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Who shall win the Community Choice Award?!
This poll is closed.
Zero-Grab Kitty 13 10.57%
Go Fish! 4 3.25%
Sub Optimal 1 0.81%
All Senior Citizens Should Have Life Alert 15 12.20%
PZZL 8 6.50%
Coinless 1 0.81%
Conservation of Momentum 2 1.63%
Echo 4 3.25%
Critical Admission 4 3.25%
VectoRocket 9 7.32%
Impulse 34 27.64%
Sandlot Basenoball 1 0.81%
Slam Fighter II 27 21.95%
Total: 123 votes
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Jun 10, 2002

Can I buy you a rootbeer?
SAGameDev Challenge X - 2015


It's all over! Go play those goon games!

Join us Friday August 7th and Saturday the 8th for the GONG SHOW and Friday August 14th for the JUDGING stream.


We have a Twitter: @SAGameDev which will be used *strictly* for important announcements. Not to clog your feed with retweets and other social media garbage.

Need help forming a team? Want to talk to other devs during the jam, or ask for help when everything inevitably goes terribly wrong? Join #SAGDC on synirc.

If you have any trouble with the site, send an email to

It’s that time again!
Every year brave game developers come together for a singular purpose: making games. This is the Something Awful Game Dev Challenge, where you are tasked with the full month of July to create a game following a given theme. This year is the first year we’re opening SAGDC up to the public!

How do I submit / announce my team?
'SAGDC X' premieres a slick new web-interface to automate key aspects of the jam process. Go to and press the 'Join Jam' button to establish your team and maintain your game page. You're free to wait until later to establish a game page. Game pages aren't published until the end of the competition, you can however give out a link to your game page early for testing / previewing purposes.

Everyone will be free to join, make a team & game page until the very last moment of the Jam (1AM CST August 1st).

For submitting games, we will enable submitting your finalized zipped game for the judges during the final week. Submissions to judges are final, so be sure to test your game thoroughly. Public versions of your game can be updated as much as you’d like, even after the competition ends.

**You are responsible for hosting your game for public play on your game-page.**

The Judging Process
We’ve revamped the scoring and judging system from previous years. For SAGDC X, submitted games will be split up between the 6 judges. Judges will rate each game on a scale from 1 to 5, and provide a few paragraphs of critique and reflection. Each judge will pick 2 “top picks” from their given batch, all judges will then play each-other’s top picks.

The process culminates in a live-streamed deliberations phase, where we decide together the best submissions for each category.

Your Intrepid Judges
* Everdraed
* InternetJanitor
* JamesRossi
* JonTerp
* Mido
* poemdexter


* Game of the Year
- The judge's pick for best game overall.
* Best Style
- Pick for most use of art and stylistic choice.
* Best Narrative
- Our choice for best story and narrative design.
* Best Game Design
- Goes to the game with the most compelling mechanics and gameplay.
* Best Use of Theme
- For clever incorporation of the jam's theme.

*Best Use of Audio
- Chosen for clever use of audio and sound design
* Community Choice
- Game that's picked as the community favorite.

Note: You cannot win multiple categories, winning in any category removes you from running in the others (Except Game of the Year). This is just to ensure even distribution of prizes.

Oh boy do we have them. Through the pure generosity of a few kind-hearted developers and publishers this year is set to be the biggest prize pool in SAGDC history.

Below are our currently secured prizes, we're still in talks to get more. Most prizes will be secured once the E3 chaos subsides. Keep an eye on the @SAGameDev Twitter for more announcements.

GOTY Grand Prize
* Super Swag-box Grande
----A large box of merchandise from our friends in the industry.
* The Goon-pack
----A bundle of the most authentic Goon games on Steam.

GOTY Runner-Up
* The Goon-pack
---- A bundle of the most authentic Goon games on Steam.

Category Winner
* Swag-bag
---- A swag-bag of merchandise from our friends in the industry.
* The Goon-pack
---- A bundle of the most authentic Goon games on Steam.

Best Unreal Engine Game
*Epic Swag Pack

Best Unity Game
*Full Unity Pro License.
---- A fully featured Unity 5 Pro license key.

Best Sound

* 1st place: SFX Bundle from Boom Libraries
* 2nd place: Construction Kit from Boom Libraries
* 3rd place: Desigend edition from Boom Libraries

Community Choice
* The Community Prize
* To be determined

Special thanks to the developers & third parties providing prizes!
* [Bungie]
* [Boom Library]
* [Epic Games]
* [FanGamer]
* [Unity]

The Wall of Shame

The wretched edifice that foreverial records a prideful dev’s hubris. If you say you will make a game for SAGDC but fail to deliver, your name ends up on the wall. You don’t want this to happen. We don’t want this to happen either though, so we do our best to give opportunities to escape its dreadful surface. It hungers.

This year, the shame wall has gained sentience and a cold robot heart. There is no escape, no place to hide. Your shame will be immortalized for all future generations to see.

Posters can put forward bounties to reward devs for meeting specific criteria. For example, ‘I will give $10 to the dev that best uses :toot: in their game’ or ‘one copy of bad rats for the game with the worst physics implementation.’ It is entirely up to bounty givers to choose their winner(s) and deliver promised rewards. This is for the thread ONLY, and does not apply to games made by non-goons.

Available Bounties
KRILLIN IN THE NAME : Avatar certificate for most tasteful dad-dong.
Shalinor : 5x Hot Tin Roof Deluxe for best use of cats.


Jun 10, 2002

Can I buy you a rootbeer?

Xibanya posted:

But what if Shalinor has never made a thread before and now she's like "yay I made a thread!" That would be really sad. :ohdear:
Look I had a busy month ok so I submitted Flappy Thread which I made in the last 2 minutes from a tutorial. But no wall of shame for me, HAH.

... also SA is ancient and has no normal way of adding a poll to an already-active thread :smith:

Jun 10, 2002

Can I buy you a rootbeer?

JonTerp posted:

I didn't close it ask Shalinor.
Nobody gave me a specific timeout on the poll, so I gave it a standard interval. Setting those up without end dates doesn't really work / going past about 2 weeks drags the whole contest out forever and everyone loses interest before a winner can be chosen.

I believe the poll is now open again, if anyone has any last minute votes. I'll make sure it closes down whenever the judged results come in.

Shalinor fucked around with this message at 14:45 on Aug 18, 2015

Jun 10, 2002

Can I buy you a rootbeer?
The copies of Hot Tin Roof for the Best Use Of Cats bounty go to Zero Grab Kitty, Sub Optimal, Critical Admission, S.I.G.H.O., and Sandlot Basenoball. Which also happens to be everyone that went for the bounty, I suppose, but I said 5x, so there you go!

Folks from those should PM me or tweet me (@glassbottommeg) or whatever, and I'll give you keys for you/your team.

Jun 10, 2002

Can I buy you a rootbeer?

Hammer Bro. posted:

For some reason that didn't even strike me as strange I thought you were going to give out 5 copies of Hot Tin Roof to the single Best User of Cats. And I was excited for them.
Given how many teams end up being 1 or maybe 2 people, 1x per team instead of 5x to a single person seems to make more sense.

... if I'd give 5x to a single team, they would have all gone to Zero Grab Kitty. No question. Which is to say, if Zero-Grab-Kitty happened to be a large team, they all get copies, whereas the other winning teams just get one per. :3:

EDIT: VV Emailed you, have fun

Shalinor fucked around with this message at 21:45 on Aug 19, 2015

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