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Who shall win the Community Choice Award?!
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Zero-Grab Kitty 13 10.57%
Go Fish! 4 3.25%
Sub Optimal 1 0.81%
All Senior Citizens Should Have Life Alert 15 12.20%
PZZL 8 6.50%
Coinless 1 0.81%
Conservation of Momentum 2 1.63%
Echo 4 3.25%
Critical Admission 4 3.25%
VectoRocket 9 7.32%
Impulse 34 27.64%
Sandlot Basenoball 1 0.81%
Slam Fighter II 27 21.95%
Total: 123 votes
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Jan 1, 2010

JonTerp posted:

We have a new post mortem feature on the site! Once the judging ends (August 14th) you'll be able to submit a post mortem on the "Edit Game" Page.

Your post mortem will appear under the judges review, so you can get the final word on those mean corrupt vampire-men that call themselves judges.

That's legit cool and will motivate me to actually write a post-mortem this year! Any plans for letting users submit reviews of games as well?


Jan 1, 2010

Afal posted:

Really disappointed in the feedback. I would have at least thought that splitting the games so only one judge looked at the game would mean that you'd have some more detailed feedback but I guess if you end up with a judge that ends up not liking the game (even if other judges could have things to say about it) then I guess you're screwed. :smith:

Agreed, though in my case I got burned for not playtesting with strangers on different machines.

I think user reviews bound to the entry page Ludum-Dare style would help with this, then you can get feedback from other people without digging through the thread or personally asking people that played it.

I put a postmortem on my page for anyone interested. Good job everyone, congrats to winners and losers alike!

Gunzil fucked around with this message at 21:29 on Aug 15, 2015

Jan 1, 2010

Afal posted:


Things I liked:
  • This is pretty silly
  • Liked the "Field Cam" in the corner
  • Really like it when the physics get really goofy

Things I didn't like:
  • This was like the worst name for a game
  • This game is pretty hard on a keyboard
  • Starting cutscene dragged on a bit

Stars Awarded For:
  • Style (Does the game look good?): 3D modelling is not the best
  • Control (Does the game control well?): On a keyboard not so much. It's a lot better on a controller
  • Damage (Is the critical omission clear?): Coherent game title? Trousers clearly
  • Agression (Is the game well polished?): Game looks extremely rough around the edges
  • Bonus (Does the game fit any of my bounties?): Not that I'm aware?

Final Score: 2 out of 5 stars

Did anybody ever tell you to eXamine Your Zipper as a child? (I hadn't considered it might be a culture specific euphemism!)

Edit: And thanks for the feedback!

Gunzil fucked around with this message at 02:17 on Aug 19, 2015

Jan 1, 2010


I should probably do my bounty announcement as well!

Winner: XYZ
Not only does the gameplay revolve around your dong, it involves crowds of people peepin it. Nice.

Glad our game was able to excel at something, thanks! :woop:

dog kisser posted:

This was excellent fun - I hope I can do the next one!

Also - does Community Prize get a slot on the AwfulJams winners page, or is it more an informal thing?

Community prizes are self organized and usually posted / awarded through the thread. (It would be neat to see this supported in the future!)

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