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Who shall win the Community Choice Award?!
This poll is closed.
Zero-Grab Kitty 13 10.57%
Go Fish! 4 3.25%
Sub Optimal 1 0.81%
All Senior Citizens Should Have Life Alert 15 12.20%
PZZL 8 6.50%
Coinless 1 0.81%
Conservation of Momentum 2 1.63%
Echo 4 3.25%
Critical Admission 4 3.25%
VectoRocket 9 7.32%
Impulse 34 27.64%
Sandlot Basenoball 1 0.81%
Slam Fighter II 27 21.95%
Total: 123 votes
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Jan 4, 2013

mama huhu
I finally got a chance to watch the first part of the Gong Show and I wanted to thank the commentators for their nice words about my game SIGHO!

Critical Admission for Game of the Summer 2015!


Jan 4, 2013

mama huhu

Afal posted:


Things I liked:
  • A GameMaker game! Doesn't seem to be many of these in this jam
  • Silly story
  • Nice cutscenes

Things I didn't like:
  • I couldn't find the screenshake
  • I suck at stealth games
  • Despite the story's sillyness it didn't make sense

Stars Awarded For:
  • Style (Does the game look good?): I don't find the style of the menu/cutscenes/phone conversations compared to top down Hotline Miami-esque stealth consistent?
  • Control (Does the game control well?): Well I know it's a stealth game because I'm not good at it but I think that probably disqualafies me from knowing whether this feels like a proper stealth game.
  • Damage (Is the critical omission clear?): Sense in the narrative? I think I missed what the actual omission was
  • Agression (Is the game well polished?): The pixel art looked really nice. I failed to find the screenshake though sorry
  • Bonus (Does the game fit any of my bounties?): Apparently this game has screenshake but I failed to find any

Final Score: 2.5 out of 5 stars

The screenshake is based on your heartrate which is the little bar underneath the character. The more full the bar, the more screenshake, but I toned it down a bunch because I thought it'd be a bit too nauseating.
Maybe next jam I'll move away from Game Maker! Woo!

Jan 4, 2013

mama huhu

Shalinor posted:

The copies of Hot Tin Roof for the Best Use Of Cats bounty go to Zero Grab Kitty, Sub Optimal, Critical Admission, S.I.G.H.O., and Sandlot Basenoball. Which also happens to be everyone that went for the bounty, I suppose, but I said 5x, so there you go!

Folks from those should PM me or tweet me (@glassbottommeg) or whatever, and I'll give you keys for you/your team.

I am SIGHO. Would it be easiest for you to email me at That's my email address.

I also expected Zero Grab Kitty to get all 5 copies. I am pleasantly surprised, thanks a bunch for being generous and nice.

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