage. One set, a light conversation: this is going to be simple. "Twenty two thousand is sufficient. Pleasure doing business with you." He said with a smile before standing up, looking to head down to the main floor, or at least the main floor bar.

Unknown Quantity
Sep 2, 2011

Steven? Steven?!


The pixie floats on down to a lower floor but follows everything as best she can by trying to establish an image link with everyone in the crew. She swaps to subvocal, not that she needs to considering the club music is probably drowning her normal voice out.

"Ooh, nice set of eyes you've got today! Now that I think about it, making her disappear is easy, especially when you've got the touch like I do. It could be just as simple as slipping backstage, having a chat, and walking her out, buuuut that could also be really boring because that's just a bunch of slinking around and talking when there could be EXPLOSIONS. Unless one of you likes that sort of thing, in which case just find us a secluded spot and I'll work some magic~!"


Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

I cannot for the life of me poo poo out a post so this game is prob never going to advance. Sorry I let hall down. Again.

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